Pregnant Hilaria Baldwin Tones Her Triceps While Showing Off Her Big Bump in a Bra and Undies

09/05/2016 at 10:08 AM ET

No rest for the fittest.

Yoga instructor and soon-to-be mom of three Hilaria Baldwin is still keeping up with her workout regimen, despite entering the tail end of her pregnancy.

In a new Instagram video, Baldwin wore only a bra and underwear – and her bump – as she lifted a 7 lb. weight over her head to work on her triceps.

Hilaria Baldwin Workout
Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram

The 32-year-old revealed that she did 3 sets of 15 tricep curls. She added in a postscript: “Don’t stress about the weight. I’m good at throwing them around… lots of years of practice and good aim. Just don’t want to stress you out.”

Baldwin, who also shares daughter Carmen, 3, and son Rafael, almost 15 months, with husband Alec Baldwin, often discusses staying in shape while expecting.

WATCH: Hilaria Baldwin Shows Off Her Baby Bump

“Getting towards the end of pregnancy, it is hard to stay fit,” she previously revealed on Instagram. “I worked out every day I was pregnant with Carmen, less with Rafa, and with this one…. I REALLY have to get creative and make time.”

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She’s also employed her children for active sessions, with the trio hitting the beach for a little yoga just last month.

“It’s all about finding a little namaste amidst the chaos,” Baldwin wrote.

–– Lindsay Kimble

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Guest on

Ugh. Just ugh. We don’t need to see her in her underwear, lifting weights. There are cute maternity workout clothes. Please wear them.

Lisa on

How many times is that old man going to keep impregnating her?

Charlotte on

Why is Hilarious famous? That photo of her is totally weird and icky.

Just saying.. on

Why does these old men who marry women young enough to be their daughters insist on having kids they might not be around to raise? He will be 80 years old by the time this child graduates from college.

Guest 1 on

Ok just weird!

Gwyn on

Why oh why is this pic posted online? So inappropriate and tacky. No one wants to see you almost naked, 9 mos pregnant and in your undies. Hilaria is the stupidest name I’ve ever heard in my life. Sorry to be mean lol, but every time I see her name online I think that. How many kids does Alec have now? Geez man, put it away. All of it. Yuk

heather on

So this is odd.

huh? on

Why is she always in her bra and underwear?

Whatever on

I’ve never understood why women feel the need to post pictures like this for the entire world to see. Are they really that desperate for attention? Same goes for posting pics nursing your child. Seriously, can we have some modesty and keep certain things private among your family and loved ones…….

Madison on

Hilaria is hilarious! For the love of God, put some clothes on. You could’ve shown us how you lift weights (not that anyone cares) with your clothes on.

Hillariahilarious on

Good for her for lifting weights and staying in shape while pregnant, but does she have to do it in her bra? It seems like she’s screaming for attention. She’s hilarious.

sally on

Totally stupid & off- didn’t need to share this one!

Anon on

This woman is always screaming for attention. Good for her on exercising while pregnant but surely she didn’t need to do it in her underwear and then post it online. I don’t believe she actually spends all this time in her underwear; it’s just a ploy to get more attention. It’s sad and desperate and narcissistic.

megan on

If People did a story about Hilaria doing something useful / or while wearing clothes, hell would freeze over

sdb on

woah, lots of uncalled for and negative comments on here! good luck to Hilaria; she looks great.

Pat on

On Fallon, Alec, again, mentioned their team of nannies and Hilaria, again, started playing hard-working mom. She’s a narcissistic, fake, mediawh0re. Too bad she can’t spend her time and Alec’s money doing something really worthwhile.

Addie on

Poor Hilaria thinks this psychopathological exhibitionism is somehow “brave” when, indeed, it’s just sad. She appears to have no real self-esteem and tries to get some by publishing inappropriate photos. Alec is no better although his narcissism manifests differently. Sadly their children will never have healthy parental models.

Caro on

The Kardashians should adopt Hilarity Baldwin. She has the right complexion and fame*horing skills.

Shannon on

She’s lifting weights in her underwear, in the dark, on her bed and she has someone filming her??? Put some clothes on!! You’re not cute!! You’re gross!!!

Callie on

Poor Hilaria. Her marriage must be terribly unsatisfying if she’s so desperate for attention from total strangers.

Niki on

This woman is one sex tape away from being Kim Kardashian.