Oh Baby! Pregnant Blac Chyna Shows Off Bump and Lamborghini as Rob Kardashian Clears Instagram Again

09/09/2016 at 09:15 AM ET

Blac Chyna
Blac Chyna Snapchat

Oh baby!

Blac Chyna took to Snapchat on Thursday to show off her growing baby bump and flashy ride.

The 28-year-old reality star looked unbothered, posing barefoot in a see-through white tube top and short pink shorts by her flashy purple Lamborghini.

Pulling the end of her ponytail back, the soon-to-be mom of two turned her head and kept her eyes closed — taking in the sun from the driveway of her Los Angeles home.

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While Chyna was showing off on Snapchat, fiancé Rob Kardashian was taking to another social media platform for a very different reason.

The 26-year-old sock mogul purged his Instagram account Thursday, deleting all of his photos and unfollowing all of his followers — including Chyna!

This isn’t the first time Kardashian has done something like this. He previously wiped all of his accounts back in July. While the recluse reality star had been slowly sharing more since then, it appears he’s gone back for another fresh start.

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Perhaps viewers will get a better idea of Kardashian’s social media habits on his new E! reality series Rob & Chyna, premiering Sept. 11.

The show follows the couple as they prepare to welcome their first child. The decision to expand their family was something the couple has been talking about for a while.

Rob Kardashian Blac Chyna Rollout - Cover
Ari Michelson

“We definitely discussed having kids,” Chyna recently told PEOPLE. “Rob made it very clear that he wanted to have a baby. Babies, actually! He wants me to have, like, four.”

“If I had found somebody at 19, I would have wanted the same thing then. But I never found anybody,” Kardashian added. “Part of life is to build a family and have kids. And I thank God that we’re able to. It’s very exciting to me to be a first-time dad.”

— Dave Quinn

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Amy on

Pretty sure I just threw up looking at this picture.

Nene on

He is 26 going on 16!! I have know idea how he will
cope once the baby is born.. Everything isn’t for everybody

Yul Gallimore on

People you are disgusting. Can we think about getting standards higher instead of your ratings?

DeeDee on

He’s 29, not 26. Nice proofreading, People magazine.

Diane on

Sock mogul??????? What a joke they are.

DeeDee on

He’s 29, not 26!

Brandi on

Ugh another Kim Zolciak with these wigs 🙈 Blac Chyna looks SO much better in this picture with her natural hair pulled back into a ponytail instead of all those massive loud wigs she wears. I just don’t get why anyone would prefer wearing a wig when they have plenty of their own beautiful hair.

Nicole on

He has serious issues, though it’s not hard to figure out why. She is a hot mess, but at least she knows what she wants – fame and attention. How is going to handle the stress of a newborn baby?! Deleting your Instagram every time the baby won’t stop crying isn’t exactly an effective parenting technique.

Jen on

My eyes!!!!!

SeattleDreamin on

There are not enough words to describe the classless, trailer trash these people are. No, wait. trailer trash is too good a term.

Rolyat on

30 years ago if you had a nice car it meant you have money. Now anyone can walk into a dealership with decent credit and lease with nothing down. And dealerships now even lease USED cars. So the fact that she has a Lamborghini means nothing. But she needs to cover up. No need to induce vomiting.

Anonymous on

I’m going to throw up. It’s like bad, really really bad.

Ava on

A black woman using self tanner, and horribly done by the way.

KZ on

That POOR baby. Total trash for parents.

trinspin on

The Sock Mogul has no idea how to even care for himself much less a baby. He has been babied his entire life. I am not model myself, but she is no beauty by any means. She usually just looks trashy, so she found the perfect family. Good luck to them.

Awwwschucks on

Poor child. Perhaps the name of the child should be “Chaos” (noun: defined as complete disorder, confusion, dismay, mayhem) since that’s what its being born into. Just saying…..

JERI522f on

Perhaps you see yourselves as the jealous ineffective human beings that you are that you can not imagine someone finding their mate for life bothers you It is not where you come from it is where you end up They are young family they will make mistakes but they can rise above. Not perfect married st 19 now 46 years 5 children raised two more college bound 4 went and received degrees higher than associates and I went back at 60 years of age so your tongue could be your reason you are feeling sick By the way she went to college also🌹

Lexi on

OMG that is just disgusting!!

georgialacy on

Just think – PEOPLE gave them the cover and hid Willie Wonka in the middle of the magazine – on one little page. SMH

aerotica on

That’s just NASTY.

georgialacy on

And just think. PEOPLE gave these two the cover…and hid Willie Wonka in the middle of the magazine on one measly page. SMH

Anonymous on

Something we can’t “unsee.”

HideMyEyes on

You can’t “unsee” this! 😦

HideMyEyes on

Anonymous, we think alike!

Kristen on

Gotta give props to Blac Chyna. She figured out how to secure a fortune for herself and change her last name to Kardashian in just a couple of months. Well played.

Damn Gina on

One word, nasty!

michelle on

Felt like Chyna take advantage of Rob for his money. Not for love. I feel sorry for Rob. Wish his father alive today and give him a great advice to avoid drama girls.

PCC on

When Walmart trash hits the lottery. You can really see her nose job in that picture.

EM on

Trash at its finest! Gross.

Rosie on

So this new picture just sums up the whole thing. All about the money and fame, and she’s got the prize in her belly. See, classy, humble people with money, don’t need to brag or show it off. Classless trash! Run, Rob, run, as fast as you can!

Melissa on

This “man” just had is mommy buy him a house, his mommy buy all of the furniture, dishes, pots and pans, towels, bedding, food…on and on! They even put it on TV like it was something to be proud of!
Mommy is still cutting up the meat on his plate at 29! Grandma will have to support them all forever
Sock mogul…I have never met a person wearing Rob Kardashian socks…or at least one that would admit to it. That is a joke.
If this guy were in any normal American family he would be the loser brother that has a ghetto girlfriend and kids people feel sorry for… the rest of the family would have to tolerate him on holidays! Luckily for him, he has his mother to support him forever.

Rosie on

He shut down his instagram, again? He can’t take the comments people are leaving, or they’re fighting again? Well, we’re not all on the love boat, and buying into this ridiculous romance. Okay, have a romance, have a baby, whatever, but does it need to be on the cover of PEOPLE? Why do they deserve a show again? He’s been an cruel person to his family for 3 years, now everyone’s supposed to love him? Go ahead, but we don’t need to see this train wreck, and all the drama this poor kid is going to have. It’s not going to end well. They should have had more than 6 months to get to know each other, before they get a show. What is wrong with this generation?

brenda on

Hopefully this baby will only need things and not parents.

Anonymous on

They are bringing a child into this world. Their world. Two immature trashy ridiculous people. Ugh.

McKenna on

So they have been talking about kids for a while…. weren’t they dating for like a month before she got pregnant… and haven’t they broken up like twice since…. The fact that these people are constantly reported on in the media is baffling… and yes, I know I read the article too, but it’s a Friday afternoon and I am bored at work….

cj on

Disgusting! Goes to show money does not buy class or apparently cleanliness; she looks smelly an unclean. This poor baby has two loser parents and likely at least one of them has mental illness. Hope they get all the help they can for themselves and this child.

McKenna on

and also… he is not a ‘sock mogul’… he had a line of ugly socks for like 5 minutes before he became morbidly obese and mostly irrelevant…. then he knocked up blac chyna (yuck) and now he is a “sock mogul” who’s every move is chronicled online and in a new reality show… SMH

Jay on

So wait, that Playboy bunny or whoever body shames a woman at a gym and she’s wrong but all you miserable cows can talk down about a pregnant woman? The double standard lol. Catty women with nothing better to do is all I see from these comments.

Sherry on

Rob is as moody as a woman. I would get really tired of his “diva antics”. Good luck on this relationship working out…

Gina on

Well, you’ve gone and done it. I’ve been a People subscriber for over 30 years, and I’ve noticed the total lack of tact and class in your once-reliable magazine. Now I see what you’ve become by the absolute garbage you post on your website and now include in your magazine. These articles are lower than whale s**t. I am done. That’s $110 in my pocket. Best of luck to you.

Anonymous on

Sorry but she has the weirdest looking belly button. I know they change during pregnancy, but I’ve never seen one that looks like that before.


Cute couple, i hope everything works out for them!

Arrested Development on

Arrested development at its finest. When is every member of this family and their “significant other” going to grow the hell up? The immaturity is nauseating.

Jj on

She’s disgusting

Lolo on

Wow. This deal is a total train wreck. I feel bad for this little baby to be born into such a mess. Lord.

Roseanne on

I’m sorry – these young girls are lacking in so much class. Cover up, show your significant other all you want to, the rest of us don’t need to see it. Less is more! By the way, this picture sums her up – fame, $$ and heir! She knows exactly what she’s doing – don’t let the baby voice she has fool you. Anyone remember how her mother was talking on the internet before the K’s put a stop to it? Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, remember that!

maggie on

Good lord, those tattoos are awful!

jules on

Hehehehe it is becoming clear that Blac Chyna will be raising two kids and a man. Seems like her plan has backfired terribly

Just Me on

I’ve never been the type to think that you have to be married to have a child, but I do believe that you should be in a stable, loving relationship with the person you are bringing a child into this world with. These two both seem *very* childish. She seems like nothing more than an attention W… and he seems to love the attention one day and despise it the next. How are they going to raise a child when neither of them has yet grasped how to control their own emotions or even take care of themselves? I mean, they’re living in a house bought and paid for by his mother. Their cars (including that flashy Lambo she’s posing next to) were paid for by his family. Selling yourself to the networks is all these people know how to do. Thank goodness I can sit here and say I’ve never once watched a single episode of any of the shows these people are in.

kim on

I know pregnancy is suppose to be beautiful but this is DISGUSTING!

Sarah on

This girl gets pregnant any time she has a one night stand that turns into a two days

Rachael McKenzie on


beauteefullaydee on

China is the ultimate Hoodrat, she needs to be in the projects with Rayray or Peanut. She’s going to push that poor guy over the edge.

Lexie on

Same @Amy

Penny on

For the love of God, girl, put some clothes on! If it was JUST the narcissism, the look of entitlement on her face, the weird smears around that coin-slot of a belly button, the bulgy bump without benefit of clergy, the incapable ‘baby daddy’ with the shark-faced ‘momager’- but it’s ALL those things! This picture is the prime example of our society going to hell in a hand basket. And doubtless some poster will call me ‘judgmental’ or blast that seriously annoying “Haters gonna hate!”.