Pregnant Blac Chyna Channels Kim Kardashian West for Her Own (Nude!) Paper Cover

08/29/2016 at 04:00 PM ET

Blac Chyna pregnant Paper magazine
Charlotte Rutherford

Blac Chyna is taking a page out of the magazine from her soon-to-be sister-in-law Kim Kardashian West.

The pregnant 28-year-old, who is engaged to Rob Kardashian, posed for Paper magazine‘s September 2016 cover and opted to go fully nude, similar to what Kardashian West did for the winter 2014 cover in which she bared her bottom.

Paper‘s 1,000 Beautiful People issue features an unclothed Chyna sitting on a chair and cupping her bare baby belly with her two hands on the cover, as well as partially-nude shots in the inside pages of the magazine.

Blac Chyna pregnant Paper magazine
Charlotte Rutherford

Blac Chyna pregnant Paper magazine
Charlotte Rutherford

“I’m excited about fans getting to know me as a person and not as a thing or a face,” Chyna tells Paper of her upcoming E! reality show, Rob & Chyna. “I’m funny and smart, and they’ll see me as a mom with several businesses just keeping everything together. I’m looking forward to showing my relationship with Rob, our day to day, our struggles and what we’re dealing with, positive and negative.”

Chyna — already mom to 3-year-old King Cairo, her son with ex Tyga — and her 29-year-old fiancé revealed in early May that they are expecting their first child together, just weeks after they announced their engagement in April.

Blac Chyna pregnant Paper magazine
Charlotte Rutherford

Blac Chyna pregnant Paper magazine
Charlotte Rutherford

She continued in her interview: “I hope when people think about Blac Chyna, they think of a mogul and entrepreneur, a mother and a badass bitch.”

Rob & Chyna premieres Sept. 11 at 9 p.m. ET on E!


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Kim K on

it looks like her bum is pregnant

Tanley on

Dear Lord…she’s an unattractive mess.

Mary B on

Except for her pregnant bell, this lady is disgusting to me.

K on

She is disgusting

Guest on

Do the Kardashians own Paper? I swear I only see them on it.

Laura on

There is nothing even remotely attractive about this “woman”. She’s a hot mess, and everybody knows the only reason she’s with Rob K is for the fame. The only thing I”m more sick of seeing in the news are the presidential candidates!

lucy on

Mon Dieu… quelle horreur !
It is not beautifull nor sexy !

PCC on

She looks like she’s sitting on a flotation device that is about to burst. And she looks like what she is, a pregnant stripper.

Pam on

Yuck! 🙈

Tina on

I don’t find her even remotely attractive. But I admire her confidence. (wink)

reh1259 on

Ugh…just yuck.

Callie on

Make it STOP!!! It was tacky, trashy and classless when KKW did it and it still is.

Anonymous on

I just threw up in my mouth☹️

Roseanne on

Dear God – does she think anyone cares? She’s not one of the K’s and never will be. Every woman is beautiful when pregnant, but ladies, listen – keep it private, or share it with your significant other. No one needs or wants to see that.
Less is more, girls! Please stop this madness. Stop paying people to do this, I mean no one has any values?

Toni on

Oh gag me!!! I don’t care to see this.

Anonymous on

I have never seen something so digusting in my life.

heather on

How on earth could he eff that?????

Andrea on

Oh this broke something. My phone screen. God she’s so ugly!

loftybike on

Compared to candid photos she looks great here, the tattoos are far better than excepted. But everything about her is fake, the hair, the nails, her bottom, her breasts, her nose, her lips, all fake. And cheap.

Tokyo Toni on

Syphilitic trash

Anonymous on


Coattails on

Seems like she is trying to ride the Kardashian coat tails.

Tay on

Blah. Saw opportunity to jump onto the Kardashian money. No originality at all…good luck Rob, you choose someone trying to be just like your sisters.

knitluver on

If she doesn’t look like a blown up,out of proportion Daffy Duck, I don’t know who does….Can someone PLEASE explain to me how this woman is beautiful????? She is a caricature….

Cathy on

Why did i do this to myself??? Im seriously sick im not sure what im seeing here:(

sue's on

Oh brother…It was tasteful pictures when Demi Moore posed pregnant and nude, other people are after that are nothing more but copy cats.

Youwishyouwere on

Didn’t she get busted with ecstasy a short time before they announced her pregnancy? That poor baby is going to have so many issues 😦



Sledway on


Susan on

Beautiful? More like fake everything except her fat. That appears real… God help this poor kid.

fiona on

these photos are photoshopped big time. she is much bigger than this. i don’t get what all the fuss is about her. she is a hot mess along w/her fiancé, who btw is a tool – a rich one I should say!

Marianne on


brenda on

enough, seriously, can we please move past all of this tacky ridiculous make up/plastic surgery/fake hair bs. Ugh BYE.

example456bricks204 on

It’s a fat media whore. And I’m being nice. Contribute something to society you c*nt.

Jj on

Just NO…

Guest on


Vanessa on

From the neck up, just in these photos, she looks attractive but the rest is just “put it away please”.

maggie on

How does anyone in their circle make normal new baby comments like she has moms nose or he has moms chin. None of this exists in their world. All the normal doesnt exist.

VeronicaDoll on

Immature, Self-Absorbed, Spoiled, attention-seeking, Rich Women like Her make me sick, should never have Kids. Her ugly tattoos are bad enough.

Mr. Right on

Its enough to turn a guy homo. Just sayin’.

Anonymous on

Every one just sees you as a hot mess gold digger!

Sam on

There is no possible way she is only 28!

April on

Is she also carrying a baby in her buttock?

lordhavemercy!!! on

Well add another one to the gross pile that is the Kardashians!!!!
GROSS in more ways than one!!!!! YUCK!!!

Deb on


Trisha on

The excess thighs and derrieres take up too much sidewalk space .

Elsa on

OMG – disgusting!

NoOne on

These photos make me sad for some reason. Not a “ew look how trashy she is, try and keep it classy.” I am legitimately sad looking at these.

guest on

Who is she?! Where did she come from?! Is her talent to get knocked up by as many Z list celebrities she can? I don’t get it.

Shelly on

Boycott Kardashians and Jenners and this freak. Has anyone had enough of these people. They keep multiplying like cockroaches. No talent airheads

Hittler on

Looks like a chocolate rabbit got left in the sun. How disgusting!

K on

Is she carrying this baby in front or back?

HeatherInIndy on

Hmmmm….they’ll also remember you for being a gold digger

megan on

Nobody asked for this

Trudy on

Well, her tattoo artist certainly has a lot of real estate to work with. The size of her thighs in that last photo are unbelievable. Is any part of her natural or real?

Anonymous on

What does he see in her? She’s a beast!

Patti Fearon on

I have no words

Anonymous on

This THING is nasty!!! I don’t even read the articles anymore! What audience are you trying to appeal to People magazine? This troll is a pig. Everything is so fake!!! Hair, ass, tits, etc.

Betty Rubble on

Why did he want to sleep with someone who is his sisters clone? She is flat out disgusting. There is nothing beautiful about her or her big arse. Gross. Just gross.

algore on

OMG! Blac Chyna is the most beautiful, enchanting creature I have ever seen! I think I might have just died and gone to Heaven!

Idnar on

Ugh. Ugly.

canna on

Sure went crazy with the airbrushing. I give these photos a solid YICK. Her azz is three times bigger than her belly. Nastayyyyyy.

Veronica Cervantes on


Cj on

For the record, I never do of this magazine or her until her involvement with the Kardashians.. A baby is always a blessing but I think Rob is gonna regret getting involved with her once he gets himself together in my opinion..

Guest on

When and Where did someone give Blac Chyna the idea that she is good looking? She is only “TRYING” to be FAMOUS because Kim K/West “THINKS ” she is (famous ) ?????????????????

Stories like thisi only make KIM & BLAC CHYNA think they are, and they are…..and the truth is they’re DIGUSTING.

Hanna on

Horrible, nasty, disgusting SKANK. She is a moron with no class or self respect.

Wow on

The beauty of pregnancy is feeling your baby grow together. Loving the life you two created. It’s just sad that anyone would loose all self respect. That family and those who become part of that family sign their soul to the devil. Those people are truly twisted.

Puking on

My eyes! My eyes!

tally ho on

To quote Kayne ” I ain’t sayin she a golddigger, but she ain’t messin with no broke……..

swirledwood on

You know, I’m a man who stops to read this article out of the kind of curiosity that drives people to slow down to see a car wreck and reading, I see Ms. Uh, Chyna say she hopes people remember her for being hot and smart and a bitch (never understood why women are so fascinated with being a “bitch”) and reading through the almost all female comments I am struck that not a single one thinks of her as hot or smart but maybe they do as a bitch.

Eh, I’d probably bang her, but I’m a man what do you expect? That’s the absolute best I can say about her. That and she is famous, by a very strict definition reading of the term which by operation of reality makes her famous.

jay on

The only thing missing is a bone in her nose

Toni on

lolol…how cute that she thinks she has fans….
theres some serious touching up in those photos…

Coastalbaby on

Ummm….nope. “mogul, entrepreneur, mother and badass bitch.” are definitely not the words that come to mind when I see this person.

Coastalbaby on

Ummm… nope. LOL… “mogul, entrepreneur, mother and badass bitch.” are not the words that leap to mind when I see these pictures…

Swimmermom2016 on

Ummm… if you want people to take you seriously…THEN DON’T POSE NUDE! You’re not that attractive.

Sonia on

in truth she looks like a monkey !!!

ReginaFilangee on

So E Network is pimping “Rob & Chyna.” Smh. Who’s producing this? Secrest or Kris Jenner? Mama Kris had to buy Rob a house and his own TV show because he’s been so depressed about getting fat. Plus, his Arthur George socks bombed at Neiman Marcus. So what does he do? He knocks up his half-sister’s boyfriend’s baby mama. Oy. This thing … er … woman … is a stripper with an unusually big arse (no doubt implants). The best thing we can do is change the channel when this show airs. To watch is an endorsement of all this Kardashian crap.

Veronica Doll on

She’s GROSS. Ugly Tattoos. Immature and attention seeking. People like her should never bring Kids in to this World, in the First place, in My Opinion. No wonder the World is so screwed up. She’s No Role Model, of Mine, that’s for sure !

Jude Steven on

Blac Chyna has a sexy dirty poop hole for defecation (doing a number two)

David Ferrier on

I could lick Blac Chyna’s dirty sexy poop hole clean with my wet tongue, every time she does a number two

Daan Koorneef on

Blac Chyna has three sexy holes – for urinating, defecating and making love

Jodie daubenmire on

She isn’t doing any thing compared to any of the K- girls. They can when they choose be true ladies. That thing is disgusting she shouldn’t be showing any thing off. Her baby belly is more fat then baby, and her belly is half the size of her bolbous butt. I’m not perfect, but I have enough sence to show my fat saggy body in public. It’s not about confidence that’s stupidity. And think about this, THAT CRAP IS AIR BRUSHED…yuck.

olga depenbrock on

I think she looks great

RB on

BLAC CHYNA very pretty pictures you took you go girl love it.