Hilaria Baldwin Returns to Running One-Week Post Baby – and Shows Off Her Changing Body

09/21/2016 at 06:05 PM ET

Hilaria Baldwin
Source: Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram

Hilaria Baldwin has hit the trail running  – literally – just one week after welcoming her third child, son Leonardo.

The mom, who is married to Alec Baldwin, shared a photo after her “first run back,” to Instagram on Wednesday.

In the image, Baldwin, 32, wore leggings and a sports bra, showing off her abdominal region.

“Getting up and staying active gives you a lot of energy,” Baldwin wrote in the caption. “Sluggishness begets sluggishness (unless you really just need to rest!).”

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The yoga instrutor insisted that not every new mom can return to a workout regimen so closely after giving birth, noting, “that is between you and your doctor… as it is between me and mine.”

“This post is for those of you who want to begin a workout (man, woman, kids, no kids…) and it seems daunting,” she continued. “I gave myself the goal of 5-10 min to jog. I surprised myself and did 23 minutes. I feel great and refreshed.”

Baldwin noted that when she returned from her nap, Leo and son Rafael, 14 months, were napping, and daughter Carmen, 3, was at her preschool, which she attends “for a few hours, a few times a week.”

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On Monday, Baldwin also documented her post-baby figure on the social media site while celebrating Leo’s first week on earth.

Of her “little man,” she wrote, “He is eating like a champion and gaining weight!!”

— Lindsay Kimble

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BigMoneyNoWhammy on

I find her completely insufferable.

SC on


Lou on

Stop annoying us Hilaria

Wretched woman on

Totally agree. Please make her go away. She infuriates me because she is the antithesis of what yoga really is.

catherinesbooks1 on

When she returned from her nap? The typos in these articles are ridiculous.


Good for her! Call up that nanny and go for that run one week after dropping that baby. I mean, it’s sooooo easy to do when you have three small children at home. And what would we all do without all the pictures we have of her? She is so annoying.

Lisa on

She annoys me to no end. “Look at me! I am just like you, except I have a night nurse, so I get 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep and day nannies to take care of the kids and baby while I exercise and take selfies!”

Go away!!

sally on

Of course she is because the goal is to be the fastest at getting back in shape. And throw in making a ton of new mothers feel awful about themselves- and guilty that they don’t have it in them to get up and run and do yoga! Shame on you- this is unnecessary and you are of a very low percentage of new TYPE A- work out obsessed- new mom’s. The FOCUS should be on BONDING with your baby. Do you NOT get that many out there are FIRST time mom’s just trying to get the baby to latch on??? SO many hormone changes and tears, frustrations etc.. that first month. This makes me SICK and it needs to STOP!

sally on

This OBNOXIOUS women is that girl in H.S. that you just hated! Little Ms. Perfect- on every way. Too bad she grew up to be that same OBNOXIOUS mother. Does ANYONE care about her posts? I mean really- IS there another mother who has recently given birth that is trying to keep up- compete with this narcissist???

sally on

This OBNOXIOUS women is that girl in H.S. that you just hated! Little Ms. Perfect- on every way. Too bad she grew up to be that same OBNOXIOUS mother. Does ANYONE care about her posts? I mean really- IS there another mother who has recently given birth that is trying to keep up- compete with this narcissist???

Lisa on

She annoys me to no end. “Look at me! I’m just like you except I have a night nurse so I get 10 uninterrupted hours of sleep and day nannies to take care of the kids and baby while I exercise and take selfies!”

Unrealistic on

I do appreciate the fact that she added a disclaimer about the fact that working out so soon after baby isn’t for everyone, HOWEVER…it’s selfie obsessed people like her who make the “average” mom feel like absolute shit about themselves as they’re sitting around in their maternity yoga pants, sleep deprived, covered in spit-up, and not knowing up from down a week post-baby. It adds SO MUCH pressure to overwhelmed new moms when they see posts like this featuring perfect post-baby bodies. They then feel like they have to look perfect right away.

Smc on

Why is this news??? Alec take her phone away asap!

Mary on

I am pretty sure all doctors say do not workout for 6 weeks. Your body needs to heal. I tried to workout a few works early and had major bleeding. I hate judging but People Magazine shouldn’t be putting this stuff out there for the masses.

Anonymous on

Shame on People for even posting this article!

Jill on

Why do I want to punch her?

Anonymous on

Get lost along with your husband

Anonymous on

Who is she even talking to? Is there some weird little army of Hilaria Baldwin fans who ask for her to talk about how great and refreshed she feels after her 23 min. run?

Like, are there actual people who applaud her and look to her for life advice? I find her insipid, but perhaps in the posh Manhattan WAGS club, she’s someone people actually care about.

NOTHING about her braggadocious displays is inspiring.

Mom115 on

This is so obnoxious! Not because I am 1 year post partum and still can’t find the energy to go for a run but it almost feels like she is rubbing it in our faces!! If only we could all afford a nanny and not have to go back to work after a few weeks so we could focus on getting our bodies back! What a narcissistic troll!

Get over yourself already, we are on

It sounds like this man has met his match

OhWell on

Okay so as a fellow naturally thin 33 yr old mother of 3 who just gave birth 10 days ago….sorry but you don’t look any different then I do. The thought of putting on sexy panties and a bra right after birth to take a selfie seems silly, distasteful and painful (engorged breasts and hello, bleeding!) though . I get super annoyed with other thin women who completely forget to mention that good genes play a part as well. Running for 23 minutes 1 week after birth, hard to imagine that’s safe isn’t it? I’d seriously question that doctor or her ability to understand what the doctor said. Oh and to the person who said she’s the antithesis of Yoga, AMEN!

I love her on

She didn’t give an interview to People magazine. She posted on her IG acct, where she does have a substantial number of followers, and People picked it up and created an article. That’s not her fault..

EM on

Annoying woman. She is very narcissistic and obsessed with her image. So shallow!

You're all so rude on


jg1965 on

Hilaria Baldwin is a fame w h o r e like the K family. Please, just go home and be a parent to your children and get your husband’s anger issues under control.

Debra on

Another Kartrashian so consumed on her body and not the new life she delivered. Self absorbed witches

cjm on

Put the phone down and tend to your three children……geez . Is nothing private anymore….

Glide on

Barf. What does she want? A crown?

Ethel on

This woman is the most self-absorbed, egocentric person on earth. I don’t see someone who’s a motivator, I see someone who seeks to be an A-List celebrity but is, in fact, a reprehensible person. Shame on you Hilaria……..be an example of determination and hard work!

Anonymous on

she probably has to so her husband won’ t call her a pig too…..like he dd Ireland.

Anonymous on

she has to so her husband does not call her a pig like he did his daughter Ireland.

Dawn on

Bravo to her…not so much. I gave birth 12 days ago, I remained active, but today was the first day I took the baby out for a walk in the pram around the neighborhood and it was a slow walk. After the gift of childbirth and having my stubborn placenta manually extracted for over an hour, there’s no way I’d go for a jog…it’s enough to walk up and down stairs. This vapid woman must have the dumbest doctors if they suggested a jog is a good idea even after the best of labors. The last thing I thought to do the last 12 days is taking selfies, jogging or anything in between. I can barely take my eyes off my sweet baby!

Nicile on

Ugh enough with this chick. All she does is have babies and post pictures of herself.

Elena on

Go away wench. Alec must force her to lose the weight. Seriously she’s a useless woman.

AnNoyed on

I understand she is trying to be inspirational, but WHO asked her anything in the first place?!

Summer on

This isn’t even safe. I’m realistic about fitness and tried to walk, just walk!, for exercise 2-3 weeks post-partum and my bleeding increased quite a bit. Why run a week PP? Why not just focus on resting, healing (hello stitches), establishing breastfeeding, and getting to know your new little one?

Smithy on

Hello. I can’t relate to any of you, but I want you to think i can!!! I may have nannies and cooks and stuff, but guys, it’s just about moving!! You should be more like me. I know you wish you could. I wish you could too. Hugs!!

BriscosBuckknuckle on

Why would it even be necessary to run 1 week after giving birth? That makes all my lady parts hurt just thinking about it.

Erin on

The fact she married a famous guy twice her age who has a history of anger issues is more concerning to me than how fast she gets back into shape. I agree with the others, this woman just craves attention.

Greggie on

I work out often and am reasonably attractive, but this woman is a disgusting specimen of people. Hilaria you have no one convinced that you’re not a W—-e by marrying a man old enough to be your pops. You have no one fooled that you’re into fitness but what you really into is your narcissism . I feel bad for those children having the parents of Alex and hilaria, very sad.

Anonymous on

Do you really have to post about her every few hours? I for one am getting sick of it, and I’m sure others are as well. Sorry but it’s true.

Wendy on

She says you should only rest if you need to. Well, gee, after all the work of pregnancy and labor and the excitement of a new born, maybe mothers want to take time laying around enjoying and cherishing that short time they have with their infant.

shaynermaven on

Well isn’t she just “Hilaria”us?
Narcissistic & smug. Quite a combo.

guessed on

Something seems off with this woman.

I was bleeding so heavily for weeks, I was lucky to be able to start running at 8 weeks. I was dizzy for 2 weeks. Everyone is different, but if she pushed that baby out a week ago, there is no way she’s holding pee in and running.

Guest on

Oh yeah and who is picking up your daughter from school? What about all the laundry and cooking and straightening up you have to do while the other two nap? How about getting tops 4 hours of sleep. New moms with three kids aren’t sluggish, they are exhausted from doing everything!! Unlike you Hilaria who have a full staff!! Keep telling us how it is!

Bay on

You go girl! Wow. You are such an inspiration.

camsmom on

I wish I could do that oh but wait I have a job and I don’t have a nanny.

jill on

who has time to care about yourself when it should be about your new baby and family?wow,i feel stupid for even reading and writing about this self centered bitch.shame on People magazine for writing about useless people like her.

loftybike on

But why does she see herself as such a rolemodel? From my perspective, it is totally insane to run 7 days after giving birth. Sane women give their bodies some rest and time to heal, bond with the baby, they aren’t parading around showing off their perfect bodies to a world that is simply not interested/annoyed, fishing for attention and compliments while a nanny cares for their children.

ME! ME! ME! on

Last week, she posted a selfie 2 days after giving birth and claimed she wanted to show people in a positive way how a woman’s body changed after childbirth.

And now we know that was a load of B.S. Because this is NOT typical for most women one week after childbirth. This twit has FIVE full time nannies. FIVE. (Actually, she had 5 nannies when she had only 2 kids…now she has 3 so there’s a chance she now has more than 5 nannies) She has time to exercise whenever she wants to. Well, when she’s not posting selfies, that is.

This isn’t someone trying to help others. this is an attention whre (like her husband) who is bragging about what she looks like one week post delivery.

Put the camera down and go be a mother to your kids, Hilarious. YOU are the mother, not your fleet of nannies.

L on

She has a mental problem ! So cool if she could give us her break

Ginger on

Seems like a bad call health wise to not allow the body to heal properly before jogging.

Inchen on

I am only here for the comments

Lisa on

wasn’t she the one who said she wants to fight body shaming? And isn’t she doing EXACTLY the opposite by showing an after-baby-body that 99.9% of mothers on this planet will never ever reach, let alone after just a week?

bb on

I’m not opposed to someone being healthy and showing others how to do it…but when she says things like she came home from her run to find her children asleep, it shows that she isn’t “just like us” because most mom’s don’t have nannys to help while they run. (Not that its wrong to have money because don’t we all want some?!) But trying to pass yourself off as a regular mom just doesn’t fly.

Elizabeth on

Must be nice to have babysitters and nannies that live with you 24/7! Must be nice to go to the gym whenever you want and not have to worry about who is going to watch your kids while gone. Must be nice to take a nap during the day even for ten minutes and have someone else clean your house, feed your family, and take care of your kids. Must be nice to be able to sleep at night to have the energy to function. Must be nice to have energy to make it through just one day!

ReallyTired on

Wow, I’ve had two children, and after each of my two uncomplicated births I didn’t even have time or desire to shower for the first month or so. I can’t even imagine going for a jog. Plus , whatever her doctor told her, for the first 4-6 weeks the uterus is still shrinking and jogging might really screw it up. So, she will probably get all messed up but we’ll never know about it, or we will know about it because she would want more publicity telling new moms to NOT jog this time. No wonder her name is Hilaria, cause she sure is funny. Whatever.

Hilaria Baldwin is a Famewh-ore on

Instead of using her kids as props and excuses to show off her semi-naked body, Hilaria should release a sex tape. The woman is practically a Kardashian already.

katka on

Why would you do that to all moms out there? You think you’re inspiring? Far from it ….. actually thanks People magazine to show us what most of us mothers are not and don’t want to be!

Anonymous on

This woman is truly terrible. Using her kids as props and pretending to ‘inspire’ while actually body-shaming. UGH.

befitmom on

ALL postpartum women have ligament laxity for up to 6 mos. or more after delivery, making jogging/running and other high impact activities high risk.
This places all new moms, no matter how fit before and during pregnancy, at high risk for ankle sprains, knee, or hip injury, as well as bladder and uterine prolapse.
Such a shame that a “pro” with a wide social platform demonstrates dangerous values.
Google my screen name to find out how to safely restore your body after childbirth

Saxophonegirl on

This woman is so self absorbed it’s beyond nauseating .
Got news for her, she is a joke ,lol.

Saxophonegirl on

I agree . She is a Narcissist!!!!

Billie G on

BeFitMom – that was why she immediately had to react on Instagram yesterday. Numerous people were suggesting that it wasn’t the best thing to promote running so soon after Giving birth (posting that she’s running is promoting to some btw) – even if she got the Ok from her doctor. I’ve had 3 kids. Was always told 6 weeks before doing anything like running. I followed my doctor”s orders. I guess that makes me fat and lazy to Hilaria Baldwin and her “fans”.

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