Beauties in Blue! Coco Austin and Daughter Chanel Strike a Pose in Sweet Outdoor Shoot

09/01/2016 at 12:45 PM ET

Coco Austin/Instagram

The summer heat isn’t stopping Nicole “Coco” Austin and her daughter Chanel Nicole from glamming it up!

The twosome got fashionably playful on Instagram Wednesday, with Austin sharing a photo of herself and her 9-month-old baby girl in matching ocean-colored ensembles.

The daughter of Austin and her husband Ice-T is sitting in a wicker baby carriage, surrounded by tulle and wearing a dress and matching floral crown, while her mom rocks a look not entirely unlike what Jessica Rabbit’s equally stunning, blonde sister might don.

“Chanel and I work well together in photoshoots!” the reality star, 37, captioned the snap. “Here’s a little candid shot for ya! More to come!”

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From swimsuits to red-carpet attire and everything in between, Austin seems to love sharing photos of herself and her adorable daughter in matching ensembles. In August, she posted a pic of the twosome hanging out on the couch, both in hot-pink pants, white shoes and fun-print tees.

“Me & my homegirl while we we’re out on the road doing our damn thing, like we do!” she wrote.

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Though life for Austin is no doubt complete with her new baby girl, she told PEOPLE in April that “there were a lot of things I wanted to complete before having a baby.”

But now she’s “100 percent all-in,” as Austin put it.

“I think motherhood was always my calling,” she added. “I wish I had let it happen earlier, but this is perfect. I’m dedicating my whole life to molding this little nugget into a fabulous person.”

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Gia on

She’s as ridiculous as ridiculous gets. Her kid is a fashion accessory to her.

Paige on

To be so obviously self absorbed and self centered in a place like LA is really saying something. Be done with Coco…just walk around naked with a neon sign attached to an beanie strapped to your head…”LOOK AT ME!”. Classless, horrifying trailer park spawn. That poor kid…

LC on

That baby is adorable!

Mrs. B on

She’s way over the top. Her breast implants and butt are too large. She also wears entirely too much makeup. Why does she want to look like a cartoon character? Whatever happened to the natural look?

sandie on

She looks absolutely ridiculous! Too much face work done and her boobs and butt are way too big. And I swear that baby is just an accessory to her. How sad. She completely ruined herself

JW Wilson on


Dorna Bavand on

She insists to look like a cow! What an inappropriate and trashy pose she got on the first picture….

Maureen on

Her baby looks happy and she obviously loves her daughter. Just let her enjoy being a first time mom. I like seeing pictures of Coco and Chanel. All the best to them, from another first time mom.

cds on

She tickles me (laugh) yet she seems like she is a nice person. Seems like a good mother and has a marriage that is working. What more could you ask for.

Anna on

She is just having fun with her daughter. You can tell she spends a lot of time with her and adores her. She seems like a really good mom. She takes her daughter with her everywhere. This is how a mother SHOULD be and yet people will find anything to criticize her for.

Kate on

I have abook idea for Coco “101 ways to make your babies childhood all about you”.

Bianca on

Since when did bringing your baby everywhere with you and loving and wanting to photograph your child become using your kid as a fashion accessory? So I guess she should hire nannies to care for her baby? She is over the top in her fashion yes, but that is who she is and you can tell shes an amazing mother.

Joanne on

I have nothing nice to say about Coco’s dress in that photo (and I DO like her) so I will say nothing at all. But little Chanel…that little girl is just too cute! What a happy baby. She looks like her dad in the first photo.

Matt on

What an unrelenting whore

Lynn on

As tacky as she is, I just love her!

Don on

Fųck all yall judgemental bìıches on here.

PCC on

When I see a huge fake butt like that, I always wonder if it feels like sitting on two rocks or like a comfortable flotation device.

cj on

That baby looks healthy and happy. It looks like to me that Coco is enjoying having a little girl and she spends a lot of time with her based upon what I can tell. So kudos. She seems to love her daughter very much and only time will tell if she becomes some self-absorbed Kardashian train wreck of a teen/child/adult.

Lizzie on

That’s not a “candid” shot. Jeez. And you can’t “mold” a person, honey, though you are trying to shape this human into a decoration, an accessory, a photo opp. She’s a person and will one day break away into her distinct preferences and predilections. She won’t be a model. Do you read to her? Do you do anything stimulating???? Posing is a “talent” of sorts, but … it’s not among the most admirable, though it might be lucrative. Austin “seems to love” posting photos of her kid? It’s about all she does. The kid is dressed and primped and pimped and shellacked. It’s appropriate to compare her mom to a cartoon, because SHE IS A CARTOON!!!!!

Beckb102 on

Who are these people and what is she doing in that outfit in the backyard?

Cindy A. on

I love Coco, Chanel is adorable, but that blue dress. 😦

Kelly122 on

Funny, when Kim K. does the same thing she’s called names and people say the child is a fashion accessory. People are much kinder when Coco does it. I think they both should stop posting pics of their kids and let the children have a nice anonymous life. They didn’t choose fame, their parents did. I think Coco is every bit as ridiculous as Kim K.

Lala on

I really like the one with them in the pink and the baby is adorable in the blue. But Momma, put those away. Your child will see those pictures in years to come and she will think “momma’s tata upped me in that pic”.

Callie on

Beautiful picture! That baby is just ADORABLE 🙂

Edy on

I’ve seen her in many interviews and she is amazing and an adoring mom!! Just because the pic is a little out there with her looking like Jessica rabbit doesn’t mean she isn’t a devoted mother.

Amy L on

I follow her on Instagram. She obviously loves her lil girl. This is a cute pic

jax on


DL on

Very cute baby, and Coco seems to have a good heart, but she would be a lot more appealing if she weren’t so over the top! Don’t these women understand that it’s okay to look natural? The big boobs and butt are grotesque, NOT attractive.

LS on


Reality Check on

I don’t hate her for this. She adores her daughter and is girly to the max. Pair that with more money you can dream of and nothing but time and it’s glam and sparkles all day. How fun that would be for a little girl! Yes, she’s an attention whore but she literally has NOTHING else to do but waste time. To be honest, Coco seems really sweet and in love with her baby, even if she loves the camera too!.

exit82 on

looks like Jessica rabbit pushing a baby carraige

Anonymous on

Lover her! What a happy wonderful family!

Sj on

Love her! What a happy sweet family!

kistinn on

She “almost” makes the Kardashian’s look normal!

Lizzie on

Sorry but NONE of it looks natural, nothing on that’s beautiful or worths another look. No, just gross!

Guest on

What a huuuuggggge butt!!!!

Yoliewinecorporation on

Don’t know who the Worst Blac C. Or Cocoa big donkey butts big b00bs looks Awful

Anonymous on

You can tell she loves that little girl beyond measure. And that baby seems to be one of the happiest babies I’ve seen. This is who coco is and so what. She’s having as a mom, let her enjoy.

Sonia on

ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah !!!! So ridiculous and pathetic !!!

Betty Rubble on

Moms play dress up with their babies every day. So Coco posts these pics on Instagram. And it’s People that is taking these pics from IG and making the stories. I think Coco is a wonderful mom who didn’t hand her baby off to a nanny the second she was born. Let her be. Chanel is just a doll and clearly is a very happy baby.

Pam on

Gross! It’s not about the baby, it’s all about her breasts! That’s all I see in this photo. Ridiculous. Smh.

Annie on

It is very nice to see a married woman, with a beautiful daughter who was born years after her parent’s wedding. God bless this family, they look very happy.

Heather on

My only concern is that when Chanel gets older she is going to go have WAY too much plastic put into her so she can look “just like her mom”. Good luck telling that little girl that beauty comes from within.