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Pregnant Janet Jackson Shows Off Bump While Shopping for Baby

09/28/2016 at 05:35 PM ET

Janet Jackson pregnant

Bump, there it is!

Janet Jackson gave a glimpse of her growing baby belly while leaving a furniture store in London on Tuesday afternoon.

The mom-to-be — who wore sweatpants, a black sweater and a scarf — arrived to Back in Action in a black Mercedes, according to Entertainment Tonight.

While in the store, Jackson reportedly spent time with the staff looking over their merchandise and even checked out a stroller for her baby on the way.

The expectant mom and singer, 50, has kept a low profile since news that she was expecting her first child with husband Wissam Al Mana, 41, broke in May.

Jackson’s brother Tito confirmed her pregnancy in June, telling PEOPLE, “She’s doing very well. She’s taking it easy. [She’s] hoping for a healthy baby.”

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In April, the star released a video to apologize for canceling her highly anticipated Unbroken tour — and also hinted that she had a baby on the way.

“We’re in the second leg of the tour, and there actually has been a sudden change,” Jackson said in the clip. “I thought it was important that you be the first to know. My husband and I are planning our family. So I’m going to have to delay the tour.”

Jackson and the Qatari businessman were married in 2012 in a private ceremony.

— Blake Bakkila

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Anonymous on

God bless her but, man, I couldn’t imagine being pregnant at 50. I hope she’s feeling well!

Anonymous on

Omg she’s going to be almost 70 when this child graduates high school

Vonnie on

Omg she’s going to be almost 70 when this child graduates high school

Dawn on

Wow! She certainly doesn’t look 50! Bless her! I just had a baby at 42 and it was not easy on these ol’ bones, as healthy and “normal” as the pregnancy was. I can’t even imagine doing it at 50!

guestie on

I read a blind item about her. That she’s wearing a fake belly bump, the child is being carried by a surrogate who’s apparently having difficulties etc And that she was gonna appear in public to show off ‘her bump’. Less than a week later, here she is. The Jacksons are nutjobs!

reh1259 on

Can somebody please tell me how a 50 year old woman became pregnant? I know she didn’t do it naturally.

Stacy Hackney on

How exciting. Wishing them a healthy, happy baby.

guest on

“Laughing my ass off “, why is it ok to perpetuate a lie? Why do you think one would have fun carrying a fake pregnancy? It might be your opinion but it is hurtful for those targeted by you and others who are as thoughtless as you are.

Suzee on

Anyone who believes Janet is actually carrying her own child is a fool. Please people!

Rachel on

At some point its just not smart to have a child. Wow…50 years old. @reh1259 the odds are that this baby was created using an egg donor or she froze her eggs 20 years ago. Also, I would not be surprised if the baby is actually being carried by a surrogate considering she has made no public appearances since announcing her pregnancy. It’d be easy to hide a fake bump under that sweat suit. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with surrogacy and if it was me I’d just own it and say a surrogate is carrying the baby.

Zook on

yeah, i’d let him impregnate me.

Melissa J Hinton on

Her mole reminds me of the kings from Men in Tights. Switches sides, appears, disappears, gets smaller, gets larger.

Bob on

Baby at 50, huh? What is the motivation there I wonder.


For all the haters out there, still doubting Janet’s Pregnant. Blessings come when we least expect them. She has tried to get pregnant for a long time with Wissam. She has made it publicly known that if she could not conceive, she would adopt, and/or freeze her eggs. So why would she fake a pregnancy, she’s not trying to stay relevant like beYAWNce who indeed faked her pregnancy. Another thing, Janet has never been an attention seeker, even at the height of her career. She’s always promoted her music, concerts, movies and after all of that, she would go back into hiding. Her privacy has been her biggest thing, and she has done interviews where she said that her privacy gives her a sense of normalcy, which is why she’s never been in the press for negativity, accept when Justina Timberfake pulled off her breast plate at the Superbowl. If God has blessed her to be pregnant at 50 then it’s Gods Will. People keep saying “Oh, she’s going to be 80 when the child 30, blah, blah, blah….Janet’s mother is in her 80’s and she is still vibrant and was never a dancer like Janet, and she”s taken care of her grandchildren, great grandchildren and great, great grandchildren…so I am sooooo sure Janet can take care of one baby. What is surprising is all the hateful women who are complaining about her being 50 and pregnant, but these same women are always talking about women’s rights, women are smart, women are this and that…FAKE is what women are and contrived. As for the men on here complaining about a women, sort of questions your manhood. Now if anyone should be attacked about faking a pregnancy is beYAWNce, her entire belly collapsed, she was never seen coming out of a baby boutique, all you saw was her stomach going up and down…and other times she was carrying a purse to cover her stomach when she wasn’t wearing the prosthetic. Again, Janet has nothing to prove, she’s rich, she’s beautiful, she’s empowered, she’s married, a dancer, singer, author/writer, actress, director, Iconic Multi-million dollar Musical Legend, and married to a billionaire, so she’s very blessed to be pregnant. I wish her and Wissam, a very happy, healthy baby…and May God Bless and keep them all. And for the racist people who are referring to her husbands religion, people can worship who they want and if white people especially would stop always basing a persons worth on a religion and a color, then the world would be a better place.

Educate Yourself on

To reh1259 (below) . . . what do you mean ‘she didn’t do it naturally’ – what you honestly think people who are 50 don’t have sex? Wow.

DaGuest on

What a bunch of nuts on here. Yeah, she’s faking it, Beyoncé faked it, Oprah’s gay and Elvis is still alive. You’re idiots!

Lee on

There are grandmothers who carry children for their daughters who aren’t able to. Why is it so far fetched that Janet at 50 couldn’t carry a pregnancy?

startermama on

There are no guarantees in life. You could have a baby in your 20’s, and then pass away for whatever reason before you’re 40. We all assume we will live to see our 80’s, 90’s but you just don’t know. Do what makes you happy. No one knows how long we will be around, or if we’ll live to see our kids grow up, regardless of how old we were when we had them.

Lindsay Bluth on

Pfft I can’t believe people actually think she is pregnant. It’s kind of weird how some celebrities would rather play this elaborate charade, using a surrogate isn’t anything to be ashamed of. Those crazy Jacksons.

Anyways she looks younger than her husbands.

Really Troy? Really? on


Rambling of a crazy person or LaToya Jackson.

Blindgossip 4eva on

Blindgossip is never wrong. She is not pregnant and the sad thing is she is having this baby by surrogate because she couldn’t fill the venues for her tour so she needed a reason to cancel and not look like an asshole. Also, she already has a kid that she gave birth too when she was 18 but denies this. Wake up ppl celebrities are constantly lying. A lot of relationships you read about are fake and are business deals!

Guest4520 on

In Feb of this year at the age of 45 I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. My only other child is 23! My husband died suddenly a few years ago at the age of 41. I am now in a relationship with a man in his 20’s. I honestly figured “my stuff” didn’t work anymore, and due to health problems I can’t take any birth control that contain hormones. So, once in my new committed relationship I wasn’t worried about getting pregnant. I conceived my daughter 100% naturally, no medical intervention at all. So while I know it’s rare, it is possible for women around Janet’s age to get pregnant and carry a healthy baby to term. Maybe it has something to do with being with younger men lol. Perhaps she had IVF, froze her eggs, or just like me, she’s been blessed with a miracle baby! 🙂

uXOBI on

Congratulations to Wissam and Janet! Continue to take care of Janet and the baby. Continuing to pray that all is well!!!

DaNiteBlu on

Troy 💯👏U write passionately & so forthright in opinions that’s shared by many happy folk❣️

Anonymous on

As the saying goes, “Haters are going to Hate” so excited for you Janet! A child is the only thing you do not have, and now God is giving you that. You are in for an adventure of a lifetime, enjoy!! Women, wealthy women are having their children later in life, and that is wonderful. Your child will not have to compete with your career, with you yearning to find yourself. Money will not be an issue …. I wish I could be your child. LOL Don’t know what their motives are for saying such nasty hateful things, but that is on them. You are a black women, our bodies don’t shutdown at thirty-five, we have always had children into our forties and fifties. I sincerely wish more women would wait until they could actually afford to have children because it would save the taxpayer a lot of money when the divorces occurs. Again , enjoy! You look like a twenty-five year old, you are in good shape, your hubby is in his forties, which means he is older enough to be settled and not chasing skirts, he is rich, he loves you. You are bless, you have given so much, enjoy!!!

Brooke on

Well, we all know she is really pregnant now. I mean…Janet got BACK. She looks like she has gained 75-80lbs. Can’t imagine her faking THAT

Christianna on

I wish her a healthy pregnancy! I personally could not imagine being pregnant at 50. It’s hard enough at 32 (thru conceive easy) and then you have to take care of a baby which requires a lot of energy. But if that’s what she wants, I am happy for her.


Who cares how old she is. She is a grown woman who longed to have a child and I’m sure it was vitro. Anyway, I was 20, 24 and 35 when I had my kids. Just take care of your damn self and you won’t complain of old bones etc. If I didn’t have my first two in my twenties, I would try again at 45..

Felicia E on

Best wishes to Janet and her husband. May your baby be healthy and happy. Don’t listen or even pay attention to all the nay sayers, Janet. Do you, girl. Do you. Speaking as one whose had fertility issues and could not get pregnant, I applaud you. Each person is different. While the doctors say it’s not wise and the chances of using your own eggs to have a baby are slim after age 30, we serve a God who can do anything and everything. He is the ultimate physician. God Bless You. I am 54 and I am married without children. God has another plan for me. I’m okay with that. 🙂

Steph on

She’s pregnant because it’s the jollywood thing. Mix your kid in a petri dish. Kow has done it twice, tiegen did it with her kid, etc. it’s the latest craze

guest on

She looks old and bloated 😦

AvidAthiest on

I think she’s actually carrying a child. Her face is rounder than normal and her legs are definitely larger. She looks larger all around, not just on her tummy.

Jules on

Hahaaaa!!! at the “Blind Gossip is never wrong”!!!!! That’s hilarious. And YES, she probably froze her eggs and had IVF. Her husband (and her) and filthy rich so I’m sure they can have access to whatever they could possibly want.

MeToo on

Guestie, I read the same thing on Blind Gossip! The day after they printed the article about her buying a fake bump/surrogate carrying the baby this picture came out! Exactly as BG said it would happen!

oh please on

She is NOT actually pregnant..She is using a surrogate , She doesn’t look pregnant just padded with baggy clothes

Kiki on

Months ago it was said they used donor egg and his sperm, and that she was having hormone treatments to successfully carry a baby. I have a friend who actually carried twins for her daughter at age 52 because her daughter couldn’t carry the babies. This 52 year old was in great shape, owns a gym, and underwent the same type of hormone therapy to carry the now healthy kids. It can be done…just because you can’t imagine it doesn’t mean it cant happen.

Howl on

Hah yeah right that she is pregnant. It’s called baby clothes and gaining 10 pounds. I can’t believe how many morons fall hook line and sinker for everything that a celebrity claims. Like they don’t fake pregnancies, enter lavender marriages, contractual and fake relationships, don’t cheat, or believe that Justin Beiber changed his bad boy ways. He is still a little punk jerk and it didn’t change because he cried on stage like a baby.

lindy500 on

Those pants are 10 times too big and hiding that she is NOT pregnant..
I bet she is using a surrogate.

S. on

Why is she soooooo covered up? Sorry, she looks huge and bloated. But, I wish her well.

Boo on

Kind of selfish and not such a wise decision @ 50 really, is it?? I understand she WANTS a child, but would you risk your health, and the baby’s, at such an age? There are other ways to get that baby, so why risk a pregnancy @ 50?? Not buying it.

Anonymous on


Founa on

congratulation Janet. God bless you…….

leilani csrvalho on

OMG you people are straight crazy look at her face how chubby it is her nose is bigger she is carrying her own little baby and she will be blessed with a handsome little man soon. People still do have baby’s at 50 yrs old

susan on

Think maybe Janet can show us some baby bump flesh, We would like to see some bare stomach because I don’t wanna people talking about her like they did Beyounce, I like them both and think they are down to earth.



TJ on

Despite the negative comments…I believe J.J. is pregnant&isn’t using a surrogate. I read an article a few,few months ago J.J. had help w/IVF. For myself being 48…I wouldn’t do it…no way!! I hope her&hubby have a healthy baby. God bless her!!!

Amy on

What a selfish woman. Does she realize that she has endangered this child’s health? At this age the child could have downs or some other health issue because she’s too old. Why not a surrogate? Why not adopt? God only knows there are millions of children waiting to be adopted.

Anonymous on

You can tell from her face that she
is pregnant. It is not fake at all. My friend had her son at 51. Her Last born was in her 2nd year at college. Wishing you all the best and I pray you have a healthy child who will be a blessing to both of you

Anonymous on

and rena ellis saids call me asap immediately janet jackson

Denice on

wish you are the best congratulations

Maxine Rivera on

I am so very happy for you Janet and I pray you will have a safe and secure pregnancy. I am having my youngest at 50 also and I believe God is going to see us threw and we will have a health pregnancy because of the promises of Christ on the cross. I believe his blood was shed for the hedge of protection he promises us. I believe he is a God that do not lie and watches over his word to preform it. Janet when I was 42 years old I had a daughter that was promised to me even after two miscarriages, she is here and now 8yrs old and very intelligent. God told me just like he promise Abraham, Isaac and he was born fully functional with every thing he needed and more. That is the same thing he told me about my daughter. Janet I bless you and this pregnancy with the Riches of God Grace and Mercy for all you need to take you threw this pregnancy and the years of blessing with this new beginning in your life… I Love you since the days of Penny….

Anonymous on

Fake pregnancy! And for all you that believe the “baby bump” crap well guess what, they made Arnold Schwarzenegger look pregnant too!

kendra joy bethune on

i don’t think janet cares now about her career when she giving birth to a baby she wanted so much janet’s are too rich now in 2016 still wanting to be on stage a american icon