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Michael Bloomberg Will Be a More ‘Doting Grandpa When Jasper Can Play Golf,’ Says His Daughter Georgina

06/09/2016 at 03:00 PM ET

You won’t find former mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg crawling around pretending to be a horse with his grandson on his back.

Right now, he doesn’t have a ton to talk about with his grandson, Jasper. Probably because he’s only 2½ years old and not into politics just yet.

“I think he’ll definitely get more natural as Jasper gets older,” his daughter Georgina Bloomberg told PEOPLE at the GOOD+ Foundation‘s annual bash in Central Park Wednesday.

“I think when Jasper can play golf and have a conversation about current events, he’ll be a lot more interested,” Georgina adds of her dad, laughing. “For now, my mom is definitely the more doting grandparent, but once he’s older I think he’ll have a lot of great stories to tell and a lot of great lessons to pass on to Jasper.”

Georgina Bloomberg
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Georgina Bloomberg: Even with a Shot at the Rio Olympics, My Son Is the ‘Most Important Thing’

02/04/2016 at 05:00 PM ET

Georgina Bloomberg has been riding since she was 4, climbing the horse show ranks to the very top level, where she now competes internationally and even has a shot at the Olympics in Rio this summer.

But when she retires from the sport, Bloomberg, 33, is excited to fully embrace life as a mom to her 2-year-old son Jasper.

“I really like the idea of Jasper growing up in New York and having a normal life,” the younger daughter of former N.Y.C. mayor Mike Bloomberg tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“If I put my whole self into the sport right now, I like the idea of retiring and being just a mom and raising him in New York City. I love this sport and I’ve had some amazing times in it and I think I’ll always be involved in the sport in some way, but not necessarily as a rider.”

She adds, “Even if you told me I was guaranteed an Olympic medal, if I had to miss out on watching Jasper grow up and normal family stuff like that, I wouldn’t. He’s the most important thing.”

Georgina Bloomberg son Jasper
Katherine Wolkoff

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Georgina Bloomberg: Co-Parenting with the Wrong Person Is Harder Than Being a Single Mom

05/21/2015 at 06:30 PM ET

The fairytale of a happily ever after is just that for Georgina Bloomberg.

The mom of 16-month-old son Jasper admits finding a forever love is not something that happens every day.

“Marriage is not super important to me — most end in divorce. I love the idea of being with someone forever, but I don’t think it happens very often,” the internationally renowned equestrian tells Cricket’s Circle.

“Marriage was coined at a time when people died when they were 30. That stability would be nice, and I am definitely open-minded about it, but I don’t need it in that way some women do.”

Georgina Bloomberg son Jasper motherhood marriage
Courtesy Isabel J. Kurek

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