Heidi Montag Discusses the ‘Hardship and Prayers’ Behind Getting Pregnant

09/30/2016 at 08:50 PM ET

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Heidi Montag is “hopeful” about the possibility of getting pregnant within the next year.

The Hills alum, who wed husband Spencer Pratt in April 2009, revealed to FaithWire that she is currently busy writing a book — and hopes to conceive sometime in the next 12 months!

“I am writing a coffee table wife type of book, it is more like a fun project, something I enjoy doing and then I am getting ready to be a mom hopefully next year. So that is going to be my main priority and full-time job,” Montag, 30, explained.

Although the MTV personality is looking forward to building a future family with her 33-year-old husband, she admitted of Pratt: “I had to pray to get my husband to even … agree to have a kid.”

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With seven years of marriage under the couple’s belt, Montag is ready to take on motherhood. But although she is excited about the prospect of having children with her forever beau, she recognizes that getting pregnant can be difficult for many.

“You know the excitement of it (but) you know it is not so easy, not everyone can just have kids whenever they want, you know there is a lot of hardship and prayers and certain things you have to put in to that,” Montag said.

With motherhood and a growing family on the horizon for the reality star couple, Montag reflected on her path and admitted that she is thankful for her “public fall” from stardom and that her faith keeps her focused on “what is important.”

“Because of God, I was able to rebuild and refocus,” Montag said. “I try to prioritize prayer time everyday … if you don’t keep it part of your daily life, it slowly kind of slips away from you, for me at least, I have just reprioritized that and honestly that is my life.”

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Xena on

Good for you, Heidi! I hope you stay grounded going forward. Nothing wrong with using your name to make money but don’t sell your soul in the process. You’re worth way more than you and Spencer gave yourselves credit for last time around. You sound like you have a good head on your shoulders, keep going with it .

Nope a Dope on

Maybe it’s God’s way of telling you it’s not a good idea . . . try listening to the signs.

Lauren on

Poor stupid plastic Heidi.

Steph on

When your as plastic as her, one probably won’t conceive. Her husband is a zero

em on

Wow! Very awesome to read! You don’t read often about celebs giving praise
to our creator…especially on people.com!

Cynthia on

As much as I don’t like her, she’s right I thought it would be easy to get pregnant but I’m one of those unlucky women with fertility issues. So nice to have a celebrity talking about it instead of saying I don’t know how I got pregnant

nana on

7 yrs.married she had to talk her hubby into having a kid bc he is the 33 yrs old of a kid and don’t want to be up staged by a kid! I thought they were broke and living in a family members summer home? BUT I guess she is writing a book so soon she will be a famous author!

PCC on

Oh, please. When did these two scammers decide to go the God proclaimer route? If you have to pray to get your husband to agree to have a child after seven years of marriage, that’s a huge red flag.

Stamatina on

God bless and good luck. It really is such a blessing.

Deen on

God bless and good luck. It really is such a blessing.

Melissa on

Good luck if you had to convince your husband to have a baby. Shouldn’t that have been discussed before you got married?

Bella on

A Christian and a new age husband. Yeah no problems there…

She needs to realise that guy is NOT good for her, and find somebody who is. You shouldn’t have to put in ANY effort to get your husband to consent in having a child. No freaking way. I told my husband flat out, I’m going to have a baby, and I don’t care what the hell you have to say. Leave me, do nothing for your child, ignore the child completely, that’s YOUR decision, but I’m my own person and when I say I want to be a mother, I damn will become one (unless GOD has other plans.)

Plywood on

I still remember how tormented Spencer was in that episode where he was freaking out and had to find comfort in his rocks OMG!!!! I’d prefer going to GOD with my problems, but to each their own.

However, I can’t stand those who call themselves Christians, and then bring other faiths into the mix, like when Miley called herself a Buddhist Christian once. 😡

The Free Woman on

She just admitted to being broke in her last interview with People. I’m not sure adding a kid to that equation is smart!

Just a Duck on

So she’s going to ruin all that plastic surgery for nothing. Boo.

Carole Ann on

I am proud of you, Heidi.

troll on

If you have to beg your husband to have a kid, maybe you shouldn’t have a kid with him. People should want to be parents because they genuinely want to be a parent, not because you convince them

Lee on

God bless you Heidi! I hope you are blessed with the joy of a healthy pregnancy, a safe delivery and an amazing life as a mom!

Jill on

I’m confused… She hasn’t even discussed getting pregnant with her husband let alone try to get pregnant AND is already generating publicity about it?! What’s next a reality series following their journey into thinking of having a child followed by a sequel about trying followed by…

Suzanne Gaia on

Nice to hear of someone wanting to have a child and praying to have one. Just hate that she had talk her husband into it. Children and how they should be raised is one of the issues a couple should agree on. It’s one of the biggies. Look at Brad and Angelina.

sally on

“I had to pray to get my husband to even … agree to have a kid.”
This is worrisome! I would rethink having a child with him. You should not have to FORCE your husband to have a child. I’m not she truly understands what it means to be a parent either! They should do some babysitting and see how it goes.

MJay on

ONLY time I would ever advocate abortion.