Ninth Child on the Way for Mel Gibson

09/16/2016 at 05:30 PM ET

Mel Gibson girlfriend Rosalind Ross pregnant
KCS Presse / Splash News

Mel Gibson and Rosalind Ross, his girlfriend of two years, are expecting a baby early next year, the star’s rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

Already a father of eight kids, Gibson, 60, is thrilled to add to his brood.

“Mel and Rose are so excited about the baby,” says a friend close to the couple.

“Mel loves being a dad and he and Rose can’t wait to be parents together. The last two years have been some of his happiest years he’s ever had.”

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This will be a first child for Ross, 26, a writer and formerΒ champion equestrian vaulter.

“She is great for him,” a source told PEOPLE recently.

“She has her own life, but also seems to enjoy Mel’s … They are very much on the same page.”

Gibson has been enjoying more good news. His latest directorial effort, the World War II drama Hacksaw Ridge, out on Nov. 4, has already garnered Oscar buzz and received a 10-minute standing ovation at its debut at the Venice Film Festival on Sept. 4.

Gibson will soon head to Europe to shoot the film The Professor and the Madman, opposite Sean Penn.

— Elizabeth Leonard

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Callie on

How nice. A normal woman instead of a psycho! Congratulations πŸ™‚

Beth Kane on

He’s the psycho!

Jul on

Wow she’s great for him at 26 and he is 60… Yeah yeah absolutely great

Ginger on

@ Suzanne, well I have to wonder how normal when she hooks up with a buy who is more that twice her age (but for sure more normal than that Octo Mom look-alike nut job he was with before).

Maria on


Maria on

Meant to say Super IICCKK

Dajoka on

And another fortune hunter secures her income for the next 18-21 years!

Lindsley on

That is disgusting! I guess there will always be women who would do anything so they don’t have to work!

Guest on

I hope she is prepared to change diapers about the time she goes through menopause…

Eve on

Yep! And I’m sure it’s love.

Tink on

Another man who is headed down that dark scary road, but he just don’t know it yet. You think she is going to treat you good on your death bed? Securing her financial status will be most important so the money doesn’t go to his adult kids. Oh, and men, why you can’t date women your own age and be with someone who looks just like you with wrinkles? Why you have to date someone young enough to be your grandchild, very sick and disrespectful to women.

Susan on

I love Mel Gibson, I really do, but his personal life is a mess. I hope this is all for the best with the child.

Guest on

I am so glad when I was 20 my dad was not 81.

Jill on

Just like Alec Baldwin, Mel Gibson will have to find a nursing home in a good school district.

mic on

oh mel not again. another baby mama set for life.

nleeklee on

mel gibson is ungodly. he is sexually immoral. he is on his way to hell. oh.. and by the way.. so are all of you who are sexually immoral. jesus is god. he tells you to repent and obey him. sexual immorality is any type of sexual activity that is outside of the marriage between one man and one woman.

Howl on


Pulpit on the People boards on

Thank you for that laugh. Needed it today.

Come On Mel on

Normally I don’t judge age differences but 26 and 60 is a bit much… didn’t realize he had so many children too!

Jane on

Mel Gibson – simultaneously rocking and the robbing the cradle. Rosalind might be changing Pampers and Depends pretty soon.

Michelle on

@mic…I LOL’d on that one πŸ™‚

myuntidydesk on

Such a great Catholic, having all that sex out of wedlock. And I only mention his religion because he is such a mega-extremist about it. Six of his nine kids are older than this new woman. Gross.

sdb on

yes, let’s all celebrate the racist, anti-semitic misogynist having a child with a woman young enough to be his granddaughter. he deserves all the chaos coming his way.

Taylor on

I’m sorry but I could never date someone the same age as my grandfather, let alone have a baby with the guy. At some point, age isn’t just a number. He has 6 children who are older than this girlfriend, for god’s sake.

Whateva on

She’s having a kid with her grandpa. So gross on so many levels. Ewww

πŸ¦„ on

The child will have issues. The father is old and has really old rotten sperm. No telling what will be wrong. Poor child.

jeannie on

If they love each other then more power to them, I do think saying the last 2 years have been some of the happiest could have been omitted in respect for his children and their mother.

Ellie on

Mel when will you learn?? 26?? I give it …5,4,3,2…

Rachel on

You know, I’ll believe it’s love when one of these hollywood men date a much younger woman who may be overweight, or maybe doesn’t resemble a super model. But, as long as I see a man parading around arm candy, I’ll have trouble giving sincerity the benefit of the doubt. In fact, I’d have more respect for these May/December romances if they called it what it is; shallow.

ceecee on

hahahaha Oh my Goodness. Some just never ever learn. He never should have left his first wife and family. How much better that would have been if he could have behaved. πŸ˜•

Susan Bennett on

Hollywood’s top procreator – he seems to want to play God – personally multiplying and filling the earth all by himself.

Anna on

He’s a monster

cds on

I didn’t know so many young women have daddy issues.

Linda on

F ing disgusting. I normally don’t care about age, but his is ridiculous!!!!!!!

Andrea on

She’s 10 or 11 years younger than his oldest child Hannah.

Kathy on

26 year old women, 60 year old rich guy. Must be love. Will he never learn?

Alyssa on

I thought the woman was HIS daughter. He looks old and we all know he’s crazy!

Bobbie on

Hope he doesn’t beat this momma up like he did the last one

Meghan on


PCC on

This guy never learns.

Meg on

Mel, it’s time to get snipped!

Meghan on

Suzanne, the tapes prove that the psychosis lies with Mel.

Glide on

When I was 26, my dad was 49.

Gross. Wtf. I

Debbie Doolittle on

Hmmm…she is 26, he is 60. Yeah, I can see they probably have a lot in common….NOT! I think he has kids older than her. IMO, it’s rather selfish to have kids when you are 60 years old.

Vee on

Ah, another breakup with huge child support payments coming …

Jayleen on

Thirty-four year age difference? And where’s holier-than-thou Mel, the one who proclaimed his (then) wife was going to hell because she didn’t follow the doctrines of his church? Gee, what do the doctrines say about impregnating your girlfriend, Mel?

Kim on

The age difference between Mick Jagger and his piece is even more extreme than this. However You would think Mel would have learned his lesson on Goldiggers from Oksana.

Just a Duck on

Time for him to get a freaking vasectomy.

Sarah on

Mel, Mel, Mel that’s all i’m going to say about that.

Reine on

I’m looking forward to his movie about a pacifist as it had great reviews but as far as his personal life, he certainly made a mess of it. Just what he needs, another kid. The ones I feel sorry for is his ex-wife & kids from that marriage.

Edie Koller on

WHATS THE BIG DEA.L. He did not marry his last baby mama. Mick Jagger is 73 and his girlfriend is going to have a baby too.

Frances on

He should focus on being a father to the children he already has. Senior citizens should not be reproducing. Not fair to the child.

Anonymous on

mom, guess who i met tonight……oh honey thats great, he’s older than me and your father, but if you get pregnant, you and the baby will be set for life, you just have to spilt everything 9 ways with his other children..don’t sign anything honey…..

Karl on

I thought he was a devout Roman Catholic.

bill on

I probably am the only man on here posting. I do not understand wanting someone that is that much younger. I am 60…my wife is 55….how can you relate to someone 34 years younger.
There is absolutely NO way he will keep up with her sexual needs. I remember 26….I wanted sex All the time….at 60…more so much

JAS on

To quote Kanye, “I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger, but she ain’t messing with no broke a** n******……”

JAS on

I wonder if he will name the baby Adolph or read it Mein Kampf as a bedtime story, since he hates Jews so much…..

alex on

Gross. The devil’s spawn. He’ll be the grandfather of his own children. Imagine the abusive rages. Sad, very sad.

Marge Samuelson on

Mel is a good Catholic boy, procreate. His first wife is lucky to be rid of him, his second woman didn’t die, lucky her, so Grandpa Mel is going to be a grandfather oh whoops!

SWS on

Poor child. Mel Gibson should have been kicked out of the gene pool long ago.

Robin on

Is he competing with Mick Jagger?

nojo on

Billy Joel new dad, Mick Jagger expectant dad, Ronnie Wood new dad (to twins), Kelsey Grammer about to have seventh, Rod Stewart has eight, Eddie Murphy had his ninth this year…is Larry King really done procreating? GOOD GOD!!! Vasectomies are such wonderful things!! (take note, Hugh Grant!)

missvegasblog on

Well he certainly has a “TYPE!”

missvegasblog on

That’s okay……just keep making more babies! Congrats! πŸ™‚

Laura B on

Just…WHY? WHY is anybody still breeding with Mel Gibson?

Weren’t the death threats he directed at his last baby mama enough of a deterrent? Or the way he treated the mom of his first seven kids??

Susan on

Well, if things don’t work out between them romantically he could always adopt her and make her his 10th child….

golittleperson on

She is 10 years Younger than his oldest Child…. Sorry, I know it’s the ShallowWood way but just too creepy with that big of an age difference. Looks like a desperate for youth with a gold digger. Cliche look rather it is or not.

sarahrutland on

Gross! He is old enough to be her Dad! Baby Momma will be set for life.
@Jane – good one! LMAO

AllSmiles:) on

I’ve read that some of you have concerns with Mel Gibson being a new father at 60. My father was 59 when I was born and my mother was 40. Dad was in good health and never had a problem keeping up with me when I was a kid. He was very energetic and could easily run and participate in sports right along with me. I think I benefited greatly from being born to older parents. They had more than enough money to raise a child, they were more patient, and they had a lot more time to spend with me since Dad retired when I was 3. In addition, my parents had 3 children each before they married each other, so they were experienced parents. My point is that just because Mel Gibson is an older dad doesn’t mean he won’t be an outstanding father. He’s not a novice at the parenting game and I think this baby will benefit from that. The only caveat is that he may not live long enough to see his grandchildren by this particular child, but nobody knows that for sure. My father used to be concerned that he wouldn’t live to see me make it to adulthood, but I ended up having him for 32 wonderful years. I never would have traded my older dad for a younger one.

Sue d on

34 years age difference? I see this working out well…..

skigirl25 on

Pretty soon she will be recording a phone call of him yelling, “Bloooooow meeee!”

PMc on

What would a normal 26 year see in a 60 year old psycho man, other than his money? So ridiculous! He is 34 years older than her!

Kate middleman on

Assuming he’s playing the madman…

Theresa Geraghty on

Grow up Mel!

Julia on

I am surprised he can still get it up. Just think, when she’s 60 he will be, well, dead, for a very long time

guestie on

The body language on that photo says it all!
But I have nothing against babies, they’re innocent!

noor on

Child support. She’s set for life – unless she turns psycho like the last one. Gibson is an incredibly talented actor director, hope he catches a break.

Mutt Mutterson on

Jeeze have a fookin vasectomy already.

Anonymous on

Mel…Dude. Aren’t you a bit too old to understand or question the benefits of a condom?

Mike on

Trump is 69 with a newborn.

Paige9 on

For all those people who were bashing Eddie Murphy last week when he appeared with 8 of his 9 kids, here you go. It happens in all races, personally I don’t know how these young women can lay down with these old guys…more power to them!

SusanC on

This girl is thirsty and Mel is her ticket to fame. When they pose together she’s in charge, her arm around his neck. She’s got Plans.

Jamie on

I’m scrolling straight to the comment section to say this.

Why do men feel the need to spawn a child with every woman they get intimate with?

Now, I am aware it’s not just men. I know of a former friend who slept around just to get pregnant.

But in celebrity land, as soon as there is a break up, the next person is up and not long after, a baby is on the way and usually they spilt not long after the infant is born.

Grossedout on

Ew, she could be his granddaughter! Funny how he pretends to be religeous when he clearly is not. Another old guy dating a wayyyyyyy too young girl. Camt handle your age, Mel?

Anonymous on

Time for a vasectomy

Winged on

Time for a vasectomy

Ayisha From Brooklyn on

I’m really happy for Mel, he is one of my favorite actors and I’m glad things are looking up for him.

nope on

nice dentures grandpa!

sally on

Yep, being rich at 60 can buy you sex with a 26 year old. Unfortunately, it also buys you more kids. Just like Mick Jagger- Mel will be changing diapers in his old age. And she will be taken for of the rest of her life with his money. They are each getting exactly what they want.

sally on

WHY these old male actors have not been clipped at some point is beyond me!! Why they keep breeding, into their elderly years is disgusting.

Amy on

The young chick and the old rooster lay a golden egg. Another Hollywood love story.

HiHat on

How many more anti-semites do we need in this world?

joan smith on

they’ve been together 2 years? uh oh. and she didn’t take his watch and wallet yet?

Just Me on

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Gavroche on

‘Tis pity she’s a whore. Big gold diggin’ one. And I hate, I cannot stand, a-holes who paste blue contacts over their brown eyes (hers!)

Cathy on

When u see an older man who can be your grandfather or your dad having a child with a younger girl who can be his daughter is call money. If he didn’t have money she will never date him. It’s sad how older men have sex with younger women who can be their daughter. It’s sad what money can do.
Eeeewww Nasty

Mys on

What is it with these old men having babies? Mel, Kelsey Grammar, Alec Baldwin, Mick Jagger, etc. It’s disgusting. These women must be looking to secure the financial future of their children or something.

Adolph Hitler on

Der Master Race!!!!

Val on

Let’s not judge him, only God can, let’s pray he gets right with God and go to heaven

Hea on

That man is batsh*t crazy. Is he one of those Catholics who doesn’t believe in birth control?

nleeklee – you are too funny! πŸ˜€

Ginger on

Isn’t he a bit long in the tooth to be having children? When the child is 20, he’ll be 80.

Jill on

Isn’t his oldest kid 36 years old? 9 children in different houses. Where is the quality time. At this point it’s just ridiculous,

Rose on

The thought of a ninth child with a 26 yr old is as gross as his beard….you would think he would have learned his lesson after the last melt down relationship and gotten something tied off, but that would be against his religious principles….not that having two kids with much younger gals you aren’t married to isn’t. …never mind …it’s Hollywood.

Anonymous on

He’s an anti-Semitic, nasty bigot. I feel sorry for the child. As for her? She must be desperate if she chooses him to golddig. Pathetic woman.

Anonymous on

This is the new Age gap. Kelsey Grammer, Mick Jagger, Eddie Murphy, Anthony Kiedis, James Woods the list is endless. Women Should embrace going seriously younger. Think Sam Taylor Johnson, Jennifer Lopez.

ciao614 on

No sane woman finds him remotely attractive. Only his wallet is. $$$$

ciao614 on

No sane woman finds him attractive.

Stan on

As a divorced Dad, my two sons used to get really mad when I dated girls / women younger than they were.

Sharon Burton on

Mel and his age factor. He reminds me so much of that pedophile who runs the playboy mansion, Hugh Hefner. As far as I am concerned they are both pedophiles. Sleeping with children. Isn’t it an offence?

Michael on

They look like grandpa and grandchild together. Shame on him for dating a women so much younger. He doesn’t even look like himself anymore and hasn’t aged well. Some catholic .. gaross hypocrite with no regard for anyone but his own need and desire to be seen with a hot chic while he puts his family at shame . Where is your head Mel ? Don’t worry she’ll be banging your pool boy in another ten years when her money is secured after she pops out a few more kids and your too tired to notice. good luck with that

Anonymous on

I love my mom

chaussure mercurial on

“VERDICT: Yes β€” at his peak, he could have walked into any team in the world.”