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Mel Gibson and Pregnant Girlfriend Rosalind Ross Step Out in Dublin

09/23/2016 at 03:30 PM ET

Mel Gibson Rosalind Ross
Michael Simon/Startraks

Bump in the road!

Mel Gibson, 60, and his pregnant girlfriend Rosalind Ross, 26, stepped out together for a casual lunch date in Dublin on Thursday afternoon.

Gibson wore a blue button down and jeans while the mom-to-be donned an athleisure look — leggings, a graphic tee and a track jacket — as they strolled through town.

Ross’s pregnancy was announced last week, when the star’s rep exclusively confirmed to PEOPLE that Gibson will be welcoming his ninth child.

“Mel and Rose are so excited about the baby,” a friend close to the couple said. “Mel loves being a dad and he and Rose can’t wait to be parents together. The last two years have been some of his happiest years he’s ever had.”

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The couple were first linked after a trip to Costa Rica in July 2015. This will be Ross’s first child, and a source told PEOPLE the writer and former champion equestrian vaulter is “great” for Gibson.

“She has her own life, but also seems to enjoy Mel’s,” the source said. “They are very much on the same page.”

Gibson is set to start filming The Professor and the Madman, opposite Sean Penn, in Europe.

— Blake Bakkila

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Izadora on

Gross. Just gross.

Kiki on

He is a revolting hypocrite, who at his age and experience should know better than to live outside his faith and inside his ego. Wonder how long it will take for her to claim he’s a controlling psycho and cash in on the child support like the other one did. Do men his age really think a 26 year old lovely woman (who was 24 when they started dating), are interested in dating someone old enough to be their grandpa for anything other than the love of money?

Sure on

How disrespectful to Robin!!!! Wasn’t happy but bounced on her for 7 kids???

justpuked on

molester gibson

PD on

WTF?? Mel, go get the snip snip already…you are way too old to be a parent again!!

jeannie on

That beard looks nasty.

Summer on

Now I ain’t saying she a gold-digger…

Sara on

I agree: Gross. I think he’s a disgusting human being, and I think he should’ve been done reproducing, and I think the idea of being intimate with grandpa when you’re in your 20s is sickening.

Joe Scatone on

I wonder who the father is.

Me on

He’s a pig.

Lolo on

Come on. A 60 year old man “knocking up” a 26 year old. Gross. What must her family think?? And what about his children?? I don’t care who you are, or how much money and fame you have….NO.

a on

I cant believe people on here are only commenting on him being so old, its not only that I mean he is anti-semitic, he has yet to apologize I think for his remarks about jewish people back in the days.

Monique on

I think everyone has a right to have happiness in this world. He is human being who makes mistakes just like everyone else. He went though a vey rough period and now ha happiness. I know a lot of older men who have fathered babies with young women, I think it is great! I believe that at the age of 60 he is not even done with his life!!! I am 70, still feel and look very young, and I live each and every day enjoying my life. Don’t be s critical in your judgments, some of you may experience your own problems along the way and want another chance at redemption.

Mindy on

a, he apologized both privately and publicly for statements he made while drunk as a skunk. No one should drink and drive, and no one needs to be making racial comments, BUT when a person makes every attempt to apologize, and the “victim” says he accepts the apology, then why should others hold a grudge until the end of time. He hasn’t repeated the offense so…unless he does it again, and he made his peace with the one person who has a right to be offended, why drag it up every time anyone says, “Mel”? Their relationship is their business….I wouldn’t have wanted to be with someone that much older, but she is not me and she is not you……

Sara on

“a,” I commented on it. My “disgusting human being” comment was directly aimed at his anti-Antisemitism.

Mindy, this is different. This isn’t your average, “I got drunk and was belligerent” thing. He went on a real tirade. Alcohol is truth serum. He revealed his true feelings. Of course he apologized! It’s PR! But once someone makes their true feelings known and offends millions, there is no redemption from that. No, ma’am, no sir. As a Jewish woman, I do not accept his apology.

jessica1993x on

I’m not surprised to see haters at the comment section with multiple accounts (right Izie and Kiki?) Some people are so sad they cannot stand to see other people happy and will just spill their grudge against them. There is absolutely nothing gross about two people in love waiting to become parents. They are happy with each other and thats the only thing that matters to them. They couldnt care less of what you think of them. They dont even know that you exist. While you are busy judging Mel and Rose (what a wonderful social life you must have) they are enjoying their life and their relationship to the fullest. Welcome back Mel! New movies, new woman, new kid, new life! This is the moment that us your fans have been waiting for!
ps.Cant wait for the filming of The Professor and The Madman to be over so you can get rid of the beard. The attention must only go to your baby blues!

Chris on

I’m personally happy for Mel. I think he was in a bad place when Robyn and him split up. For anyone who has been through a divorce it really can make you feel as if you are losing your mind.

People love who they love. To all the people hating you just sound sad. I feel like the haters are either 60-year-old women pissed off because they can not find a man who is rich or men pissed off because they can not find a 26-year-old to hook up with.

How is this disrespectful to Robyn? I mean you can’t even spell her name correctly and as far as everyone can tell they are still good friends and both good parents.

Elle on

I have no idea what kind of self-respecting woman would get within one hundred feet of this man let alone a 26 year old. Seriously girl, come on! Is the money really worth it?

Heidi Fischer on

Yuck factor…She must be SO DESPERATE!!!!!!

Heidi Fischer on

Yuck factor…She must be SO DESPERATE!!!!!

Anonymous on

And this is a man who claimed to be a Christian…I doubt he knows what being a Christian is really about. Sad for him and sad for her.

Mrs Doubtfire on

I’m a fan, I had a crush on him in high school actually. Now I think it’s ironic that he’s with a woman younger than me. It’s awkward that she is younger than all but two of his kids, and this kid will be younger than his grandkids. But that’s Hollywood for ya. Glad to see his career back on track anyhow.

a on

this is so wrong.