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Twinning! Coco Austin and Daughter Chanel Celebrate Labor Day Weekend in Matching Bikinis

09/05/2016 at 09:49 AM ET

Coco Austin and Chanel
Coco Austin/Snapchat

Nicole “Coco” Austin and daughter Chanel Nicole are no strangers to matching ensembles, but this may be their best “twinning” moment yet.

While relaxing by the pool during the holiday weekend, the model and her 9-month-old baby girl donned nearly identical custom leopard print bikinis by SugarDollz. The suit, which was adorned with hot pink bows, showed off Austin’s incredible post-baby body.

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Beauties in Blue! Coco Austin and Daughter Chanel Strike a Pose in Sweet Outdoor Shoot

09/01/2016 at 12:45 PM ET

Coco Austin/Instagram

The summer heat isn’t stopping Nicole “Coco” Austin and her daughter Chanel Nicole from glamming it up!

The twosome got fashionably playful on Instagram Wednesday, with Austin sharing a photo of herself and her 9-month-old baby girl in matching ocean-colored ensembles.

The daughter of Austin and her husband Ice-T is sitting in a wicker baby carriage, surrounded by tulle and wearing a dress and matching floral crown, while her mom rocks a look not entirely unlike what Jessica Rabbit’s equally stunning, blonde sister might don.

“Chanel and I work well together in photoshoots!” the reality star, 37, captioned the snap. “Here’s a little candid shot for ya! More to come!”

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Mommy and Me! Coco Austin and Daughter Chanel Are All Smiles in Matching Outfits

08/10/2016 at 11:45 AM ET

Nicole “Coco” Austin has not been holding back on sharing adorable photos of her 8-month-old daughter Chanel Nicole — not that anyone is complaining.

Exhibit A: this sweet snap from Austin’s Instagram account, which she posted Tuesday. In it, the mother-daughter duo are seated on a couch, dressed from head to toe in matching attire by Glam City Doll.

Included in their ensembles? Fun, pattered T-shirts, white shoes (heels for mom, sneakers for her mini me) and, of course, hot-pink pants. Chanel even sported a gold headband to match her mom’s blonde tresses.

“Me & my homegirl while we were out on the road doing our damn thing, like we do!” the proud mama, 37, captioned the shot, in which her little girl appears to be laughing wholeheartedly for the photographer.

Coco and Chanel Matching Outfits
Coco Austin/Instagram

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Coco Austin Is a ‘Babywearing Mommy’ with Daughter Chanel at Ice T’s Concert

07/30/2016 at 06:10 PM ET

Being a supportive wife and doting mother aren’t mutually exclusive for Nicole “Coco” Austin.

The new mom took to Instagram to show off her juggling skills with a cute picture of her holding daughter Chanel in a Baby K’tan sling while attending husband Ice T‘s performance at the Art of Rap festival in Brooklyn on Friday.

“I’m a babywearing mommy and proud of it!” Austin, 37, captioned the photo. “Even at my [man’s] performances.”

Coco Austin Babywearing Mommy
Source: Coco Austin/Instagram

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Coco Austin’s Daughter Chanel Makes Her Adorable Red Carpet Debut

07/26/2016 at 11:45 AM ET

Nicole “Coco” Austin‘s daughter, Chanel Nicole, is already a red carpet pro — at just 8 months old!

Chanel acted as her mom’s date on Sunday for a Nutrifield-sponsored event at the Maximum Yield Indoor Garden Expo in San Francisco, and her debut turn on the red carpet was a hit.

Even Austin thanked her daughter for keeping her cool.

“Shout out to Chanel for holding me down all day at my event,” the 37-year-old first-time mom wrote on Twitter along with a photo of herself holding her baby girl.

Coco Austin and Chanel
Source: Coco Austin/Instagram

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Coco Austin on Breastfeeding Daughter Chanel: ‘It Hurt My Feelings’ When She Wanted the Bottle

06/01/2016 at 02:15 PM ET

Coco Austin hasn’t been shy about discussing one of the most common but often-debated topics of new motherhood: breastfeeding, from its benefits to helping her stay in shape to the hardships no one tells you about.

And in a new clip for E! News, the 37-year-old actress and model talks about the most recent challenge of breastfeeding 6-month-old daughter Chanel Nicole.

“I’m kind of obsessed with [breastfeeding],” she says. “[Chanel] is 6 months now, but for a good five months, she was great at breastfeeding. Just recently she got a little congested and, since then, it was hard for her to drink from my boob so I had to force the bottle in her mouth.”

She continues, “Now that it’s cleared up, she wants the bottle more, and it hurt my feelings … I’m doing whatever I can because now, she’s growing, so she needs more milk … so I have to go from breastfeeding to formula, breastfeeding to formula, but I wish she would want a little more of me.”

Coco Breastfeeding Chanel 6 Months
Coco Austin/Instagram

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Coco Austin and Baby Chanel Show Off Matching Swimsuits (Again!) During Beach Vacation

05/14/2016 at 03:15 PM ET

Coco Austin is enjoying her first vacation with her 5-month-old daughter Chanel Nicole.

The new mom graced Instagram with even more photos of her and Chanel both donning matching bikinis on Saturday and Monday.

“It doesn’t get better than this!” Austin, 37, captioned the picture of the mommy-daughter duo lounging on the beach, revealed to be Eden Rock in St. Bart’s. “It’s been a wonderful trip … family time is priceless.”

Coco Austin and Chanel NicoleCoco Austin/Instagram

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