Jeremiah Brent on Sharing Daddy Duties with Husband Nate Berkus: ‘As a Parent, You Kind of Just Fall Into Your Roles’

08/26/2016 at 03:15 PM ET

Jeremiah Brent on Parenting Poppy
Peggy Sirota/TLC

When it comes to parenting tasks, Jeremiah Brent admits that things just took a natural course for himself and husband Nate Berkus.

“It’s so funny because as a parent you kind of just fall into your roles,” the designer, 31, told The Awesome News about the couple’s experiences with 17-month-old daughter Poppy. “Nate loves to change a diaper more than anybody should because he knows he’s instantly solved something.

“I’m the one that’s up all night and in the morning because I need barely any sleep,” adds Brent, who will star with Berkus, 44, in their first-ever home-design show this fall on TLC called Married to Design: Nate & Jeremiah. “I’m much more emotional and sensitive, Nate’s goofy.”

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Despite his emotional side, Brent has learned not to take his toddler’s words and actions to heart.

“I think I’ve mastered not taking anything personally,” he admits. “As a parent, you want to do everything right and make sure they’re happy, but the truth is they’re going through so many emotions, and you just want to keep them safe and show them how much beauty there is in the world.”

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He’s also learned that any ideas for entertaining can sometimes go very far out the window when his independent daughter has other plans.

“There are times when I do something I think she’s going to love, and it winds up being the opposite,” Brent says. “I’m slowly understanding who she is. We planned this whole extravaganza for her birthday, and it turns out all she wanted was to be in the water and play.”

Morning bedhead with this special thing.

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Though it’s no secret that Brent enjoys putting time and effort into planning events and designing dream spaces, the truth is he finds lots of joy in the quiet, simple times spent at home with Poppy and his husband.

“Every Saturday and Sunday morning, I go into Poppy’s nursery and bring her into our bed,” he shares. “We [lie] in bed, watch a couple of cartoons, and she tackles us, and for an hour — it’s the most peaceful thing, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

“I never thought I would function with this type of vulnerability every day,” he adds of being a parent. “My only priority in life is to give her a safe environment to be herself in. It has changed the way I look at everything.”

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Karin on

She’s a beautiful little girl!

Yes! on

How sweet!

Cindy on

Beautiful family!

Madison on

Sweet family!!! Lots of love!

Anonymous on


maryhelenc on

What a cute lil girl! So serious all the time. My middle daughter was the same. It’s adorable.

Ms. Sanchez on

How cute! 😀

Tulip on

Wow. She is one lucky, beautiful little lady!

Lolo on

Very sweet! Some things in life are so universal…loving a child and wanting to be the best parent to them. Wishing this lovely family all the best!

lol on

She doesn’t look like she’s happy.

shewillneedamother on

She will need a mother. There is not other way around it. Children need both. No matter how much love they give her she will always be missing something. The long term consequences for these so called “families” remains to be seen. I do know personally a blended lesbian family and all of those kids are messed up! It will be interesting to see what happens to these families in the next generations.

Hea on

Shewillneedamother – people who grow up with just one parent tend to be fine as long as that person is there for them and loving and caring. This child has two such parents. I could think of way worse situations.

niki on

I dunno I just dont think 2 guys should raise a girl, a girl will need her mother, yeah the guys can explain things, but not the same . as coming from a women who went thru the same issues as a young girl

Julie on

How cute! Oh, and that baby girl is cute, too. Ha! Love the little Princess bed. Darling family!

Queen of Putrescence on

She is adorable! What a sweet family!

motherofall on

This is beautiful, what a beautiful, loving family!

Dede on

She is so cute and looks incredibly smart. They are very lucky and she will grow up fast.

Kathleen on

Not to burst any bubbles, but ALL babies want to play in the water and don’t care about extravaganzas. Just saying! 🙂 She is a beautiful little girl and is so lucky to have a loving family.

Kathleen on

It’s not that this little girl needs a “mother.” She needs people who care about her, regardless of their gender. The mechanics and the anatomy of the human body (male or female) are understood and can be found in books directed at the age of the child. I’m sure that these two guys have several females in their extended family if this little cutie needs to talk to a mother figure. People get freaked out about really stupid stuff. When that happens, you get girls who are embarrassed about having a period, or boys who don’t respect a girl’s dignity, or girls who tease boys who are shorter in height than their peers, etc. Making a big deal about things, and expecting that there’s only one correct way, hasn’t served us well as of late.

Anonymous on

Poppy is precious!

joan on

She is beautiful little girl and lucky to have such two loving caring parents. Not all kids get that.

Guest on

What a nice family! They are all lucky to have each other! Sweet!

Mike on

As a guy I find this disturbing. I feel sorry for this child that will never experience a mothers love.

Exie Hunter on

Precious daughter and daddies!