Janet Jackson Officially Announces Her Pregnancy ‘Blessing’ at 50 – See the Exclusive Photo!

10/12/2016 at 07:00 AM ET

Janet Jackson pregnant baby bump
Solaiman Fazel and Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson is one glowing mom-to-be.

The 50-year-old singer is officially confirming her pregnancy and showing off her growing baby bump exclusively with PEOPLE.

“We thank God for our blessing,” says the star.

After Jackson announced in April she was postponing her Unbreakable World Tour in May to focus on “planning” a family with her husband Wissam Al Mana, sources confirmed to PEOPLE the star was expecting her first child.

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Over the last few months, Jackson has kept a low profile and was last spotted shopping for baby buys at London’s Back in Action furniture store.

“She is super excited about her pregnancy and is doing extremely well,” a source close to the Jackson family previously told PEOPLE. “She actually feels very good about everything.”

For more on how Janet Jackson is prepping for motherhood, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Melody Chiu with reporting by Blaine Zuckerman

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Jax on

She looks beautiful!

JMO on

There is a time and season for everything. 50 is much too old to be having a baby. She should have thought about her child and not herself in her decision to bring a life into the world at the age of 50. I do hope there are no serious complications and she delivers a healthy baby.

sue's on

Congrats, she looks beautiful…

Kessler on

I’m barely surviving the aches and pains of pregnancy at 35 and I’m a fit person(I’m also running after a toddler all day though)! Couldn’t imagine doing it at 50! More power to her.

Charlotte on

She’s announcing her pregnancy? She’s been pregnant for what, a year and a half and she’s announcing it now?

LAW on

To Kessler…when you have enough money to have nannies 24/7 you don’t worry about chasing a toddler around, pay someone else to do it. Hubby is a billionaire, so think about it and I’m sure they have a dedicated doc at the palace 24/7 also.

Susan Mills on

Why in the hell would a 50 year old woman want a baby?!? She will be 68 by the time this kid graduates! These “late in life” pregnancies are selfish. Kids are more likely to be born with birth defects. I wish her the best of luck but I think it’s a risk that should not be taken

Meggie on

Congrats to her and her husband! She looks gorgeous!

@JMO my aunt had a kid close to 50. That child is now in college studying nursing with a 4.0 GPA. I have another aunt who had a kid at 35 and he has autism. It varies. No need to be so negative in a happy post!

Shirley on

I would rather have a mom who had me at 50 than 20.

MandaPanda on

Too true Shirley, I have way more patience with my grandchild than I did with my own child and a lot more money too.

Shirley on

Susan Mill: What’s your excuse?

bb on

Yes, 50 is definitely on the older side of pregnancy age…but you know what? More power to her. She has the resources to take care of the baby and provide for it if she passed away. Heck Janet’s parents are both still alive and in their upper 80s and caring for their grandchildren. If Janet was just an average-joe and asking for a GoFundMe account to pay for this, then I would care, but as someone else said, her husband is a billionaire, she has her own money, so they can do whatever they’d like. Now would I try that? Nope. But its my call. This is her call, and if she wants a baby, then why not?

Mrs. B on

Congratulations to her on her pregnancy. I had doubts that she was really pregnant, but it seems that she really is. I can’t imagine having a baby at 50, but my husband and I aren’t billionaires who can afford nannies, housekeepers and cooks. Anyway, if she’s happy then I’m happy for her.

Kochelle on

Congrats and I wish you for a beautiful and talented baby like you!

Tier on

Calm down everyone. She will be fine having a baby at 50. Remember two things: Her husband is in his early 40’s and they are worth over a billion dollars combined. They can afford all the help they need for her to enjoy her child growing up without all of the stresses e a regular 9-5 working mother endures…

Tommy on

To everyone shaming someone having a baby at 50… Two Things I bring up: Why is it okay for a man to be a father at 50-60-70 like Larry King, but its not okay for a woman to have a baby at an older age??? Stop double standards… we’re supposed to be moving forward not backward. As long as she has medical clearance and the right doctors… she will have a healthy baby. Adrienne Barbeau had twin boys at 51, and they are 19 now… They are healthy… she lived to see them enter adulthood… Cyndi Lauper had her son at 44, and hes 19 now… Geena Davis had her daughter at 46 and twin son’s at 48… all of these courageous women have done it before… Why can’t she???

Chris c on


Kate on

Health and happiness to mom and baby.

Mishy on

She is too old! I would never want my daughter having a child at that age!

J on

A lot of people, especially her ex-husband, would appreciate if she was honest and confessed to whether or not she hid a pregnancy and gave up that child without telling her husband. Look it up.

Marissa on

Confident women empower and uplift one another. Why come down on a woman, at any age, for bearing a child? A baby is always a blessing. Take a deep breath, realize her situation has nothing to do with those being negative, attempt to be happy for her and move on. Congrats to all that are blessed to become mothers, including the 20 year-old to Janet Jackson.

Lee on

Huge congrats Janet – beautiful as ever and happy she deserves this!!

SMP on

If you are not pregnant and having a baby, then you have no right to say whether or not someone should be having a baby. I’m sure she knows the risks, so butt out people!

ksu2000grad on

Congratulations to them both! I hope all goes well and maybe we will get our reschedule concert date next year!!!

Mishy on

I heard the same rumor. She once had a child. What happened to that ?

I am so sick of this clan. I feel sorry for Michael and his kids and somehow the family uses them. Thank God Paris got out. Maybe she needs to go to a lawyer to make sure she and her siblings won’t be left to dry.

Janet is no better and I don’t care whom she is married to.

Sherry Herron on

Let me just say; I had my babies at 21, 22, 30 and 36! My eldest married a military man and they blessed me with a grand baby at the WAYYYY to early age of 41!! This all being said, I just had a full hysterectomy at age 44 and it kills me to think my body will never be allowed to make or hold a child again. I was too young to start when I started and have struggled most the last 20+ years. There are pros and cons to everything. I got to enjoy my kids while I was young and energetic…but I’m still young and energetic and REALLY enjoying my granddaughter, and I’m now finally financially comfortable. However, I often wish I’d gone to college and enjoyed a career, and made lots of money before having kids! No person has any right to question Ms Jacksons decisions. She is still young and will be able to enjoy her child…and has spent her life, thus far, earning money to support this child! And to the woman who said she’d be mad if her kid had a kid that late in life…YOU are selfish. This is because you will be too old to chase around a grandchild…it’s not about you!!!

Ebony Maria on

May God richly bless her, her unborn and her husband. For all of those who are saying she is too old to have children, you are either bitter because you can’t have any children or are bitter in general. No one has the right to tell anyone what age they are to have children and not to. At least she is married to the father of her child. God blessed Sarah to have a child at ninety. All things are possible through faith which is why God blessed her. If we all learned to stop judging and start loving, this world would be a better place. Peace

Ebony Maria on

@ Tommy
You bring up very valid points. The common denominator I see with all of those women you named is that they are Caucasian; Janet is African-American. I hate to say this, but I believe she is receiving all of this hate is because she is African-American. I hope that this isn’t the case, but it sure seems like it.

Ebony Maria on

You bring up very valid points. I remember they were praising them for having children at their age. The common denominator that I see with all of the women you named is that they are all Caucasian; Janet is black. I hope that this isn’t about her race.

Mario on

What does money and nannies have to do with it? There are people half her age who are lazy/neglectful and pass kids off to nannies all the time. With most parents working etc they find themselves relying on nannies and helpers to take care of their kids. Neglect happens under any situation regardless of age or the economic circumstances. We don’t know why she waited this long, but it’s her decision or her miracle. Women have been having kids into their late 40s and early 50s since the beginning of time and even though there are risks , most have been fine every pregnancy i unique, just this week my 24 year old cousin had her 2nd stillborn birth, yet 7 months ago our aunt had her 2nd child at 46 and he’s perfect. Janet is healthy, looks and feels young , why judge her when there are 30 year olds who can’t even kick a ball with their kids because of obesity, complications from smoking, drug use and other ailments caused by neglect to their bodies, she could outlive most of them . Parenthood isn’t only about running around, it’s care, love, support and nurturing all of which can be done from a wheelchair (if you think she’s that old).

ibjuliet on

Why do people speak on things as if they have first hand knowledge, but their assumptions are merely rumor based? NO conclusive proof has ever surfaced to prove that Janet ever had a child, only hearsay. You would think her ex-husband would have concrete proof and made it available for all to know, but that hasn’t happened. No one knows her history. She may have yearned and tried to have a child and couldn’t, until now. Let the woman live.

Celine on

Congrats Janet!

mickey on

I saw live footage of Janet a few days ago one of the entertainment programs showed. This photo is photoshopped. Her face is was fuller especially at the chin. Her legs and rear are huge. She looked like she’d gained about 100 lbs and looked more just heavy than pregnant. Told my friends I wondered if she did one of her weight gains like she has over the years to appear pregnant looking and is using a surrogate.

loftybike on

i don’t understand the negative comments here. She is Janet Jackson! Like everyone else she can do whatever she wants. She decided to have a baby with her husband, what could possibly be wrong about that?
I wish her a healthy pregnancy, an easy birth and all happiness in the world.


Hay… ❤ I woke up like where my baby…. ❤

troy on

I’m in tears right now. Look at baby Janet pregnant. She looks so radiant and beautiful. I am wishing Janet and Wissam so many blessings for a happy and healthy baby or babies (lol). Janet, God has blessed you at this time in your life to give birth to a beautiful child. I appreciate all of your musical contributions and dance moves that you have given us over the 40 plus years in this business. You are a legend and an Icon, and I thank you for not allowing show biz to interfere with your personal life, separating the two….and keeping your personal life to yourself, for yourself. More women should be like you in the entertainment business, as well as outside of the entertainment business. Case and point all these nasty, derogatory comment by all of these women is appalling to read and pretty sad. Women are always talking about being supportive of one another, but reading all of these comments proves that division between women still exist, along with the jealousy and cattiness. I appreciate you because you waited until God gave you the gift of having a child. God gave you this gift when he knew it was time and you have grown into womanhood with grace and purpose. Unlike some women who have children and cannot take of them, nor give nurturing to them because they are too busy chasing after the babies father to help raise the child, and/or the grandmother ends up raising the child, or the child ends up in the system, or dead – and so these women on here leaving the snide comments, are taking 50 years old as being a death sentence, when you are in the prime of your life and so full of life. So I applaud you for making the decision to do this when God allowed you to. Again, I wish you a safe and easy delivery, and that you, Wissam and baby are happy, healthy and blessed in the name of Jesus. Insha Allah


Hay… Honored to be on this link ❤

Rachel on

I am currently pregnant with #4 at 34 years old and cannot even begin to imagine pregnancy at 50 years old. If she wanted to be a mother she should’ve put more emphasis on dating, finding a good man, and having children. My mom always said the best ages to have children are between 25-34 and to officially close up shop at 37. The older I get the more I realize how right my mom is.

Peachdequeen on

So happy for her and she seems so happy, too. It’s beautiful to see. I hope she is having a wonderful pregnancy.

... on

Good for her, 50 is the new 30 and her mother Katherine healthy and active and is still raising kids, her grandkids and some great grand kids, well into her late 80’s. People saying she is too old, too old for what? She won’t be around for the child, of course she will be, anyone can drop dead at any age, at 31 with newborn twins or 40 with 3 teenagers. It happens. I wouldn’t want to have a kid at 50, but I have already children, why deny her the experience of pregnancy and child birth if this is what she wants and can afford it. Congratulations to her and her husband.

Lesa on

@Tommy, no one said it was ok for men to have babies later in life either. Relax! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion!

Maryann on

With money anything is possible! Neverthe less,wish her well.

Brenda on

She looks amazing! I’m so happy she gets the chance to be a mom. My mom was 41 when she had me. I was 43 when I had my son. He just turned 3 and we’re trying for #2. Had amazing health and an easy pregnancy. Age is just a number.

Deanna Hohenstein on

Is this her first child????

LOL on

I just laugh at the jealousy and lies being spewed on here. You can pregnant at any age. All it takes is a period. The women I know who got pregnant after 45 have had perfectly healthy kids. It happens.

Shirley on

I’m happy for her and her husband. We should not pass judgment on someone life and choices. We can barely handle our own business.. God Bless them Age does not matter it’s not our business

PinkRose on

It’s absolutely sexist to support older men when they have children in older age and not support women or make disparaging remarks when they do.

Men and women are almost equal in their contributions to birth defects. Put another way, men’s sperm age too contrary to what you may believe! And since Janet’s husband is YOUNGER than she is, I’m sure the baby will be just fine.

Dennis on

@ Rachel. Good for you for putting more emphasis on dating and getting pregnant and having your 4th child at 34. You’re a true trailblazer. All women should bow at your feet at your accomplishment. LOL. How dare any woman decide to have a kid at 50. You sound like a prize! 😮

Anonymous on

For everyone saying they wouldn’t want to be pregnant at 50, it’s because you’ve already done it. If you’ve been there / done that then it may seem like a chore. I was older when I had my one child and I wasn’t tired or miserable. Had a good pregnancy and enjoying being a mom. Everything is new and fresh from my perspective. For my friends who had kids early it would have been a chore to have a toddler in their mid 40’s, not so for me. I’m enjoying it.

R Ramnath on

Regardless of age, God has blessed her. I am sure she is ready to handle what is to come her way… u go Janet may God bless your family and may u have a safe delivery . ..

JacksonsSuck on

Fake as Beyaswnce’s pregnancy.

Linda on

Congrats Janet you look beautiful! !!!

Camille on

This isn’t her first child. Stop acting like it is.

gb on

People need to stop with all the negative judgement. I had my only child in my mid 40’s. It was a new experience for me so everything was exciting. My friends who had their kids when they were young wouldn’t want to have one when I did. For them it would have been a chore. Different strokes and all. What’s right for one person doesn’t have to be right for another. It doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. Just wrong for you. Live and let live.

pam berry on

Hope she has a boy and names him Michael

Melissa on

I’m happy for her! I’m pregnant at 38 (via conceive easy) and it is hard and exhausting. I would imagine more so for her so I applaud her decision to focus all her energy on her baby. Congrats!

Pam on

Whether she’s 20 or 50, this is a blessing from God. I believe Janet and her husband will be raising not JMO or Susan Mills. Congrats to the couple!

Christie on

Too old my ass just because you wouldn’t do it doesn’t mean you need to shame her.

Anonymous on

I am so happy for her. Anyone who trashes a woman for having a child no matter how old she is, is disgusting. Your jealous. I’m 47 and would love to have another baby.

Anonymous on

I think you old envious women should mind your own business. Just because your body does not work properly, don’t mean everybody is in the run down decrepit shape you are in. Now run with that!!!

Carol on

Radiant, beautiful, glowing….of course. You don’t think there was any touch up on this pic do you?

LT on

She looks amazing, and I’m sure that her child will be as healthy as can be.

I hated my 20s. I was insecure and didn’t know whether I was coming or going. I also didn’t even know how I would pay my utility bills from month to month. For some people, mature and pregnant is far better than young and pregnant. Get off your high horse people.

Anonymous on

Janet is incredible. You haters keep hating. I was considered old for my first at 35. I wanted to be set in life, be married and be able to give my children time and understanding. Attention. Alot of mom’s don’t do that. If you are a hater your jealous. I pity you. I laugh at the comment she should have found a good man earlier. Sounds like a stupid person making that comment. And yeah I’m 47 and want more.

Asotm06 on

Congrats to Janet a her husband. As long as she is healthy at 50 and can afford to take care of a baby that is their business. I had my son at 45 and he is the best thing ever at this stage of my life. Who cares what your opinions are on whether or not she has a baby at 50. Wish her well and keep your negative opinions to yourself.

Annabelle Lee on

No, 50 isn’t too old. If a person is in good shape there is no reason why she can’t carry a baby to term. Society has it in its head that once you hit 50, life is almost over. Well it’s not. We’re living longer now. Even if her pregnancy was accomplished through IVF, she is entitled to try to make this change in her life. Congratulations Janet. May you have a healthy, happy baby. I know how much joy this pregnancy will add to your life.

Sandra on

I just lost my mother almost two years ago, I’m 53 and my mother always told my sister and I that her major concern was that we would be adults and would be able to take care of ourself if or when something happen to her. I guess some people don’t think like that. I don’t care how much money you have, no one can replace a truly loving and caring mother. #BESTMOTHERINTHEWORLD

KC Cowgirl on

Her “blessing” is due to science, not God.

Stephanie on

What’s wrong with all the negative commenters here? It’s entirely her decision. She is 50 not 65 for god’s sake. The woman is fit, has danced her whole life and I am sure she gave it a good thought before getting pregnant. With all the money she has, I am sure she can afford the best medical advice she can get and as far as I know, her husband is much younger than her. Do you negative commenters rather see 17 year olds having babies? This woman is financially independent, had a great career and is longing motherhood. Some of us have kids earlier, some later….so what. Stop being negative and wish her the best!!

donnasfineart on

I have 5 kids and my last were a set of twins when I was 35 ..yes they 4 weeks early but the one thing when you get up in years is high blood pressure. At 50 I can’t imagine the testing she’s probably been through and will have to go through until the baby is born. I wish her luck and she has the money to have the best care too. Our opinions don’t matter she decided what was more important and I guess waiting was hers…

Cecelia on

I am thrilled for her and her husband. God bless them all. She is having her baby at the right time for her and her husband. Their decision. One thing for sure, this baby will receive a tremendous amount of love, patience, education, support and wisdom. All of these things come with age. 50 is not too old. I am 50 and am helping to raise my grandchild. I have so much inside of me and am very active. Each pregnancy, person, circumstance is different. It’s only for the parents to say. I wish them the very best and send them much love and congratulations.

Anonymous on


Anonymous on

Grandma’s pregnant!

tracymcgowan on

Wonderful! I had a baby at 44 and I am so happy. And the whole birth defects thing is skewed. Less babies are born after 40 so the numbers seem high but it is relative. Most defects happen to women in the most fertile period because that when most women have babies.

PJ on

What about her supposed secret daughter that her sister raised?

Cathy Thomas on

You work until you are 65. Hilary Clinton is too old to run for president then at 68 and Donald Trump at 70. Her child will be 20 if she lives to be 70 in which the President is 70 years old. As long as your healthy can carry a baby, its just her eggs. She did IVF for sure and women in the 20s are having IVF. She is a billionaire and her husband is a billionaire that baby will be taken care of. Look at Princess Diana, she you died in a car crash and her children was taken care of. Stop going by age and judging someone. At her age she can only have one and that’s the difference between her and someone in the 20s. I’m sure she has maid servants and a nanny to help her. I would rather her have a baby at 50 then some heroin addict and the baby ends up in foster care. You have to think before you judge somebody actions.

Cathy on

Janet is healthy and she can carry a baby its just her eggs and she probably did IVF. She’s a billionaire and her husband is a billionaire. You work until you are 65. So her child will be 15. Hilary Clinton is 68 running for President and Donald Trump is 70. Raising a child isn’t that hard as being the President. She will probably have maid servants and a nanny. You live until you’re 80’s Her baby will be in the 30s and she will be probably a grandmother. Her parents are 88 and 87 and they are still alive.

Alina on

Unlike JMO’s comment, it’s nobody’s business as to why she chose to have a baby at 50. As long as everyone is healthy and happy which they seem to be. She probably waited to “officially” announce until she passed week 25…which is a milestone week in a pregnancy…. Congrats to her and her family and get a life all you nay-sayers!

Tina on

@Rachel. Not everyone can choose to “close up shop” at 37. Some can’t start until after that number – and its just a number. Good for you that you could have so many when you wanted. For the rest of us who can’t – Its none of your business when we have kids. I would rather have had my kids in my 40’s than 20’s. YOU take it for granted that women can just get pregnant and have children. Lucky you. If she is healthy and the baby is, too, who cares if she is 50. Its not like you are going to have any part of the raising of this baby. It isn’t your life. Get over yourself.

Tina on

Not everyone experiences high blood pressure after a certain age. Had my kids in my 40’s and it was easy going, no problems. Friends younger than me, in their 20’s, has more issues. A healthy later in life pregnancy can be just as great as yours was. Not all of us can “decide waiting is more important”. For some of us “waiting” is actually years of heartache while trying to conceive.

Tina on

Congratulations Janet Jackson! Welcome to a wonderful part of life. Blessings for a great pregnancy, birth and baby. Us “older moms” gotta stick together – people think we are selfish for waiting – when in fact, we often had no choice.
“older moms” are great moms – more stable, more money, more life experience. Younger moms can be great, too. But people shouldn’t knock us – we are the bomb!

Tara on

If you watch the show teen mom on MTV, look at all the problems those girls have. They aren’t mentally ready to raise children and they have a lot of issues. Being 50 Janet has already done everything she wants to do and she can just focus on raising her blessing. Its not her age, its how long she will live. As long as she’s healthy, she can live until her 80s and then she will be a grandmother by then. Her baby will be in the 30s. People are living longer now due to modern medical advancements.

jp on

I hope the baby is healthy. gives hope to older woman.

sally on

Just be happy for her. Stop the negative comments! May GOD bless Janet and her precious heavenly gift. Amen!

Michelle on

Look at the Duggars. How many kids does she have? She has 20 kids. This woman has delivered 20 kids. Janet is having one and you are tripping. I wouldn’t have 20 kids that’s too many, then there was sexual abuse in the home.

RO on

Well thinking outside of the box Janet was probably pressured into having a baby by her husband so he can have at least one aire to his fortune. I’m pretty sure Janet would have been fine with just the marriage. Also when Janet was in Fame she was very pregnant with her then husband’s child. I believe her oldest sister Rebie raised her as her own. That was the best kept secret but she has a child so this is her second child.

Moni on

Women out here should never wish bad on another women, but should congratulate Janet. She is living her life and minding her own business. None of you commenting are making the money that her and her husband make but are full of opinions, that is why I keep nosy, bitter women out of my life. Congrats to Janet and her husband.

Daizee on

Ms Jackson-mana you are beautiful!! Congratulations to your family rip mj bless bless bless people do you see this 50 year old pregnant black queen its real!!!

DRJ on

Kids are a blessing and THANKS for your reverence for God!

Erin on

Preach, Sherry Herron! My mom had me at 38 (not 50, but…) and my dad was 44. My mom had established herself in her career and was in the position to leave the office if needed to care for me and my sister (My mom was 41 when she had her) because she’d taken the time to establish herself. She was patient and kind and would tell you she was glad she waited. She could afford to have us without being stressed all the time about money and work (not that all younger parents are). Additionally, when her friends’ kids were older and they were missing having little ones in the house, they often told my mom they wish they’d waited. Let’s support women, ladies. We get torn down enough.

CEL on

I wish her all the best with the next joyous chapter in her life. I was blessed with my son when I was 39 and a single mother. He’s now 22, a college graduate and I wouldn’t change a thing.

AP on

Can she maybe cancel her concerts so I can get my money back? I don’t have a billionaire husband.

Mia on

I love her, always have. Congratulations, Janet.
I wish you a safe pregnancy and delivery.

Country Girl on

I don’t care who you are, 50 is not the age to be pregnant. She could have had a child many years ago so why she is having one now is beyond me. I’ve always loved her music and dance style, but don’t agree with this choice.

Lisa on

Welcome to the older mom’s club Janet. I was 46 when I had my blessing after a 25 year stretch between my oldest. The blessing is real and an honor at our age. Enjoy!!

Nay on

I am so disappointed in the number of negative comments, we as a society are so judgmental, we should just offer well wishes and move on. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Maybe she wanted to have a husband and a happy marriage before having a baby, who knows her reason for making the choices that she has made, but it is not our cross to bear so who cares. As long as they are happy that is all that matters.

Anonymous on

I’m not closing up shop, I’m 41 and I feel 21. I’m very healthy and I’m finally getting married and me and my husband will be trying. I want have 5 kids but I will probably have 1 or 2 at my age. I will be a stay at home mom and I don’t have to work. After 2 – 3 months of the pregnancy you can take a down syndrome test and see if the baby is healthy. That’s the only concern if you have kids later in life. Don’t discourage someone who wants to experience motherhood at any age.

Margaret travis on

Janet you look so much like your mom take easy having a baby is a lot of work BUT every thing you go though It’s Worth it when You get your hands on that baby God bless❤️💋💋

Dandoha on

she is stunning

The Jewell Theatre on

We love you Janet!

tracy on

Great for Janet Congratulations! She is in great shape with all that dancing she does. She looks great.

Tammy on

She is photoshopped…in a big way! Seriously, am I the only one to see it?

Penny on

A 60 year old woman just gave birth to twins. Check this website its on people.com

Dawo Reinhardt on

She looks so Good Omg 🙂

Princess Sims on

I’m very proud of Janet Jackson, what a beautiful woman. May God cont to bless her to motherhood. I pray that she have a health baby. U go Janet,50 looks good on u.love always ur fan

Joie on

Too old is not even the biggest problem, it’s more that everyone in the Jackson clan is messed up & crazy. This is not gonna be good.

Linda on

First of all, who are we to say Janet is too old to have a baby! Have you read the word lately JMO? Apparently you missed Sarah conceiving at 85 years old. Miracles happen everyday. I hope there will not be a time in your life someone, downplay you about your own decisions. Have more compassion for others and not send messages to satisfy you own fleshly thoughts.

Ella Harden-Ingram on

At first I was like woe ,but in lite of seeing how beautiful and comfortable she looks who wouldn’t want her to happy with having a baby. I’ve watched for years how these artists give there time here on earth entertaining all of us and miss out on the simple things things of life. This world has become one more science project after another altering the path that was given to those who Seek the kingdom of God. True humanitarian would wish joy for anyone who desire it no matter what age. I’m overwhelmed with joy for her, and I truly hope she doesn’t allow this world reflect one moment she has with her child. Maybe she remember the beautiful soul her brother was an incorporate his name in there when she think of baby names. Keep forward full force Janet Jackson God made your path especially for you and only God can show you the way. From a Universal Mom who knows time waits for no one keep it moving forward don’t look back. Congratulations to you and your husband.

Diane on

Awww! Congratulations! I’m happy for Janet! ♥ I’m also pregnant now, thanks to conceiveeasy. On my 2nd trimester now. Can’t wait to see our little bun!

Marriana on

She looks like Tyler Perry.

Tonya on

People always so negative..are u guys that dumb, I’m sure her eggs have been frozen and she has a ton of money to make sure she gets best of the best and last but not least, she’s probably in better health a lot of the these overweight women much younger than her smh

kim on

I guess I have to remember that everyone is entitled to their opinion when reading the posts. I only wish people would keep them to themselves when commenting on the fact that THEY believe 50 is too old…to old for who? YOU. Okay, then DON’T have a baby! Congrats to Janet and her hubby!

NaturallySonja on

She looks beautiful! She is absolutely glowing.

Jai on

I cannot believe so many people have such negative opinions and resentment about Ms Jackson’s pregnancy!!!
She’s not asking YOU to raise her child, your taxes are not supporting her. How/why/when/where she became pregnant is not your concern, get some business and mind it!!
Congrats and good wishes on your blessing, Ms Jackson.

Gabriela Rosende on

You look radiant, Janet! You seem quite content so lots of love and good vibes headed your way. Stress is a big no no now, for the little one, and your own sense of well being, so take everything with a grain of salt.
Take care, regular appointments, eating right, light exercise (if any), all that jazz. I am sure you are aware of potential dangers, so love that baby with all your might & it may just be smooth sailing for you. All pregnancies are unique, just like people.

Christina on

Finally!!!!! So happy for her!!! Everyone isn’t ready when they are young to have a baby. It’s her life and she should be able to live it in ANY and ALL ways that she chooses!!! God doesn’t intend for us to judge others. Remember that little part of the Bible? Pray for her and her precious little one and remember…. God has given her this little miracle for a reason! And… God don’t make no mistakes!

kr on

Shame on People for photoshopping her to make her look thinner. I thought People was all about ‘love your curves’ etc. She doesn’t look anything like this in real life.

ForrestGump on

Janet wasn’t the brightest bulb in the Jackson family box of dimwits. I am sure nobody ever advised her against the possibility of having a mongoloid, or severely retarded child. Or the high risk of major health issues to that child. Very selfish of her at this stage to have a child. Haters hate. Do the research.

Anonymous on

God I so want her to have that baby, firstthing,I that baby will be wanted and loved and cherished and hugs and kissess to the spoile!.Secondly,we all makes grave mistakes in this life.Sweet Mis Jan spent her whole life making money and enternaining the world. Yes, like myself I’m so sure many of us would like another good go at it to shine to make that money,but they’re some priorities in life that threatens our ocean sales. And although we know it’s modern time we can enjoy our ocean from beath as well,hell we wanna see our seas from beneath the sheen of the sun in the day and under the twinkling stars at night. Meaning,though we know with the advancement of medical help we,or rather women can do it now whehter young or old, can almost do it way pass childbearing age,I think safity is much prefered. And that’s why I’m saying,may God help her every second of the way in the way and even more so after the way,and all the musical world and all other well wishing and well wishers world say,Amen!.Cleveland Wilks.

Bridgett Moreland on

Janet Jackson is and OG someone who did it real and does it real. As someone has already stated she is NOT living off of your or my tax dollars and has a right to live her life the way that she sees fit!! Janet you look beautiful, congratulations on your new baby. Stay healthy and have fun, enjoy, babies are a blessing. For all of you that seem to know so much but know nothing at all really, find something productive to do, like spending quality time with your own children if you are a parent, if not be QUIET.

StupidJanet on

Hope that kid isn’t retarded, or is born with major health issues. Very selfish for someone who is almost a senior citizen to risk having a child. I can see it now….baby graduates high school and during the pictures mom gets out the walker to stand up straight. She will be almost 70…80 if the child is slow. Stupid.

Pearl on

I had my baby when I was 30 and people even laughed at me and said I was too old to be pregnant. I’m from MS and often women are FINISHED having kids by the time they are 25. I’m glad I waited. I have a lot more patience with my child than my friends and relatives had with their children. I’m now 42 and I have a cousin who is only one month older than I am who has 4 GRANDkids. My brother is only 3 years older than me and has 6. I just don’t get the point of rushing to have a child by a “certain age” instead of when it’s the perfect time for you.

Psychic One on

Much happiness to her ! I hope the baby is healthy and no doubt it will be much loved,

Anonymous on

What happen to the first child?

Maggie on

To all the negative people! Let me ask you some questions and I know what your answer will be. Are you paying for the following:
Doctor visits
Hospital bill
Baby items
Nanny services
Collage tuition
NO!! you’re NOT paying for any of the above items. It is Janet and her husband who make the decisions about THEIR life NOT YOU!!! Pregnancy is risk for any woman regardless of her AGE!!!!

fayem1 on

for all of you haters she waited to have a baby with the right man, she has the money to get the best care and she is far from the first 50 year old to birth a kid lighten up. Hope it is a boy named Michael.

Anonymous on

A lot of women with cancer have children. They freeze the eggs and after cancer treatment, they still want children. That’s selfish, knowing you have cancer and you might not live that long and have a reoccurrence. Where in a new day and age. All this modern technology anything is possible, if you have the money to do it.

Anonymous on

If you want a baby for the first time at 50, then fine, whatever. But if you and your hubby are so rich, why not just use a surrogate? It would still be theirs together, she just wouldn’t have to actually carry it. It’s stupid for a woman of her age to be going through this physically. No matter how much money you have, there will always be health risks with pregnancy, especially at her age. She’s an idiot for putting her career first for so damn long. Now she wants to “experience” carrying a baby in her body? Even 10 years ago this would’ve made more sense. Not now. Her money doesn’t make her invincible. Idiot.

Thursday on

Is this child genetically Janets or did she use a donor egg?the majority of older moms like Geena Davis use donor eggs.They just don’t admit it.

doreen on

imhappy for her its so exciting for every women beast wishes

Deborah on

Congratulations to Ms. Janet,
This is such a true blessing for Janet and her husband. She will make a wonderful Mother. God bless.

Lisa on

your going to be a great Mom. Enjoy everything what a blessing you have Janet

encoreameya on

She must have charged hell a lot for it. Totally worth it. Looks like sunshine.

Dee on

Kid are born with birth defects because of several reasons. Young women still have children with birth defects. There so much jealousy and hate on this board. Youth depends on the person. If you are healthy and able to have child, then you should have one. Life is not guaranteed anyone.

Selfish is having a child when you are not in that space and time to have one. Janet Jackson hasn’t asked anyone to take care of her child. AND both her parents are still alive!

Anonymous on

and janet Jackson and rena ellis is very concerned a about you and please let me know how you are doing immediately and asap

erma on


Wil Jansen on

Let’s wait a while…

josetoyou on

Who cares?

Jen on

This picture is so badly photoshopped to make her face, neck, chin(s), and her arms to look much smaller than how big she really is.

Les on

Bad photoshop on the jawline. She looks waaaaaay better without digital alterations.

muneshadowe on

Good for her My hope is all goes well.

Lordrobot on

Actually the sperm donor was the late JACKO. I hope Janet doesn’t eat spaghetti like the guy in the first ALIENS movie or out will rip JACKO!

sierra on

Stop Hating …..She is beautiful. My aunt had a baby at the age of 54. So do me a favor and stop the HATING!

Lily on

Comments about a celebrity no one knows personally is an attempt to share more about those who comment than about what Janet does, what Janet thinks, or what Janet feels about herself…hopefully. Does anyone think she reads these comments for assurance she made the right decision? And for the most part, if anyone disagrees it becomes a feeding frenzy of hatred. How fun for all. A bunch of narcisists..all of you. lol

edith police on

congratulations and God bless!!!

shsda on

Congratulations beautiful

Amy on

As a child born to a mother who was 3 months shy of being 40, I grew up knowing how much older my mom was to my friends moms. When I was in elementary school, I was racked with anxiety because I was afraid one of my peers would see how much older my mom was. One kid asked me if she was my grandmother, I said yes. I was racked with this anxiety about my parents age thru middle school. Then when I was in my 20’s, I was racked with anxiety on how my parents were now in their 60’s and I only had about 20 yrs left with them. I am now 45 and my parents are 85. I wish I could grow old with my parents. People should think twice about having children at such an older age.

Look Behind You on

There’s a story out that says her secret daughter is actually pregnant and this is a pillow baby just like Kelly Preston and John Travolta.

Don’t shoot the messenger…just relaying the story.

Arec Bardwin on

Another Jackson? Isn’t the world crazy enough?

Good For Her on

As long as Janet is healthy and the baby will therefore be healthy, more power to her.



Lutisha on

At 50 years of age the child will have learning disabilities. Over 40 is very bad. The eggs are all but rotten!

TAC on

Janet looks stunningly beautiful!

Kanika on

I am so very happy for Janet, because she is embarking on the precious journey of motherhood, which some of us women are not so fortunate to experience. I hope her health and the baby’s continues to be good and that she will enjoy many happy days with her baby watching he or she growing to adulthood. Lots of love goes out to her from a very happy mother of 4.

kenramsey on

The chance that she’s pregnant from her own eggs at 50 is MINUSCULE, unless she had some frozen when she was younger. She’s way past the natural fertility window. I doubt that’s a good thing. Women are having babies way too late in life these days – parenthood is for the young. That’s nature.

Michelle on

Im very happy for janet, that’s gonna be such a cute baby! Is it a boy or girl

SL on

Its fake-like Kelly Preston; she can afford the prosthetic baby bump

dudefromdixie on

Bill Clinton is probably the father.

Lisa on

Congratulations to Janet and her family. For the haters, stop with the double standard, it’s okay for men to have babies in their late years, so what’s the difference for women! Stop hating, a child is a blessing no matter how and when it is conceived.

kim on

How much hormones did she pump into her body to make this happend? If she wanted a child she could take care of her late brothers three kids, instead of pimping them out and try to make money off of them.

Julie B on

So let me get this straight. Do you call an unwed teen who’s having a baby at 15 or 16 a selfish act? The mother to be is not out of high school and has no real job prospects, but it’s okay for her to have a baby? A mother who is on drugs or leads a questionable lifestyle and gets knocked up, is she selfish? For all of the people who say that Janet is “too old” at least she and her husband can afford to have a baby and take care of the baby and give their child the best life has to offer. And just because someone has the means to take care of a kid financially does not mean that they want to pawn them off on a nanny. A lot of people are more active in rearing their children and are better for it. I for one am so glad for her and wish she and her husband nothing, but the best!! God Speed!

Bryan on

I am 48 years old and I have grandchildren she will be an old lady by the time this kid is in high school but then again most people in this world raise their children we’re not born rich and have the luxury of having somebody else raise your kids to me it’s not fair for the child to be graduating and pointing out to the crowd and saying that’s my mother the one that should be a grandmother it’s totally not fair for the child but God bless her anyways


WOW Janet! you look radiant!
As you know, Ignore the haters. I don’t know why people have to try and knock you down,. keep smiling and all the best to you and your family. I’m sure your brother is smiling down of you with positive energy and light. xo Michelle

Alan on

Who are the fathers?

Anonymous on


Karen on

I think it’s wonderful that she’s having a baby. I don’t care about her age. However, I hope she will be honest about how it happened. It did not naturally occur. Women as young as 35 have infertility issues. So a 50 year old is going to have to use donor eggs to have a healthy child and IVF implement the pregnancy.

Shande on

It’s a boy! Definitely a boy! Congrats Janet! You look so good. I think you will be an awesome Mother! You deserve all the happiness in the world. Wish Michael could be here to see this blessing. RIP King of Pop!

Bruce1369 on

Stupid. Very, very stupid.

TM Kelly on

Best wishes for a healthy, happy baby and parents.

Linda McCuff on

She’s absolutely beautiful!

Terry on

Love, Love, Love, Janet. I pray a special blessing on her and her husband. The picture is beautiful, I would rather have had a more natural picture of her, but its beautiful. Some one has really good Photoshop skills.

Mommyofthree on

Aww a Muslim baby, how nice…,

Lee on

It’s wonderful to see a married couple, in love, receiving a much wanted, loved and planned baby into the world. I wish them the very best, for many years to come!!! Congratulations to the family!!!

Tal on

Good for her! She’s probably wanted this for a long time but didn’t have the right man in her life. It’ll be great to have a true blood-related Jackson heir come on the scene. Mike couldn’t make it happen but glad Janet can do so.

RS on

My wife had a physical issue which precluded her being able to have a child until she was 48. We had to use an egg donor (which cost us plenty) but we wanted a chikl and knew it was now or never… We are now the parents of a beautiful and incredible five year old son who is the center of our lives. When a child is so wanted, the parents will find a way and will do a great job. I’ve seen too many kids conceived because ‘sex is fun’ and the father’s name isn’t even known. People ought to complain about THAT instead.

Chelsea Clinton on

Ew Girl Ew

Jabo on

GOD bless you and your expectant family Janet and Sam the fans are glad you shared with us 🙂
Reading some of the horrible things said it’s no wonder you live a private life.

some folks should “use their own expert criticism and maybe they to can get a life!”

Fern on

She’s so pretty! Congrats!

roberto on

I thought she was pregnant for the last decade already. I bet she easily hits 3 bills being pregnant.

Anonymous on

Damn, Do people ever get tired of being negative??

Sally on

Well I’m not so sure that I believe this. It seems much more likely that she has a surrogate mom and is wearing a little “padding” for the pictures and the media. Nevertheless, I wish her a healthy and happy pregnancy , regardless.

MK on

This is not related to the story at all but I was curious, anyone else upset at People’s new layout? I miss the comment section! The vast majority of their stories now don’t have it. That was my form of entertainment! 😉

Inka on

If only one would explain to mother nature that it’s normal having a child at 50. 😉 Unfortunately those “positive” comments (on how it doesn’t matter having a child at 50) just show how bad the American educational system is as those individuals don’t seem to be aware of the very increased health risk. Sure, there can be some healthy born babies at 50, or babies with neurological conditions from a mother that is 35 (35 btw is already the stat of the higher risk period), but the reality is that medically the right birth age is between 25-35.
It’s not all about money that you have/don’t have.
As for men and women, well, unfortunately, when it comes to age and children, women are at a a disadvantage (thanks to nature) and there is a different health risk involved. Has nothing to do with feminism or such.
And yes, I have a boy. 🙂 And no, I find this whole thing ridiculous with pregnancy at such late age.
One needs to think about that child first! But some people are just selfish and think they are the center of the universe and can do what they want.

Ti on

Sooooo sweet! So happy for and proud of Janet. She looks beautiful with her belly,too, aww!!! Prayers for a safe delivery for mom and baby!!!!

Misha on

Fir those who think she can’t get pregnant the old-fashioned way at 50, let me say this. I’m 52 and still producing eggs. If she wants to have a child this late in life, has the resources to care for it, and is healthy, power to her. It’s none of our business. I wish her well.

GOD on

If I were her baby I would be dreading being breasts fed with that nasty ass looking nipple she has.

Ronnie on

Do people complain when men father kids at 70 years old? I’ms sure that she is receiving appropriate medical care during her pregnancy & will have lots of help when the baby arrives. Be happy for her!

Anonymous on

I am pregnant with my first baby at 46. We did use IVF . I’m 8 months and my pregnancy has been perfect, including my baby. Never judge others on why they wait. I waited to meet the right person to have a baby with and i’m so glad I did. He’s the perfect husband and father. Also, there are many women who have children young and die young as well. No one know when your time is up except God. My baby is a blessing and I am so grateful every day for her. Congrats Janet and thank you for sharing with us!

Sam Colt on

Her face looks like about 10 surgeries too many.
She’s developed that Hollyweird Fish-face

Dezzie on

Some of you people are just plain disgusting and miserable. To the chick who said she was embarrased because her mother was older shame on you. Janet Jackson’s kid will always be able to say her mother is freakin’ Janet Jackson. Get over yourselves and get yourself some business. Congrats Janet and hubby!

cimmerian77 on

Why is this in the news? WTF cares?

Ovi Sinclair on

Hopefully that dopes smoking degenerate miscarries and keels over and kicks off from complications

Janet_too on

I think it is great the she is having a baby. I am sorry that Oprah didn’t have one as well. What a waste of wealth and history without someone to inherit it.

Joann on

She is announcing??? This announced back in May!!! Oh well, she will be close to 70 when the child graduates from high school. At 50 your chances of having a baby with down’s syndrome is about 1 in 20.

Floydian on

Sure she is. LMAO

Ana on

More power to all women. I hate people who shame women for following their dreams. Men can have a child at any age or have younger women. Why is it so horrible that a 50 year old woman is having a child. By the way as a society we are living longer as well and women live longer than men.
I’m happy for you Janet!!!

Anonymous on

We all kmow it won’t be her running after a toddler. She’ll have help out of the ass. Besides. With todays technology, that body of hers doesn’t know how old it is.

Anonymous on


DeeDee on

She is absolutely beautiful!
Is it possible for that issue to be ordered to another country ?

Karimah on

We do people feel the need to be so negative, like Janet’s pregnancy is affecting them. CONGRATULATIONS JANET, YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Hamish Morgenstern on

When her water breaks will rust come out?

Annette on

Congratulations and God bless you and yours. I think she looks beautiful and I wish her the best if luck.

BobUSAFret on

So? Who cares, goofy liberals I suppose.

MAS on

Yall all are crazy if yall think she is actually carrying that child! I been pregnant since Jan. 2016 ALL year and I dont believe for one second she is carrying that baby herself! Im sure its their baby but only 2 different pictures have popped up of her so Im not sold. Janet has had weight issues in the past so its nothing for her gain weight especially in the face! Beyonce didnt carry her child and neither is Janet. They have too much money so they can do whatever they choose(fake bumps and prosthetic’s, I know yall seen What to Except, Cameron Diaz belly looked so real) and pay off whoever they need like People to sell their lies. Baby will be healthy as can be cause Janet is not the carrier!

Valarie on

I am so happy for Janet and Wissam. She will have a beautiful, healthy, blessed, wanted baby. Age is only a number. Janet is in better shape than a lot of 20 year olds, and in better emotional and financial position to care for a baby than most of us. Janet inspires me. Giving life to a precious baby, and loving your child is the most UNSELFISH thing anyone can do. I can’t wait to see this little blessed bundle of joy. If you can’t be happy for Janet and be kind, please don’t say anything at all. A true fan.

Anonymous on


Marsha on

Good grief. Imagine a woman wants a child and she just happens to be an older mom! I was 43 when I had a child and if I could have physically conceived after that, I would have had more. If she is able to bring the child into the world healthy and happy, more power to her.

Kissmylips on

Take a closer look this pix is Photoshoped

Rhonda on

At least she hasn’t had an abortion!!!

Zig Pope on

Holy smokes! Is she ever photo shopped in this photo!

unlv131313 on

She has looked pregnant for 10 years.

plaintruth on

oh goody…another muslim anchor baby

mike on

Never judge a person’s intelligence or intellectual capacity by the size of their bank account.

martin on

God bless mother and child.

Anonymous on

You can die at any age and not grow up with your children. I live in Chicago and a mother of 4 was shot to death walking with her baby in a stroller, she was 32. Her 4 kids will never get to know her. So you can’t say whether Janet is too old. She can live until her 80s and she will be a grandmother. Diana Ross is 72 and she had two sons, one at 43 and the other at 44. Now she is a grandmother, Evan just had a baby by Ashley Simpson.

Karen on

Congrats. I don’t care who has what, when, as long as they have the means to care for them! Hope everything goes well! Healthy baby!!

Guest on

Good for her, although all the nannies in the world will never replace any child’s mother. Hopefully all will go well and Janet will be around to see her son or daughter when they are in their thirties !

Anonymous on

Life is beautiful. Down with anyone who says differently!

Mike on

Janet looks amazing at 50 and I’m sure she will be a fantastic mother. She is healthy and has the resources so why not. My mother had me at 44 and she always said it kept her young.

Angel on

if anyone reads their bible anymore, there are references of children born to late in life mothers. Isaac was born to Abraham and Sarah when she was 99! STS Joachim and Anne had St. Mary at an advanced age. St. John the Baptist was born to older parents, etc. G-d’s blessings can come at any age. praying for Janet and her husband to have a healthy happy baby.

Anonymous on

My dad died at 55 with a heart attack. I was 21. If she is 68 and her child is 18 that’s fine. What difference does it make, you all are just making up excuse to be negative. When she is 80, her child will 30 and she will be a grandmother. Will you think before you keep talking about her age and just reason. She is financially set, you live until your 80’s.

Anonymous on

Who’s the mother?

Fred on

Is Bill Clinton the Dad?

bella2758 on

Congratulation to Janet.

dee on

She looks beautiful. What a cool miracle!

Jay on

At 50 the kid is going to have an extra chromosome or something wrong with it.

Anonymous on

I don’t doubt that Ms. Jackson is pregnant and joyous to say the lest but….that photo looks photo-shopped to me. Look very closely. The angle of Ms. Jackson’s chin and ear; appears to be sitting on top of another person’s neck and shoulders. She is heavier (in the face) as a soon-to-be-mother should be but….look very closely and you’ll see what I mean. Not hating just observing. Congrats to the expecting couple.

Anonymous on

Photo looks photo-shopped to me. Look at the angle of Ms. Jackson’s chin and ear. Her face juts out and the ear looks a bit “crunched” to fit the image to the neck and shoulders. Look closely. I don’t doubt that Ms. Jackson is with child. Just don’t know if the image above is Ms. Jackson’s body as she would appear today. Congrats to the expectant parents.

Awwshucks on

Photo looks photo-shopped to me. Look at the angle of Ms. Jackson’s neck, chin and ear. It looks as though her face was superimposed on some other person’s body. Just saying. I don’t doubt that Ms. Jackson is with child. Just not sure the photo above represents how Ms. Jackson’ actually appears today. Congrats to the newly expectant parents. May they have a healthy happy baby.

Too Shy on

Wishing her and the baby all the best.

Renate on

I heard on the radio that she is naming “one of her babies” Micheal. Is she having multiples?

Bradley theDawg on

That’s just great – every kid wants their parents to be older than every other kids’ grandparents. NOT. This is just selfish BS.

Ann Harris on

She’s a very brave lady; that takes a lot of courage.

TM on

Hurray for the human reproductive system! Awesome! I wish Janet and her family the best! All the jealous and “poor” people are complaining and being negative about it, LOL!

vusnu on

Must be in vitro.

yaelleno on

People who say she risks having an unhealthy baby: no, she doesn’t. She is using an egg donor because there are no eggs left at age 50. So her baby will probably be perfectly healthy. Pregnancies at 50 can be perfect. It’s the old eggs that cause miscarriages and birth defects. I’m sure she used a young healthy egg donor. Wishing her all the best.

ColKlink on

She thanks Allah, not God. They are not the same.

ColKlink on

The nip-slip at the superbowl was just a stunt to then knock Brit Spears out of the pop charts, deemed to sexual, according to Toxic write up. MTV had to move Toxic to late night because (allegedly) of Jackson’s stunt. Then to make way for black female artist.

c.klink on

The nip-slip at the superbowl was just a stunt to then knock Brit Spears out of the pop charts, deemed to sexual, according to Toxic write up. MTV had to move Toxic to late night because (allegedly) of Jackson’s stunt. Then to make way for black female artist.

mish1976 on

Anyone who anything to say about her age is a complete bafoon, mind your damn buisness! She can do whatever she wants and when she wants. Most of you are prrobably shitty parents and very likely your kids hate you anyways.

Ntombi Khambule on

Wow..that wonderful, i wish all the best ever had before, congratulations
big girl. may God strengthen you, be good avoid alcohol to protect that precious gift.

Robin Sewell on

Everyone, at 50 these are undoubtedly the eggs of a donor woman, much younger than 50. THe child will be fine. And so will super fit mom.

Dee on

What a bunch of HATEFUL, SPITEFUL, UNHAPPY little WRETCHES some of you are!!!!!

You all must HATE your lives and then some to be on a site chastising and bashing a pregnant woman.

It’s ok when a man goes out at 90yrs old and impregnates some woman but GOD forbid an older woman has a child and it’s a problem.

You are all empty, hollow, bitter and pathetic at best. I pray the people in your lives are able to tolerate you for the dredge you all are and hope your bottomless funk doesn’t grab a hold and suck them down into the pits of your depravity.

On a BRIGHTER NOTE……..CONGRATS to Janet and her husband and to EVERY WOMAN out there who has the ability to bring a child into this world. A baby is a blessing is a blessing is a blessing.

Stay focused in your life plan and be happy, it’s the only revenge you can have against hungry, empty, hating individuals like the ones on this board.

Danica Escasinas on

Wow! That’s pretty dangerous. She would be menopause. BTW, congratulations.

dd on

keep strong, wish you and your baby the best.

brenbom on

SOOO excited for her and her hubby.

Blessed on

Thank you Lord for remembering and blessing Janet Jackson, many people tried IVF and other means of conception but it never worked. Though many of us are here running our mouth of how too old she is for this blessing that only comes from you, but we forgot that we are of the seed of Abraham whose wife you blessed at 90 years. I pray Lord to continue to protect and strengthen her until her delivery IJN amen.

susan on

Ages 45 to 49
Your body

The percentage of women who have babies in this age group is .03, and the chance of successful infertility treatment drops tremendously. Just being able to conceive and sustain a pregnancy is an achievement and to some degree a reflection of your own good health. “We all hear success stories of women who had children in their late forties through in vitro fertilization,” says Dr. Younger. “But more than half of all pregnancies conceived through IVF in women over age forty are produced through donor eggs.”

Once you’ve conceived, you’re more likely to undergo rigorous testing than you would if you were younger. Most pregnant women in their 40s have some stress testing to check their cardiovascular health, and they’ll be more closely monitored for signs of diabetes or kidney problems than those in their 20s, says Dr. Younger.

Even if you’re in top physical shape, carrying and delivering a baby will be more difficult than it would be if you were in the same physical shape in your 20s. “Pregnancy, in a sense, is like an athletic event,” says Dr. Niebyl. “Blood volume nearly doubles, increasing the strain on your heart, and the extra weight puts some strain on your muscles and joints.”
Your emotional self

Most women in their mid-40s are concerned about the health of their baby as well as their own health—with good reason, since there are increased risks for both at this age. But most pregnancies, even among women in their 40s, have good outcomes. The better you care for yourself, the more successful your pregnancy is likely to be.
Risks to your baby

More than half of all pregnancies in women over age 45 end in miscarriage (before 20 weeks gestation). Risk of stillbirth is doubled for women in their 40s, compared with those in their 20s; for this reason, many doctors perform more stress tests and ultrasounds in the last weeks of pregnancy in older women. The chance of chromosomal abnormalities increases sharply. At age 45, there’s a 1 in 30 chance of delivering an infant with Down syndrome and a 1 in 21 chance of having a baby with any chromosomal abnormality. In a 49-year-old those risks rise to 1 in 11 and 1 in 8, respectively.

Beeg on

Sarah was 90 when she gave birth to Issac was born. She will be a great mom.. I pray everything go well for her..

Anonymous on

Y people negative gods kw y and I tink she give women hp dat r afraid on that age to have baby congrats to her is looks amazing

gigi on

I think it’s wonderful,and all these ones who don’t agree im sure she doesn’t! My God continue to bless her and her family.

Fonda on

We love you Janet and congrats to you and your husband.

darva whitehead on

congrats to you and her hubby.you look beautiful and you baby will too.

Cathy on

She’s getting a C section and its scheduled. Once the baby is born, we will find out if its her egg because it will probably look like the Jackson family. If this is a donor egg, I would of gotten a surrogate. Maybe this was on her bucket list and something she wanted to experience. Its due next month and it will be all over with and she should be okay.

Amy on

Shut up people honestly. She is going to be a mother to this baby not you.
Take care of your own children and stop worrying that she’s 50. You don’t know her reasons for not having a baby earlier.

Michelle on

I am a fan of Janet Jackson’s. I just want to say Congratulations on her Blessing from GOD. I am so happy for her. I will keep her n my prayers.

Vivi Williams on

So happy for Janet Jackson and her forthcoming bundle of joy!! I would have another child at the drop of a hat if I found out I was pregnant, now at 50!. Many blessings to the proud parents to be.

Anonymous on

and janet Jackson and rena ellis is very concerned and a about you and very much and how are you doing health wise and a apart of rena ellis is very sad and because she can or can’t or cannot have children of her very own and it literally breaks rena Ellis’s heart and when she sees little children being murder to death and being killed and not being raise right and do not delete this and janet Jackson and Jehovah god and jesus Christ love you too very much janet Jackson and so does rena ellis

Chris on

JAnet has always been a beautiful woman! Congratulations to her and her husband.
I keep thinking the face on that picture is photoshopped in, however. The position of the head and expression on her face seem at odds with each other. Look at the left side of her face; the lines against the ocean are very sharp and edited looking. Plus, the are near her ear on the right looks like a seam was blended.

women's Health Clinic on

i personally wish you the best. cos am in the same bracket having a baby when matured well planned and saved enough. stay positive minded.

kimberly on

WOW JANET JACKSON Looks So GLOWING. And She’s 50, And She Doesn’t Even Look 50 She Looks Like 30. WOW. And I Don’t Understand Why People Are Sayin That She Is Too Old. One Janet Has The Money So. Two She Is In Good Health.
God Bless To The Queen Of Pop And Her Husband on Their New Baby on the way.
WE LOVE YOU Janet Jackson
BY The Way JJ Love The Style Also Your Nails.

kimberly on

WOW JANET JACKSON Looks BEAUTIFUL and GLOWING . And She’s 50, And She Doesn’t Even Look 50 She Looks Like 30. WOW. And I Don’t Understand Why People Are Sayin That She Is Too Old. One Janet Has The Money So. Two She Is In Good Health.
God Bless To The Queen Of Pop And Her Husband on Their New Baby on the way.
WE LOVE YOU Janet Jackson
BY The Way JJ Love The Style Also Your Nails.

Martha on

I don’t believe this is true,I guess because the media is always blowing things up so much that you don’t know what to believe.

Anonymous on

arab cock is strong

Anonymous on

I love Janet and I am truly happy for her and her husband. Tab in in Philly

Kaye on

Why doesn’t she just admit she’s using a surrogate?

Lg-b on

Is this a cropped picture of Janet? Her chin is flat at the bottom. There’s a shadow under her neck and they slimmed-up her body. Come on now. She’s much smaller than the photo of her coming out of the children’s furniture store in London. What is so wrong with her looking wide and pregnant? They should fire the person who cropped this photo.

Me on

She looks great at age50.

Francesca on

Janet didn’t decide to have a baby the Lord blessed her when it was her time. You can try all you want but it’s HIS decision. Her and her hubby’s decision to keep it was their decsion. I say CONGRATS and who are we to try and pass judgment. Blessings come whenever the Lord sees fit and I say it’s her life, she’s happily married, and the Lord blessed her with all her needs as we all should know by now he NEVER gives us more than we can bare. He knows she’s able so she’s being fruitful. I Love It age is a number and mindset not a death sentence. Kids are born when parents sometimes die shortly after their birth so leave it alone and just say positive things for ONCE! It’s a BLESSING!!!!! Her life span and health NO ONE knows so let the faily enjoy their baby because statistics are always and can be proven wrong. Bllessing to Janet and her husband on their new bundle of JOY!

Patrice on

I am so happy for Janet and her husband I didn’t think she would have children.

anonymous on

The picture looks like she is only 40!

Odessa on

Janet, Congratulations on your pregnancy and your marriage. Life has many stages, and age ain’t nothing but a number. All I can say is, “Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy! You deserve it all Girlfriend.

P. S. – Just ignore all the folks speaking negatively. You are still breathing in and out, and that’s all that really matters!!!!! GOD is soooo Good.

God Bless You, the soon to come newborn, and your hubby!

Daisy on

I had my babies at 38 and 41. Wouldn’t change a thing. Congrats to her.

clara on

…..this doen ´t look like a baby belly………she is just a little fat…at the age of 50, it is nearly impossible to have a baby with your own egg cells……michaels jackson´s children had not been his natural ones…and this one janet will have is not her genetic one….maybe she has a eggcell donated..or it is completely done by an rented mum…this photo does not show a preganant woman on my opinion…..there is just the image for fans of the “happy family” with natural conception…by nature ist is nearly impossible to have children of your own at this age….even not by the helpf of technical fertilization……it is surely an egg donation.

Anonymous on

her face is much to slender to be pregnant. This picture looks like her head was put on someone’s body. Look at the neckline! But if this is truly Janet Jackson may god bless her and her family.

Can't fool me! on

The head looks to small for the body, especially the chest!

A.Roddy on

Ebony that is horrible to say Unles syou have been infertile you don’t know thepain. It;s nice she is expecting but it puts the spotlight back on middle age women who havent’ conceived. I can hear them being told oh you got time. Just because some celebrity does it everyone gets all excited. Let’s quit compairng ourselves ot them We arent them.z
There is more to a woman than babies. Kids arent blessings They are results of fertility. Let’s move forward as said

Vlivia on

This is her first baby? Congrats.

Nadia on

Janet Jackson deserves to get a very happy life,,she has enough with her past life,,with a lot of stress,,alot of painful and always failed with her relationship who were hurt her very much,,now she has found her billionaire husband and younger then her,,the only one that I hope that her youngest husband really loves her with his heart and never has 2 wives,,,,pls let Janet get a Happy life with one wife husband…Allah blesses you Janet,,I love you,,,,,,amin

Lydia on

I’m 35 and have only just had my first child after years of trying and believing it was never going to happen.. I worried that 35 was “too old” , I cried over the fact that I may never again experience that overwhelming joy of finding out I’m pregnant again and having a second child , I really hope I get to have a second child , but I hope that I’m never judged on my age if I ever do ..

susan Ballard on

You look as beautiful as ever congratulations and happy holidays to come!

Anonymous on

hey babie come to zim i render you for hours bogaz magrant

Anonymous on

hey kanye im iviting you bobo was westing my time hwz my jet

Jennifer Burnett on

This is the right time for Janet Jackson to have a baby.
She looks absolutely wonderful, and her husband is just over the heel in love with her….and of course she with him.

Monica on

And y’all still wondering about Bey fake bump….

Bey 1

The World 0

Janet 0

The World 1

Jessica on

She looks really good! hope everything goes well hopes and prayers go to Janet

Anonymous on


MsRoniiE on

I am happy that she and the baby are resting. So what if she had a baby after the age of child-bearing yrs. It’s her body, her health and everything else. Congrats to Janet!!!!

Jean on

I don’t think this was photo shopped at all, I think she looks like she is carrying a boy because she is all belly. I didn’t have a fat face or fat arms, just a belly. I can’t believe some of these comments, you can take the birth of a baby and make it sound terrible, especially the Muslim comment. The bible says its more of what you say then what you do, so I am very careful what I say against anyone. Also 50 is the new 30. I am 58 and I still get younger people telling me I look 35. It looks to me that she is happy and very much in love with her hubby. She will be a perfect mom and spend all the time she has with the baby, I don’t doubt that, no nannies unless she has to go somewhere. But some of you, really to pick on a newborn baby and a mother, even if she is a celebrity, and say nasty things, what is wrong with this world today, negative, negative and nasty.

ddd on


JAnessa on

I feel like u get the baby I wish I had a baby my name is JANESSA

Adam fodl on

Thanks to Got for blessing hoope ahppy give birth. Best wishes to all members of Jachson family .With spcial regards to inlaw Wisam.

Katelin Wadman on

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A jackson on

Not really shaming her here, but it is pretty selfish. To everyone who says she can afford help and nannies, cooks etc, that’s not what really matters. The child is what matters. They will be young when they will most likely lose their mom, to death, illness, senility. That child will have heartbreak early in his life. Also, old mothers(not older like late 30’s 40’s, but old) just do not have the energy to be as active with a child growing up as younger parents. That being said, I’m sure the child will probably bond with a nanny anyway, who will be a lot younger. I’ve seen some stars give their nannies pretty much full control over actually raising the kids, so in this case, that might be a good idea.

Lauren Scruggs on

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Gussie Buddle on

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