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Jessica Biel Is ‘Terrified’ to Wear Certain Clothes Around Son Silas: ‘I End Up Ruining Things All the Time’

08/18/2016 at 01:45 PM ET

Eric Charbonneau/Invision/AP

Jessica Biel habitually tops Hollywood’s best-dressed lists. But now that she’s a mom, the actress’ wardrobe has gone through a bit of a transformation — and as she says herself, it’s not always pretty.

“I have always been more of a casual dresser in general, but definitely [since] becoming a mom, I just find myself constantly dirty,” Biel, 34, told PEOPLE with a laugh Wednesday at the Levi’s Brand Back To School Event she hosted with Estee Stanley at their restaurant Au Fudge in West Hollywood.

Though the New Year’s Eve actress has tried to maintain her pre-parenthood ensembles, her 16-month-old son Silas Randall with husband Justin Timberlake has had his own plans for his mom’s designer duds.

“I put on a nice outfit and two seconds later I’ve got tiny spaghetti-hand marks all over, and I end up ruining things all the time,” she shares.

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Jessica Biel Says Son Silas Is ‘a Ham’ Just Like His Dad Justin Timberlake

05/04/2016 at 02:00 PM ET

Jessica Biel Baby2Baby
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty

It’s no surprise that Jessica Biel‘s household is full of laughs.

In an interview with Today held at her new restaurant Au Fudge during a Mother’s Day event with Tiny Prints and nonprofit organization Baby2Baby, Biel, 34, dished on exactly how her son Silas Randall13 months, is just like daddy Justin Timberlake.

“He is a ham, just like his dad — serious ham. He thinks everything is funny,” she says of Silas. “He thinks sneezing is really funny. He’s in that moment where he thinks bodily functions are really funny.”

Biel’s husband of 3½ years might have made his big break with a (still-hot) music career, but he has flexed his acting muscles quite a bit too — including with multiple hilarious stints on Saturday Night Live and appearances on The Tonight Showhosted by BFF Jimmy Fallon.

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Jessica Biel Reveals Mother’s Day Plans with Son Silas (Hint: There’s a Picnic Blanket Involved!)

04/29/2016 at 08:15 PM ET

When it comes to Mother’s Day, Jessica Biel‘s potential plans with her 1-year-old son Silas Randall are refreshingly low-key.

“It would be fun to bring a picnic blanket in the yard, read books, just hang,” Biel tells PEOPLE at the Baby2Baby Mother’s Day Playdate presented by Tiny Prints. “When I’m not with him, I’m always thinking, ‘What is he doing?’ It would be nice to know that day we’re going to play and have fun. Maybe when he’s older, I can do some breakfast in bed!”

And the actress, wed to musician Justin Timberlake, says the Baby2Baby Playdate makes the mom’s holiday even more poignant.

Jessica Biel Baby2Baby
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty

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Jessica Biel Says Son Silas Is a ‘Mini Version’ of Justin Timberlake: ‘They Watch Golf Together’

04/16/2016 at 10:10 AM ET

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel‘s son Silas turned 1 last week, but besides Mom and Dad, the birthday was no starry blowout — no petting zoo, no bouncy castle, says Biel.

“It was just a small family hang at the house,” Biel told PEOPLE at the Tiffany & Co. 2016 Blue Book dinner at The Cunard building in New York City on Friday. A-listers Reese Witherspoon (wearing a $10 million diamond necklace), Diane Kruger and Naomi Watts were also in the house for the starry (and sparkly) event.

Jessica Biel Tiffany's Event

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Beverley Mitchell Throws Daughter’s Third Birthday Party at Jessica Biel’s New Restaurant

04/03/2016 at 01:17 PM ET

Seventh Heaven: the next generation.

Beverley Mitchell celebrated her daughter Kenzie‘s third birthday party on Saturday with a little help from her former costar Jessica Biel.

The actress threw a fun celebration at Biel’s new trendy Los Angeles restaurant Au Fudge, complete with a pink, fairy cupcake cake and some celebrity friends like Seventh alum Haylie Duff and daughter Ryan.

Haylie Duff
Source: Haylie Duff/Instagram

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Jessica Biel Laughs Off Pregnancy Rumors: ‘I Have a Gut Apparently’

03/24/2016 at 08:45 AM ET

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel aren’t expecting baby number two just yet.

In a Thursday appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the actress and Au Fudge owner puts to bed rumors that her and Timberlake’s 11-month-old son, Silas Randall, is getting a younger sibling.

“I don’t even know what to say about these things,” Biel tells Ellen DeGeneres of the tabloid report. “I feel like, ‘Man, I thought I was doing good with my yoga practice.’ I thought I was in the gym, but no. I have a gut apparently.”

Jessica Biel Denies Pregnancy Rumors Ellen DeGeneres
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

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Jessica Biel Talks Dining Out with Kids: ‘You’re Full of Anxiety’

03/02/2016 at 09:30 AM ET

Jessica Biel wants to eliminate the stress that comes with dining out for new parents — a feeling she’s all too familiar with.

The actress told E! News at the opening of her new, family-friendly restaurant Au Fudge hosted by Amazon Family on Tuesday that taking son Silas Randall, 10 months, out to eat instills fear.

“Since he’s so little still and I’m still kind of learning how I do it in a very smooth and like elegant way, it’s terrifying,” said the new mom, who shares Silas with husband Justin Timberlake.

She continued, “You get to a place, you want to make sure the diners around you are not being bothered, you’re full of anxiety, you’re trying to go as fast as you can — you don’t enjoy it at all.”

Jessica Biel Au Fudge Opening
Mike Windle/Getty

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