Chelsea Clinton: ‘I Hope My Children Are as Proud of Me as I Am of My Mom’

09/09/2016 at 12:50 PM ET

Chelsea Clinton Kids The View

Chelsea Clinton might be biased when it comes to choosing our next Commander-in-Chief, but she admits becoming a parent herself has made it appreciate her own mother even more.

“Now, as a mom — I have two little kids, Charlotte who turns 2 later this month, and her baby brother Aiden, who’s 2½ months,” Clinton shared during a co-hosting stint on The View Friday.

“I hope my children are as proud of me as I am of my mom someday,” she added.

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The mom of two, who is married to investment banker Marc Mezvinsky, shares that her daughter Charlotte is just entering nursery school, and admits that her support for her mother goes way past her political and social involvement.

“With my husband, there’s no one I trust more than my mom,” Clinton says. “If, God forbid, anything were to happen to Marc and me, my mother would take care of my children. There’s no greater vote of trust and faith and love than that.

“So as a daughter, it doesn’t make sense to me,” she adds of how anyone could call her mother untrustworthy.

The former first daughter also shared more details about how she and Ivanka Trump still manage to keep a close friendship, despite their opposing campaign involvement.

“We were friends long before this election, we will be friends long after this election — our friendship didn’t start in politics and it certainly is not going to end because of politics,” Clinton says.

“I have tremendous respect for Ivanka. I love her family. She’s a working mom like I am. We have so much more in common than we have disagreement about.”

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Algore on

I hope her children are not as evil as her or her mom…

Scary on

What a scary, horrific thing to say. She’s proud of a pathological liar, cheater, scammer and worst of all, murderer.

Hopefully her kids will take after her bio dad Webster Hubbell’s side of the family and not the Rodham side.

Guest on

R u proud of the HUGE salary(?) u STOLE from ur “charity fund” ur mother set up? Learned @ the knee of that LIAR, CROOK teacher!

Tiffany on

She is lying too. Just like momma.

Anonymous on

Common Sense, Voice of Wisdom…..

Sending Chelsea out is a sure sign of desperation on Hillary’s part! Notice she was not asked one question about her mother’s health issues! Sounds like Chelsea and her family are all set to move back into the White House (like mooching Marion Robinson) from what she said. Sure she’s lying and only telling truth about her plans to stay involved in the corrupt Clinton Foundation.

Bill can stay out but anyone would know that is meaningless if Chelsea is involved. OMG they must think the public is stupid.

edicantionminds on

I have nothing but respect for Chelsea Clinton. She is smart, generous, beautiful and articulate…just like her Mom.

O M on

Hillary is a lying,cheating,criminal that is pure evil.

Marisa on

Chelsea has become an excellent liar like her Mom!!!

Sure on

Chelsea: Just start a “charitable foundation” like your mom and dad did, THEN collect tens of millions in donations by using your government position to exchange for favors, THEN keep 95% of that money to be used as “family salaries,” and your children will be every bit as proud of you as you are of your mom.

Lisa on

Maybe she will become president one day 🙂

Sara on

Her children have grandparents that have been convicted of corruption (in laws), disbarred for lying under oath (her Dad) or accused to being so stupid she didn’t know she was mishandling classified info after straight out lying to the Anerican people (her Mom). Let’s hope her kids don’t turn out to be criminals & liars like their grandparents.

DaGuest on

Cue the parrots who have nothing to offer accept the same lame old BS about Hillary being a liar and a crook – two apt descriptions for their buffoon of a leader.

Durr on

What is with the Clinton’s and shady business. Chelsea’s husband, Marc Mezvinsky. started a Greek hedge fund with investors buying in with $400 mil, and now 90% of that money is lost. Okay bad business. But old Marc’s daddy, Ed Mezvinsky, former Democrat Congressman from Iowa, was convicted of 31 felonies involving fraud. Ed stole over $10 mil from friends, family, and financial institutions. Ed did only five years in the pokey.

Anonymous on

Dad is a serial cheater nad Mom is a liar and a crook. Poor kid,

Lexi on

Don’t act like her and they will be!! Your Mother’s a Murderer, hope you don’t follow in her footsteps!! Three Clinton’s would take people over the edge!

Guest on

I love my mom too, however,, if she was a serial liar that allowed people to het killed, I would hope I would be NOTHING like her!

norosecoloredglspls on

yeah….there are mothers whose children are sitting on death row that are still proud of them. what’s your point, chelsea?

BG on

Talk about a spoiled person who has hardly worked a day in her life given half a million dollar salaries and more, has a $10 million dollar place to live and had a $3 million dollar Wedding from stolen money. Cry me a river
Crazy Grandma needs to sit her ass down and be a full time Granny with Grandpa Bill instead of continuing Obama’s road to hell.