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Why Former Bachelorette Star Jillian Harris Swears By Placenta Pills Post-Baby

09/21/2016 at 06:10 PM ET

Jillian Harris baby Leo

No one ever said having a newborn was easy. And for Jillian Harris, the first few weeks of her son Leo George Tiziano‘s life were particularly emotional.

“I was crying every day the first week,” Harris, 36, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

The former Bachelorette star gave birth to Leo, her first child with boyfriend Justin Pasutto, on Aug. 5. “I was trying to give everybody all my love and I felt like it wasn’t possible,” she says.

The blogger and host of HGTV’s Love It or List It, Too in Vancouver decided to try placenta pills, a process in which the placenta is encapsulated into pills and believed to potentially impart health benefits.

“I have nothing to compare it to, but I’ve had so much energy,” says Harris of the effects of the pills. “I haven’t had any major breakdowns and I’ve been feeling really good.”

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That leaves more time to enjoy those precious moments with baby Leo. “I still can’t believe I’m his mom,” says Harris. “There’s a part of me that just feels so grounded now. I’m so happy.”

Harris also says that welcoming Leo has strengthened her relationship with Pasutto. The couple, who are eight years apart in age, have been together for four years — since Harris was 32 and Pasutto was 24.

Jillian Harris baby Leo
Krista Evans

They wanted to wait a bit, as Harris wrote in her pregnancy announcement blog post, “for Justin to ‘catch up’ in age” to her before starting a family, and decided late last year was prime to start trying.

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“We literally got pregnant right away,” she says. “It has been the best thing for our relationship. It solidified our team. We always had our own thing that we were working towards. With Leo around, it’s Leo and it’s [my dog] Nacho and it’s the family. It’s made us a unit. It’s been amazing.”

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— Aili Nahas

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Guest on

Wow, she really is just as annoying as on Love It or List It. Also, these two will split in 2 years, max. He will realize he missed out on his glory days and hightail it out of there.

Kristin on

While they were waiting to have a baby, they could have thought about making a commitment to each other (marriage!) before making a commitment to a human being that will very likely have a succession of father-figures in his life. Sad.

Guest on

Yes Kristen, because being married automatically makes you a better parent and you never ever get divorced later on. And when my three month old farts rainbows shoot out of her a&& and we look for a pot of gold. Get a life and catch up to the rest of society. People like you who say things like that make me want to punch you in the butt.

Gracie on


Wow I’m sorry that you are a sheep, and have to live the way society wants you to live, that you can’t be your own person.


I wish there were more people like you out there who doesn’t bow down to the world of today, but thinks for themself.

Dawn on

WTH is wrong with people? They’ve been together 4 years, so what they’re not married–we all know how marriage makes a commitment last…sweet pictures and I for one wish them the best. She’s always seemed like a nice, bubbly person!

Carolyn on

The boyfriend looks like a moron with that backwards hat. And not everyone wants to “catch up with society” by not making a marriage commitment. It makes a difference to have that piece of paper–you work harder to stay together. I’m a public school teacher and the children who are falling behind and in trouble more than likely don’t have a father in their lives.

Jayleen on

If you’re not mature enough for marriage, you sure as heck aren’t mature enough to be bringing a child into the world.

Melissa on

Completely misinformed. It’s the appeal to nature fallacy. “Animals in the wild eat it after giving birth, so it must be good for us too.” Animals do eat their placenta in the wild, but that’s because they don’t have strength to hunt or forage for food after labor. As developed humans, we have nurses, doctors, and willing partners to bring us food.
There’s no scientific research backing any of this. And anecdotes do not provide proof. Just because a celebrity says it provides benefits, it doesn’t mean it’s true.
Sure, eat it, but don’t give false claims. The only thing worse is false information on vaccines, but that’s a whole other animal in and of itself.

Sarah on

What I can’t stand about Jillian Harris is how she just loves to constantly talk to her fans rather disrespectfully and respond to just about EVERY comment she doesn’t like even if true, its the public eye it comes with the good, bad and ugly deal with it like a grown up and not a child. Unfollowed, also maybe you should consider being more respectful to Kenny just appalling how he is treated on the show! lets wait to all get a scolding with a response each from her. No hate but just honesty.

Jesse L on

I give it maybe a few years. Until she becomes more successful in her career and decided she doesn’t want a partner who has a seasonal job of cleaning boats. ( probably same gig as her high school bf). She is too successful. i have been right before predicting thi and I feel they will split and she will meet a very athletic banker who is on her level. You go Jill!

megan on

Poor thing, thinking the baby is gonna make him stick around or act more mature. Her heart is gonna get broken : /

nat on

That is one cute baby. They look so happy together and I wish them many years of happiness as a family. I love Jillian on Love It or List It Too.

wil on

Animals eat placenta in the wild in order to keep predators away from their young. The scent of afterbirth would draw predators straight to their young.
The idea that the placenta offers any health benefits is hippie nonsense that has no basis in science. Are these people anti-vaxxers too?

Nat on

Wow, all you b!+che $ are just crazy jealous. Jillian and Justin have a beautiful relationship, neither of them want marriage, and they now have a gorgeous son. Just because Justin is younger (and owns and runs a crazy successful company), and just because they aren’t married, doesn’t mean their relationship won’t last a lifetime. Let them be happy and leave them alone. Stupid women knocking other women down. How dare you. You go, Jilly! You’re amazing!

sally on

So some joker said they were going to eat their placenta- so now all these SHEEP jump on board! The placenta had a job to do, once it comes out of your body- it’s over. Eating it is beyond disgusting. It’s like eating discarded wrappers from food. Better to take a really good multi vitamin made for women. Someone, somewhere is laughing their butt off!

Keri on

Many people have their placentas encapsulated for their consumption (no thanks on my side but whatever floats your boat)..what bothers me about this is the question did she eat her own? It states that she cried for the first week daily (which can be normal, especially when you put unrealistic expectations on yourself such add giving everyone all your love) until she read about placenta encapsulation..so I am assuming she did not keep her placenta “hanging around” for that week so sounds like she ate someones else’s…ewwwwww! Yes, animals do eat their placentas but it is to remove as much “evidences” of the birth from predators…

guestie on

I hate you Jilly. Who gave you permission to be that happy!

Ok, Just kidding!

MollyPolly on

Love It Or List It Vancouver is okay; however Jillian’s hair is always a mess and she’s constantly flipping it out of her face. Super annoying even if it is the norm nowadays. So I simply quit watching that show.

guest on

I am wondering how come she did not come here to leave her brilliant comments. @Sarah you are so right. Jillian will never stop bullying every single person that thinks differently than she does on her social media and, which is even worse, she will go all around internet looking for her name and reply to every negative post about her. Check Gomi, you’ll see what I’m talking about. I feel sorry for her, she must have such a low self-esteem. Well, being with this Justin ‘dontwannamarryher’ redneck, just confirms it.

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