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Cayden Costner's a "night owl"

06/05/2007 at 12:31 AM ET

Mr_brooks_070522_70_cbb_2Kevin Costner is getting used to late nights again with the arrival ofCayden Wyatt, 1 month. The actor says he’s not very nocturnal, but hastended to his newborn son in the wee hours of the morning.

He is kind of a night owl. He’s not helping his mommy [Christine] because he staysup. His mommy stays up [with him]. I’ve never been a late person. Wetrade a little bit, but the big thing falls to her.

While he is still an "itty bitty," Kevin already hopes for great things for Cayden and has a lot of love and guidance to give to him.

He’s a little boy and I will show him things that will hopefully guidehim through his life and maybe we will raise a young man that makes adifference. He’s just needs a lot of love right now. He is real ittybitty.

With Father’s Day looming, the Mr. Brooks star says he has no definiteplans yet with his other children, Annie, 23, Lily, 20, and Joe, 19.

I’m not sure where we will be at this moment. I don’t have to be near my kids to be close to them.

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No difference in raising kids for Kevin Costner

05/30/2007 at 07:03 AM ET
74223334_cbbHis kids may range in age from 23 years old to 3 weeks old, but age is just a number for Kevin Costner. Kevin told Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa on Live Tuesday morning that raising a newborn son, Cayden Wyatt, is not that different from raising his older children, Annie, 23, Lily, 20, and Joe, 19, as he recalled a nap he took with Cayden before embarking on his press junket for Mr. Brooks.
I was sleeping with him and looking at him. I got on the plane and I was on the plane with my two daughters and they both fell asleep in my lap on the plane coming over. So I’ve got a 16-day-old and I’ve got these 20-year-olds – you know, there’s really no difference. You just love ’em. They still want money and stuff.
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Kevin Costner: "I'd kill for my kids"

05/28/2007 at 08:22 PM ET

Mr_brooks_070522_70_cbbKevin Costner plays a man with a murderous alter ego in Mr. Brooks, intheaters Friday, and the actor tells Parade magazine that he too hassome killer instincts when it comes to his children, Annie, 23, Lily,21, Joe, 19, Liam, 10, and Cayden Wyatt, 3 weeks, from whom he never knows what to expect.

Well, [my kids are] always a surprise, but the reality is I’d kill for my kids. Andthat’s a bold statement. It makes everybody sit up, but that’s inside us. And that’s inside themovie, as an idea. I hope to be surprised…I want to be surprised tomorrow. There’s great pleasurein that experience.

One thing he’s not surprised with, though, is being a new father, as he jokes,

I’mnot surprised. I knew [wife Christine] was pregnant for nine months. It wasn’t,’Holy Toledo! What just happened?’ I knew we were expecting.

As for how he is around Cayden, Kevin says there’s a lot of wondering and suspense.

I’m like every male, going, ‘What’s happening with him? He looks kind of thesame today as he looks yesterday. When is he going to start wanting to play?’ You move them alittle too much and they start crying. The great thing is it’s familiar and it’s original.

Source: Parade

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Kevin Costner: "All of my kids are showered with love"

05/25/2007 at 01:21 AM ET

74223334_cbbBefore the May 6 birth of his son and fifth child, Cayden Wyatt, with wife Christine, Kevin Costner sat down for a Q&A with Good Housekeeping and spoke about his excitement over being a father again and the close relationships he has with his other children, Annie, 23, Lily, 21, Joe, 19, and Liam, 10.

While many people think they’re better parents the second time around and so forth, Kevin feels the exact opposite.

I feel really good about the kind of dad I was the first time around. I was there for all the little moments, like when my kids forgot to sing in their school play because they were too busy waving at me. I can’t wait to have those moments again.

At 52, Kevin says he’s not concerned about being an older dad either.

I don’t kid myself about certain realities: I won’t be around to see as much of this one’s life as I’ll get to see of my older kids’ lives. So with him, I really want to be there for every single moment that I can.

The Mr. Brooks star also couldn’t wait to shower Cayden with love and affection, which he says all his kids have an excess of.

All of my kids are showered with love, which is what’s important. I didn’t have much as a child, but if you’d asked me back then, I thought I had everything. We had this dinky backyard in Compton, CA, and I thought it was a kingdom. I’ve always taught my kids that they have to work hard and stand on their own two feet.

Kevin has instilled such a strong sense of self-reliance and hard work that Annie placed herself on a shopping budget since she’s starting out on her own. As a result, Kevin took her on a shopping spree, which he loves doing with his daughters. He and his kids also bond over their shared love of music – Kevin performs in the rock band Modern West.

My son Joe is a great songwriter and my daughters both have bands, and I really enjoy singing with them too.

The actor says he sees no differences in raising boys and girls, except for maybe one thing.

I’ve always been really close to my girls, but I can’t say I see much difference — except that my girls will occasionally make me a sandwich and my son won’t.

As for Father’s Day, Kevin says he’s not expecting any lavish gifts from his children.

No, I get enough attention already. But if I didn’t get a phone call from my kids, I guess I’d miss it. Not that that’s a hint or anything…

Source: Good Housekeeping

Do you find raising daughters vs. sons different?

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Kevin Costner and his ladies at Mr. Brooks premiere

05/23/2007 at 12:38 PM ET

Actor Kevin Costner, 52, poses with his two daughters — Lily, 20, and Annie, 23 — along with wifeChristine Baumgartner Costner, 33, (yes, this woman did birth a child only 17 days ago!) at the Mr. Brooks premiere last evening.

Photo by Frederick M. Brown for Getty Images and INF.

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