Reggaeton Star Wisin’s Newborn Daughter Dies: ‘I Will See You Again In Heaven’

09/30/2016 at 03:30 PM ET

Wisin wife and daughter

Reggaeton star Wisin and his wife Yomaira Ortiz Feliciano‘s daughter Victoria has died.

The couple’s newborn baby girl was born with the genetic disorder trisomy 13.

The Puerto Rican singer, 37, took to Instagram on Friday to share his heartbreaking news.

“Thank you, my God, for one month of life, for one month of Victoria,” he captioned a photo of Feliciano and Victoria.

“God gives, and God takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord. Princess Victoria, I will see you again in heaven. What immense pain I have, God, please help me. I want to use this moment to thank the millions of people that were praying for our family and our Victoria. Thank you because in all of your gestures and words … we were able to see God each time. My princess just died.”

Since Victoria’s arrival, Wisin — half of the reggaeton duo Wisin & Yandel — has taken to social media several times to share updates and information about the complications involving his third child’s birth.

According to E! News, the family knew of their baby’s diagnosis when Feliciano was five months pregnant, but decided to continue with the pregnancy because of their faith.

Wisin wife and daughter

In a statement released by his reps earlier this month, Wisin asked for privacy and respect during this difficult time.

“I have always respected and collaborated with the press about every aspect of my professional career. But on this occasion, our daughter’s health is the most important thing for us,” he said in the statement.

“In this respectful manner, we request the space to face this situation in the privacy of our family. We want to take advantage of this moment to thank everyone for the love that we have received. Like any other parent, we ask that you all continue to pray for us so that we can overcome this process and that our daughter will be able to recover soon. God will fulfill his purpose in our Victoria.”

In the weeks following, Wisin shared sweet photos of his wife and child.

According to Stanford Children’s Health, trisomy 13 causes several birth defects, including severe intellectual disability and health problems involving nearly every organ system in the body. Most babies with this genetic disorder die before their first birthday, and some do not survive the first weeks or even days of life.

Wisin and Feliciano are also parents to son Dylan, 7, and daughter Yelena, 8.

— Blake Bakkila

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catfite on

I have no idea who these people are but so sorry for their loss. I can’t imagine their pain.

guest on

Awww so very sad.

Mrs. B on

Oh man, this is so heartbreaking. My deepest condolences to this family.

Angela on

So touched by this story! May God comfort you in your loss and ease your pain.

cr on

What beautiful parents; I bet Victoria was the most gorgeous little girl ever. Condolences to the family.

facelessbandit on

Trisomy 13 is really terrible. If effect everything in the body. Poor thing. Poor family. Heartbreaking all around.

Claire on

This is a horrible disease.
Whatever you do, do NOT google it. The pictures are very disturbing – there are reasons why her face isn’t shown.
I can’t believe allowing a pregnancy to continue and to have the child suffer for one month makes them feel like god’s gift was so great. No, she suffered in utero and out because you didn’t have the guts to do something to stop it. They knew she was going to be horribly deformed, be hospitalized and suffer then die but they decided that God was going to work a miracle and they were going to show the world his glory and….she was deformed and died. Poor thing. It was never going to be another way. This wasn’t a “maybe she won’t have it and you will have been wrong, stupid doctors!” thing. People will put a dog to sleep if it’s old but a person in physical pain, who is definitely going to die and just be held down by ventilators, tubes, and kept in a hot box where there is no comfort or cure, where they’re scared and hurt, is love?

Alex on

Prayers for them.

To Claire, this is a deeply personal moral, ethical, and religious decision: to allow nature to take its course or to take matters into your own hands and commit an overt act that will end a life. And to these parents, their daughter was not a pregnancy (which is the mother’s physical state, by the way, not the embryo, fetus, baby, etc). She was a life to them, a person to them, a daughter in their eyes, both before and after she was born, no matter how any particular law defined her. And they made the decision they believed was right, based on their faith, so you may not agree with them, but do not berate them for it.

Cheyane on

How heartbreaking. My condolences and prayers to them. R.I.P. Victoria. 😢

Robin on

Even knowing your child will be born (and eventually die) of this disease, doesn’t make it any easier for them.

My condolences on their loss.

Francisco on


Kate on

This is heartbreaking. Why is he posting all over social media if he’s requesting privacy?? Makes absolutely no sense. He’s on Instagram writing how his daughter just died… Really? Step away from the phone and grieve in private, like you asked. Poor sweet girl.

T. on

@catfite He’s only 1 of the biggest names in the Reggaeton genre. Google him.

mari p. on

It takes great courage to live every day, every moment, every breath, waiting for God’s will; with patience, and acceptance. As a parent, the pain of the loss of a child has no equal. Knowing God is in control, knowing and ALLOWING God to fulfill HIS will, especially nowadays when most of us live daily whatever we want to do, and the mentality of ‘having to do something’ all the time, IS the MOST COURAGEOUS and MOST LOVING act of faith. Thank you! for inspiring us in faith and love. Victoria, RIP, IS a miracle of LOVE and COURAGE. Only those who truly love our Lord, will understand. And THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We share your pain. We pray with you. I thank this family for showing us what it takes to have true love and faith! God Bless you!

alina1973 on

Trisomy 13 or Patau Syndrome is a terrible affliction, that modern medicine has yet to manage. It strikes at the most basic level of human development, with devastating effects. We can only hope the words of many united, can console the parents who have lost children to Patau Syndrome. More information on what is presently known on this affliction at

Mandy on

Any of the Trisomies are chromosomal abnormalities, thus genetic…none of them are diseases. By the time this couple found out their child had Trisomy 13, she was far enough along in gestation that many people would not think it was less awful for the baby to die after birth in the arms of loving parents than to die from a saline abortion in utero. This is their choice, not anyone else’s, and it is important that they make the decision for their own family. They didn’t think she would be cured, their belief is that God had a purpose in her short life. Not everyone can live with abortion, and that doesn’t make them bad people. Death of a child is sad anytime…they are dealing with enough, without those who are not connected to the family judging. As far as him posting anything after Victoria dying…they wanted privacy while she still lived so they could focus on her. Now they are sharing with those who supported them during what surely has been one of the hardest times of their lives…. Odd how so many are judgmental when they haven’t dealt with anything like this; those I know who have been through it have no judgment for others who did things differently than they did.

Esme on

I agree with your comment @ Alex. Maybe we all come into this world with a path to follow, and if ‘we’ interrupt someone else’s path, that is also wrong. Blessings to that family for their devastating loss. My guess is that they don’t regret one moment spent with their beautiful Victoria.

Anne on

When my husband and I were pregnant with our daughter we were told after three months that our daughter would have down syndrome, heart problems, and many other health issues. We were brought to a genetics specialist and they told us it would be ok to terminate the pregnancy. As our pregnancy progressed scan showed that there would be problems, but still we did not terminate. We went into early labor at 6 months and I had to be hospitalized to keep our daughter from being born. She was born one month early and totally normal. Had we terminated we would have missed out on the wonderful girl she turned out to be. She is now 5 and a happy and healthy child.

Cindy on

So sorry for your loss. Sending Love, Light and Prayers