Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin Rely on a Baby Night Nurse to Get That Precious Shut Eye

09/07/2016 at 09:00 PM ET

Ben McKenzie on Live!

Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin are “finally sleeping” six months after welcoming daughter Frances Laiz, and it’s thanks to one special person: their night nurse!

“It’s so great,” the new dad, 37, said during an appearance on Live! with Kelly Wednesday.

So what exactly is a night nurse? Explained the Gotham star, “They stay up with the baby the first couple of weeks when the baby is really up all the time.

“They’re basically — they wake up my lady to get her to feed the baby — but between times when the baby can be cranky and fussy, they’re on it,” he said.

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McKenzie has taken on other tasks, he said, including diaper changing.

“It’s pretty magical,” The O.C. alum said of fatherhood.

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The star and Baccarin — whose romance was revealed in September of last year — welcomed Frances in March. Baccarin is already a mom to Julius, 2½, with ex-husband Austin Chick.

And Baccarin is totally proud of McKenzie’s daddy skills, telling PEOPLE earlier this year, “Ben’s the sweetest.”

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Em on

God bless em! Most parents would do this if they as the money.

Ljm on

I would totally have hired a night nurse if I had the funds. Being a tired, cranky mess doesn’t make someone a better parent, but my guess is those comments are coming.

Guest on

That would of been nice…lol…I wish

Anna on

Most wouldn’t. There are plenty of people far richer that parent their own kids. That is part of parenthood. If you are already giving in the towel now you are in trouble later because lack of sleep is just the tip honey. Every age comes with different struggles and you cant buy it all away.

Erer on

That’d be nice considering my daughter took 16 months to
Sleep through the night.

Sam on

Brutal. As exhausting as it was, I would never trade those times with my babies. Their loss.

Dawn on

I’m giving birth any day now and I have to say, I’m not altogether sure I would have a baby nurse, and I could afford it. Those first weeks are such an important part of bonding with your baby, whos been growing inside your body, listening to your heartbeat and voice. We are built to go without sleep those first few weeks haha

Rikki1999 on

These people are only interested in making babies, not raising children. Sure, yeah, they need their “beauty sleep.”

thehitchcocks on

I have so little respect for celebrities lol. If you’re going to have kids, then be parents!! Don’t hire someone else to do your work! Seriously?? A night nurse?? Lol.

Jenn on

I would never leave my newborn baby in the care of someone else during the night When they need me

DumbAsRocks on

Seems sterile and unwanted. Children take a lot of work and a lack of sleep is nothing. Hollywood really needs a hysterectomy.

Elena on

Isn’t she the one who got pregnant while still married to another man? God forbid she gets out of bed to take care of anything. Useless woman.

Katy on

We must face the reality: rich people can cut corners without any major developmental consequences for the child. They get to do that and we don’t get special credit for enduring the moments they are sleeping through.

F6xc on

Of course parenting is magical when you’re not actually doing much of it. Sorry but they won’t ever know what true parenting is like. Yes it’s magical. It’s also very difficult.

Gretsa on

Hollywood babies always seem like novelty items or accessories. Most of them have all-the-time nannies. They can literally pass the kids off ANY TIME. They can take them to disney, snap a few pics and continue to live as they did before kids. That’s not the normal experience. I’ve yet to see any celeb parents speak of night nurses though. That’s pretty bad. My best friend works as a full time nurse and did all the newborn responsibilities. She was quite tired but doesn’t regret it.

Taylor on

If you’re going to wake up to breastfeed on demand anyway, then why not just forget the night nurse and tend to the baby yourself? I don’t get it.

Kristine on

Sure, those first few weeks are important for bonding and feeding. But, my youngest was still waking 4-5 times a night at 11 months old! She was a terrible sleeper for her first year. I often fantasized about how far away I could be if I fed her and put her down, then just got in the car and drove away. How far could I get before the next wake-up call?? A night nurse, at that point, would have been AMAZING.

comeon on

They are both working on tv with long and irregular hours along with a little boy. Let’s not put all these pressure on each other and assume anyone who choose different ways are not doing their best the could.

cj on

I wouldn’t trade those special moment in the middle of the night with my children for anything. Exhausted, yes but the love and security you give your baby, is priceless.

Aeol on

My cousin and her husband had a baby nurse for their first. In his country and culture it’s basically the standard. Her mother in law kinda bullied her into it. They are successful and financially sound but also very down to earth and humble. She did not employ a nurse a second time!

dkstevens327 on

I was lucky enough to be able to adjust my schedule to my son’s when he was born and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I understand they’re working on Gotham, they’ve got her toddler from the husband she was with when this baby was conceived (and husband #1 was at home watching their kid), but this is why they should’ve considered waiting before having a kid… Still, who am I to judge? Maybe a celeb kid raised by nannies will wind up doing something great one day.
Wouldn’t it be ironic if Ben cheats on Morena with the night nurse? Considering she cheated on her husband with Ben… It’s like a soap opera lol

guest38 on

Article is kinda confusing cuz it says they are finally getting some sleep after 6 months, so was the nurse the just the first few weeks or recently? I can’t hold this against them….. Sleep is important especially if you have full time jobs. If they can afford this luxury then more power to them.

Anonymous on

Can everyone say LAZY???

Ljm on

Since when does being sleep deprived and cranky make you a better parent? People act like if you are sacrificing everything and being miserable, your not a good mom or dad.
If they can afford a night nurse, more power to them. It doesn’t mean they love their child any less. People are so judgemental!

trylete on

I saw video of the interview and Kelly, surprise, cut Ben off and spoke over him repeatedly. What he was trying to say in response was that they had a night nurse for the first couple of weeks when the baby was sleeping very erratically. That would have been when he was still working well into the night with very early mornings shooting Gotham since he didn’t finish filming until the end of March. They also have a 2-year-old who would need extra attention during the transition. Ben didn’t have the luxury of taking that time off with the season deadline to meet, so why not enlist some help immediately after birth to give Mom a chance at some rest? Plenty with far less hectic and demanding schedules and no other young children do it, whether with family or hiring. I think it’s very open to misinterpretation and too easy for people to jump to the wrong conclusions. Doing the best possible for mother and all children so that everyone is happiest and healthiest is the goal.

All the best to him and his daughter and family.

Carolyn on

“They wake up my lady to feed the baby…” No where does he call “my lady” which is a stupid phrase anyway, or “the baby” by their given names.

Babsbarker on

Celebrities….they’re just like us! Not.

kellyf on

I’m sure almost anyone would be tempted to if they had the money, but on the other hand, I know when my baby daughter wakes up crying during the night, it’s me or my husband that she really wants. Not some stranger that’s there only part time. The crying during the night thing doesn’t last that long in the grand scheme of things and it just seems to me that letting your baby know that you’re there for them when they need you is an important part of that parent/child bond.

kellyf on

I’m sure almost anyone would be tempted to if they had the money, but on the other hand, I know when my baby daughter wakes up crying during the night, it’s me or my husband that she really wants. Not some stranger that’s there only part time. The crying during the night thing doesn’t last that long in the grand scheme of things and it just seems to me that letting your baby know that you’re there for them when they need you is an important part of that parent/child bond.

tristensmummy on

geeze, can’t even care for their own child??? tacky. i’d never allow someone to be alone with my child at night while i’m sleeping! even if i could afford it. why even bother to have kids?

Live and let live on

For those who are so judgemental, I have one question : why is this any different than you choosing to bring your kids to daycare as a young infant or toddler? Why do you have kids if you bring them to daycare and let a stranger raise them? Why not raise them yourselves? Doesn’t that affect the “bond”??

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