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Adam Sandler wants to live longer for daughter Sadie

10/02/2007 at 11:17 AM ET

Adamsandle156595_cbbActor Adam Sandler views things differently since becoming a parent to daughter Sadie Madison, 16 months, and he wants to be there for her. The 41-year-old revealed at the CelEBration at the Pier on September 29th that,

I want to live longer now and make sure I’m around for the kid. That’s number one.

Mom is Adam’s wife, Jackie Titone Sandler.

Source: OK! Magazine

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Adam Sandler and family strolling in Beverly Hills

08/23/2007 at 09:24 AM ET
Sadie Sandler, 15 months, gets horizontal during an Aug. 19 Beverly Hills outing with dad Adam, 40, and mom Jackie Titone.



Source: Us Weekly, September 3 issue, pg 44; Life & Style

36124everything_primaryimageSadie wears Pediped shoes in their Madeline style ($30; use code CBB07 for free shipping).

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Kevin James on playdates with Adam Sandler and encouraging him to have more kids

07/18/2007 at 11:17 PM ET

Mtv_awards_070603_150_cbbI Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry stars Adam Sandler and KevinJames are longtime friends, so it figures their kids will be buddies aswell. Kevin tells USA Today that his daughter Sienna-Marie, 21 months,and Sadie Madison, 14 months, often have playdates together.

Sienna and Sadie play. Sienna has beenteaching Sadie how to eat crayons, which is nice. I’m glad my daughterpicked that one up early. And I’ve been getting on [Adam and Jackie Titone] to catch up and have another one.The wives get along, so it’s been a perfect match.

Kevin and his wife Steffiana De La Cruz welcomed their second daughter, Shea Joelle, last month and he says his world revolves around his girls – he’s even shot a Sesame Street episode for them to watch.

When it comes to the kids, they control me. The new one doesn’t do muchat all except for grunt and cry for food. Which is, oddly enough, thesame thing I do. But Sienna, my older one, we have a lot of fun justplaying and rolling around.

Source: USA Today

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Adam Sandler's thieving dog

07/13/2007 at 07:20 PM ET

Asandlershop050907_081_cbbMatzoball is quite the kleptomaniac. Adam Sandler tells People that his beloved bulldog, which wife Jackie Titone gave to him as a wedding present, loves to seize 14-month-old Sadie Madison‘s toys – and do much more.

I must say that Matzoball has been very sweet to my daughter, but initially she was a little heartbroken, wondering why all the attention wasn’t on her anymore. But they are sharing attention. Now that my daughter is crawling, she kind of crawls up on my dog and gives her a little rub. The dog steals my kid’s toys on occasion. That is her big move: She sees my daughter having fun with a toy; the next day we will find the toy beat up with mucus on it. We only find the squeaker if Matzoball burps.

Working "a lot less" since becoming a dad, Adam also mentions that he wants to spend every waking minute with his daughter – even when she’s sleeping.

I drive my friends crazy when I am like, ‘We got to get there! She is going to sleep!’ My friends are like, ‘So what?’ ‘You don’t understand, I got to see her.’ Even when she is sleeping, I am like, let me make a noise and wake her up, just so I can hang with her a few more minutes. My wife hates that.

Source: People, July 23 issue, pg 71-72

Watch a video of the interview here.

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Sadie Sandler worships her dad

07/10/2007 at 11:51 PM ET

Asandlershop050907_081_cbbSadie Madison Sandler is a daddy’s girl. Dad Adam tells Jay Leno on The TonightShow that he has dethroned wife Jackie Titone as his 14-month-olddaughter’s favorite person.

She’s so sweet and cute and I loveher. She’s cool. We’re very tight with this child – everything is we dois about the kid and the kid now all of the sudden worships me. It wasmy wife the whole time and then the last month or two, it’s allSandler. It’s like anything I do, the kid wants to do.

The kid used tohate broccoli, so I would eat broccoli in front of the kid and now thekid eats broccoli. And we were going on a little bike thing and we puther on the back of the bike and she didn’t want to wear a helmet, and Iput a helmet on and now the kid’s like, ‘I want a helmet,’ and puts it on. I’m justhoping when she’s 13, she’s okay with using a tampon. I’ll do what Ihave to do for her.

Adam and Jackie both sing to Sadie, but their song choices often vary.

Me and my wife are from two different families, so we grew updifferently, so there are certain songs she grew up with that she’spassing on to our child and I have different ones. My wife is alwayssinging, ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider." And I’m always singing to my kid, "Iwanna kiss you all over…" My grandfather sang it to my dad, my dadsang it to me. You gotta keep tradition alive.

The I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry star is also morecautious of his lifestyle now that he’s a father, saying he doesn’ttake as many risks anymore.

I always wanted to live, now I wantto live a lot more. My striving for life is, like, I just behavedifferently now. I wanna be there for my kid when my kid is older. WhenI have shots of Southern Comfort and stuff, I always take amulti-vitamin right after. I had, like, 15 multi-vitamins the othernight and the next morning it was the healthiest crap I ever took in mylife.

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