Tori Spelling Opens Up About Expecting for the Fifth Time After a Dangerous Pregnancy

10/06/2016 at 08:00 AM ET

Tori Spelling pregnant
Ari Michelson

When Tori Spelling discovered she was pregnant with her fifth child, one of her first thoughts was to make sure that the terrifying ordeal she endured during her fourth pregnancy could be avoided.

“I thought if we had another baby, my life could potentially be in danger,” Spelling, 43, exclusively tells PEOPLE.

The actress suffered from placenta previa, a condition in which the placenta blocks the cervix, during her pregnancy with sonΒ Finn, now 4.

“Everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong,” continues Spelling, who spent three months in the hospital during her dangerous pregnancy due to excessive bleeding. “Dean [McDermott] and I created four beautiful children together and the thought of them not having a mother [if something went wrong again] was not something we were okay with.”

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Luckily, Spelling does not have placenta previa this pregnancy.Β “We were so happy once we found out,” she says.

Adds McDermott, 49: “The doctor said that considering everything that happened the last time, this is a miracle baby that Tori got pregnant and that it’s okay.”

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Tori Spelling pregnant
Ari Michelson

Now, the relieved parents of Liam, 9, Stella, 8, Hattie, 5 and Finn are focused on their healthy baby — and expanding their brood.

Says Spelling, “As far as cars and SUVs, we’re maxed out! And we’ll definitely be house hunting. We need another room. They’re already doubled up.”

Adds McDermott with a laugh, “We’re going to buy an apartment complex. Each child can have their own apartment!”

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— Aili Nahas

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Anonymous on

Aren’t they broke?

guessed on

Well, that didn’t take long to get this story and photoshoot together. Tori needs to get paid!

Anonymous on

She has had a ceasarean each pregnancy right? If so, is it safe to continue slicing the abdominal wall over and over again? I read somewhere that doctors don’t recommend more than one. I’m honestly curious.

Lynette on

You can have more than one cesarean however, the potential for there to be complications increases with each pregnancy. Some doctors will recommend that women who have had 4 children via cesarean not have any more children. Every doctor and patient is different.

Lynn on

They have a huge house, why would they need to move? Oh wait, it’s because Tori is a hoarder that has 3 bedrooms rooms full of junk that she can’t bear to part with, as seen on her reality show. This woman is a joke.

? on

Has anyone noticed that PEOPLE have removed the forum comments section from all articles (except this one) in their newly designed webpage? What’s the deal with that?

Robin on

@ Anonymous: Michelle Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting was supposed to have her fifth C-section with baby # 20, Jubilee, if the baby hadn’t died inside Michelle.

I know people who’ve had 2-3 C-sections. It depends on the situation. Now a days definitely more than one.

As for baby #5, maybe Tori and Dean should practice birth control or male sure permanently that they don’t have anymore kids. Vasectomy for Dean, tunes tied for Tori.

Southern Mom on

She is almost unrecognizable now.

Avie on

Surprise baby my ass. She doesn’t know where they come from?
SeHer marriage is a shambles and she is supposedly broke.

TG on

What happened to the comment section? It’s a major reason I’d read Us Mag took it away and I stopped reading there. Guess People is now off my list too.

Leslie on

If you can’t feed ’em, don’t breed ’em. You’re living off the kindness of your mother, you aren’t working, your husband isn’t working and you are having another baby…..You are an idiot.

guest on

@? I’ve noticed. And the new’s nothing but a jumbled mess!

Judy on

Another kid for her mom to support?

Lisa on

TG – I have noticed the comment section is gone from a lot of articles. I agree…I love to read the comments. It seems when people didn’t show Kim Kardashian the sympathy she thought she had coming to her about the robbery is when the comment sections started disappearing. Coincidence….I think so

Pinky on

@Anonymous, you can have more then one. I’ve had 3. Most doctors feel it is best to stop at that but you can risk more. Personally after my third at 36 I made the decision to have my tubes tied while I was open. I knew physically I could not do a 4th c-section. It is major surgery each time and as you get older it get’s more difficult plus you risk rupturing, early labor all sorts of things in addition to the previa.

Steve Martin on

why you keep having babies with this jerk? having another child, especially with your condition aint going to save nothing. if the baby doesnt happen, like a miscarriage or SIDS, you are doomed baby.

kww on

Seriously? Grandma is already paying their bills, tuition, and food. How irresponsible.

Tara on

I am probably in the minority because I prefer when you cannot comment. People magazine attracts some extremely unbalanced individuals. You can have opposing views without all the vitriol. It’s hard to police. They probably should leave it like the baby forum where you are required a valid email address .

Guest on

The nasty, mean-spirited trolls must be in morning considering this is now there only outlet given the new People format. It makes me laugh thinking about it. Took you long enough People but better late than never.

myuntidydesk on

I am concerned about how heavy her three oldest kids look. You can see it better in other pictures than in the one included in this article. I mean for three of them to have gotten so big in such a relatively short period of time seems dangerous to me.

Hilly on

This is BS. They need money and every time they have a child they are paid for photos and interviews. Now this is a ‘miracle baby’?? Please… They will play this up until the baby is born.

lindaalbelo1234gmailcom on

Lots of women have babies why is she announcing to the world? Can the rest of us do that? What makes her pregnancy anymore special than the rest of ours?

Lisa on

Just what every failing marriage needs – another child (to make it FIVE).

cj on

I do not like People’s new format and not having the comment section is the fun part. I like to read and see how sane I seem in comparison (LOL). Anyway, if they don’t change the format I’m out because the new format is a mess.

Lleelii on

I have always liked Tori Spelling. Didn’t realize her marriage was still together.

bb on

Finally a place to comment! And complain about the new format πŸ™‚ I miss the comments on the other articles too, that’s part of the fun of reading these stories! As far as Tori goes, as long as she can support the family, she can have a million babies, I don’t care. But the problem is that she is having trouble financing her life and that is not OK. I’m pretty sure she expects her mom to bail her out either now, or when she passes away. And the health concerns are pretty important too, if you almost DIE, then you should rethink doing the same thing again, just IMO. I’m sure she’s been thoroughly checked out by a doctor, but still. Make responsible decisions for your family Tori!

Mom on

Wow. Just wow.

AJ on

I guess they just made the money to pay their AmEx bills.

jen on

Hey People, your new format SUCKS!!!!!

MePickle on

Gosh, removing the comments section sure does make my work day less interested! 😦

rhonda on

This new format really takes the cake. People has been changing in the story selection and now this format? I am now on several other sites and this is the last one I go to. They borrow too many stories from other sources and they have an unhealthy fascination with the Kardashians and the Royals.

Barbara on

I really hope things work out well for Tori and her family. She deserves happiness just as much as anybody else does.

Sonia on

oh my good fotoshop !!!!!

Just a Duck on

@?. People removed Disqus links from the site. The “Babies” section has always had a separate comments section, and the “Styles” stories are linked to Facebook accounts. My guess is Disqus was removed because of trolling, but it was my favorite part of People Magazine. I don’t care about Angie and Brad, but Fuzzy Dolphin, Norma and others were a hoot. I’ll miss them.

trish on

I’m sure Candy is not happy having to support another child for these mindless parents.
I’m sure Candy regrets how she raised her daughter: giving her everything and not teaching her life skills or to be independent.

Anya on

Jesus woman! Enough is enough. It’s like every time they have marriage troubles she needs to get pregnat to keep it together.

Just a Duck on

@?. People sent my post to comment h*ll. I miss comments too. This section and Style weren’t linked to D—qus, and that’s why they are still here. No comments makes People boring. 😦

Violetdks on

She has to have more than a few screws loose,,,,,,she has had a bad time with the last two pregnancies, isn’t any younger, has 4 kids to care for, supposedly broke with a Mother who won’t help. What weren’t they thinking, my gosh,,,,,,oh wait, this is her way of making money,,,,,,being paid to be put in magazines,,,,LOL Those poor children

Mary on

Why does she continue to have children with her cheating, lying husband? He’s going to “slip” and do it again and she’ll take him back again. She needs to stop being a doormat. What is she teaching her daughters??? Another baby will not fix this broken man/family. She needs to learn to respect herself. Also, she needs to stop crying poor if she insists on having more kids. It’s all so ridiculous.

Anonymous on

Stop already with the kids!!

tooquiet4me2005 on

Is that Dean’s next conquest he’s holding?

guest on

The new format stinks. The webpage is unreadable. I guess People don’t like web traffic!

Guest on

The new website is HORRIBLE! I shouldn’t have to click on several links to get to one story. Assuming I can find a story on the main page (which I can’t most of the time), I should only have to click on the headline to read the story, not click on the headline, get some text and then click again “to read full story.”

Lynette on

@TG- is LESS entertaining since they’ve left out the comment sections. US Mag has a comment section. If you look beside the title in the articles, you will see a cartoon-like balloon. Click on that an comment away!

Anonymous on

These two are completely brainless, one week that owe gazillions in back taxes and he is unemployed and the next article they’re expecting.

Sandie on

What did she do to her face?

Deb Savage on

Wow everyone is such a negative nelly…if she wants 10 kids so what, good for her. Congrats!

Tami on

Yes…Kim & Kanye have banned the comment section on People because they were getting bad vibes from the comments regarding the “robbery”

tellmemore on

1. I also hate People’s new format!
2. This is a really, really stupid photoshoot. Seriously, someone needs to stop taking his/herself so seriously (Tori, photographer, whoever).
3. Is she just going to keep squirting out babies every time they need more money from her mother? Have some self-respect, girl! It’s a vajayjay, not a clown car!

Susan on

Enough with the kids already. Concentrate on the 4 you already have. Agreed, I hate the new format 😦

Yep on

LOL..that is the worst photoshopped photo I’ve seen since Kim K. was busted photoshopping numerous times.

BTW>..your new website SUCKS, People.

Anonymous on

Tori, seriously, stop and look in the mirror. You look exactly like a horse. Your face that is. Stop already. Stop pounding Dean and popping out one kid after another. It’s over. Move on. Be satisfied. Take care of what you have because from what all of us have read and heard, you can’t take care of the kids you have now. Shut your legs and focus on pulling it together.

Jen on

I cannot stand this woman…never could but bottom LINE….you took someone else’s husband…(if he cheated with you, he will cheat on YOU, which he has also done) Real winner this guy is, but honestly as someone else said. Every time she has issues in her marriage she is all of a sudden pregnant?? Please just stop already and go away.

LeeToo on

Ummm, if you were so worried another pregnancy would deprive your children of their mother, perhaps you should have taken steps? Either you, or Dean, could easily get clipped.
Since you’re likely having another c-section, I suggest you get your tubes tied while they’re in there.

Guest on

Her face! What has happened to her face??? She’s never been terribly attractive, but she looks plain awful now! Yuck!

Gina on

OMG! They must be crazy! SHE must be crazy… They are broke, he cheated on her AND then blasted him all over their TV show and she still gets pregnant?? Crazy, absolutely crazy.
And the photo shoot $$ must be badly needed.
She’s spoiled, bad with money and has horrible taste in men. At least she makes cute kids….

kaleecee on

I love this format. Nice , clean, no more extra stuff.. just the article.
I am not sure what other’s are saying that the comments hae been removed as I can see them at the bottom of each article.

As to Tori… I wish her well , and hope everything goes well. But unfortunately, I have a feeling that not too long from now the world will hear that her marriage is on the sh*ts again.

Mia on

Wow, even with all that photoshop she is still extremely homely

nikki on

run candy run, they will be hitting you up for $$$$$$$..they always cry broke, what jobs do they have?

Amy on

They forgot to photoshop those huge puffy mits of hers. She has man hands.

Trivia on

Ethel Kennedy, Bobby’s widow, delivered all their children via Caesarean section.

LaLa on

People…..your home page is a huge mess! And the comments section was the most entertaining thing about the whole page. Guess I will show myself the door!

Anti Candy on

Her mother should help them, those kids need some update. Why is so stingy Candy, she can’t take anything with her and won’t become nicer!!!

Anonymous on

@? @TG I noticed that recently about comment section too…was going to ask wth cause only reason I read this drivel…lol! So where is everyone going now? Disqus or ……??? I always looked forward to reading the comments….more often than not it was definitely more entertaining and better written than actual article….πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Mandi on

I for one an very happy for her! She seems to truly love her children and so does Dean (even with his short comings). I wish them all the best πŸ™‚

Bettie003 on

Dangerous pregnancy, no money, and 4 kids already? I wish them the best

PCC on

He’s got to be hanging around still hoping that Tori’s mother is really going to bluffing and really intends to leave them a fortune, right?

I agree with the others who said that the website redesign is a real mess and it was kind of underhanded to just pull commenting without warning, though I predict it will be back when People realizes how many people aren’t going to be coming here any longer.

Dora Glasberg on

Guess the losers thought it was time for some media attention and PR.
I thought they had never ending financial problems?

BB on

In my safe spaaaaaaaace.

Gina on

Any woman who stays with a man after he cheats on her is pathetic.

patricia on

Ethel did not have 11 c-sections,only the last 4 were delivered by c-section.

Anonymous on

It’s their decision, although I wish they would be more financially conscious instead of expecting another child during hardship. Kids cost money. I don’t understand why they would want more kids, either. All I can is to wish them well.

Jennifer on

I am very happy for them. Tori and Dean are not lazy parent sat all. I came from a family of five and since then all our families are dwindling. People pass away, there is devestation and no happiness, no company, just lonliness. The Amish have it right in many ways.

Edy on

Someone needs to get a job. Did y’all notice that the new format on line doesn’t allow for comments? I was surprised this article did. I don’t like trolls commenting disgusting things, but others enjoyed sharing their views.

anonymous on

she is using kids to trap Dean to get away from her

Deanna on

Well if her mom is supporting them, she should be if she only gave Tori $100,000 of the inheritance. How does anyone know she’s broke? You don’t so SHUTUP!

Rondi on

I’m from a family of doctors, 4 are OB-gyn. I had two children in 1964 and 1965, both C-sections. Then it was no more than 3. I’m astounded at how unstable this couple is. She’s made 4 babies (so far) with a marginal actor who has a rep for being a player. They’re both probably hoping Candy Spelling will die soon so they can be rich. If that’s what they’re hoping for, a big surprise awaits them. Candy’s one tough cookie. She’ll put so many strings on Tori’s inheritance she and Dean will feel like marionettes!

Anonymous on

Tori ‘ OMG look I come from long lasting marriage 28 years found out my husband a serial cheater just like Dean . As much as I love my husband to deceive your spouse lie deny steal and have nerve too say It’s my fault he cheated hell No put my health at risk is narcci

Anonymous on

Tori ‘ OMG look I come from long lasting marriage 28 years found out my husband a serial cheater just like Dean . As much as I love my husband to deceive your spouse lie deny steal and have nerve too say It’s my fault he cheated hell No put my health at risk is narcisstic abuse . Come on Tori its called narcisstic suply he only loves himself and image control wake up Tori and give me a call . I’m almost through this hell of a divorce . I’m moving from Pa to Fl because don’t need him or her in my face . Tori know your worth be a single rounded parent dump your loser he is a parody of himself a joke . Pulling for you Tori telling you before it gets any uglily . If I can do this you can save your sanity get far away from the abuse please take care of you n your children he only going too hurt you over n over

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“He said: “Legend, that’s the only word you can use to describe the things he’s done club and country wise.”