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Milla Jovovich leaving nail salon

10/10/2007 at 09:25 AM ET

Actress Milla Jovovich, 31, greets the paparazzi as she leaves a nail salon with her mother and friend Monday after getting pedicures. Milla expects her daughter in mid-November.


Photo by Bauer Griffin.

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Milla Jovovich can't wait to relax after giving birth

10/06/2007 at 01:18 PM ET

MillabumpResident Evil: Extinction star Milla Jovovich, 31, has one month of pregnancy to do, so what is she looking forward to the most after she delivers her and fiance Paul W.S. Anderson‘s baby girl?

I cannot wait to be able to drink three glasses of champagne and just hang out!

Source: People, October 15 issue, pg 134

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Milla Jovovich out shopping in Paris

09/27/2007 at 08:14 PM ET

Actress Milla Jovovich, 31, was spotted out shopping in Paris on Wednesday. She expects her daughter in November.


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Milla Jovovich laments the unpleasant surprises of pregnancy

09/23/2007 at 06:41 AM ET

Millabump Actress and mom-to-be Milla Jovovich has already been candid about her weight gain with her first pregnancy, and now she’s being candid about all the other unpleasantness that can sometimes accompany women in their third trimester.  While doing press for Resident Evil:  Extinction, Milla told a reporter,

Honey, my bones seem soft now and my feet are killing me. All the physical training I’ve had to be a model and to do action films like ‘Resident Evil’ really helps. So I strongly encourage women who are even thinking about getting pregnant to really hit the gym before trying to conceive. It will still hurt to walk. No one tells you that part! But I can tell you that prior to conceiving get in your optimum shape. You will be glad.

Speaking of feet, Milla says that her own "have grown three sizes." 

They don’t tell you that part, either. I can barely wear flip-flops. And now I have a whole new appreciation for my old body. Right now I can’t get out of my stretch empire T-shirt dresses.

Although her mom insists that while pregnant with Milla, she was "skin and bones and just had a little bump," Milla seems to be taking her own 63-lb weight gain (slightly less than the 70 she mentioned before; although she may be there by the end!) in stride.  The actress hinted, however, that her recent change in dietary habits came at her obstetrician’s urging.

I’m happy to tell all the pregnant ladies out there that I’ve gone from 130 pounds to 193 pounds. It’s a lot of weight to put on quickly and I only have myself to blame.  I could eat peanut butter sandwiches and bagels all day. I see no problem with it.  Of course my doctor does see a problem with it. So I’ve gone cold turkey on the bread. I’m doing chicken and veggies and trying to be the healthiest mother. But if I could continue with the peanut butter, I’d be the happiest mom in the world!

The baby, a girl, is due in November and will be the first for Milla and fiance Paul W.S. Anderson.

Source:  Chicago Sun Times

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Milla Jovovich at Resident Evil premiere; talks pregnancy

09/21/2007 at 06:15 PM ET

Milla Jovovich, 31, arrives at the premiere of ResidentEvil: Extinction last evening in Las Vegas, NV. The actress, who admits to gaining 70 lbs while waiting for her daughter’s mid-November arrival, also spoke with the press at the premiere. The highlights:

On her pregnancy and daughter-to-be: I thought making action films was challenging, but this puts all ofthat in second place! I mean it’s hard man. Women are amazing! I think it’s so incredible to feel my baby moving. Just the wholefeeling of being pregnant. I’ve discovered what it is to be a realwoman, that’s for sure.

On baby weight
: I’m definitely not going to take it too quickly. I don’t want to do anything that’s dangerous for me or my baby. [I’m] pretty confident [I’ll] be ready to go andmake movies [next spring].

On advice: [The best advice was] don’t sweat the small stuff. Just look at the big picture and don’t stress out too much.

Future plans for baby: Martial arts! 

I’m going to have her do it from a very early age. [I want her to know what it’s like] to bestrong and limber.

Source: OK! Magazine; Hello!

Photos by Ethan Miller for Getty Images.

Thanks to CBB reader Mary Beth.

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Milla Jovovich promotes fashion line

09/11/2007 at 10:25 AM ET

Actress Milla Jovovich, 31, and her design partner Carmen Hawk show off a few of their new pieces during New York’s Fashion Week. Milla expects her daughter in November.

Photos by Bauer Griffin.

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Milla Jovovich at LAX on Wednesday

09/05/2007 at 09:41 PM ET

Actress Milla Jovovich, 31, and her baby belly make their way through Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday. Milla and director Paul W.S. Anderson expect their daughter in November.

Photo by Bauer Griffin.

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