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The Nappi Sak by Suzibella: Is it a purse or a changing kit? It's both!

03/07/2007 at 11:02 AM ET

Nappismc1_cbbDuring Marcia Cross’s pregnancy, a close friend gave her for her twins, Eden and Savannah, coordinating Nappi Saks from Suzibella.

Nappi Saks are a stylish accessory for the mom on the go.  It holds a diaper or two and wipes, and has pockets perfect for holding keys, cell phones, credit cards, or a pacifier. With bamboo handles and chic patterns, the Nappi Sak is a cute and easy solution to the bulky oversized diaper bag. Bring it along with you to the park, play-dates, or even when you’re going out for a quick walk. The "bag" part is actually a cushioned changing pad.

As excited as she was about Marcia Cross using Nappi Saks, Suzanne Longacre, CEO of Suzibella, still respected Marcia’s choice to keep the twins gender private. She told us, "Since Marcia was not revealing the gender of the babies, we felt it was our responsibility to respect her wishes and keep mum about her baby girls. While we would have loved to share the news, we knew there would be a time when it was appropriate.”

The patterns chosen for the twins were pink and brown toile, and pink and brown polka dot style (shown above).

As we previously posted, Dr. Linda Li from Dr. 90210 is also a fan of Nappi Saks, as are Angie Harmon and Carnie Wilson.  Danielle has the Black Madison style and says, "It’s great for going over to a friend’s for a playdate, running out to the grocery store, or running errands in town."