Hilaria Baldwin Reveals Her One-Week Post-Baby Body

09/20/2016 at 12:00 AM ET


Hilaria Baldwin continues to be open and honest about her post-baby weight loss experience. The new mom celebrated her son Leonardo turning one-week-old with a slideshow of her body transformations on Instagram and Twitter Monday.

Leo is 1 week! Staying with the purpose of showing getting back into shape post baby, I wanted to create a little photo show for you,” Baldwin, 32, captioned her four-photo set.

The mother of three previously posted mirror selfies to show what a body really looks like after giving birth. And for her latest post, she added a one-week post-birth mirror selfie to her before and after collection. “Carmen posed with me for my 1 week post delivery shot today,” the wife of actor Alec Baldwin wrote as a sweet shout-out to the couple’s 3-year-old daughter.

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Hilaria’s stomach appears noticeably smaller than her last post-birth photo, which she had shared just 24 hours after welcoming Leonardo. Speaking of her little one, the proud parent shared a new photo of her baby boy at the end of the slideshow.

“The little man himself, as we left the pediatrician today. He is eating like a champion and gaining weight!!” Hilaria wrote.

The yoga teacher, who is also mom to 14-month-old big brother Rafael, has named her post-baby body photo blog “366 days of living clearly”, so expect a whole year of body updates!

— Karen Mizoguchi

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SC on


Katie on

She still has quite a tummy, and if her goal is to show that most women, even though they stay fit, and don’t gain more weight than they should when pregnant take awhile to get back in shape, she is achieving her goal. she doesn’t have a flat abdomen, and she isn’t worried about it. She will lose it when she can’t start exercising again. She is showing off her son, and talking about how cute he is (which he is), so how is she different than the rest of the women who have had babies. No need to whine about her 20 nannies…even regular people often have a doula and/or someone who helps out after they have a baby, even if it’s a grandmother!

Amy on

Just the fact that she needs to show her post pregnancy body to world is disturbing.

Tam on

Vainglorious comes to mind.

bb on

I know she’s just promoting herself and her yoga business with these posts, but it is nice to see that even with access to the best food, care, and help that money can buy, women can still have a bit of a tummy post-birth. It is nice to see that rather than celeb moms starving themselves to get a skinny picture out there asap.

Seriously on

Why????? Why is she doing this?????

Just Sayin' on

I get why she’s doing this. She wants to show women that this is what your body is supposed to look like after having a baby. Unlike those celebrities who have tummy tucks right after so their “after baby photo” looks like they weren’t even pregnant. Good for her!

Glenda on

If I cared about this person, I would follow her on social media. She is only famous because of her husband. Please quit shoving this woman down our throats.

Guest on

And I’m sure PEOPLE mag will show us each and every photo of the 366 days of whatever. And yes, I know I don’t have to click on any of them.

sam on

Annoying as heck.All that time spent in front of mirrors posing and clicking away could be better spent, I am sure. Looks like the child really wants mommy’s attention.Three babies in three years. The world is full. We all now know Alec can still ‘do it’, so you can stop now.

Lo2Days on

Where’s her diaper? She is ruining perfectly decent underwear for no reason at all!

ceecee on

Who is she? Just Alec Baldwin’s wife? Who was she before that? Why does she think people care about a skinny lady having 3 babies in a row, spending a lot of time in her undewear, in a bathroom posing for pictures of herself? I must be missing something, but it’s not the look of little Carmen practically begging for some mommy and me time. And where is baby Rafael? Go cuddle him , I am sure he needs you.
Sheesh Alec Baldwin’s second wife….priorities. Sheesh!

Lily on

Ok princess, we get the point. Your body is perfect and unattainable by us lowly commoners.

taradoug82 on

Get over yourself! No one cares about a yoga teacher snapping back into shape; that’s not interesting. And it’s not her first child, so I don’t know why she thinks anyone cares. Complete narcissist. Put down the phone and take care of your babies.

Anonymous on

Why does everyone feel the need to take a picture and show it to the world, Does anyone really care

Nick on

she looks great and its because she was a healthy yoga instructor before and during her pregnancy, she’s fit.

R on

who gives a sh#@t! go take care of your kids and spend less time focusing on yourself. This world is filled with way too many self absorbed people. Spend that time and energy doing something useful.

megan on

” so expect a whole year of body updates!”

Nobody wants a year’s worth of her half naked here. Please find a new, less attention seeking mommy blogger to feature here. I don’t need to be “empowered” by her being naked every day. Barf

Callie on

She still has a belly because her uterus is still enlarged from just giving birth. This woman doesn’t have an ounce of extra fat on her body. Her uterus will be normal sized by 6 weeks post delivery and her abs will be flat by then as well. I just hope she isn’t posting this stuff to encourage the masses to “lose weight” like her after delivery. This woman is not a normal person American woman. Does she have to cook and clean? Take care of her other children? Go back to work in a couple of weeks? Deal with money stresses? I’m sure regular moms would have a shot at achieving her post baby body with private chefs to count her calories and nannies to watch the kids while she is working out. Anyways…she’s a very beautiful woman with a wonderful life. Good for her. Just don’t believe that you can achieve her results without her status and money. To regular women out there..do your personal best and be proud of whatever you can accomplish within your own means. Resist the temptation to compare yourself to multimillionaire celebrities and personal trainers. You are good enough.

Izzy L. on

I used to follow her Instagram, but I do not anymore. I think this crosses the line between “empowering women” and all out bragging. There is no reason for this except to make most women more depressed that they don’t bounce back like that. I give her credit, she works at it and lives a very healthy lifestyle, but this is too much. I have to agree with the narcissist comment.. # sorryhilaria

GP on


Pat on

Hilaria seems mentally ill — a narcissist with an eating disorder. That picture with her poor little girl is very poignant. Her daughter wants and needs attention but Hilaria is too busy self-promoting. It’s mind-blowing that she thinks she is qualified to write a book but a friend at Rodale said it’s 100+ pages of drivel and is part of a deal Alec made with CAA. I, for one, am glad they have nannies because Hilaria could never care for her own kids. And they are innocent in all of this.

Brooke on

Hilaria, I speak for America.

Put your clothes on for Pete’s Sake.

Alex on

Poor woman, so desperate for attention from total strangers. Just release a sex tape and get your own reality show already. You know you want to.

maggie on

Geez, that kid has no hair for being 3yrs. old!

wilka on

Matt Damon’s lovely wife managed to have several pregnancies without being a stripper. It can, and should, be done, Hilaria.

Sam on

Does anyone have a hero cookie to give her? So much work and she ends up with kids who aren’t even cute. Sorry not sorry

Anonymous on

Callie her body is perfectly attainable. Most American women just don’t prioritize their own health. (most Americans in general, not just women) You don’t need a chef or nannies. I work out with my children running circles around me, it only takes a half hour a day. Most people spend much more time than that on things they don’t really need to do. I’ve never had a a huge problem getting down to prepregnancy weight with my 4 kids, but I paid attention to eating healthy and staying active before, during and after my pregnancies. I gained 30-40lbs each time too so it isn’t like I didn’t eat some junk, it just wasn’t daily. I don’t think she means to ‘brag’ I honestly think it is really sad that most women don’t put their health first, your kids need you to be healthy…to show them how to be healthy and so you feel well enough to be involved in their lives for many years to come…

deb on

There is something wrong with people who feel the need to post pictures of themselves all over social media, in their underwear. Who cares what she looks like? Not me, People, find real stories to print and dump this kind of trash.

Aimee on

She had baby 9/12 so over a week ago. Ten days ago. Your uterus comes down at about two week marker and although she looks good, women shouldn’t beat themselves up and rather just take time to get back to normal and not hurt yourself physically when time will have your body back to normal!!