Janet Jackson Is ‘Super Excited’ About Expecting Her First Child at 50, Source Says

09/29/2016 at 03:00 PM ET

Janet Jackson pregnant

Janet Jackson cannot wait to be a mom.

“She is super excited about her pregnancy and is doing extremely well,” a source close to the Jackson family tells PEOPLE. “She actually feels very good about everything.”

Jackson, 50, has kept a low profile since news of her pregnancy broke in May.

But the mom-to-be was spotted browsing baby buys at London’s Back in Action furniture store on Tuesday, keeping her baby bump under wraps in sweatpants, a black sweater and a matching scarf.

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In June, her brother Tito Jackson confirmed she was expecting her first child with husband Wissam Al Mana, 41.

“She’s doing very well,” he told PEOPLE. “She’s taking it easy. [She’s] hoping for a healthy baby.”

News of her pregnancy came after the star released a video in April apologizing to fans for canceling her Unbroken tour, while also alluding to her baby on the way.

“We’re in the second leg of the tour, and there actually has been a sudden change,” Jackson said in the clip. “I thought it was important that you be the first to know. My husband and I are planning our family. So I’m going to have to delay the tour.”

Jackson and the Qatari businessman were married in 2012 in a private ceremony.

— Blake Bakkila with reporting by Mia McNiece

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Kim on

Having a baby at this age is just stupid esp when the baby is not even likely biologically hers. Why not adopt? There are actually lots of African American babies that need homes.

Kathy on

Anyone who has a baby at 50 is just plain nuts.

Lala on

People are having kids at older ages but we need to think. Even if she is lucky to live to 90, after that her child will be 40 and motherless. And hopefully it is an active, healthy 70-90 so the child isnt her caretake by their 20s. People will get mad at this statement but trust some of us who are parentless at younger ages and your own children do not have grandparents. Its hard. I hope she lives a long healthy and active life for her child. Let the mad replies start..

reh1259 on

I’m just curious ,but how did she get pregnant at 50? I know that didn’t happen naturally.

patty on

Having a baby at 50 is selfish. Who will care for the child when she is gone? Having just lost my own mother in my 40’s, its much too soon and so incredibly painful.

Karen on

Lala – my mother died when I was 39 and that left me motherless so I’m not understanding your point. Being 40 years old and motherless, I think the child will be ok.

Joyce on

I truly do not believe that she is really pregnant.

MSS on

While I agree becoming a first time mother at 50 isn’t the smartest thing, for many reasons, no one knows when they will die. Look at Jose Fernandez who just died at age 24, leaving behind a pregnant girlfriend. You just never know

ThinkRealHard on

Good for you Karen. Some of us didn’t want to be motherless so young. This simply increases the chances by having a child at such an age. Real simple to understand, there are many journals about it.

guest on

Well it’s NOT her first and she’s NOT pregnant now at 50, so…..

Branisllaw on

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Angieinthemix1988 on

Haters, are going to hate, that’s what they do with their little no life selves. Super excited for Janet and Wissam. Janet once said that having a child would be the cherry on top, in her life. Janet has achieved so much in her life. A life filled with a lot more mountain highs, than valley lows. She has won almost every award imaginable, some established specifically for her. Prior to Janet, there had never been anyone exactly like her before in the entertainment industry. She influenced so many of today’s young entertainers, as they themselves,have often said. We love her because she has given so much joy to so many people for over the last thirty plus years. We are so thankful to god that her desire to have a child, is about to become a reality. God, not Haters, have got this. May his will be done. May they be careful with their snarky totally uncalled for remarks, because they are questioning God’s will for Janet’s life, which is non of their business. If this was not meant to be, it would not be regardless. Can’t wait to see Janet and Wissam’s baby, and am prayerful that all continues to go well. As a mom, I can tell you that Janet is about to experience the greatest most pure love of all, the love of a mother for her child. God Bless

Jodi on

Wow what judgement. Unless its you having the child, maybe you should just keep your “too old” comments to yourself. A child at any age is a blessing. She must have really wanted to be a mother to still consider it with this much judgement from society. I wish her happiness and all the best. How sad people can’t just be happy for her.

SuzyQ on

He’s from Bahrain.

erica2 on

I am so excited for Janet…I was so impressed with how maternal she appeared to be when she took Michael’s children under her wing after his untimely passing. I think Janet will be an excellent mother. God blesses women with motherhood at different stages of their lives. This is Janet’s time! I wish her the absolute best with the remainder of what has to be considered a high risk pregnancy due to advanced maternal age. Janet certainly doesn’t look 50 and I am willing to bet she doesn’t act 50. She has waited a long time, and achieved everything but this wonderful gift. I am sure she will enjoy every moment of raising a child. Her husband seems completely devoted to her and will be the partner in parenthood that she will need him to be.

Tell the Truth on

Just like Beyonce, Janet’s using a surrogate.
And this is NOT even her “first” child. She has an adult daughter who was raised by family members.
Using a surrogate is fine, Janet and Beyonce–but stop LYING to us like we’re idiots! 😣

thunder on

Big announcement from Tito “She’s hoping for a healthy baby.” WOW! I would not have guessed! And the source says she “feels good about everything,” so that must include Michael’s death and Paris’s flameouts! Oh, and the refugee crisis, global warming, random shootings, genocide … hahahahaha!!! I guess the source meant “everything in her life.” As for caring for children, lots of women care for their grandchildren full time. She’ll manage, the kid will manage, and whatever.

Lisa on

This was revealed on Crazydaysandnights.net – she isn’t pregnant. She had a daughter 30 years ago that she raised out of the spotlight. That daughter had a daughter – Janet will be raising her.

sparkysvision on

Another Whack-A-Doo in the making. Normal to be 50 and have a baby.

denise on

Why does everyone have to be so judgmental and mean? Unless you live in their house and know the facts, then why can’t you just say congrats.
It is their private business.

lindy500 on

do not believe that she is really pregnant
Me too- I bet she has hired a surrogate

lala on

You people really think she’s pregnant??? She’s not! She has a surrogate carrying her child! She’s seen out with puffy clothes bc she’s trying to convince people she’s pregnant but she’s NOT. She’s gained weight – as she has many times before – but she is NOT carrying this child!

Debbe on

I do feel bad for kids with older parents because at 50 right now, I worry about losing my own mom, I don’t want her to leave me on this earth…I still need her and she is just 26 years older than me BUT with that said: I cannot believe women are commenting about Janet’s age. It is better for a WANTED child to be born by a 50 year old mom than a teenager who throws the child in the trash bin.

Debbe on

To the women who say this is not biologically her child, wait until you get 50. It feels like yesterday when I was 25 and thought 50 was ancient. Now I am 50, still have periods, STILL fertile, still feel 25. SO watch what you say, this could happen to you at 50 and a child loved is more important than the age of the parents in the end. I see so many young moms not giving a crap about their babies.

Debbe on

To the people who say she can’t be carrying the child, jezus, if you still have periods at 50, you CAN still get pregnant. MY FSH level is 3 and at 50, lower than many women in their 20’s. Lastly, Alec Baldwin is 60 and having kids and Mel Gibson too, yall go pick on these ancient men who already had children, why do they need to do that? At least Janet doesn’t have grown kids, she is having her first one and ready for it. Good for her!!

Such Negativity on

Who cares if she’s 50? She can afford to take care of the baby. The baby will be taken care of if something happens to her. And her baby will still be better off than mine and yours. Congratulations Janet and Wissam!

Kristina on

DEBBE…… Love your comments! Spot on!!

Katrinka on

I don’t believe she is pregnant.

Betty Rubble on

Hard to tell. I saw the pictures and from the front she looks pregnant and her face is definitely full but from the back, it almost looked like a fat suit. And I’d gladly continue to look at pictures of her pregnancy wardrobe than that of Kim K. That was just plain disturbing. All of it.

ShesNOTtheMama on

If there is anyone on the planet that believes that she is actually pregnant at 50, you’re as ridiculous as she is in thinking that she could pull this off. That baby bump is nothing more than too many pizzas and fast food. That family cornered the market on delusional. And lies.

ImALadyToo on

Just because you can doesn’t mean that you should. I think it is selfish to the kid(s).

Nice on

I love it, my grandmother had my mother at 57 and my mom passed 1st at 21 in my birth and my grandmother raised me and died peacefully combing her hair on her porch. My fathers wife had my brother at 50, she tried unsuccessfully for around 20 years when she forgot about BOOM, I have a brother he is 18 now and my father and his mom are still in great shape. So you just never know sometimes it just takes everything to align before you get pregnant. It just happened for her later in life. Congrats Mrs Janet Jackson and hubby!

Katie on

I am 52 years old, and my daughter is 7 now. She is in second grade, and she was the best surprise that I ever had! I have a 16 old daughter, and a 14 year old daughter too. There are plenty of older parents out there! More people are having children in their 40s.

Anonymous on

It took her years to conceive so people need to stop ive heard of women older than her trying

Anonymous on

congratulations Janet and Wissam!!

Sonia on

surrogate !!!!!

Rebecca on

Congratulations on your bundle of joy. Now give us our money back for your “postponed” concert!!!

Anonymous on

So tired of the “not her first child LIE” That lie stay on repeat by those doped-up broke drug addicted “D’s and James’s former cellmate, the contributor to murder, Conrad Murray. Even momma D gets in on the act. How desperate and appalling is that? Everybody knows it’s a lie. The repeating of the lie, by them and their surrogates, will not make it true, it’s still just a repeated lie. James had her, but he chose to continue his drug abuse of the relationship. Thankfully, Janet’s family got her away from those people, or she got tired of picking him up on the seedy side of town, and came to her senses. Whatever happened, thank God for it, because who knows? Janet could have became a drug addict as well, resulting in her wasting her life and career while going in and out of jail. Don’t mean to be cruel, but they don’t seem to mind being cruel to her by perpetuation a lie, ENOUGH already! They had her in their family, they blew it, let it go, and EARL THEIR MONEY, IF THEY WANT SOME. Now, that she is about to have their child, I hope her husband put his lawyers on them. Their lie could now affect an innocent child, their child. The rest of the lie repeaters, are just Haters, they are just jealous air-heads LOL. They show-up every time there is an article about her. No one want to hear that BS. Sorry for the rant, but I loath LIARS.

Te on

I must be the only person that doesn’t believe she’s actually pregnant. It looks as though she has gained some weight in the face, but I think she has on a fat suit under all those layers of clothes. I see no true “baby bump”!

bob cummings on

I have some suggestions: black sambo, midnight, tarpaper.

Tina on

May God continue to shine on you. You are a beautiful person and you deserve this blessing. A Baby is truly a Gift from GOD. Enjoy this chapter in your life, It will be beautiful.


Ladies.. LIGHTEN UP! I am 48 and can still have a baby it is all in how you take care of yourself and your body. This woman has a body of a 25 year old female. I am happy for her. Its not just African Americans babies that need homes White babies need homes also. I work for the State and it is equal across the board. Just think of the women that can’t conceive and if you don’t have anything positive to say don’t commit. She is rich so at 50 if she wants a baby she can have one. For all the negative people go outside and breathe in some fresh air.

Merl on


Ms. T on

Congrats to the both of you. My your lives be fulfilled with love and happiness. Having a bay at any age is a blessing.

God bless you both!!

Linda on

My grandmother became pregnant at 49 with her last child. That was 55 years ago. So, it is possible to have a natural pregnancy at 50. I think it must be very rare to become pregnant at that age. She would never have considered ending the pregnancy, so my uncle was born strong and healthy. I am told it was quite a shock to her doctor as well. He was convinced she must have a tumor and wanted to perform surgery. She had had 11 children already and told him she knew she was pregnant….she went to a different doctor for the pregnancy care. After my uncle was born she introduced her “tumour” to the original doctor. It must have been funny.
My grandfather died when my uncle was only a boy. My grandmother died at age 76 and it was hard on my uncle. Fortunately, for him, having such a large family helped tremendously. He was, and still is, very close to all of his siblings and nieces and nephews.

Anonymous on

Of course she is pregnant. she may have used a donor egg but I do believe she is pregnant

lwill21 on

Janet is just happy. I’m so glad she is having a baby! She has truly met her prince and is now going to o be giving her husband an HEIR to his kingdom there in Qatar! Stop with the judgement.How many of us American women critics on here can say that they gave birth to a child for a BILLIONAIRE????

Beth on

Women can get pregnant at 50s and 60s my mom got pregnant with me at the age of 54 she unfortunately died when i was 25 she had me naturally the old fashion way with my dad who is still alive if you don’t know what you are talking about then don’t comment

Melody Williams on

Maybe, I am mistaken, but Janet already have a grown-up daughter!!!

Samantha on

I AM more than happy for her and hubby,something is very wrong here:,but why isn’t she claiming her older child????????

Kay on

This is her second baby!!! shhhh

Patty on

My mother in-law was 40 years old when she had my ex husband.
She lived to be 102
THis is Janet Jackson life let her be HAPPY

Adriane on

Why is it so important to stress its her first child?

Geraldine on

I think it is so awful for people to talk about other folk having babies at 50 or any age after 40 she is not nut’s she is not crazy God said this is the time and I love it and the person who said it is biologically not hers who told you this not God I no, and if there are African American babies that need homes go get you one.

Anonymous on

Congratulations Janet Jackson boy.I know this past year for u was hard for the loss of your brother Michael Jackson.I loved the way he moved on his feet.I loved your brother very much to.It’s great to see a smile on your face Janet Jackson.I’m happy for the arrival of your baby boey Eissa