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Kathryn Hahn on Her Daughter Using Her First Swear Word: ‘At Least It Was Grammatically Correct’

09/26/2016 at 04:45 PM ET

Kathryn Hahn alliance of moms
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Kathryn Hahn added summer blockbuster to her resume when she starred in the hit comedy Bad Moms, and now she says she’s dealing with another bad thing: her daughter’s language.

Hahn, 43, shared that Mae, 7, her daughter with husband Ethan Sandler, 43, just hit a milestone every parent dreads: swearing.

“Oh my God. My daughter said her first proper swear word. That was a milestone in our house,” Hahn told PEOPLE at the Alliance of Moms Presents Raising Baby event in Los Angeles on Saturday.

“It was not a good one, but it was used correctly,” she says. “It was used as an adverb and there was a big old ‘ing’ on the end.”

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While it might not be the ideal choice of language for any parent, Hahn chose to see the silver lining in the situation.

“Okay, alright, at least it’s grammatically correct,” she jokes

When Mae isn’t expanding her vocabulary, she spends time reading with her mom, one of many “like mother, like daughter” moments Hahn has experienced with her little girl.

“We’re reading Charlotte’s Web for the umpteenth time,” she says. “Amelia Bedelia — I’m so excited that I can now read it to them.”

Her son Leonard, 9, has a different taste in literature.

“My son is big into Harry Potter, big into Mad Magazine at our house, which makes me laugh,” Hahn says.

Now that her children are older, Hahn says there’s no fooling them anymore.

“They’re starting to read to me,” she says, noting that her daughter has caught on to some of her mom’s shortcuts. “I used to edit … like, it’s too long and boring. I’m just going to cut out these chapters, and now she’ll call me out on it, so it’s not as fun.”

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sally on

Age 7? My kids don’t swear and they are 14 and 16. We do not swear- in front of our kids any way! We had a no swear rule. No matter if all their friends swear like sailors- we don’t accept that trash talk. Makes me SICK to hear how parents swear LOUDLY with their kids at Chuckie Cheese, parks, malls, etc…. I get SO peeved when they do in front of my kids. Have some class people. I do not find it funny one bit when a young child swears. How sad for them that their little girl has a foul mouth. I say, Go WASH it out with SOAP!

Jamie on

Congratulations to you. 🙄

seabot on

It took her until age 7 to say one? Dang. That’s pretty late.

We didn’t make a huge deal out of it. Because it isn’t a huge deal. And it isn’t a punishable offense either, it’s a teaching opportunity. Wash their mouths out with soap, indeed. God forbid we simply talk to them about it why it’s inappropriate.

Peti on

Sally, your kids swear. All they learned was not to do it at home or Mom would abuse them. And oh, the irony on you lecturing about class and then recommending putting soap into a child’s mouth.

Jenna on

Holy Shi+ Sally, calm down! I don’t think swear word merits child abuse. I just tell my kids that certin words are adult words and when they ‘re adults they may use them if they wish. But until then, those words are off limits.

Lol on

@Sally you mean they just don’t curse in front of you- your children are human not angels lmao

I was raised by my grandparents to never allow anyone to touch me without consent, to never allow someone to belittle me, to never follow blindly, to always value my education and self worth, to work hard, and be kind to all the living. You know what I was allowed to do? Curse whenever I felt like it. Did I? No. I was raised with respect and knew when and where was appropriate. I also knew to be a big enough person with a big enough brain to not let other people peeve me for living their lives the way they please. They always say how often you’re offened is directly correlated to how little minded a person can be. Take a step back to realize, you only offened yourself. My upbringing will serve me better for eons because I was taught what truly matters to thrive in this world.

Anonymous on

Old method that works well. Time out with soap in the mouth. Very effective. Stop it while they are young.

Kelly on

Just wash that mouth out with soap. Swearing isnt good

Jackie on

Ivory soap rings a bell here. And works great =)