Pregnant Olivia Wilde Shames N.Y.C. Subway Riders for Refusing to Give Up Their Seats

09/14/2016 at 10:00 PM ET

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Olivia Wilde scolded New York City subway riders on Twitter Wednesday after they refused to give up their seats for the pregnant actress.

“NBD, able-bodied riders who won’t give your seat to a GIANT preggo. I’ll just stand riiiiight next to your head and pray I go into labor,” she tweeted.

The Vinyl star, 32, is pregnant with her second child with fiancé and actor Jason Sudeikis. They share a 2-year-old son, Otis.

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Sudeikis recently told PEOPLE at the Toronto International Film Festival that he picked the right person to have children with.

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“When I look at Olivia and the way that she pulls off all these things — it’s gonna be easy for him to grow up in a house of love and respect because I feel that way about his mom,” he said.

The stars met at a Saturday Night Live after party in 2011 and began dating shortly after. PEOPLE confirmed their engagement in January 2013.

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Liz on

I feel her pain. I used to commute to work via city bus when I was super pregnant. Often times I would have to stand on a very crowded bus for the 40 minute ride. One day a sweet woman got up out of her seat and shouted at all of the men seated around us about how awful they were to sit there while a pregnant woman had to stand. She insisted I take her seat and totally shamed the guys comfortably sitting!

guest on

Is she really surprised….people have lost all basic manners.

The Free Woman on

I guess I don’t see the issue. I don’t expect someone to give up their seat for me when I am pregnant. I would expect it for an older person or someone clearly who is disabled, but that’s about it.

Guest on

These feminists are ridiculous. Men don’t know who to be anymore.
Is it kind for a man to give up their seat for a woman? Of course, but men and women have to be equal,right?
Deal with it Olivia!
You are no more special than anyone else and act entitled

ldstep on

Oh……silly little Olivia. Does she think that because she’s a PREGNANT well known actress everyone would jump out of their seats for her? Plenty of everyday, hard working pregnant women commute and stand the whole ride……not right for them either. She just can’t believe it happened to her.

Kristin on

People do not have manners. They’re too busy with their noses in their phones to notice anyone around them.

Guest on

@TheFreeWoman I would frequently get spells of dizziness while pregnant, as well as edema (swelling) in my feet. That’s not uncommon. There’s legitimate medical reasons why doctors suggest pregnant women take it easy, hence not standing for long periods of time, particularly on public transit, where it may not be climate controlled. People need to get off their phones for three seconds and pay attention. Same courtesy goes for kids and elderly.

Ghjbb on

How about asking? People are oblivious & self-focused but if you ask, they will typically offer their seat. You have to ask for what you want in life

Corey on

Being pregnant is not a disability. You can stand.

Come On on

This makes me dislike her a bit. Sure, it would have been nice for someone to give up their seat but she’s making an assumption that they’re all able-bodied and healthy. She likely goes home to a penthouse, they may go home to much less and she demands special treatment…?

rowansmom711 on

Pregnancy is not a disability. And why would go into labor because she has to stand? No correlation.

Julie Tango on

I was on the subway with her and her posse legit yelled out “put your bags down, bitch. Olivia needs to sit down.” Smh. These celeb types. If you’re soooooo pregnant and rich, take a cab or car service. Shameful.

Lala on

And some of those people worked all day and are exhausted
And some have an hours long commmute to another city or even state
And some have disabilities your eyes cannot see
And none of them got you pregnant
So stand like everyone else has to sometimes or have your rich husband buy you a driver

Susan on

Maybe they didn’t notice her. It’s New York; people don’t look at each other on the subway because of how many people beg for money. Or maybe they had a hard day, too. Or maybe they have a back-breaking job that doesn’t include being paid millions to play make believe. Either way, if she’s so worried, she can afford a cab or an Uber.

Amy on

In fairness to the riders- how do we know that they didn’t just work a 12 hour day where they were on their feet? Or that they don’t have chronic pain?

Mel on

This is so offensive. Welcome to the real world. I worked on my feet for 8 hours a day, five days a week until a week before I had my baby. If she wants to sit take a cab or drive. By the way just because someone looks fine doesn’t mean they are.

seabot on

Seriously? I’ve had three kids, I never expected someone’s seat. But then I never considered being pregnant an entitlement either. She may be a “giant preggo” but she comes across as very small.

Disgusted with Olivia on

Being pregnant does not make you special. It does not give you the right to a seat over anyone else. I’m so tired of pregnant women thinking the world should stop for them. You are not any better than a non-pregnant women. They get preferred parking when they’re pregnant and even when they have small children. That’s bad enough and now they want all the seats on public transportation? It is a choice to be pregnant. Just like it is a choice to keep or give up your seat. I would never give up a seat just because someone is pregnant. It is her choice to be pregnant and use public transportation. Deal with it you spoiled women.

KeepingItClassy on

It’s always nice when someone offers a pregnant woman their seat on the subway, but I have a problem with women who feel entitled to it. She has no idea what kind of unseen disabilities or injuries the seated passengers may have had, or how tired they were from their day. Plus, a lot of people now are afraid to acknowledge a woman’s pregnancy because some women take offense at that. If it was that important to her to sit, she could have easily afforded an Uber or a cab.

Matt on

I would have gladly given my seat to Olivia or any other pregnant woman. It’s called manners.

Joanna on

She is 100% right. My cousin was working right up until she gave birth and she said that she would be riding a particularly packed subway line during rush hour and not only would people not give up their seat for her in her later months, but they would jostle her and her baby to get to the seats before she did. She now has to carry her almost 5 month son on the same subway during the same times to take him to and from daycare. She’s seriously thinking of ditching the subway altogether in favor of taking a cab or an Uber each day if the situation doesn’t improve.

Stacey McRae on

Manners never go out of style and the country is falling apart because people are selfish aholes.

Jenny on

What’s happened to common decency and manners? I’m a woman and I know it’s more of a gentlemanly thing to do, but I was taught that you should always give up your seat to pregnant women, elderly people, and disabled people. It’s the right thing to do.

NJ on

In NYC, the subway has signs instructing people to give up their seats for pregnant, disabled and elderly people. They also have additional signs about grooming on the subway,eating on the train and performing on the train. Bottom line, she wasn’t being entitled.

Xzx on

Look Olivia, I know you are pregnant but did you stop to think some people worked long 12+ hour shifts or perhaps they have chronic back pain or another ailment?
Take a cab and stop guilting people because you feel entitled because are pregnant or were in an awful movie with Daniel Craig,

Anonymous on

Matt is a cuck. Don’t pay attention to him.

Poppy on

Oh shut up, diva. Being pregnant isn’t a disability. You are no more entitled to that seat than anyone else. Get over yourself.

Chelle on

Team Olivia. At that time of day, she would have been hard pressed to get a cab. In addition, subway guidelines suggest giving seats to elderly, disabled and pregnant. Having taken buses while wearing both an arm cast and a boot, I lhad to loudly demand that able-bodied people stand up and give me their seats. Another time, a bus driver had to refuse to move until someone got up and gave their seat to an elderly person with a cane.

heather on

We saw her bikini pictures a few weeks ago. She’s not that big. She’s certainly able bodied. You’re not handicapped lady, get over yourself.

WTF on

I am shocked by the number of comments that reason why people shouldn’t give their seats up to pregnant women. First, it’s a subway rule that requires you to leave a seat free for pregnant, disabled, or elderly people. Second, where have all the manners gone in this world? How selfish the world has become. #TeamOlivia

heather on

She didn’t shame anyone, she posted it on social media. You know she didn’t speak up for herself on the subway like someone with a spine would. Even then, you’re not elderly or handicapped. Standing for a few stops won’t kill you. She’s probably stood longer pregnant on the red carpet than she did on the subway.

MM on

Unfortunately a lot of people do that. Young and older. You have to be blunt and ask someone to give up their seat.
I’m happy to give up my seat for disabled, senior citizen or pregnant woman. On a sidenote though, she has money. She knows she doesn’t have to take public transportation, right?

heather on

Please someone direct me to the rule that says you have to give up your seat to a pregnant woman? There are fines for not giving up your seat to the elderly or disabled, but a pregnant woman is neither.

Jordan on

Doesn’t a person riding the subway need to climb stairs to get to street level? It seems that stair climbing would be more strenuous than standing.

Either way, if she is is uncomfortable at this point in her pregnancy, she does have the option of a cab or car service.

Although it would be good manners for an able-bodied person to offer her a seat, they may not have noticed her if they were reading or looking at their phone. Maybe they are not rude, just oblivious.

Also, if she was wearing loose clothing or a jacket, they may not have realized she was pregnant. Some women don’t show much, even at full term.

Yes, there are rude and selfish people, but it’s unfair to assume that of everyone who didn’t notice her and give up their seat.

annamarie1978 on

Good morning,

Obvious things first: she is not talking only about herself obviously she is talking on behalf of all pregnant women. Of course not a disability being pregnant more of a super ability. Super ability to bring life into the world, this only should make you respect the pregnant woman and let her sit, you are making her and a small baby struggling to come into the world more comfortable. It is an act of respect and kindness, not selfish. Olivia has a humour it is obvious and she has courage, to expose important issues to women. Maternity is more important, breastfeeding, raising healthy and able future citizens of the world. Make this place better at least hope so. Takes a village to raise a child, maybe we should re evaluate our behaviour in this urban village of ours. Thank you Olivia for speaking out what so many just keep to themselves fearing negative reactions…

Anonymous on

This is so strangseeing the difference, reading the comments it seems like for most of you it’s normal and okay to be pregnant and stand the whole ride, but where I live it’s a habit for us if we see and old or disabled person , a pregnant woman, or a woman with young children to give up our seats for them, we considere it common courtesy and it seems so normal to me! Culture is a funny thing 🙂

Michelle on

I am shocked and apalled by everyone (all the trolls?) claiming that Olivia is acting entitled. It is good manners and New York subway policy to give up your seat to a pregnant woman. As it is for elderly people and people with disabilities. These people are at higher risk for injury, when something happens. As for equal rights: both men and women need to give up their seats.

Just because our society is more individualistic, doesn’t mean we all need to behave like *ssh*les.

Lene on

Did people lost the ability to open their mouth and speak up for themselves? Those people stand there silently and then they have a LOT to say on Twitter, Facebook etc.
If you feel tired, uncomfortable or afraid (you might fall) in subway while pregnant, ASK someone and I am sure 90 percent people will let you sit down.

Aeol on

It was rare that I was offered a seat while pregnant and riding the NYC subway; I didn’t always need or want it, but it’s basic courtesy. I was on a train today that was hurtling and jerking like a roller coaster, if I had been pregnant and standing that would have been pretty scary. I’ve seen people on crutches and canes not offered a seat! People are just so in their own worlds they don’t have any common manners. I don’t hesitate to give up my seat for an elderly or pregnant person while the young men around me play candy crush on their phones and then look properly ashamed when they see what manners look like.

Stephanie on

I just wonder if she asked them to give up their seat, or if she, like so many others, just complained on social media afterwards. So many people are totally stuck in their electronics these days, they don’t look left, they don’t look right (which is super sad) so maybe none of those guys sitting there, saw that she is actually highly pregnant. Or did she ask them nicely and they refused? Humanity is going to sh it!!!

Eve on

I have never been pregnant myself yet, but I always ask very pregnant ladies, older people, disabled people, or people with large packages/items. And let me tel you, not everyone is happy I asked! I was raised like that, my Mom would have me sit on her lap as a child if any adult came into a waiting room, etc. and there wasn’t a seat. However, I think this constant throwing shade on social media….. don’t like it. If Olivia was working and unable to use anything but public transportation, I could see her complaining, but a rich actress? It just comes of a bit much. Still like her though. Mazel on the baby.

Stop whining on

While it’s polite to let a pregnant woman have your seat, I know because I’ve been pregnant, it’s also presumptuous and self important to expect strangers to put you before themselves. Perhaps they have been on their feet without a break working double shifts or have a medical condition themselves that you can’t see just by looking at them or any number of other reasons. Maybe they just didn’t want to get up. Get over it. Why didn’t your wonderful husband get you a cab, I’m sure you can afford it?

jen on

I can’t speak for the subways in NY, but for the trains and subways in Japan, priority seats are for the elderly, disabled, and pregnant, so if anyone in those categories gets on and there’s no open seating and you’re sitting in a priority seat when you are none of those things, you need to abide by the rules and relinquish that seat. If in the event you are not sitting in a priority seat yet you see that all the priority seating is unavailable to someone elderly, disabled, or pregnant, it would be nice if an able-bodied person relinquished the seat. But I also feel that it doesn’t hurt to ask someone for a seat, if your need is truly great within those three categories. If you are refused, then I might say a pregnant woman like Olivia Wilde has the right to be upset. But I feel like she didn’t even ask, she just EXPECTED it and the reality, however lamentable, is that we don’t live in that kind of society anymore. Just ask, with kindness, and you’ll likely receive kindness.

guest on

I absolutely think it is courteous to give a pregnant woman a seat in the bus or train. It might not be a disability but carrying a baby is no joke. Those men saying that this is a feminist thing should learn a thing or 2 about pregnancy.

Akiki mira on

They didn’t get you pregnant. Not their business. How do they know you aren’t just fat and don’t want to insult you? Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Pfssshhh. on

Whiny, entitled, little baby. And I don’t mean the one in her belly.

Suzanne on

Pregnancy is a choice, not a disability. Women bang the drum about equality, but that goes right out the window when it suits us. Ms. Wilde has no idea what physical limitations those who are sitting are dealing with. Can “preggo” women please stop demanding the world stop for them?

Also Guest on

Being pregnant is NOT a disability. Get over yourself.

Emily on

We should offer our seat to anyone who obviously needs it.

More often than not, 20 somethings and/ or men would not offer a seat up for my 80 year old mom, who had Parkinsons, while we waited for a dining table. Sickening.

Granted, O.W. does not NEED to ride the subway. However, Respect is Respect – get up!

Teaching my 9 year old DAUGHTER to give up her seat, hold hold the door etc. for those who need it!

Craig on

That’s the price of equality babe.

Jordan on

Some here commented that men don’t know how to act anymore with some women expecting old-fashioned gentlemanly behavior and other women wanting to be equal and not wanting preferential treatment based on gender.

My feeling is this: Good manners transcend gender differences. I am a woman, but I will hold the door open when someone comes in behind me regardless of whether they are male or female. It would be bad manners to allow the door to slam shut on a person behind you simply because they are a different gender.

Be polite and considerate to all, regardless of gender. Leave it to the other person as to whether or not they accept your gesture. Always take the high road and you can’t go wrong.

Guest on

So.. isn’t this what feminists are screaming for…treating women like men to keep things fair and equal.

Grace on

She’s mostly right. I’m nine months pregnant in NYC and, particularly during rush hour, it’s mostly able-bodied young men who occupy the seats, jamming out with their headphones on and tapping their feet and playing air guitar or reading their books, who willfully ignore those who could use a seat (even if my belly is inches from their head). The ones who do help? Those who already have tons of bags, those who look the most burdened, women, and Black, Latino, and Middle Eastern men. I don’t expect people to give up their seat for me because I’m pregnant, I don’t wish for anyone with maladies or discomfort to do so, and if I’m getting off in a few stops I often say I’m okay to stand. I’m just sharing my observations of empathy.

Susa on

if you want someone to give up their seat, open your mouth and ASK!!! When I was pregnant I preferred to be standing, otherwise I would have asked for someone to let me have their seat. You can’t just stand there and expect people to read your mind!

Seriously on

I cannot believe some of the negative comments about this article! How can anyone defend rude,ill mannered people!!!!! Someone should have offered her their seat! I can’t tell u how many times we have been to a restaurant and pregnant or elderly are standing while waiting for a table because kids, teenagers, or younger adults are sitting in the waiting area. I’ve taught my son from early age to offer a seat and hold the door!!!!!!

J on

It’s called manners. You give up your seat for children, elderly, disabled & expectant mothers.

Peggy on

OMG people-this is not about money, privilege or whether pregnancy is a disability. It’s about common sense and caring for another human being. Good grief, is it a midwestern thing that I learned to sense that others around me, even strangers, might need a small act of kindness? This is in part why I moved out of New York. I watched as people walked by my disabled husband was lying on Park Avenue as strangers literally stepped over him refusing to help us.

MollyFa on

I can’t believe some of you commenters. If I saw a pregnant woman get on the bus, I’d give up my seat. It’s common sense, IMHO.
People need to give up their seats for the elderly, disabled and pregnant women. As some who is visually impaired who walks with a cane, people are supposed to move from the front seat across from the driver.

sally on

Not surprised at all. We’ve become a society of selfish people who are ALL about themselves. Manners are NOT being taught anymore. How many mothers/fathers are teaching their boys to hold door open, etc…???
Look around you! Not surprised one bit by this!!!

Kortney on

I am a woman, and have been pregnant. No i dont need a man to open a door for me. But if I see a pregnant woman on the subway etc standing i will give her my seat because i was taught to think of others first and not to be so selfish.

xoxo on

I agree that people should be courteous and offer, but did she even bother to ask? I’m guilty of being in my own little world in my head but I’d absolutely willingly give up a seat for someone who asked.

sauceinthecity on

duh…it’s society…is she just noticing people are rude?

Marianne on

Unless NYC is different, the public transportation I have taken has always said to give up your seat for eldery people, disabled people AS well as pregnant women and parents with small children. So I don’t feel like she’s acting like a diva or whatever. That being said though, she shouldn’t assume everyone was able-bodied. Some people have invisible disabilities. Or they may work a very laborious job and have chronic back pain or something.

Katie on

I’m sure if she would have asked, someone would have given her their seat. She’s just another spoiled rotten celebrity creating drama over nothing. Her and Zendaya would be great friends.

Come On on

I’m curious how long she stood. She goes to red carpet events in gowns and heels, standing and walking along the photographers. Does she feel the need to sit then…?

Seriously on

She shouldnt have to ask!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous on

it happens in Pittsburgh as well. Not only pregnant women, but elderly and disabled. I am about the lone person on the trolley that offers a seat to a pregnant woman, elderly person or a disabled person. Common courtesy seems to have gone out the window which is a total shame.

Karen on

Get over it. Pregnancy isn’t a freaking big deal. Keep your legs closed. Self entitled witch.

trisha on

I am so tired of pg women being like this. As many said she chose to be in this condition. If she were an elderly person def i would give up my seat, and yes I guess it would be nice if someone gave up their seat. However, NYC subway does not owe you a seat, you decided to be basically half incapacitated for the second time in your life- and enjoy it and everything that comes along with. Also by the looks of some of the commenters they seem to have the mommy syndrome- no one cares about the mommies who decided to have unprotected sex least of all NYC.

Kar on

It is shocking how rude some people can be! I was on a bus when an elderly woman got on and not one able bodied young man or woman got up to give her a seat so I did. Show some courtesy and consideration people!!!

kopalk on

No, pregnancy is not a disability. Yes, there may have been people on that bus that had a rough day/long commute. However, the probability is high that at least 1 able-bodied person that was sitting down didn’t have a rough day or a long commute. Even though pregnancy isn’t a disability, many of us know what it feels like to be THAT pregnant, and it can be agonising to be on your feet for any length of time, especially while trying to hold yourself stable on a moving vehicle. I’m with Olivia, famous person or not, someone should have offered up their seat.

Sigh on

I am a very polite person and always give up my seat when I see someone who needs it. Still, reading her complaints rub me the wrong way. If no one was offering her a seat, rather than go on social media and complain (which does nothing to remedy the situation), she can ask someone for their seat and I assure you they would give it up. Sometimes people are in their own world, they’ve had a long day, they have things going on in their mind. They can’t always be worried about you. But, if you show them you need something from them, they will be more than willing to help. It doesn’t make them a horrible person because they didn’t think about it all on their own.

Lara Sheehan on

People are just too self absorbed nowadays. No, being pregnant is not a disability but it’s very uncomfortable to stand in the last couple of weeks. That’s really not even the point, basic human decency would be to notice a pregnant woman and at least offer your damn seat. C’mon people lets be kind to each other.

LilOne on

So you think because you are pregnant that people are supposed to get up for you. Sorry sweetheart but being pregnant is not a disability and as long as you can walk you should be just fine holding on. Yes it would have been nice of someone to offer up their seat but do not assume that you are special because you are pregnant. Women have babies and get pregnant all the time including myself. Get over yourself and move on. The fact that you feel entitled to a seat just shows how rude you are and I am not even from New York but shame on this actress who felt the need to bash people for no apparent reason other than she thought she was special. NOT

EyeRoll on

Headline: rich actress mingles with common folk and is miffed that double-shift working, tired people won’t give up their seats for her. Woman, get a cab. Fundamentally I believe people should give up seats for those in need, but she’s being annoying here. Next she’s going to go to a food bank and complain that no one gave up their bread for her even though she’s clearly carrying an extra person. She can afford all the accommodations she desires so she should get over herself and get off social media with petty complaints. That doesn’t negate that people should be courteous, but someone with so much complaining of not getting something petty from people with much less is just annoying.

Anonymous on

Suck it up.

guest on

I just had a discussion with my 4 year old about this yesterday. I take the subway/nyc bus with her every day and it’s crazy how little common courtesy some people display. If you are capable of standing (and no I don’t care if you just got done working) stand up. This should be the practice for elderly, disabled, pregnant and small children.

Robin on

My husband and I gave up our seats in the waiting area at a restaurant to an elderly couple while everyone else just sat. The elderly gentleman was using a walker. You could have heard a pin drop when my husband stood up. He has cerebral palsy and when he stood up and moved across the room to stand, it was quite obvious. My husband’s feet and ankles hurt all the time so he knows what it is like when you need to sit and can’t be cause people choose to not be courteous and offer their seat. However, he also recognizes that he is fortunate enough to be able to stand without assistance and is respectful to others who need the seat more than he does.

dahlia on

I don’t understand why people are harsh towards Olivia. She is 100% right. Have you ever ridden the NYC subway while heavily pregnant and standing up?? It’s not easy!! The trains are swaying and rattling along the track so you have to hold on to a rail to keep your balance meanwhile people are pushing and breathing all over you.

I rode the PATH and subway around NYC while pregnant and had the same frustrating experience. It’s unbelievable how people sitting down comfortably, especially men, will look right at your belly and not offer a seat. And the other men are oblivious, just staring down at their phones the entire time. She’s absolutely right. People have lost their decency. And it’s not that easy to just ask somebody to move. People need to be aware of their surroundings and extend a seat to a pregnant woman. And anybody who doesn’t agree with her has obviously never been pregnant and ridden the subway. The End.

seabot on

I love the people saying it was everyone else who was self-absorbed. Olivia seems pretty darned self-absorbed. All these comments about it being a requirement to give up your seat – again, how do you know who was and wasn’t able-bodied around her? Not all disabilities are visible. And how long was this ride compared to how long she stands up on set while filming?

william on

1. News Flash: Most people aren’t polite.
2. Olivia is wealthy, beautiful, and a privileged celeb.
Normal people are resentful of your “special” life.
3.You’re rich enough to take a cab (or limo)
4. Ms.Wilde should eat a bag of d***s cuz she sucks and her husband is annoying and unfunny.

bre on

I do not get this “bauble” pregnant women think they need to be in, she seems completely capable of standing on the subway. Just because yes her feet and back probably where sore doenst mean some one else should have to stand. I’ve been pregnant twice and both times I bar tended (9+ hours 5 days a week) up until I went into labor. freaked people out because I should have been at home doing i dont know knitting or something. pretty sure womens bodies where made to be pregnant and still be able to go about our very easy american way of life,

Carrie on

Unfortunately, people have lost all sorts of common courtesy. When I was pregnant, through conceive easy, I would take the subway and no one would give up their seat. Thinking back, it’s sad. I did not really expect them to give up their seat, which is another sad thing really – that you don’t expect good manners from other people anymore.

What? on

I’m sure it’s uncomfortable to stand on the subway while you’re pregnant, but there are many women who work 8+ hour days during their 3rd trimester. They’re not wealthy celebrities who could drive or be driven if they really wanted to. They actually have to work. I guess I’d be sympathetic if it wasn’t a wealthy celebrity who was complaining about this, but I just can’t in this case. It’s probably because I know many women who have had it a lot worse than this. Also, my wife is pregnant and she’ll be one of those women on her feet 8+ hours a day during her 3rd trimester (she’s currently in her 2nd).

Really on

I had a bit of a tough pregnancy. I was sick most of the time. I didn’t wear my troubles on my sleeve and would probably never have asked someone if I could have their seat but I can tell u i always needed it.

Tank on

Why did she make this public? Does she think she’s the only one with issues like this? My mother was sick, came from the hospital and I told her to sit on the seat when in the train while I stood then some pregnant woman came up to her tapped her signing for her to get up. I don’t care if your pregnant you don’t do that. There are people who work all day and are exhausted their not even looking around, they just want to be home, they aren’t looking at the pregnant woman or anyone else for that matter. I learned as a New Yorker who takes both the train and bus that you should not expect to be comfortable. If she wanted to be comfortable she should have gotten a cab, she has the money for it. Most people can’t even enjoy the money they get from work because it’s mostly spent on rent and transit.

Not sure on

I was very sick through most of my pregnancy. Most didn’t know my difficulties but it was so hard my hand I decided no more children after the birth of our first. I can tell you I would have been violently I’ll if I was not sitting on the subway. I don’t know that I could of asked someone to give up their seat…

Lyn on

She’s a moron. There’s no reason to give up a seat to a pregnant woman. An old feeble man or woman maybe, but not pregnant woman.

Brittany on

I don’t know about anyone else but while I was pregnant, I was perfectly “able bodied.” I give up my seat to pregnant women, elderly or disabled and even people who look exhausted when on the subway but I’ve never expected it. There were many times my feet hurt, ankles were huge, and my back/hips were really sore but I still stood. It’s just part of public transportation.


Boo hoo. Shut up. Pregnant or not. You’re no better than anyone.

Jenna on

Wow, these comments are unbelievable. I was always taught to give up my seat to elderly people, people with a disability and women who are visibly pregnant. And if I’m on a bus or metro, most people would gladly offer their seat if they notice another person might need the seat more. But I’m from Europe, so maybe manners/politeness are different in the US. Some kindness and compassion never hurt anyone…

Irish on

Lmao at this spoiled ass. I never expected anything from anyone during my pregnancy. I had a rough one too where I was sick 24-7 and still went to work, vomiting in the trash cans in the halls, and worked until the day before my due date. I went into labor on my due date. So I worked on my feet, physically lifting and walking and pushing wheelchairs with patients in them, until the day before I went into labor! That’s what us normal real women do who struggle for our money!.

megan on

You can’t tell these days who is truly pregnant vs just fat / chubby all the time vs still looking pregnant 2 months after having a baby. I wouldn’t recognize her in public anyway, pregnant or not, unless Jason was right next to her

Jay on

What a shameless brat. Maybe those people were working long hours for low pay on the way back to their small cramped apartments.

dukie1 on

you dont like it that a cab

Will on

Looking at someone doesn’t tell you if they’re abled body or not. Don’t assume because they don’t meet your standards for disabled enough.

monkee on

People who ride the subway usually do not have other transportation options. I suggest she work on her feet for 10 hours a day for a few years and then get back on to that subway and see how polite to a pregnant woman SHE feels like being.. especially one that is “slumming” and has other options besides riding the rails. I find her entitled attitude towards common people despicable.. sweetie, pregnancy IS NOT a disability. If you are suffering from some sort of pregnancy related health issue ASK someone to give up their seat, but you aren’t a special snowflake and your feet aren’t more important than anyone else’s on that train.

blessedwithboys on

between the swaying back and forth and sudden screeching stops, a women with an altered center of gravity and hormonal ligament relaxation could be seriously injured, or worse, her baby could be, by falling down. she isnt entitled and even though pg isnt a disability in the strictest sense, it just disadvantage a women physically in the later months.

on behalf of all my fellow new yorkers, i am sorry, olivia! we are not all this rude and inconsiderate!

Matilda on

If she’d ask, I am sure someone would give up their seat. And like others have commented, other people might have disabilities you can’t see. From my own experience, I have MS and some days, I’m fine standing, but other, it can honestly ruin my day. It’s just the entitlement that gets to me.

Anonymous on

Is Olivia Wilde a spoiled entitled uber-liberal moron who has no idea what real life is? YOU BET. Can riding the subway while very pregnant be difficult? YOU BET. These things aren’t mutually exclusive. After riding the subway while pregnant twice, I always give up my seat to pregnant women. It’s not about standing. The subways cars get very crowded. Sometimes there isn’t a spot on a pole to hold on to. And not all women can reach the top poles like average size men can. Lots of people don'[t hold on, period. They are too busy with their phones and ipads. I would always worry somebody would accidentally fall on on me or kick me in the stomach. I think not giving up a seat for a pregnant woman is really poor manners, whether you worked a 12 hour shift or not. I assure you that most people do not; a good percentage of subway riders are college students and white-collar men.

Anonymous on

Since when pregnancy is a disability?

Anonymous on

When I see a pregnant man, he can have my seat. Courtesy has nothing to do with equal rights. You see another human being in need of something and you can provide it, you do it.

gush on

If the seat is not marked for disabled people it’s first arrived first served policy. And yes, you do have to ask for it if someone is seated.
There are thousands of disabilities that look invisible, would she kick out a narcoleptic from her seat?
Also another thing, you don’t have a right to have people offer you stuff anywhere in society, you don’t ask you don’t get.

Dave on

First off, she was being a typical entitled rude hollywood celebrity, that’s why people didn’t want to give up their seats. Most people would give pregnant women their seats if asked nicely.

Secondly, why only the MEN are shamed and expected to give up their seats. What happen to equality? Are women not able body too. Feminists finally show their true face.

Thick dick bandit on

First of all, it’s her problem for talking the train, when you know you can afford more luxuriois means of transportation. The concept of giving up seats is sexist towards men. Would a Woman ever give up a seat for a man? lmao hell no.