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Holly Madison Vows to Take Her Time Losing Her 60 Lbs. of Baby Weight

09/22/2016 at 03:30 PM ET

Holly Madison and Forest
Jana Cruder

As a former Las Vegas performer and reality show star, Holly Madison certainly has the experience of looking picture perfect. But when it comes to her post-baby body, she’s not under any pressure to bounce back too soon.

“I’m going to get healthy, but I’m not going to focus on how fast I’m losing weight,” Madison, 36, tells PEOPLE exclusively in this week’s issue. “I don’t have a time limit.”

The former Girls Next Door star and bestselling author, who welcomed her second child, a boy named Forest Leonardo Antonio on Aug. 7, says she gained 60 pounds while pregnant.

“I was eating junk food and ordering a lot of Postmates,” Madison admits. “I spent more on Postmates than I did on groceries!”

Comfort food, indeed. “I was vaguely nauseous and the thought of greens grossed me out,” says Madison. “I was a Shakey’s Pizza regular!”


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Now, “I feel different,” Madison reveals. “I’m not used to feeling like this. But I don’t feel the pressure. I’m just going to get healthy.”

Until then, Madison says with a laugh, “there are tight undergarments and smoke and mirrors!”

Holly Madison and Forest
Jana Cruder

One thing the mother of two has certainly been losing is sleep since bringing home baby Forest.

“It’s been nice. Not a lot of sleep, but it’s been nice,” she says. “I just put the month aside to try and get a new routine with the two kids. I thought I’d been through the baby thing before [with Rainbow Aurora, 3,] and I’d got it down, but juggling with the two kids is something new … It’s a learning process for sure.”

Madison also says her husband Pasquale Rotella was especially excited to welcome a little boy into their family. Before the due date, the eager dad-to-be suggested the name of one of his closest friends, Forest.

“We also liked the name because it’s just a very nature-themed name and it goes with Rainbow,” she says. “I came up with [his middle name, Leonardo,] because people would ask me when I was due and people would say, ‘Oh, he’s a Leo!’ So I kept thinking that was a sign.”

Holly Madison and Forest
Jana Cruder

Once their baby boy was born, Madison says Rotella made a lot of plans.

“He was excited to have a son,” she says. “He’s excited to buy him sneakers. He was really doting on both kids. It’s more about the dynamic of finding balance. He’s always concerned with making Rainbow feel included and giving her attention.”

Part of managing this dynamic started early on, when Madison says she and her husband started talking to Rainbow about their growing family.

Holly Madison and Forest
Jana Cruder

“Pasquale and I have been talking to her about getting a brother or sister long before I was even pregnant,” she says. “We were trying to get the idea in her head, like, ‘You’re not the only one, so chill!’ And we got some gifts from friends, like ‘I’m a big sister’-type books. Those helped a lot.”

For now, Madison looks forward to her kids developing a close relationship.

“Their sibling bond is so valuable,” she says. “It’s so great to have that person who has the shared memories of growing up. It’s her own little team. It’ll be so cute to see them play. It will be really interesting to watch how that develops.”

Holly Madison and Forest
Jana Cruder

Madison says she can see many more bonds forming in the future as her family continues to grow in size — maybe.

“When I was younger, I always thought I might have three kids because I have a brother and a sister,” she says. “I wouldn’t mind having even more, I just want to space it out a little bit. I could see myself having six kids over the years. I am totally open to adopting. One day, a big family.”

— Aili Nahas

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Mrs. B on

I know that every woman is different, but does anybody need to gain that much weight during pregnancy? It’s not like she was pregnant with triplets.

Debra on

If this is a pic of her gaining 60 pounds then she does not need to lose any weight. Sad to photo shop and insecure.

Aimee on

I swear boys make you gain at least 10 more pounds. He’s a cutie and she doesn’t need to worry about the weight loss, worry about the baby and daughter only for now. Weight loss will come in time. She actually gave birth to her kids unlike a lot of celebrities: Rachel Zoe, Beyonce, JLo, Gwen Stefani for the last child and questioning many more celebretards.

Nicole Carter on

Mrs. B, some have gained more. Everyone’s different. 🙂

Jo on

I’m also taking some time to lose the extra 80 pounds that I’ve been holding onto for awhile haha.
Seriously though, I gained like 20-25 pounds with both pregnancies and it was gone within 2-3 weeks. I am overweight (if that was not obvious from the comment above). I guess I just find it odd with what I gained and lost and others’ experiences.

Meena on

I ate like a big but still only managed to gain 23. My body just doesn’t pick up weight quickly. Or it didn’t use to. Now, that I am almost 45…..let’s say that things are a wee bit different.

Shan_Strick on

@Aimee, you don’t think Jennifer Lopez gave birth to her twins? Did you see her when she was pregnant? Her belly was huge and adorable! Not only that, but she gained weight in her face and ankles, just like most women do.

I could maybe agree with you on the rest of them, but Jennifer was definitely pregnant and gave birth to those babies!

Mini Manson on

Love Holly Madison and her family

admin on