Molly Sims Says Third Pregnancy Has Been ‘Really, Really Stressful’: We Were ‘Super Nervous’ Because of My Age

08/31/2016 at 10:45 AM ET

Molly Sims Second Trimester
Molly Sims

Molly Sims may seem super put together 24/7 on the outside, but the soon-to-be mom of three has woes just like every woman who has ever been pregnant.

“I’ve been crazy sick,” the model and actress, 43, admits in a new video posted to her website, where she discusses her current experiences in the second trimester of her third pregnancy.

“I wake up in the morning, I feel like I wanna vomit. I have lunch and wanna vomit, and wanna vomit at dinner … and then when I go to bed, I still want to vomit.

“I have vomited at grocery stores, I have vomited in my house, I have gagged on my toothpaste,” she continues, adding that she has been more sick in this pregnancy than she was with daughter Scarlett May, now 17 months, and 4-year-old son Brooks Alan, her two older children with husband Scott Stuber, 47.

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But now that she’s in her second trimester, Sims admits she’s starting to feel somewhat better — though she has had some other challenges.

“Being 43 … we wanted to tell everyone, but we were super nervous about, you know, the testing … so it’s just been really, really stressful, but everything so far is on track,” she says.

“I’m not gonna show you guys yet, but there might be a little bit of an ultrasound in here,” she sing-songs, holding up a strip of sonogram photos briefly before taking them out of view. “But we’ll get to that — that’s a surprise. You’ll have to keep watching.”

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Since her nausea has subsided somewhat, Sims admits she’s able to stomach some foods she’s been craving — one in particular that she indulges in every night.

“With Brooks, I literally ate, like, seven apples a day. With Scarlett, I ate, like, seven oranges a day,” she says. “And with this one … it’s crazy, but it’s chocolate.

“My girlfriends last night were here visiting me, and they were like, ‘Are you drinking hot chocolate?’ ” she recalls. “Oh, I was — with the little mini marshmallows that are really not good for you. I have one every single night.”


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Sims also touches on the challenges she has had with her body — specifically, with pregnancy weight.

“With my first baby, Brooks, I gained 84 pounds. Yes, 84 — 8, 4,” she emphasizes, drawing the numbers in the air with her fingers to drive the point home. “It took me almost 15, 16 months to lose it.

With Scarlett, I went on medication and I didn’t gain as much, but I was just about to reach my goal weight — the Kardashian goal weight. The weight where you feel, ‘Oh my God, my stomach looks good,’ ” she adds, noting that she was only able to wear a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans again for two months before being too pregnant for them to fit again.

“I really miss my waist. I have a waist, but the waist is now down here,” she says, pointing to an area under her baby belly, joking, “[I don’t have] a Sports Illustrated waist any longer.”

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Scarlett and Brooks are hitting big milestones of their own, their mom can’t help pointing out proudly, but she admits it’s a whole new experience being pregnant and having two young children at home.

“It’s much more tiring. I don’t get anything done,” she says. “I think I’m much more hormonal. I’m like the crazy bitch sometimes — I’ll be really nice one time, and really crazy the next.

“My husband loves me right now,” she deadpans. “He really loves me.”

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OK on

43 is young…so what on earth is she babbling on about?!! geez

Searching for the "really stressful"... on

Based on the headline, I’m still waiting to read about the “really, really stressful” apart from the vomit, toothpaste gagging, her chocolate craving, oh and her waistline concerns….

Guest on

Any woman passed 35 is considered “Passed Prime Maternal Age” therefore warranting a closer watch on the pregnancy. To say 43 is young and she shouldn’t be worried is incorrect. I had a baby at 42 almost 43 and my doctor was very concerned even though I had no complications from my pregnancies in my 20’s. I’m happy for her and hope for nothing but the best for her and the baby! Being an older mom is the best!

lilly pond on

Her children are beautiful.


I remember reading about their engagement story – he flew her parents in to surprise her after she said yes and they were there. Nice to read about a “normal” couple in the crazy celeb world. Mazel!

Jaime on

Age 35 or older is considered “advanced maternal age”. Being pregnant at age 43 is pushing dinosaur years maternally–it’s not young.

Jayleen on

For the person ‘searching for really stressful’, the really stressful part is being 43 years of age and pregnant, waiting for the tests to come back to see if your baby is all right, doesn’t have any genetic anomalies due to being 43, etc. It is incredibly stressful, wondering and hoping your baby is okay, but knowing there’s a higher chance of complications/abnormalities.

rachel on

I had my 4th at 35 and I was a stress case. I can understand being stressed at 43. 43 is relatively young, but it is old as far as pregnancy and having preschool children.

Melanie on

43 is not young to be having a child, even though she is in great shape. The chances of having a child with down syndrome (personally I would keep my baby no matter what) is 1:30 at 45 compared to 1:1000 at 30. Trying to have a fulfilling career and finding the man to have your family with is not always achievable before the age of 35.
Heck by the time I’m 43 my eldest son will be 22 and I’ll have been married for 21 years!

Yep on

Yep, your ovaries don’t care if your muscles are toned, 43 is a precarious age for pregnancy. All eggs develop in a girl before she’s even born (they pause in a stage of development until each ovulation cycle, then, usually a single egg, continues developing and pauses again awaiting fertilization), so of course by her age the possibility of each egg being in great shape is dicey. Looks like things are going okay for her though, best of luck for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

sally on

Talk about dramatic! She over stresses everything. She’s looksanorexic and yet she says she has no waist! Yeah, right. And 43 is not old!

Ali on

Be honest if you’re going to talk publicly about your baby. Say “I’m worried my baby will have some genetic abnormalities and I don’t know if I can handle that”. The truth is, if you love your baby, you will love it if it is healthy or if it isn’t. i have two special needs children and I absolutely adore them.

Annie on

I bet she is having a boy . I was so sick . When I was pregnant with my boys. Congratulations to her .

Annie on

I bet she is having a boy . I was so sick . When I was pregnant with my boys. Congratulations to her . Y

Catherine on

Women are in their prime age of pregnancy in their 20s. The fact that she’s 43 is really a reason to be more careful with her pregnancy. I was 35 when I got pregnant with the help of conceiveeasy, and I had placenta previa.

Hannah Alexander on

Sounds so amazing to have another child and at the age of 43 and so pretty like that.😀