North West Dances to Daft Punk While on Flower Girl Duty at Wedding

09/24/2016 at 09:45 AM ET

North West
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

It’s official: North West is the cutest flower girl ever.

While attending a wedding with mom Kim Kardashian West and dad Kanye West Friday night in Simi Valley, California, the 3-year-old tot lent her supporting services to the new bride and groom.

North wore white spaghetti strap dress with tulle skirt and an oversized purple bow as she played with the newly married couple’s “flower dogs” — as seen in video on Kardashian West’s Snapchat story.

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Her hair pulled back in a tight bun, North wore a headband of purple flowers on her head.

Later in the night, the stylish toddler threw a white fur jacket over her outfit — and hit the dance floor to groove to a cover of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,” sung by the wedding’s live band.

Mom and Dad didn’t look too bad at the wedding either. The two walked hand-in-hand as the entered the festivities.

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West

Kardashian West wore a plunging halter-top taupe dress that hugged her newly slender body. Her hair falling down to her side, the 35-year-old reality star accessorized the look with a trio of gold necklaces and a pair of suede lace-up boots.

West, meanwhile, looked just as elegant in a tailored black tux and black suede shoes. He kept the look clean with a crisp white button-down shirt and no tie.

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North has been known to steal the show in the past.

She turned heads recently while watching her dad perform at Madison Square Garden in New York City — looking like her mom’s mini-me in matching silver sequin dresses.

The only difference? Nori opted for cute sneakers while her mama rocked see-through heels.

— Dave Quinn

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veggie mama on

Cute now, but soon she’ll be doing nude selfies and strutting her stuff just like her hooker mama. Hope not, but the family has no moral standards for women.

GMG on

“West, meanwhile, looked just as elegant …… He kept the look clean with a crisp white button-down shirt and no tie.”
Looking at the corresponding photo and the comment “no tie”, I believe the writer of the comment needs glasses.

anonymous on

This is the best and they have both looked.

Cindy on

You come onto every single one of their stories Veggie, seems you have mental health issues so I won’t get too upset at the fact you just attacked a THREE year old. You really need to stay off of this website if you cannot control your unwarranted hate and anger towards complete strangers. They all look great. Deal with it. If you don’t like this family, here’s a thought, don’t read their stories.


Photoshop is a wonderful tool.

Anonymous on

Not cute at all.

Kimberly on

Poor North, she’s a really pretty little girl but she has goofy parents.

BONORON Sarah on

The little girl is adorable, but a fur coat at 3????…..

LA on

North is a very beautiful little girl. I pray that Kim, her Mommy, soon wakes up and realizes that she is setting an example for those pretty little eyes of her daughter. Does she want to raise a little teenage daughter who wants to parade around taking selfies of herself 99.9 percent nude ? Give this sweet little girl a good example of self respect and class. Raise a “good girl” who will have good morals.

digit on

Kids gonna be the same kind of nitwit her parents are eventually. Treasure these last few precious moments of innocence….

Uh on

Anyone else think it looks like she has eyeliner on in the first pic?

anapereira on


Angie Bee on

THE cutest, prettiest little girl ever!

guestie on

No decorum. No sense.
Kimmy can’t even cover up her cleavage out of respect for a friend’s wedding? It’s always about her! Smh.

zapp on

Ohh, she’s such a cutie!! Too bad she’s stuck with those disgusting parents.

sally on

Not a fan of these two but he actually looks good and so does she.

sally on

OMG is that eyeliner on her eyes in the top photo!

Shan_30ish on

I’m getting married next month and if anyone shows up dressed like Kim they will be asked to leave and come back wearing something more appropriate. Or just stay home. Tacky tacky TACKY!

📝 on

Very sad that an already lovely little girl was photoshopped by her disgusting mother. I wonder if any of the KarJenners even recognize themselves when they look in the mirror?

Rice on

Photo shop, it’s not lighting “!!

Howdy Doody on

Oh yeah!! Give it a year this little tot no doubt will doing crazy stuff like here Momma!! Hardly wait for that naked behind bouncing around their pool!

Bearly on

Wow…..They put eyeliner on her already…Kris J has another generation to make money off of. I am sorry but that is so inappropriate to teach your daughter she needs to look different and wear make up at three years old! I feel bad for the girl being raised by the two biggest narcissists in the world. Kris probably gave her a lesson on how to use a video recorder like mommy did. Maybe when they teach her sex ed mom and dad can have Ray J come over and Kayne can finally see it reinacted live like he has always dreamed of! Hahahaha this family is such a joke!!! I know they have made so much money, but a lot of people have made money by not selling their body and embarrassing their family name. What is she going to do when she starts to eventually look like Kris?!….. Yikes! I guess she will vicariously live through her kids…. And so the cycle continues. Hahaha

Bubbles on

HAHAHA lmao Bearly! That is one of the funniest comments I have ever seen! And so true, Kim will lose her sh*t when she gets older and starts to look like Kris, there is only so much surgery can do for a girl! But Kayne watching that tape and enjoying it was the best comment, glad to know there are a few people left in this world who know how fake these people are. And I think it’s funny people actually believe their show isn’t scripted lol! Sorry to anyone who thought this was “reality “

CrabbyChique on

Lol no, it’s not eyeliner. That is a snapchat filter.

Psychic One on

She is the cutest little girl! Stay sweet North! ❤️

Anonymous on

she is a spoiled little almost ever time you she pics of her she is crying little brat

W Reed on

It’s bad enough that Kim and Kanye wear fur, but it’s disgraceful to indoctrinate a child into that cruel and hideous lifestyle. The child should not be wearing fur.