Catfish‘s Nev Schulman Nuzzles Fiancée’s Bare Baby Belly on MTV VMAs Red Carpet

08/28/2016 at 08:00 PM ET

Nv Schulman
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

That’s no Internet prank: Nev Schulman‘s fiancée really is showing off her bare baby belly on the MTV VMAs red carpet!

The Catfish host, 31, paid homage to his baby-girl-to-be Sunday evening as he knelt down and snuggled fiancée Laura Perlongo‘s exposed bump.

Perlongo, who works in creative advertising, turned heads as she walked the red carpet topless, instead draping herself in a jacket and sparkly Lizz Jardim chain that criss-crossed her breasts.

“If you told me I was going to feel this great at eight months pregnant, I would’ve been like, ‘No way,’ ” Perlongo told PEOPLE at the event.

“I’m just so happy to be the guy on the red carpet with the pregnant lady who is killing it, just looking incredible,” Schulman adds proudly. “She was already beautiful and now she’s, like, times-10 beautiful.”

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Aside from basking in his fiancée’s maternity glow, Schulman also shared how his career has helped him prepare for new fatherhood.

“I’ve spent the last five years learning how to help people and open up to them and have them open up to me, and hopefully feel better and move on with their lives in a good way, and I’m just now excited to take all that and apply it to my family,” he says.

“I hopefully have a kid [who’s] as understanding and objective and open-minded as I hope I am.”

Nv Schulman
Nicholas Hunt/FilmMagic

Schluman and Perlongo shared their baby news in May, revealing their surprise pregnancy in an Instagram and blog post.

“Words [can’t] capture the excitement and joy I feel about becoming a father,” Schulman said at the time. “I am so in love with you Laura and thank you for giving me this incredible gift. You inspire and excite me every day.”

The duo announced their engagement less than two weeks after sharing their baby news, showing off her ring in a playful Instagram post. And although the pair admitted their pregnancy wasn’t exactly planned, they also said it wasn’t a “complete accident.”

“We had talked about wanting kids,” Perlongo wrote in the blog post announcing the news.

— Kathy Ehrich Dowd

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Showing 59 comments

megan on

Tacky, attention seeking & nasty. And that is not what “homage” means

KL on

I really like bump pics but this is so trashy!!! To go out in public to the VMAs wearing THAT?????? TRASH!!!!

Kate on

That looks horrible! Tacky, tacky!

Carolyn on

Just so low-rent and sleazy.

Carly on

What a pig. Clearly she needs attention so much that she’s stooped to pimping out her fetus. It would have been more classy if she just showed up naked.

Youwishyouwere on

She looks awful. That’s something you save for a maternity photo shoot or a magazine article. One day her child will be grown and resent them for doing that

Callie on

Classless, trashy, tacky and nasty!!!! If that was the look she was going for, she nailed it!!!

Jaime on

I never thought I’d say someone was more tacky than Kim K, but this trashy display takes the cake.

Pat on

What the heck?? That looks absolutely hideous and inappropriate. That collar with the chains hanging off of it looks like some S&M device.

Zane on

Of all the options to wear a beautiful dress she wears *this*?? What a unflattering tasteless bad outfit. Pregnant or not it would be terrible.

deb on

Totally agree with all.

Ernie on

Jeeeez!! You’d think with all that $$$$, he couls at least afford to buy her a blouse!

Rachael McKenzie on

Oh my, no. I would be horrified if I were her parents, someone get her a stylist asap, along with some class – for both of them

Seriously. on

Yucks! She looks hideous! On the other hand, I LOVE his smile! I kinda dig his show, and he’s always so kind to people..

Anonymous on

What the what?! That’s hideous!

Guest on

Nasty, nasty, narcissistic to a t!

PCC on

What a smug look on her face. When he disappears in a couple of years without ever getting around to marrying her she’ll look back on this and cringe.

Rebecca on

If I were her parents, I’d be so upset. You’re going to be a mother. Have a shread of class.

Just Saying on

They were not even together when she got pregnant. Completely trapped him. He even admitted this was an accident yet takes it back now? And nobody needs to see all that. Be classy, not trashy. Thought he’d want a more sophisticated woman…

Kathleen on

She should have thought, “Would I want my daughter to go out dressed like this one day?” If the answer is no, and it should be no, then don’t wear it. It’s not that pregnancy should be hidden or anything, but that’s just not a good look.

Vegas Native on

She just made Kim K look like a nun.

irelissa on

whats up with the choker on his neck tho? am i the only one who noticed it??

jc on

YUK! ! !

Need attention much? on

Who is she anyway? Very awkward.

Denise on

The only positive thing about her outfit is that it takes away all the attention from his ridiculous choker necklace. I will seriously never look at him the same.

Mandy on

Get real! This is the most embarrassing moment of the most pathetic award show ever…her parents must be humiliated, and I doubt there has been a more horrendous get-up in the history of award shows. Wow…poor little baby……SMH

abbie on

I really dont think she looks THAT bad, just being a LD nurse i can see the baby in the pic lol. you can see the back of their baby pressing high across the midline of her stomach and riding high. You guys are expecting the oscars level of dressing at a MTV show. they are supposed to dress “edgy” for the very attention you guys are giving them. all press is good press. when you google his name to show this picture in the future, he’s the one smiling for $ and neither one of them give a f what anyone thinks. because they got the $…..lighten up guys lol.

Fail on

😂 I didn’t notice his collar until another commenter pointed it out. I think they’re easing us into an announcement. They’re starting a nudist colony and he’s gonna be the cult priest lol

Awkward 100% on

Dear “Abbie” there is edgy and then there is trashy. This is definitely pure trash. You would see it, if you would stop staring “the baby”. This woman is not just a total nobody, but also an idiot. Just google how she got pregnant at the first place. But hey all press is good press. Give me a break. Nev will regret later on, probably already is.

lilly pond on


guest on

Stupid, gross and not necessary. This guy is a nobody. I guess he does these things to be relevant.

Melissa on

Half of me thinks this is awful and incredibly tacky and the other half is jealous she went out in public without a bra.

Kayla on

What’s funny to me is singer Casie wore something just like this and everyone commented how beautiful she looked but a pregnant woman who does this is called trasy? Geez people!

ty on

I think she looks great but more importantly they both look so happy together.
It’s the VMA’s what are people expecting? She’s wearing more than most.

jackie Pope on

I am so surprised at these comments. I thought she was beautiful and proud of her pregnancy. I thought they both were, at this time in their life this is what is important to them. Grow up quit be critical of them their celebrating their baby where some people don’t. Enjoyed the picture and the love behind it. Happy for you both.

Anonymous on

she makes kim k look like a saint

Bea on

Who is either one of these people? Never heard of them and looked at this like anyone would glance at a wreck on the side of the road as you pass by. Why didn’t she just go completely naked and do the nasty there on the “red carpet” with Mr. Stupid. She should go try out for Naked & Afraid…she will be naked and we will be afraid of the next thing she will show the world, or Date Naked which is what she is already doing. Maybe she can time the delivery date for another red carpet event.

Anonymous on

Nev is blinded by love.

AliG on

Honestly, I thought it looked like a fake bump!

crs1976 on

I think Nev is great. I love watching Catfish… I don’t want to bash anyone, but I think his fiancée is dressed very inappropriately. My daughter wanted to watch the VMAs last night. She’s only 9. I didn’t let her, but I can’t imagine her seeing someone dressed like this and thinking that it’s okay. Some things should remain private.

Anonymous on

Why even bother putting clothes on at all? Just go naked – clearly you want the attention that goes along with putting your body on display. Nasty, trashy and gross.

Mandy on

Ummmm…pretty sure that’s just a jacket! Correct if I’m wrong, but aren’t you suppose to wear a shirt with a jacket???

k on

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Money can’t by taste.

laure50 on

They are an adorable couple. She is beautiful and it is refreshing to see a woman and her partner revel in her beauty during this time.
It would’ve been really fun to have seen perhaps a better designed gown or outfit. One that would add to the glamour of the event and showcase her beautiful self.

laure50 on

Adorable, sweet, refreshing!
I love how he supports her and his enthusiasm is wonderful. I’m all for her baring her adorable belly. It would’ve been fun if she had a more beautiful gown or outfit to showcase it.

whatsupdoc on

Way to be confident! We were all born naked so where is the shame in showing some skin and showing the world that pregnant really is amazing and beautiful. I for one am jealous as how great she looks 8 months pregnant!!!

Denise on

What a pitiful cry for attention.

Redd on

Who are these f**king idiots!??? Do they have ANYTHING to do with music? MTV VMA’s is garbage!

sally on

That is just ridiculous and unnecessary. WHY in the h*ll would they think anyone wants to see her without a shirt. What a classless wench! I feel sorry for their unborn child. How embarrassing!!

sally on

There is something called CLASS and impeccable manners. Neither one of these morons were taught these important traits while being raised by their parents. Or were they raised by gorillas? Wonder what Abby or Ms. Manners would have to say about this. My how times have changed, for the worse!!!!

whatsupdoc on

Had my ex-husband been so sweet and supportive of my pregnancy instead of making me feel hideous, I would have been a more happy pregnant lady. I think it is adorable how sweet Nev is and how he clearly loves her beautiful pregnant form. Stop with all the hate or should I say jealousy?

Anonymous on

Jealous a little ladies?

Leah on

Trash! This girl talked about how her and Nev would get high all the time. This pregnancy was not planned. I hope the kid is ok mentally. She’s a pothead. It explains her mentally. She seems so immature. Nev is gross. He acts all mature and above everyone but he’s just like any other trashy , druggy guy.

Anonymous on

well it worked… they wanted attention

Lorrie on

I agree with most of the comments.

For those who approve of her behavior should Google some of her quotes….

marilyn on

Seriously gross…attention seeking , tacky and rank…yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mer on

I for one don’t see any problem with her outfit. I think she looks gorgeous, just like any pregnant lady 😀 I totally don’t get why so many see it so wrong.

Becca on

Wow. What a tacky, trashy woman. She should be ashamed of herself.

Mercedes Olivo on

I need to helping