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Jason Biggs’ Son Sid Unknowingly Gets a Taste of His Dad’s American Pie Past

09/03/2015 at 12:30 PM ET

Pick a book, any book! In the case of Jason Biggs and wife Jenny Mollen‘s son Sid, the 18-month-old chose Apple Pie that Papa Baked while at the Nantucket library with his dad.

Biggs, who rightfully found the moment hilarious given his American Pie past, posted an Instagram of his son holding the children’s book.

“Sid picked out a book at the library today,” Biggs captioned the snapshot. I don’t think he appreciated the irony.”

Jason Biggs Takes Photo of Son Sid
Courtesy Jason Biggs

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Find Out the Hilarious Way Jason Biggs’ Son Learned to Walk

04/10/2015 at 07:00 PM ET

Jason Biggs The Heidi Chronicles
Jemal Countess/Getty

Many babies take their first steps to reach a toy or a favorite snack, but Sid, the son of Jason Biggs and his actress-author wife, Jenny Mollen, had a different motivation.

“Jenny was in the bathroom and Sid had the toilet paper,” Biggs, 36, tells PEOPLE. “She was like, ‘Come here, I need that,’ so he took two steps towards her. It was very funny. Very appropriate.”

Biggs, who with his family transplanted from Los Angeles to New York to star in The Heidi Chronicles on Broadway, says frigid East Coast weather put a crimp in Sid’s first birthday plan in February.

“The day of his birthday was one of the coldest days of the year,” says Biggs. “We took him out to brunch and it was brutal! So we went back to the apartment and we had ball pits and balloons and Elmo. It was a ball party.”

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Jason Biggs Jokes About Son’s Diet: Steak, Sushi and Lobster!

08/05/2014 at 06:00 PM ET

Jason Biggs Steve Granitz/WireImage

Jason Biggs‘s son, Sid, hit a major milestone last week: eating real food!

“We gave him some butternut squash,” Biggs told PEOPLE at Monday’s Orange Is the New Black FYC panel in West Hollywood.

The actor went on to joke about his baby’s refined palate, saying, “We gave him a bone-in filet mignon. Sushi. Only one of those things is real. The bone-in filet, obviously. Medium-rare. Served with a side of mashed potatoes … lobster mash.”

When pressed about what other delicacies Sid enjoys, Biggs asked for patience.

“I mean, he’s 6 months old. Relax,” he quipped of Sid, whom he and actress-writer wife Jenny Mollen welcomed Feb. 15.
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Jason Biggs Was ‘Emotional’ Seeing Son Sid for the First Time

06/18/2014 at 03:00 PM ET

He made a name for himself with cringe-inducing scenes in American Pie and now that Jason Biggs is a dad, he’s discovering some real-life scenarios that can be just as sticky.

Like diaper changing, for example. “This little baby can pee a full stream,” Biggs, 36, tells PEOPLE of 4-month-old son Sid.

Adds his wife, actress and author Jenny Mollen: “You have to use something to cover it. It’s like a fountain. Sid will pee in his own face.”

And then there’s the couple’s tendency to share personal moments on social media (think breastfeeding and post-delivery placenta shots). “I’ve always posted stuff and gotten in trouble,” jokes Biggs. “This is my kid. Don’t tell me what’s wrong!”

Jason Biggs Jenny Mollen Sid Exclusive
Roger Davies

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How an Earthquake Made Jason Biggs Feel Like a Dad

05/29/2014 at 03:00 PM ET

Jason Biggs Orange Is the New Black Premiere J Carter Rinaldi/FilmMagic

Fatherhood got Jason Biggs all shook up — literally.

The new dad, who’s been open about the transformation he’s experienced since welcoming son Sid, felt a sudden surge of a “protective father/man of the house” instinct following the birth of his first child.

And shortly after bringing their baby boy home from the hospital, those intense feelings were put to the test.

“L.A. had an earthquake and the whole house shook. I was up with the baby and it kicked in,” he tells PEOPLE. “There was definitely a real thing that kicked in … [a] take care of my family  instinct that immediately happened.”

Biggs has been sharing smiles with his son for weeks, but despite being a first-time father, the actor knew they didn’t hold much meaning for his newborn.

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Jason Biggs: My Son Changed Me Overnight

03/17/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

Jason Biggs Orange Is the New BlackPaleyfest
Frazer Harrison/Getty

Although he’s only been a father for a little over a month, Jason Biggs can fully appreciate the effect that the birth of his son has had — not just on him, but also on the woman that he loves.

“What I’m learning — and what’s interesting — is that my wife has changed completely, and I’m sure that I have too,” the actor told PEOPLE Friday at the PaleyFest Orange Is the New Black panel in Hollywood.

“She sees it in me, and I see it in her, and we’re stronger now because of it.”

As Biggs and his wife, actress and author Jenny Mollen, approach their six-year anniversary, there is little question that welcoming their son, Sid, into their world had that wonderfully tumultuous effect that no expectant parent can quite grasp until that day comes.

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Jenny Mollen Wasn’t Ready to Be a Mother – Until She Became One

03/13/2014 at 09:00 PM ET

Many women dream of motherhoodJenny Mollen was just never one of them.

“I was never the girl who yearned for children. I pretended to be interested in other people’s kids, but that was obviously just an act,” the author of I Like You Just the Way I Am writes in an humorous and moving essay for Cosmopolitan.

Mollen’s fears surrounding the possibility of motherhood boiled down to one issue: making a mistake.

“The truth was, children scared me. I knew that no matter what I did as a parent, I was bound to do some things wrong,” she explains. “I didn’t want to bring a person into the world just to f— them up and have them send me to voicemail for all of eternity.”

But then Mollen and her husband, Orange Is the New Black‘s Jason Biggs, discovered they were expecting their first child and the reality of pending parenthood set in. As she waited for their baby boy to arrive, the mom-to-be was left wondering how she had room in her heart for anyone other than her beloved pet pooch, Teets.

“I wasn’t completely connected,” she shares. “I didn’t know how I could love something more than my dogs. Or how I could housebreak something not motivated by bacon strips.”

Jason Biggs Jenny Mollen Son Sid Photo Courtesy Jenny Mollen

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