Tori Spelling Expecting Fifth Child

10/05/2016 at 08:00 AM ET

tori spelling pregnant dean mcdermott fifth child
Ari Michelson

And baby makes seven: Tori Spelling is expanding her family once again.

“It was a total surprise,” Spelling tells PEOPLE exclusively in this week’s issue of her impending fifth child with husband Dean McDermott. “But we always wanted a big family. I’m really excited.”

The pair are already parents to Liam, 9, Stella, 8, Hattie, 5 and Finn, 4. Dean also has an 18-year-old son, Jack, from his previous marriage.

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“Dean was saying, ‘We just got Finn out of diapers; I thought we were in the clear!’ ” says Spelling, 43, with a laugh. “For the first time this year, they’re all in school. So it’s like, wow. We’re basically starting over.”

tori spelling pregnant dean mcdermott fifth child
Ari Michelson

Regardless of the inevitable adjustments — “We need a Sprinter van!” says McDermott, 49 — the couple, who recently celebrated their 10-year anniversary, say baby number five is definitely meant to be.

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“This baby happened at the best time,” says Spelling. “Nothing is ever perfect, but I’m so madly in love with my husband and with our kids. The idea of adding to that is such a blessing.”

For exclusive photos and much more from Tori and Dean, pick up the new issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Aili Nahas

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melbadear on

Congratulations, Tori! A beautiful family.

Anonymous on

She can’t afford her life now with 4 kids – and she is having a 5th!! What a moron!

Danielle on

so basically, their marriage is crumbling and decided to have a fifth child to try and strengthen their marriage

beth on

Aren’t they broke?

Hazel on

She will do anything to hold on to that cheating skank of a husband of hers…she’s getting to look more and more like Joan Rivers…which is a huge improvement…but, let’s not overdo it…Tori…

Rolyat on

Liam and Stella are fat! And considering she’s flat broke, they didn’t need more children.

Anonymous on

Woah! I didn’t see this coming. Congratulations! Glad they are in a better place now.
They have a beautiful family and its nice that they have come back from their troubles from a few years ago.

Fwc on

She just got Finn out of diapers…and he’s four years old? Ugh. She obviously can’t handle the kids she has now + her husband cheats on her.

Jill on

These two losers haven’t been able to pay their own rent, bills, groceries or their current kids schools costs for years AND they are having another child! Does Tori and Dean really think they are ENTITLED to live off her parents’ money for the rest of their lives! Poor Candy who is stuck paying for their 5 bedroom house, nanny, tuition for private schools and all their groceries & bills and still gets attacked for “not being supportive” enough! What do Tori and Dean do with all the money they earn?!

Mya on

She had unprotected sex with her husband and the baby is a surprise?? Yeah ok. This woman is nothing if she isn’t a mother. She needed something to do.

Anonymous on

Shame on you, Rolyat. You are an awful person to pick on children like that. I guess you are a size four?
Your comments should be removed.

Kate on

I thought she had a hysterectomy or some major surgery after her last child? Wow. At 43 and no fertility treatment? And theyre broke supposedly. Ok! Well congrats atleast.

Lisa on

Congratulations Tori and Dean! Your new baby will have a great family filled with love.

Jgarcia on

Are you kidding me? You can’t afford the kids you have. You owe $40k to Amex. Wow. I wish I could be irresponsible.

Mover on

They can’t be too broke, look at her plastic face. She looks nothing like her former self.

Marisa on

Her Mom is paying her bills, but let’s have another? WTH is wrong with this chick!!

JenJen on

This woman is ridiculous. Wasn’t her last one a surprise? Has she not figured it where they come from? Not to mention, the constant complaining about having no money. Yep, we’re broke, but let’s have ANOTHER kid! Morons.

Kim on

Holy crap. They are broke. She just got sued by Amex for a 30+k bill. I cannot believe neither one of them has been fixed.

N.S on

People always have something to say about other people’s business – it’s why there’s a comments section. But for those of us who aren’t going through something right now that makes us feel we need to pick apart a strangers lives – let’s balance this particular comments section out with some words of support. Tori: congratulations! Every new child to this world is a blessing and something to be celebrated. May your family be filled with health and happiness. Best wishes.

Elena on

Didn’t she almost die from complications during her last pregnancy? She’s 43 years old…making this time even more risky. She’s brilliant!

Suzanne on

Seriously? Neither works and they have had nothing but financial issues but they are having another child, IDIOTS! Someone in this family needs to get a JOB

CA on

Wish her well.

S on

Seriously? Neither works, they have nothing but financial issues and they are having another child, IDIOTS!!!

alexis on

I didn’t even know about Hattie, but somehow knew she had the last little boy,but regardless, congrats.

Deb on

I seem to recall she almost died after her last one was born. I hope mother and. Hold will be ok.

reall on

Good Lord she can’t even afford her rent….so let’s have another one….

Oh Dear on


Swilli7410 on

I could care less about her money problems. But, she had major complications during and after her last pregnancy…I personally think that having another one is extremely irresponsible especially a woman of her age with 4 kids to think about….Just my 2 cents…

Mommyof3 on

I wish some of you would stop with the nasty and hateful comments. No one should be called fat, especially kids. Plus, it’s no one’s business if she’s broke or rich.
It’s her life, let her enjoy it to the fullest.
Congratulations you guys!!! I’m over the moon happy for y’all. ❤️

KTB on

Geez! Some of you people are rude!
I think its great! It was a surprise for sure but they are entitled to have as many children as they choose. I really like them and I am so glad they are in a good place. God Bless them and their family!

Ps also, to say her kids are fat, that’s mean. Their kids, everyone goes through stages, they will grow out of it. Keep your rude comments to yourself. Just my thought.

Anonymous on

@ Danielle. There marriage was never “crumbling”. It is an open secret Tori and Dean made up his affair with Emily Goodhand (seriously why not just name her Jane Smith) to get a reality show. Plus they had a deal with US Magazine for exclusive rights. “Emily” gave one interview to US Magazine and then all of the sudden a complete disappearance from the public eye. Even Dean’s ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace thinks they fabricated an affair to keep them on television.

Belle on

@ Danielle. There marriage was never “crumbling”. It is an open secret Tori and Dean made up his affair with Emily Goodhand (seriously why not just name her Jane Smith) to get a reality show. Plus they had a deal with US Magazine for exclusive rights. “Emily” gave one interview to US Magazine and then all of the sudden a complete disappearance from the public eye. Even Dean’s ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace thinks they fabricated an affair to keep them on television.

JMO on

A surprise? I think by now you know hoew its done. And didnt she say she ridked her life for Finn. Kind of seems careless to risk it again. But nonetheless, a baby is a blessing so congrats. They make besutiful babies.

Lori on

Why so many haters? You people have no class talking about their children & their finances. I think their children are adorable, each of them & how they spend their money is their business as well as where they get it. I as a single parent know all to well how hard it is to raise children as a single parent & I support any woman 100% who is trying to keep her family together. All you haters out there…Shame On You!
If you’ve nothing nice to say then you should keep it to yourself…it’s called MANNERS & RESPECT! Didn’t your parent(s) teach you about them?

Anonymous on

Congrats on the new addition!!!!
Now!!! Who are you to talk about children?!?!? Perfect??? Think again!

charlotte on

This doesn’t seem like a good idea. I just wish they would go away. Truth be told – the public is just not into them! Ugh!

Shirley on

They really need to use some common sense ………. or a condom.

ginger on

You can’t afford to pay your 38K American Express bill or the 200K+ in taxes, but this happened at the best time. They are both idiots.

Dandoha on

I would pay anything just to see her mother’s reaction about this pregnancy lmfao. So when you are broke you make babies. Dean might be dying inside, but i have no sympathie fr him though
This woman is such a disaster, next stop welfare.

Poster on

She needs to watch what those kids eat. Overweight already.

Heidi on

Nice to see they are in a much better place now in their relationship. I just worry about Tori’s history with very difficult – and increasingly dangerous – pregnancies and hope this one goes smoothly. It would be so hard for everyone if she has to spend the majority of the time before and after baby on bedrest. Wishing them all well.

Donna Lambert on

If you’re having sex and not using protection….then getting pregnant should not be a “surprise”

knitluver on

Eye roll…..she obviously had some more surgery…she looks different…just what those two idiots need…another baby…and I agree with the other commenter…Finn is 4 and just out of diapers????? What a scam that adultery story was, too….smh

Rhonda on

Anyone that goes after children is the worst of the worst – Roylat. You have shown what type of person you are. You talk about her and her family, you are one nasty, nasty person. Karma is a bitch, she rears her head when you are not ready for it. Watch out.

Wred on

Seeing that she has kids in groups of two, there will be at least one more after this pregnancy. Not only did she have major complications after her last birth but she is so sickly and is hiospitalized for
mysterious ailments all the time. That’s all in addition to their dire financial situation.

Pinky on

Forget that they are broke, have a trouble marriage and all of that. Didn’t she almost die after the fourth? Age and health risk factors would have me nervous.

jg1965 on

This is wrong on so many levels….

Kelly on

She claimed that she almost died giving birth to the 4th kid. So why have another? Moron..

Erin on

Another baby is a great idea! I mean, it’s a happy distraction from all your other problems until the stress of another human being to take care of kicks in, right? Tori and her husband are both middle age has beens with no steady income, floundering careers and lots of expenses. If they can’t pay $38K of debt to Amex or pay their own rent and children’s private education, why are they adding another family
member? And honey, at age 43 with four children, no pregnancy should come as a “surprise”. It’s called responsible parenting or birth control.

Just a Duck on

Tori should buy Dean a vasectomy for their 10th Anniversary. Yikes.

Anonymous on

Tori and Dean don’t need to have another baby. This is so rediculous. If they’re broke, why even add to the problem? Some people just think that because they’re celebrities, they can do whatever they please. Nothing but a couple of morons.

shirley on

i dont think they are broke like normal ppl broke look at there house 7000 amonth ..they are millionaire broke to rich broke so tht makes them look very poor yes very poor but rich they are to the average person. i hope she sold all those storage units of item she will never use blus she has a hoarding problem. i think her mom is taking care of her daughter an yes she should have given her more than 1million dollars of her dads money but she did it because she has a spending problem so her mom is controlling everthing because rightfully tori has millions her mom knows it so yea her mom isnt spending none of her money on tori she is spending tori money is how i see it and for her marriage an kids regardless as long as he aint beating her ass let them struggle and get it right w more babies whtever its there life so stop being negative on this girl …

packer on

Wow. they were on a show where they were looking for house on a lake, I thought they were broke and have to pay off a credit card.

Anonymous on

Everyone saying that she is a moron for having a 5th stop and ask yourself….do you know that they were having unprotected sex? Were you in the bedroom when this baby was conceived? What were they supposed to do when they found out about the pregnancy, have an abortion? I realize that there were severe complications with the birth of her last baby, but perhaps she is having this baby along with the MEDICAL ADVICE OF A DOCTOR?
What a bunch of Judgy McJudgersons except for those of you with supportive comments.

BJ on

Having kids is their bread and butter.

... on

Congratulations, I never believed the cheating stuff, just thought it was a way to market a show and make a few bucks, and I never deny anyone a way to make a dollar. She would have plenty of money if her father hadn’t left his Will the way he did. Like it or not Dean is here to stay, and Candy should loosen up the purse strings a little. Too late to teach Tori the value of a dollar at 43, that ship sailed long ago when Mr. Spelling had real snow delivered for his children on Christmas day to LA at an astronomical cost. Let her have the money and call it a day, she blows it all she blows it all.

scoobe on

So she is having money problems, has no job, so she gets pregnant to get another show. she said after her last pregnancy she almost died so why risk it? these 2 need to get jobs and stop exploiting their children for $$.

La.stefi on

Well, how did they think they were in the clear? No birth control results in pregnancies, is it a difficult concept to understand?

arabella17 on

They can afford it. They don’t have tons of money but I’m sure they’re not starving. This baby will probably be spoiled rotten and likely the last one.

Gramma2Four on

Not again!! Thought they were broke??

lola on

I remember reading that there was no money for a vasectomy. Sure but there’s plenty for a 5th child.

ceecee on

Ok Tori. We get it. You and Dean are still having sex. This baby is proof of that which is exactly what she wanted to show the world. Only child smiling is the favored Finn and he is usually sulking. Time to cut his hair, he is too old for that mess and looks like a little girl. We never hear anything about young Liam, and Hattie is all but forgotten, at 10 months old when Finn was born. We see Stella often cooking pancakes and cookies and other goodies!
The first 3 definitely take after Dean and his side of the family. You can slowly see it happening.

Lynn on

She almost died with the last one and said the doctors told her she shouldn’t have any more. Seems dumb to me, and especially now that she can’t pay her bills and owes AMEX $37k

Lucy on

Cute family but the kids need to lay off the snacks. How can they afford so many kids when they don’t work and Tori can’t even pay for her credit card?

Jody on

Oh jeez, you know Candy is just shaking her head. Tori is bad for her reputation, lol

Anonymous on


trish on

Broke, marriage is a mess and successfully sued by Amex for non-payment of bills……no wonder they don’t know how it happened.

I’m sure Candy is just rolling her eyes again and again. this is how some rich kids are raised.

Sharon on

I absolutely HATE it when people say a pregnancy was “a surprise”!!! Did you have unprotected sex with no method of birth control? If so, then it shouldn’t be a surprise. Puh-leeze – junior high health class students know that much!

LEna on

Broke and a dysfunctional marriage–please stop breeding. Please. Consider it a public service to stop.

Lola on

They can not afford the children they all ready have and they are bringing another one into the world! How selfish and foolish. Feel so sorry for the kids!

Abby0215 on

They can not afford the children they have now and they are bringing another one into the world. How selfish and foolish! I feel sorry for the kids having these two as parents!

Wen on

didn’t she almost die on the 4th pregnancy ?

nozona on

Wasn’t there a really serious health risk/complication with her last pregnancy? Hope this time all goes well

Anonymous on

Her mother is paying for everything but her debit on her Credit Cards – she almost died giving birth to her 4th child – she isn’t working, he isn’t working – not a great time for a 5th child – Dean was going to get a vasectomy?

Anonymous on

I was just reading yesterday how they’re being sued for an unpaid credit card bill and now they’re having another baby? Gee that’s really responsible. Not to mention she almost died while giving birth to their last child. How does she know that’s not going to happen again?

Brooke on

Didn’t she almost DIE having Finn??? Well thought out, Tori & Dean…

kristyn on

Congrats! I am always pulling for you ❤

My two cents on

Everyone is pretty much thinking the same thing about Torie and her
Family . If we didn’t comment on them they would go away . This baby is a way to keep them in the Spotlight . And she will most likely have some terrible illness or pregnacy scare with this baby too . Not that I would wish that on her or anyone for that matter . I have nothing else’s to say about this . I will no longer comment on Torrie and her family . I do wish them all good health and a healthy Pregnancy .

Paris on

People and the their negative opinions/comments. Tori is living her life her way, what gives you the right to judge, If everyone’s life was perfect, some of your comments wouldnt even be expressed because you’d be out living that “perfect life”. Its sad that her finances being aired out made her a target of people consistently bringing it up. Wow. Congrats Tori, wishing you a safe delivery.

ginger on

How about pay your bills and taxes before having another child. Priorities are not straight.

Guest on

First off their kind of money struggles are not the same as everybody else’s, problem is they should be living within their means. Which would mean no more extravagant parties for their kids, no more mansions they can’t afford to live in. Also Dean should get a regular job, obviously his acting career is never going to take off so now it’s time to do something else. They could probably live in a nice suburban area, send their kids to regular schools, and watch their spending. Oh and Tori get rid of those storage units you have sucking up a bunch of money. Sell what’s in there and you could probably pay off your debts.

Shawna on

Am I the only one that noticed his reference to the Brady Bunch….you know…3 girls and 3 boys……could it be girl boy twins?? That’s what they would need to become the Brady bunch…..

Anonymous on

Regardless of her and him and whatever problems they have or had don’t ever make fun of a child. They are in the public eye and can read these kind of comments, what if this causes them pain, what if they start having body issues with self esteem! Make fun of them for their lack of money or common sense BUT don’t say anything about the kids!! What’s the purpose of making those comments?!? y’all should be ashamed of yourselves.

Anna M on

Just shaking my head. Congratulations and hope she has a healthy baby.

yvonne on

Um…a surprise? NO!! why do all these celebrities Lie!! or speak half truths, Geez!! #1 Rule, if you have sexual intercourse without a protection, most likely you will get pregnant! DUh!! I feel bad for the 4 kids…

Allie on

Band-Aid babies are never a good idea. The poor child suffers because his/her parents were too stupid/selfish to do what’s best. Sometimes divorce is what’s best for the health/emotional well-being of the children. I feel very, very sorry for the McDermott-Spelling children. God knows this narcissist and her freeloading husband won’t be able to afford to get them the therapy they will need.

Annie on

She’s like a welfare mom who keeps having kids to get more money from the state and feds yet her bank his Candy Spelling. I hope she cuts these irresponsible creeps off.

L Lee on

Tori accused Dean of cheating multiple times. She has been broke. Liam and Stella look fat. What a mess.

Anonymous on

I recall her last pregnancy was filled with complications. Why wouldn’t she make sure to not put another baby and herself at risk? I wish her well.

Damn Gina on

Desperate much?! Another baby will not save her crappy marriage. Plus they cannot afford the 4 kids they already have. These two are idiots!

CandyO on

So sad to see the two eldest kids are overweight.
The beginning of life long challenges

Zama's Mama on


You don’t talk about people’s kids like that. What’s wrong with you? They are beautiful

MelBzyB on

Wait…I just watched a video of Candy Spelling, (Tori’s mother) stating that she is not going to pay off a $37,000 credit card that Tori is being sued for because she “already pays enough”. She stated…herself in person that, “I am already paying for the house, the kids school and food, I am not paying for extras”. She said she is not paying for their extravagances. Look it up online, she is obviously over it with them.
So…these irresponsible people already have an elderly woman paying their rent, for their children and for their food…and they are having another child! Grow up! You are a middle aged woman; you have no business having more children, when you cannot even afford to feed the ones you already have.
Yes, her mother might have a ton of money, but it is not owed to Tori or Dean. She is not responsible for their bills. They are both absurd displays of ridiculous entitlement and lack of responsibility. They are no better than the people on welfare that take advantage of a system set to help people truly in need…they continue to have children they cannot afford. Instead of Government welfare it is Grandma welfare.

Sharon on

Totally irresponsible. You have four children, you have had prior health scares, you are dealing with marital infidelity and you appear to have a constant need for media attention. Bringing another baby into the mix is incredibly selfish.

PoorKid on

By their own admission, they are flat broke. They repeatedly get booted from rental homes after living in them for only a short period of time. (They even leave pets behind in the rental homes!) She always cackles that she can’t trust him. So it makes PERFECT sense for them to have another child…another “surprise” child.

I have a feeling these two are desperately pitching a reality show about child #5. (well, #6 for Dean)

Anonymous on

Didn’t she almost die after the last baby and weren’t they getting a divorce someone needs to get fixed now

Anonymous on

Incredible. I will never stop being amazed at all these Hollywood brats who feel they are entitled to everything, do nothing, cannot define the word ‘work’, live off their wealthy parents and then keep popping out the kids. As if we need to see yet another boring story on these two imbeciles. Why don’t you cut back on the plastic surgeries, lower your standards, live within your means and spend your money on some birth control. I feel sorry for those poor, homely kids growing up in that nuthouse with that two homely wackadoo parents.

Pam on

Incredible. I will never stop being amazed at the Hollywood brats who don’t know the meaning of the word ‘work’, live as if they are entitled to everything, suck their wealthy parents dry of money to support their undeserving lavish lifestyle and then keep popping out one ugly kid after another. When are you going to stop giving them the attention they seek but don’t deserve? We are sick of hearing about these idiots. Get some birth control, ease up on the plastic surgery and seek counseling. First they are getting divorced, one is cheating, they are both broke and they’re pregnant again. Shame on you both.

Laughing!! on

Well they dont really work so we now know what they do with their time!!

Anne on

File this one under “another man who refuses to use a condom (see also Kelsey Grammar and Mel Gibson)”

Janie on

Maybe she should be focusing on the children she already has. Her oldest two look overweight which is so sad.

shaynermaven on

Do these people not understand the concept of birth control? And there is such a thing as a vasectomy or a tubal ligation. How can they be surprised –have sex, no birth control or what you use doesn’t work and bada bing bada bam.

Susan on

OMG, what are you thinking?

jenny on

Why don’t they adopt??

norosecoloredglspls on

geez! stop with the pronouncements of the baby being a surprise. just own up to wanting a fifth child.

Linda on

Concentrate on your family and STOP the plastic surgery.

catlady on

Whaaaaaaa ???? Thought they were too BROKE to afford their brood NOW.. she will get too pregnant FAT and he will use that as a ” cheating excuse “…ooommmggggg … new baby does NOT HEAL a dysfunctional marriage.. am sorry for the upcoming baby … sheesh

Guest on

Are the comments section now removed from the other articles? It looks like I can only comment on mom/babies articles.

Ellie on

Dean is such a creepy guy. She must no self esteem left.

Jax on

Congrats! I just wish you would start the show back up I remember watching when you were pregnant with Liam wow you have come a long way and been through alot but your an amazing mom and wife!

sdc9 on

Wow so many mean comments. Why?! Such a bunch of angry judgemental people on here. Congratulations to them.

dyan on

Congratulations I’m so happy for you and your family I’m a big fan of yours I grew up watching you play donna martin on 90210 and i have seen all your movies one is mother may I sleep with danger you are a good actress and an eavan better mom good luck and god bless your #1fan dyan matheson

Kaylaerin13 on

In a society where divorce is so common, Tori and Dean are proof that relationships can survive hardship. Now, whether or not you are a fan of Tori and Dean, it is never acceptable to be anything less than happy or elated for an expectant couple. A baby is a blessing!

Ashley on

I hope she has a healthy pregnancy and delivery with all the complications from the last time. She has a gorgeous family.

Lisa on

All the best Tori and Dean!

lm on

Wow, lots of haters out there!! Look, Tori’s Mom is loaded, she’ll end up bailing them out and everything will be fine…that’s what families do. Certainly isn’t any business of mine or YOURS to be critical, is it??! Live and let live I say. Hope she has a safe delivery and a healthy baby. Congrats to them!

Laura on

Congrats to you both and your beautiful family, screw all the haters.This is happy moment for them and people are so nasty. if you got nothing nice to say. keep you nasty comments to yourself.

Carla J on

The comments you judgemental people are posting are pathetic! Unless you are paying their bills and putting food on their table, you have no room to say anything!!!

Audrey on

She nearly died with last baby..many prayers she will be safe this time..

Anonymous on

My Momma always taught me if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything! Some people should also be taught this rule!

donna on

Congratulations! You know I find it annoying how many people say such negative things on here. Mind your own business about their finances and having a 5th child.

momo3taxi on

I love when you say it’s no ones business yet you are also on this site reading what Tori put out there
All we ever hear is her taking about their lack of money,evictions and she gave many interviews before and after Finn stating she thought she was gonna die
She makes all of this our business buy selling the stories!!’

thompsonhouseblog on

Congratulations! Coming from someone that cannot have children, God bless! No one should judge their life, children, or marriage…if you are not walking in their shoes, you have no idea what their actual life is like! No one is perfect but if their family is happy and healthy I say congrats!

SC on

Calling it now: another health scare that keeps her in the tabloids, another fabricated cheating scandal, another “book” and another pseudo-reality show. She and her moron husband are so desperate to be be rich and famous without having to do any real work.

Joanne on

Tori, are you “brain dead” or what? Quit making it sound like you got pregiant “by accident” or that it was “such a surprise”, let’stand face it…you knew exactly what you were doing. You weren’t using “protection” and you knew that you would get pregnant if Dean didn’the get a vasectomy, either on camera or off camera. You know that one more child won’the make Dean a better husband (not a cheater), he has made that mistake once and is bound to do it again if not sooner than later, you’ll be so busy with the new baby as well as taking care of all your other children, that will leave Dean a lot of time to cheat again, but to do it better this time, so that you don’t catch him.

Just remember my words “once a cheater, always a cheater!!”

Caragon on

No job, no money, not a good marriage, owes 40k…yeah lets have another baby, that’s a good plan! Idiots….

Bonnie L Prill on

I say wow,is she nuts.She really wants to keep him tied down with a large family. He can’t afford to leave. Good luck to the family.

michelle on

I just puked a little!! Gross family!!

michelle on

Loser family

guest on

Looks like PM closed all comments boards on other articles but will allow us to comment on celeb babies. Whatevs.

Anonymous on

Better put your family on a better diet some are to big and unhealthy

Dawn on

I think she had problems with last pregnancy and almost died and really, she is that way again ! I think that is called DUMB ! A husband she will never be able to TRUST . . . Oh, my how irresponsible are they ? Her mother is loaded so why not sit back and let mommy dearest pay ALL their bills ! Hollywood brats are the worst and there are so many . . . DISGUSTING I would say ! Try living like normal people, you would never make it . . .

Mary on

I hope this family will be ok.

Anonymous on

Hey Tori – I know what you should get that freak husband of yours for Christmas – castrated.

Jojo11 on

Congrats, Tori! She looks healthy and happy and their kids are so cute! I always thought she seems so sweet and fun. Wishing their family the best!

Anonymous on

That’s all she needs another of Mcslimy ‘spawn

RKB on

“Total surprise” If your having unprotected sex… pregnancy is what usually happens. Duh!!!! Really??

Anonymous on

Congrats Tori and Dean, Screw the haters. Best wishes! Dan and Dave

Daniel Wrede on

Congratulations Tori and Dean, Screw the haters and best wishes on the growing family….Dan and Dave

Chris on

Tori is collecting welfare from her mom Candy. Time for her mom to cut them off and make them get jobs.

Kathy on

How sad. Another child they can’t support.

Enough on

One of you needs to get fixed already. Sheesh. You can’t afford the kids you have.

Tekar on

What a beautiful family! How exciting for them. I know a few “bonus babies” born to moms in their 40s and they are all precious and doted on by their older siblings. What a lucky little girl/boy this will be!

Kim on

Congrats, hope everything works out, you had a health scare during your last pregnancy. Best of luck.

TC on

Oh Tori, babies are a blessing, but you should have known better. You have a chaotic life as it is and we saw it live on TV. If this gets rough for you I don’t want to hear it on TV. You make your own bed. What I saw on your show was a woman who could not handle what she had.

I wish you luck and a healthy baby, but girl you have got to understand all of them need a good fixed income and home and trust. BIRTH CONTROL, sorry to be harsh, but you showed us your life on TV, you showed us you had to move because of money problems and then this?

SL on

It looks like many of you did not see her whine and cry about taking care of the kids and herself when her husband cheated, and therapy, and money issues. I only hope he doesn’t stray and this is not a way to keep him. Time will tell, but if something goes down, I would suggest you keep it private.

Garland on

Let me get this straight: Tori & Dean are both broke, owes money to AMEX, are living with Tori’s parents who are taking care of THEM & their 4 kids in which they can’t even support, AND they’re bringing a 5th child into the world?

What a brilliant decision, guys. *Sarcasm*

sbconsultinggroup on

Omg what is wrong with you people! Actually saying kids are fat, -!: all sorts of mean things. Y’all are such a holes.

beth on

isn’t this the same girl who went on tv and cried because she was broke and then had a garage sake to make ends meet, and now she is having another child who she will not be able to feed…unbelievable

Anonymous on

Wow nice face job/work tori and those kids are UAF

nell belle on

Dean needs to get a job
helllo…get a job and quit mooching

nell bell on

they probably get food stamps and eat the best. does dean…WORK???????

jill milner on

Your loser husband cheated
You are bankrupt
This your teaching your kids
Keep your legs closed until your able to afford these kids

julieB on

Didn’t the last delivery almost kill her? She’s really pushing the envelope here in so many ways.

Edie on

First of all, ROLYAT is a JERK! What is wrong with you…coward!
Happy for them! They worked through the rough times. That’s marriage folks! She has written numerous books and they have done many projects alone and together. I think they have plenty of money…I wouldn’t worry about them.

Franny on

Now pay your Amex bill.

Anonymous on

Well good goddam……I hope she doesn’t read these comments. Her kids, her life her business. Some one made a comment that said Poor Candy. Candy is anything but poor and she should help her kids if she is in a position to. Candy isn’t going to win mother of the year so she should help out. Live, learn and live again.

ImALadyToo on

What’s with all of the plastic surgery or botox or fillers? Geesh, she looks like the joker!

Sakura on

She’s broke and her last pregnancy almost killed her… breeder logic…. She needs to get an abortion and get sterilized.

Jill on

Those are not attractive people. Sorry, they aren’t. They probably wouldn’t think I look good either but my face isn’t all over the news.

tightskin on

Wow…she has had so much plastic surgery. Her surgeon should be sued–she looks really, really bad…

sue's on

As much as I love babies, Dean time to get snipped. Especially since both of them are receiving a welfare check from Candy,

Christine C on

Wow, I only read a few of these horrible comments and feel deeply saddened that so many people, people that MY three children are sharing this world with are so cruel and judgmental. We have to ask ourselves how did we get here, to a place in time where first off that a baby isn’t a blessing, or a once broken marriage is now fixed and how dare a grown adult call a child fat ( as if their peers don’t say it enough) wow I will go bed tonight asking God these questions and questioning him and how he’s allowing his creations to treat one another with such ill intent and what he plans to do about it before my children reach adulthood and have to be subjected to pure hatred!!!! On that note Congrat’s to The McDermott Family

Guest on

Surprise? Ha! This baby is clearly a desperate ploy for Tori and Dean to stay relevant. What better way to get attention than another baby? Brilliant. I hope someone has the # to Child Protective Services on speed dial.

Barbara on

All those people on welfare popping out babies every year by different ”baby daddy’s’ to get bigger checks and more food stamps and ya’ll bitch about Tori Spelling having another child with her husband? SHAME SHAME. Congrats Tori and Dean. Hope it’s not a rough pregnancy for you.

Kirstin on

Wow I don’t usually read comments but I kind like Tori Spelling as she seems like one of the more ‘real’ Hollywood Stars. I am absolutely shocked and dismayed and the majority of the comments here. Tearing her down, picking on her children, just so damn negative and nasty. Very scary for humanity if this is the way we view eachother!!!

nanamna on

Wasn’t one of their shows about not being able to afford a vasectomy? And grandma candy is footing the bill for the 4s schooling? They just got baby #4 OUT of diapers? Are to busy being rabbits or what? Both these two were married to others when they hooked up, and he has cheated on her since then! Wondering with health insurance who is footing the bills for all this sure isn’t Obama care

Sam on

All those bringing up Tori’s mother ought to note that she didn’t earn a cent of that fortune either, she married into it and Tori was born into it. She also failed to teach her children the value of money and budgeting, giving them everything they want then getting mad that they’d come to expect everything. Tori is responsible for her actions but she is definitely a product of her environment.

Ruthann blànk on

My mom was 40 when she had me in 1968 I have siblings who are in there sixties it happens.

jayne steiner on

Tori, Tori, Tori you need to get on your feet . You showed you were stressed out when you had 3 children. Your mother can’t keep bailing you and your husband out forever.

Paula on

They need another child like a hole in the head but apparently need to re-take 6th grade sex ed or biology class and learn how babies are made. Yo, geniuses, just because you’re in now in your mid-40s and having UNPROTECTED sex does not mean you can’t get pregnant! If I remember correctly she damn near bled to death after the last kid was born and her doctor warned her not to have anymore.

Too Shy on

She’s not too bright is she? She’s having unprotected sex with her husband and now it’s such a surprise that she’s pregnant. And, why is her son not potty trained at 4? They can’t afford their bills because neither has a job, but they want to enjoy the lifestyle of unlimited wealth. They’ll have to file bankruptcy, sell all of their ‘stuff’, and go on welfare, and buy their clothes at retail instead of designer. She needs to train for another career, and get that deadbeat husband off his butt and start working, too.

My2Cents on

yes, have another baby…that fixes everything.

Anonymous on

She looks like the guy from Power in that yellow dress.

Anonymous on

she is too old to be pregnant again,

Anonymous on

When you owe all that money to everyone getting pregnant with a fifth child will definitely help your situation. Pay off your Amex $40 k and all your other creditors before bringing another poor innocent child into this sick circus. Dean. GET A JOB!

Carmen on

Her two older kids are getting fat! They should better take care of this issue instead of breeding like animals…

Brendaj1 on

That pic of Tori in the yellow dress looks like a wax statue. Her face! How much work has she had done? Looks distorted.

Caroline on

People, you say that you reserve the right to remove comments. My opinion here is that, can you please remove the comments which are focusing on the two kids physical looks. Saying something about the adults is one thing, but there no reason to be mean at the children. Thank you

Joanne on

I think Tori just loved being pregnant. There are women out there that say being pregnant was the best time of the life.
With all the stress of financial problems and her issues with Dean, I think it’s just her way of coping.
I could be way off the mark, but I had this same reaction when she had her last baby.

Anonymous on

what a nightmare. she’s already struggling and wants a 5th kid! all these kids will have issues — not being loved enough bla bla like most do…I feel bad for them…sheesh like 4 wasn’t enough.

thebigbadbear on

If people want to not be “surprised”, there is a procedure a woman can have. It is called tubal ligation. Prevents you from getting pregnant. There is also a procedure a man can have to prevent women from getting pregnant by him. It is called a vasectomy. Covered by most insurance. It’s called preventive action. Of course, no one in this country has heard of this, b/c nothing unexpected will ever happen to them.

Esme on

Maybe a ‘surprise’ meant that she is 43 and wasn’t actively trying for a baby? I am pretty sure she’s heard of sterilisation or birth control;)

Just Me on

Hasn’t she said numerous times that she can’t afford the family she has now? They sold their belongings and she reamed out her mother for not giving her money. You’d think they’d learn to use birth control. “It was a total surprise?” Having unprotected sex yields a very high chance of pregnancy. They have four kids… you’d think they’d know this.

Mora on

They’re broke. He cheats. Their relationship is shaky at best… so their solution to all that is have another baby. A surprise baby at that? Her husband is a chronic cheater and she’s having unprotected sex with him? Gross.

Katherine on

All of you people attacking those who are being negative are idiots. Don’t you have any common sense? They are in a huge amount of debt and she almost died during the last pregnancy. Having another baby under the circumstances that they are is ridiculous and irresponsible. Take your self-righteous complaints about ‘haters’ and stick them up your rears.

anna on

she is using the kids as a paycheck

bonen on

las -ze zaten in een divorce? en dan nog een baby…?

Amanda on

Yuck! Why do people choose to do that to their face? She doesn’t even look human anymore. Also wondering why a 4 yr old is just out of diapers. Great parenting there…

miss_spooky89 on

omg…again what the heck hes cheated and they are broke as well why are they going for another. something is going on in this house hold.



Judi on

All of you people must be so perfect. My BIBLE says their is only ONE person who can JUDGE and that is OUR LORD GOD.!!!!! May all of you should send sometime reading the BIBLE instead of putting peopl and their famlies down and work on yourselves. CONGRATS TORI hope for good health to all!

Jill on

These two need to stop reproducing. No family is perfect but this family is the definition of dysfunction. Good luck anyways. (you’ll need it)

charlotte on

Wow! she really is nuts!

Monica Bey on

Duh! How about birth control?
There are 7.4 billion people in the world, and we’re headed to possibly 12 billion. Homo sapiens are destroying everything in their path, and responsible for wiping out so many other living things.

It’s unconscionable for people to choose to have large families. Where are the role models for choosing to have one or two children, or none?

Thumbs down for PEOPLE for promoting these many celebrity births as something special, and for not doing any stories on celebs who choose small families or no children.

Sharon on

I for one am so happy for you. You have a beautiful family, I am so sorry for all the hateful comments. What is wrong with people.

Victoria on

It’s actually child #7 for Mr. McDermott – he relinquished his parental rights on the newborn baby girl (Lola) that he had just adopted with his first wife when he decided to get with Tori Spelling. And I one thousand percent agree with MelBzyB! So unbelievably irresponsible. I can’t believe I ever bought one of her books.

Victoria on

P.S. In that first book of Tori’s that I bought, she tells the story of Dean showing her pictures of his TWO children (Jack and the newly adopted Lola) and Tori wrote that she “loved them both right away.” And then Dean left his wife to get with Tori and terminated his part of the adoption obligations to Lola.

Sylvia on

Everyone is talking about how broke they are the cheating, too many kids. So how many families and people out there are in the same boat.? Millions! All they know is that they are a happy and a loving family and that’s first. Someone could have a boatload of money and be miserable and lonley and a broken family. Money doesn’t make you happy…LOVE does! And yes along with that comes many challenges. life is not perfect. If it is I’d like to meet the person that has one..

Allison on

Yay her kids are adorable in the pictures.

Pat Friday on


whatmomsmustknow on

Praying for a safe pregnancy and most importantly- the delivery.

No one should pass judgment. It’s none of our business. She’s not living off the government. She just happens to be out there. Pray for her and her family. No need to curse her. Pray for her instead.

JJB on

Who in the hell do most of you think you are to judge this lady? What’s poor to them and having no money would be well off to u and I. I can bet more than half of you are cheaters or been cheated on. Get a life!!!

Gloria Moffit on

Aaaaah, congratulations ! I Can’t believe Finn is so big now..Bless them, all 7 of them! And yes the Fat Kid comments are shamefull! Get a life/mind your own business lol xx

Sarah James on

Dean not only cheated on Tori but he gave up rights to an adopted child that he and first wife adopted because he didn’t want the court to force him to pay child support for two children .He never paid a dime for his son with his first wife which was his yet he keeps making more kids with Tori despite their large debts neither one of them have a jobs and reply on Tori’s mother to pay their bills .Stop having kids and find work to support the ones you already have .

Jo on

Let’s not get all up in their business and call their children fat, which they aren’t and wish them well. Jeez the nastiness..

Linda burns on

Why are those kids so fat

skigirl25 on

“It was a total surprise?” “I’m so madly in love with my husband?”
Who is this ding-bat trying to fool?

anne on

these people are wayyyyy to OLD to be parents again, He is almost 50. Trying to hold on to ratings

casanta on


jnyhrt on

Making fun of children and calling them fat is about as low as someone can go. Her networth is still over a million dollars. Her idea of broke, and most people’s idea of broke are two different things. She can afford another baby.

life goes on on

I thought the doctor told her, not to have more kids. They are sickening.

mycateyes on

I am happy for them. I truly believe they got their marriage in order and the past is the past and they are very much in love. They are NOT broke. Maybe to the next celebrity, but to us, that is not being broke. The people that are making nasty comments should remember this…People who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones.
I wish them a life time of happiness and to their children.

Queen bee on

Did all all the other mentioned mom’s actually give birth to 5 kids? I think Marie Osmond adopted so I only count those who went through a 9 month pregnancy and labor to be in that club

Jack Ketch on

Total surprise, my ass!! Someone’s pants are on fire here.

Barbara Lewandowski on


Nancy on

Tori needs to be in the kitchen with the kids, teaching them what to eat, instead the b.r. Having more babies