Dean McDermott Says Baby No. 5 Is a ‘Testament’ to Tori Spelling Staying After His Cheating Scandal

10/07/2016 at 03:15 PM ET

Tori Spelling pregnant
Ari Michelson

Dean McDermott is a true believer that love conquers all.

McDermott, 49, is expecting his fifth child with wife Tori Spelling and tells PEOPLE exclusively that their pregnancy speaks volumes about the state of their love-filled marriage.

“This baby is a testament to how much we love each other. And it’s a testament to Tori for staying with me. It’s amazing,” he tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue about the couple’s upcoming addition, who is due next year.

McDermott adds, “Love does conquer all. And that’s what this pregnancy says about our relationship. It’s everlasting.”

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The duo, who are parents to Liam, 9, Stella, 8, Hattie, 5, and Finn, 4, hit rock bottom just over three years ago when McDermott admitted to cheating on his wife.

But in the time since “everything crashed,” the couple made the conscious decision to work through the difficult times — and celebrated their 10-year anniversary this year.

Tori Spelling pregnant
Ari Michelson

“Obviously three years ago we hit a really rough patch and we made the conscious decision based on our love for each other and our love for our family as a whole to tough it out and work through it and get through it,” Spelling, 43, tells PEOPLE.

“And I’m so happy that that happened and there was never a doubt in my mind that I wanted to do that.”

For exclusive photos and much more from Tori Spelling, pick up the new issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Natalie Stone with reporting by Aili Nahas

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Brenda on

Obviously things have not gotten boring yet. It’s when things get deadly boring that marriages can come apart. We should watch a few years.

sweetpatata on

i generally do not engage in name calling BUT she is fool and he is just a genuine pig.

Etsy on

Hopefully he’s realised all that he has to lose, if he doesn’t work hard at gaining Tori’s trust again….and hopefully she has a safe and healthy pregnancy:) I am guessing they will get another reality show soon.

Candy on

The way she tells it, they can’t afford the ones they have. Out for another 15 minutes of unwarranted fame.

Sara K on

If he didn’t realize what he had with a wife and four children with her, he never will! And he cheated on his first wife and left that wife and that child, so clearly history repeats itself. Repeated infidelity is not a mistake, it is a choice. And with him, a well-established pattern. My heart aches for Tori. She deserves faithfulness, especially with all those kids.

Sara on

He’s an admitted sex addict and his wife deserves better than to be his baby factory!

megan on

“love conquers all”
“we worked really hard”
“It’s really different with this pregnancy…communication got lost after the first one”
“I wasn’t present before”

American Express, IRS & the utility companies don’t take Tori & Dean merchandise in place of payments, so maybe they should work on getting jobs & reliable birth control methods instead of working on reviving their love life. I feel bad for all their kids, knowing baby 5 is a bandaid baby & the rest of them got thrown under the bus by Mommy Delusional & Daddy Creepo. I can’t figure out what blackmail Tori drummed up to keep him around this time, because you can tell he’s just acting like “yeah, whatever she just said”

nana on

Excuse me, he has 6 kids one with his ex he left for Tori!that is even math I can do! They are broke! She almost ďied with Fin! Who paid for the work she haddone? As again they are broke and her mom is paying for the 4s schooling they already have! Hey here is a idea go get jobs so you 2 can raise your kids and pay for them?,

jg1965 on

OFFS – this is a mistake on many levels. Both are delusional if they think a baby is a good thing in their circumstances.

kim on

Another PR stunt by people who are just so irrelevant. Soon there will be another reality show following her pregnancy. She doen’t even realize how fake she looks and he just knocked her up to keep the money.

Janice on

Ugh….another train wreck that we can’t look away from. I would have hoped that as she got older, she would have gotten wiser. Silly me.

Charlie on

Having sex and getting pregnant isn’t a testament to anything or one. How bizarre.

brenda on

Really? I mean REALLY?

laws on

how photoshoppd is the top picture? ALOT

fatkidshaming on

I guess her kids eat all the food in the house & there’s nothing left for her. Yikes.

Kristi T on

I wish I could be happy for this couple–but as they are jobless, deep in debt, and struggling to keep a marriage together they are the prime example of a couple who SHOULDN’T be having a baby. It sets an irresponsible example. They should use mommy’s money to buy birth control.

medide05 on

Some people never learn…not sure how having another baby will fix their marriage or their financial situation.

reh1259 on

Aren’t they broke? Why in the world are they having another child when they can’t afford the four they already have? A pregnancy isn’t a ‘testament’ to anything other than two people who, together, can’t figure out how to use protection.

Anonymous on

Is it me or does he give out the creepy vibe. I picture him riding around in a large, beat-up old van offering candy to strangers.

Snakepit on

It’s a testament to her desperation.

X on

Just wrong on so many levels!!

kim on

They got 4 already they can’t afford so they are idiots to bring a 5th into this crazy family

Oh come on on

Shut up, Dean. You phoney pig.

Carmen on

Sorry, but he will cheat on her again again and again… she is just too blonde to realize it! Uh…but she should realize that her kids are getting fat! But that’s a subject she can take care of once she is left alone with 5 kids because he found someone else to have fun with!!!

Van on

Yup this is drum up for their reality show!

JolieBlonde on

I hope the children are well loved and cared for. From this photo, the children can use more physical exercise.

Jackie on

Yay for my favorite celeb couple! I am happy to see them back together, had counseling, & have 4 lovely, healthy children, & another one on the way, from their love for each other. I have 4 kids & it’s never been a good relationship with my kids’ dad, partly because he’s never been committed to being their dad, separate from being with me. We’ve never been good friends & really liked each other for who we are either. Dean is obviously committed to being the kids’ dad. Tori & Dean obviously like each other & seem to be able to work things out. I’m happy for them. There are so many mean comments here. Shame on you for being mean about the kids, especially. And, are all of you in perfect, long-lasting relationships? People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Ann on

Looks to me that they both have grown and matured. They are to be envied and emulated. Good for them.

Lydia on

Having another child doesn’t reinforce your love for each other. And why have another one when you can’t afford the ones you have? Is her mom going to pay for everything for this one also? Maybe they should think about growing up, getting real jobs, and manning up to their parental responsibilities. Tori doesn’t have enough talent to make it in television anymore. You can’t rely on reality shows anymore because they are just too boring to watch.