Seventh Child on the Way for Kelsey Grammer

09/17/2016 at 05:25 PM ET

Kelsey Grammer Expecting Baby 7
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Looks like seven is Kelsey Grammer‘s lucky number!

The former Frasier star and his wife Kayte are expecting their third child together, his daughter Greer told PEOPLE at the Storks premiere in Los Angeles, California, on Saturday.

When asked if she was excited to have another sibling on the way, Greer said, “Yes! Yeah, yeah. I’m super excited. I think my dad and Kayte are the best parents. They love having little kids and they want a huge family, so I think it’s just really exciting.”

The couple welcomed son Kelsey Gabriel Elias in July 2014. Their daughter Faith Evangeline Elisa is 4, while Grammer has four children from previous relationships: daughters Spencer, 32, Greer, 24, and Mason Olivia, 14, as well as son Jude Gordon, 12.

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The pregnancy news doesn’t come as a surprise because though six may seem like a full house for some, Grammer said he wasn’t necessarily done.

“I can’t imagine not trying for more because it’s been incredible,” the Partners actor told PEOPLE in 2014 shortly following Gabriel’s birth. “As soon as [he] came out, Kayte and I were going, ‘Yeah, let’s do another one.’

“It’s just this overwhelming gratification of being close to life like this,” he added. “It just gives you such hope and joy. I’ve never felt more alive or more serenely happy than in the throes of life with these young people. I really enjoy it.”

Kayte Grammer pregnant
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And Greer has previously talked about her excitement about getting more siblings. A couple of months before Gabriel’s birth, his big sister told PEOPLE their dad — who is also a grandfather of one — couldn’t be more suited for a big brood.

“My dad loves babies,” she said. “He loves having children and he’s always wanted a really big family, so he’s just really excited to have a new little life in the family.

“It gets hard for other people [to keep track of his children],” added Greer, who is Grammer’s only child with Barrie Buckner. “People get confused with how the relations work. There’s going to be so many of us. It’s funny.”

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sally on

Yeah, it’s funny there are so many of you! NOT. Maybe he should stay married. How about that???

sally on

Sounds like, A-he does not know how to stay married and, B-he needs to get clipped! Time to be a grandpa and let his older kids have the children!

Amy on

Is it really a sibling for Greer? I mean she doesn’t live at home and is more than old enough to be this kids mother, her own nephew is already 5 years old. It’ll be more like a nephew or niece, not a sibling.

Kelsey needs to learn how to keep his pants on– he’s a grandfather of a 5 year old, doesn’t need to keep procreating

Anonymous on

Personal responsibility… many wives have you had, pal?

Vera on

Well – said sarcastically – he’s 61, so there’s a good chance he will be around to see this child graduate from high school.

PCC on

He’s another one of those hypocritical super conservative guys. Family values doesn’t mean having children from several different mothers.

MSS on

What about Mick Jagger. He’s a Great Grandfather, and his latest girlfriend is expecting. When the child is born he or she will be younger than their grandchild

DJ on

My heart goes out to Mason and Jude. Kelsey should be living with them and their mother as a whole family unit. This is just so sad. I don’t know how a supposedly loving father could leave his young children like he did.

catherinesbooks1 on

It will be even more to keep track of in a few years when he dumps this wife for a younger one and has more kids.

Addie on

Okay so what’s funny is that when it was announced that Kelsey and Kayte had gotten together and were expecting their first child, Greer actually shaded her own father on Twitter about it. Guess she got over it? And I’m pretty sure Spencer and Greer were raised by single mothers, and since he divorced Camille, how often do you think he spends time with his middle children? I wonder how he’s going to stick around Kayte and those kids until the next woman comes along.

Anonymous on

Time for him to ship it !!

Wississippi on

He’s gross.

Marina on

His current wife is only 3 years older than his oldest daughter, who has an almost 5-year-old son of her own. It’s kinda like if he dated one of his daughters’ classmates. I mean, he has 2 adult children and 2 teenagers – he could’ve stopped there.

missmoky on

The world is overpopulated and calamitous climate change us upon us. Why are these two moronic monkeys choosing to breed? And breed. And breed. Entitled much?

Aurora on

What’s with all these old guys having children with young women (and not just a few years younger – like 25-30)? They must be so egotistical & the wives just want to ride the money train for the rest of their lives.

Anonymous on

He’s a perv.

jeans75 on

Not to mention what a horribly written article this poc thing is to try to follow grammatically–when there is nothing grammatically correct about it. Trying to keep up at the beginning as to who they were talking about Kelsey or his daughter being pregnant–it looked like a photo of Greer being pregnant but I guess that was Katie dear….

It is beyond sad when these kids have to be reminded of what they had one time with this guy who is their father–Kelsey–when he was married to their mothers and then left them for someone else…whatever is haunting Kelsey into being a bad dad by being a bad husband is anyone’s guess—but I do know that traumas manifest themselves as things hard to understand and his sister was murdered and that left a huge hole and mental trauma for him to deal with and it sounds like he has been dealing with those kinds of things as he does—he goes to where he FEELS he is so important- vs KNOWING his presence is beyond important in being a father who comes home and doesn’t leave yet another family behind.

Hea on

He must be very wealthy.

Amber on

He’s disgusting.

Carolyn Middleton on

So he’s doing a Gibson/Jagger – where is these respective women’s self-respect, & don’t the men realise they’re being laughed at for continuing to breed with successive women? Suppose they think they’re demonstrating their virility & continuing ability to attract young, beautiful women, which is at the best naive, & at the worst just deluded.

texussgal on

OK, so he can still have kids. Big deal……that doesn’t make for a stellar husband or father! As for Greer & this comment, for heaven’s sake, she is 24 yrs. old. How often is she going to be around this child???

Sam on

Another typical republican 7 kids from 4 different (ex) wives. We all know the ones, they preach “family values” while cheating on spouses, marrying multiple times looking down their noses at g a ys and anyone who doesn’t share their skewed values. Also your a 60 year old man with a heart condition with grown kids, a grand-kid and you won’t live to see these young ones grow up. It is sad for them to have a man so selfish that he only cares about what he wants, but again that goes back to the republican mantra, I’ve got mine F you!

Etsy on

Kelsey Grammer has had so much tragedy in his personal life. Even though he hasn’t always made good choices, it’s nice to see that he is happy. Kelsey has probably spent his whole life trying to create the stable family he has always wanted.

Ken on

Who’s Greer kidding he ignored her for 15 years. Father Ha! Her mother do all the work along with a good therapist. He wanted nothing to do with her or her mother. She’s still milking the GRAMMER name. She needs to start baby sitting her siblings. Kelsey just allows Greer around for press. Nothing more. Crazies! All of them.

Ken on

I didn’t know that Frazier had two middle kids. I bet a bundle he hardly spends time with those boys.

Meghan on

Stop trying to prove your manhood.