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Busy Philipps on Raising Two Daughters: ‘My Greatest Fear’ Is One Will Be Sexually Assaulted

07/22/2016 at 01:15 PM ET

Never has there been such an apt first name as Busy Philipps‘. The Freaks and Geeks alum certainly has her hands full these days, between juggling a flourishing acting career and parenting duties for two kids.

But as much influence as she has over their lives, there’s one big thing the actress admits she’s afraid of not being able to control when it comes to her daughters Birdie Leigh, 7½, and Cricket Pearl, 3.

“My greatest fear and worry is that one of my daughters will be sexually assaulted in her life,” Philipps, 37, shares candidly in an interview for Mini Magazine‘s Summer 2016 issue. “I know the statistics and I will try to help by starting conversations early about sex and protecting themselves, but it scares me to no end.”

Adds the mom of two and wife to screenwriter and producer Marc Silverstein, “I really hope that meaningful steps will be taken on campuses and I hope consent becomes a part of sex ed in schools.”

Busy Philipps Daughters Mini Magazine Main
Gretchen Easton/Mini Magazine

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Busy Philipps Won’t Buy Expensive Clothes for Daughters: ‘I Don’t Subscribe to That Belief’

09/04/2015 at 05:15 PM ET

You’ll never catch Busy Philipps on the hunt for the coolest — and most expensive! — kiddie clothing.

The former Cougar Town actress admits when it comes to dressing daughters Cricket Pearl, 2, and Birdie Leigh, 7, she prefers to let her children take the lead on all fronts.

“We go to Target, we go to Gap Kids, they wear sneakers. I don’t subscribe to that belief at all,” she told reporters Tuesday at the A-List 15th Anniversary in Beverly Hills.

“I let [Birdie] dress herself. She should be making her own choices. She should get up in the morning and get herself dressed. Sorry, not sorry.”

Busy Philipps A-List 15th Anniversary
Stefanie Keenan/Getty

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Busy Philipps: I Tell My Nanny Every Day ‘How Much I Appreciate Her’

06/10/2015 at 10:30 AM ET

Even though her two daughters Birdie Leigh, 6½, and Cricket Pearl, 2 next month, have a strong sisterly bond, Busy Philipps quickly realized their five-year age difference has some challenges.

“I thought that my children were going to share a bedroom and it turns out that they’re too far apart in age,” the Cougar Town alum told PEOPLE at the Jenni Kayne + Pottery Barn Kids Collection Launch with Baby2Baby in West Hollywood on Saturday.

“It’s just a disaster because the baby goes to bed so early and so, we’ve had this crazy makeshift thing going on in our house for the past year-and-a-half.”

She adds, “Now, we’re doing an addition — we’re going to build a new bedroom — and Birdie has declared that she gets the new bedroom. Which, I get it, you’re the older sister, but I’m going to have to get all new stuff.”

Busy Philipps appreciates nanny
Michael Simon/Startraks

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Busy Philipps: Why a Five-Year Age Difference Works for My Daughters

10/27/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Busy Philipps Share Our Strength
David Livingston/Getty

Busy Philipps‘s daughter Cricket Pearl is really keeping her mama hopping!

While attending Share Our Strength No Kid Hungry‘s fundraising dinner in Beverly Hills on Saturday, the actress told PEOPLE that her youngest daughter with husband Marc Silverstein is following in her very active footsteps.

“Cricket’s full on running. She’s a wild woman!” Philipps, 35, says.

“I never understood, my mom just keeps laughing and says that now I’m getting what I deserve because I was such a crazy baby.”

Although the 15-month-old is Philipps’s second child, she admits Cricket’s big sister Birdie Leigh, 6, was a “totally different” baby.

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Busy Philipps: Why We Named Our Baby Cricket

01/07/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

Busy Philipps Cricket Baby Name
Frazer Harrison/Getty

Once Busy Philipps and her husband Marc Silverstein discovered the sex of their second child, they went to work putting together a long list of baby girl names.

But when the actress gave birth to their now 6-month-old daughter, the couple realized they had come up short in the name game.

“Oh my God, it was so hard because we had all these names and then she came out. I looked at her and she just couldn’t be one of those names,” Philipps, 34, tells PEOPLE.

The proud parents took home their new addition and celebrated the Fourth of July — it “bought us some time,” she jokes — but after a week with no name, the hospital came looking for their final decision.

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Busy Philipps ‘Didn’t Understand’ How She Could Love Another Baby

11/11/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Busy Philipps Baby2Baby Gala Xavier Collin/Splash News Online

Becoming a mother for the second time wasn’t supposed to bring any surprises for Busy Philipps. The Cougar Town actress, already mom to 5-year-old daughter Birdie, had experienced firsthand the paradigm shift that greets new parents.

What she couldn’t wrap her head around is how there would be enough room in her heart to replicate that same all-encompassing affection for baby number two.

“The thing that really strikes me — and everyone told me this but I didn’t understand how it was going to work — was that my heart would expand for my second child in the same way that it did for my first,” Philipps told PEOPLE Saturday while attending the second Annual Baby2Baby Gala in Los Angeles.

“I didn’t understand how I was going to love another child as much as I loved my first.”

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Busy Philipps Is ‘Way More Relaxed’ with Baby No. 2

08/27/2013 at 11:32 AM ET

Busy Philipps James Franco Comedy Central Roast
Frazer Harrison/Filmmagic

For Busy Philipps, round two of motherhood is even better than the first.

“The baby’s great,” says the Cougar Town star whose second daughter, Cricket Pearl, was born July 2. Big sister Birdie Leigh turned 5 earlier this month.

“I’m way more relaxed,” Philipps tells PEOPLE at the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco, her pal and former Freaks and Geeks costar.

“I was a total basket case with my first child, and I wouldn’t even put her down or let anyone else hold her. I was just so terrified, and now I know that it’s okay. I can let other people hold the baby.”

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