Molly Sims Admits She Gained 85 Lbs. During First Pregnancy: I ‘Had a Bad Thyroid Problem’

09/20/2016 at 08:00 AM ET

Molly Sims admits she struggled with weight gain during her pregnancy, as well as thyroid issues that went undiagnosed.

“No one tells you what’s going to happen,” Sims says to a group of celebrity moms, including Haylie Duff, Garcelle Beauvais and  Soleil Moon Frye, who got together for PEOPLE’s Mom Talk video series, which is now live on PEOPLE/Entertainment Weekly Network.

“With my first pregnancy, I ended up gaining 85 lbs. and had a bad thyroid problem that no one diagnosed throughout the whole pregnancy until four months later,” Sims, who is pregnant with her third child, adds.

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Sims, 43, who is already mom to Scarlett May, 17 months, and Brooks Alan, 4, says that during her pregnancy she had false hopes that the weight would just fall off after she gave birth.

“Sometimes, deep down, when you’re eating that Sweet Lady Jane on the 405, you think, ‘It’ll come off when I have the baby,’ ” she says.

“There’s also a lot of pressure to bounce back,” Beauvais, 48, adds. “You know who I love is Drew Barrymore! She says, ‘It took me nine months to have ’em, I don’t care how long it takes me to get it off.’ ”

— Sheila Cosgrove Baylis


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Kim on

I thought that was Robin Wright. Wow they look alike!

Kim on

I thought that was Robin Wright. Wow they look alike.

Megan on

I always cringe when celebrities say “It’s a secret what happens during pregnancy. I didn’t know!” Really, crack open a darn book, talk to a doctor or browse Web MD. Don’t be so dumb & clueless as adults

Anonymous on

Megan- I agree with you to a point. But books, medical websites, and even doctors can only prepare you so much. Not every woman’s pregnancy goes like the ones in the books, after all!

PX on

She looks so good, don’t look like she has weight problems.

Harcinab on

I don’t believe for one second that she gained 85 lbs. She is a drama queen who is craving attention.

Kelly on

@harcinab. You sound like the drama queen. I applaud celebs who tell it like it is and don’t bombard us with stupid selfies every step of the way.

Anonymous on

That’s fine, atleast you didn’t wrap yourself in spandex and walk around every city in the County/World, and look like sausage casing.

guest on

Weight gain can be attributed to the myth of eating for two. I gained most of weight in pregnancy. When we’re pregnant we usually don’t count calories. So next time be mindful of your calorie intake because it’s hard to lose weight for some after having a baby.

Bette45 on

Oh her “thyroid” caused the 85 lb gain? More like the potato chips and ice cream.

Steph on

I’m surprised she got pregnant. My sister tried for a year to get pregnant and then found out she has a thyroid issue. She got her thyroid straightened out and next thing we knew she was pregnant

Summer on

I admire women who have kids so late in life. I just had my third at 32, a full 10 years younger, and it is exhausting! She looks so healthy and beautiful!

Kay on

Really? Blaming it on a thyroid problem??!! LOL LOL LOL Such a lame thing to do. Just own up to the fact that your weight got out of hand and you gained too much! Like the rest of the women in the real world that have been through it.

theyearofsue on

It’s totally insulting to those of us that have *actual* thyroid disease to hear a celebrity go on about how gaining 85lbs during pregnancy was because of a “thyroid problem”. I had two babies, 19 months apart, and only put on 30lbs with each – and I’ve had hypothyroidism for 15 years. What Molly Sims did was eat too much crap, which for a celebrity that was likely underweight from the start, causes excessive weight gain. Don’t blame it on your thyroid!!!

kristen on

Hypothyroidism is no joke during pregnancy, and not treating it can lead to cognitive/mental deficits in a baby. I hope that her little one from this pregnancy is okay! I have hypothyroidism and my endocrinologist (head of endocrinology at a prestigious hospital in Chicago) told me time and time again, that immediately after getting my pregnancy news, I would need to come to him to up the dosage of my synthroid, as it was necessary to compensate for fetal brain development….and my thyroid was clinicaly “normal” for year due to synthroid (medication for hypothyroidism)! Just food for thought.

Madison on

Or you couldn’t put down the pizza?

Anonymous on

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ItHappenedToMe on

Actually women can develop thyroid problems during and/or just after having a baby. Untreated hypothyroidism can lead to weight gain and difficultly losing weight. I gained 70 lbs during my pregnancy due to an undetected thyroid problem. I was finally diagnosed 2 years later when we were having a hard time getting pregnant with a second child. All the extra weight is gone now that my thyroid is properly treated. But I had too work hard to get here, just like I am sure Molly did. It is not a cop out. It can happen. Also, if your thyroid is properly treated this won’t be an issue for you during your pregnancy.

Sugar Momma on

I gained 70 pounds with my pregnancy. I had a bad chocolate and ice-cream problem….

I Didn't Do It on

I gained 75 pounds during my first pregnancy but I’m pretty sure it was because I ate everything I could get my fat, stubby fingers on. Wish I had known about the thyroid defense.

Hawley on

Poor thyroid gland gets blamed for every weight issue.

Kelly on

Wow, always nasty women looking to tear others down. I believe she gained 85 lbs and I wouldn’t wish a thyroid problem on my worst enemy. Not only does it stop your metabolism, your mood changes, your hair falls out. It’s terrible. Pregnancy hormones can cause it to happen. Glad she spoke up and wish more doctors would be proactive in testing.