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Hilary and Haylie Duff: How We Support Each Other As Moms

08/13/2015 at 07:05 PM ET

When it comes to mommyhood, sisters Hilary and Haylie Duff are grateful they have each other to lean on.

“Somebody [asked me], ‘What is the best advice that Hilary has given you as a mom?’ and it’s like, it hasn’t been advice,” Haylie, who welcomed daughter Ryan Ava with fiancé Matt Rosenberg in May, tells PEOPLE.

“She’s been there to support me,” Haylie says of her younger sister Hilary, who’s mom to 3-year-old son Luca Cruz. “Whether I just want to cry for a minute or I just need her to hold [Ryan] for a second or whatever it is, she’s just there to support me in any way she can. I think that’s probably been the most important thing for me so far.”

Now, the sisters have joined Similac’s Sisterhood of Motherhood campaign, Sisterhood Unite, which gives parents the opportunity to share their stories and support one another.

“Instead of focusing on the judgment that we feel from other mothers, it’s giving a place for moms and dads to sound off on each other and to join in on the conversation,” Haylie, who shares she was judged for her birth plan and daughter’s name, says.

Like her sister, Hilary also felt judged as a mom, which is why the sisters are encouraging other parents to share what they will do to stop the Mommy Wars with #SisterhoodUnite on Facebook.

“I felt judgment when people found out that I had an epidural or that after seven months of breastfeeding, I had to start supplementing with formula because I was going back to work and I wasn’t making enough milk,” Hilary recalls.

Hilary Haylie Duff Similac
Noel Vasquez/Getty

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Arrgh, Matey: Hilary Duff’s Son Does His Best Pirate Impression

06/29/2015 at 09:00 AM ET

Let it never be said that Hilary Duff‘s son isn’t an optimist who can make the best out of a failing situation.

In a super cute video posted on her Instagram on Sunday, Luca Cruz, 3, does his best to figure out how to wink, at his mom’s encouragement: “You’re doing it!”

(He wasn’t, not really — but isn’t that what parenting is all about?)

After several tries, Luca decides to just turn the experiment into a pirate impression, letting out an “Arr, matey.”

We’re going to go ahead and accept this as his audition for the eventual 37th installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. (Also starring Johnny Depp.)

Hilary Duff plans for second child
Courtesy Hilary Duff

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Hilary Duff: I’ve Learned to Love My Post-Baby Body

04/14/2015 at 03:00 PM ET

Hilary Duff body after baby
Amy Sussman/Invision/AP

After a roller-coaster year, actress and singer Hilary Duff is happier than ever. Subscribe now for an inside look at what her life is like now and to learn all about her new favorite costar, only in PEOPLE!

In an era where celebrity moms seem to be bikini ready minutes after giving birth, Hilary Duff admits she felt the pressure after she welcomed son Luca Cruz in 2012.

“I was the girl who looked at moms who just had babies and was like, ‘How did they do that?’ ” she tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“Everyone was like, ‘Nurse the baby, the weight is going to fall off!’ I feel like the opposite happened to me — and I nursed him exclusively for seven and a half months! It took me two years to get in shape.”

And now, the actress, who is back on the small screen with TV Land’s Younger, is content after coming to terms with her post-baby figure.

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Hilary Duff: I’m ‘Really Proud’ of Co-Parenting with My Ex

04/08/2015 at 05:30 PM ET

Hilary Duff plans for second child
Amy Sussman/Invision/AP

After a roller-coaster year, actress and singer Hilary Duff is happier than ever. Subscribe now for an inside look at what her life is like now and to learn all about her new favorite costar, only in PEOPLE.

Throughout the ups and downs of the past year, Hilary Duff never lost sight of what is most important: her 3-year-old son Luca Cruz.

The actress, who filed for divorce from Mike Comrie in January, says she’s “really proud” of how the former couple handled their split.

“We are a unit and we’re going to be a unit for the rest of our lives,” Duff, who co-parents with Comrie, 34, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“We realized [as a couple] we weren’t where we used to be. But I feel so lucky this happened when Luca was young because this is his normal now.”

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Hilary Duff’s Favorite Mother-Son Activity: ‘I’ve Been Trying to Get Him into Cooking’

04/01/2015 at 02:15 PM ET

Hilary DuffJim Spellman/WireImage

Hilary Duff has already found a sous chef in her 3-year-old.

The busy mom chatted Tuesday at the New York City premiere of her new series Younger about the delicious mother-son activity she’s discovered with her son Luca Cruz — cooking!

“Lately I’ve been trying to get him into cooking because I love to cook,” Duff, 27, tells PEOPLE.

But the Disney Channel alum isn’t leaving her toddler alone to man the kitchen. She mostly lets Luca mess around with the pots and pans while she takes on the hard labor.

“I try to cook things that involve lots of different bowls where he can be dipping stuff in,” the singer and actress explains. “It’s nice for him to touch the food and work with it and then eat it.”

And the hobby can be a nice break when Duff needs to stop and breathe.

“That has been my new favorite activity because it’s somewhat mellow and he’s actually getting into it,” she says of their culinary pastime. “He’s so into trains and cars and hide-and-go-seek and tag and chasing and racing — I never sit down!”
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Hilary Duff Celebrates Son Luca’s Birthday with Adorable Instagram Album

03/21/2015 at 09:15 AM ET

Hilary Duff's son's birthday party

Newly blue-haired Hilary Duff celebrated her son Luca‘s third birthday on Friday by posting a sweet photo album on Instagram.

“3 years buddy! 3 beautiful years! You make every minute worth while! We cherish all your firsts and all that is to come,” she wrote. “Happy 3rd birthday my love #timesflying #whatayear.”

The 27-year-old included her soon-to-be ex-husband Mike Comrie in the Flipagram pics, which show Luca enjoying time in the sun and snow with both his mom and dad.

Duff and Comrie, 34, announced their separation after five years of marriage in January 2014, and the actress and singer reportedly filed for divorce in February 2015, shortly after rumors swirled about the former NHL player having a wild night out with friends in Beverly Hills, California.

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Inside Haylie Duff’s Chic Baby Shower

03/08/2015 at 10:00 AM ET

Break out the pink confetti: Actress, author and the Real Girls Kitchen host Haylie Duff will soon add mom to her résumé.

On Saturday, Duff’s family and friends, including Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Lauren Conrad, Lacey ChabertKaley Cuoco-Sweeting and Marla Sokoloff, gathered to celebrate the impending arrival of her daughter.

“Haylie was on cloud nine,” a source tells PEOPLE. “She is so excited to be a mom — you could see it all over her face!”

Haylie Duff baby shower
Courtesy Donatienne LA

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