The Next Kanye? North West Dances and Plays the Violin on Vacation in Mexico

08/20/2016 at 11:15 AM ET

Kim and North
Kim Kardashian West Snapchat

Is North West the next mariachi maven?

The 3-year-old busted some moves in a fairy costume while vacationing with her mom, Kim Kardashian West at a birthday bash in Mexico on Friday night. Kim wore her signature “Saint” choker for her youngest child, 8-month-old Saint West, and rocked a tiny white number while documenting her daughter’s dancing.

The 35-year-old mother of two joined a sparkly-winged North for a dance duet from the mother-daughter duo.

Then North took some time for a solo, and Kim snapped an adorable video of her little girl dancing up and down an immaculate dining room.

“Someone had to get up and dance,” Kim said in the video. “Doesn’t take after me…”

North appears to be channeling some Kanye vibes, as she continued to dance around with her mom’s friends as Kim cheered, “Get it, girl!” and even showed some impressive musical talents. In one video, the toddler tried out one mariachi band member’s violin as proud mom Kim said, “Your violin lessons are paying off.”

Kim and North (and baby Saint!) have been living it up on their vacation south of the border. The West girls even sported matching bathing suits while enjoying the beach last week.

And while might be sartorially twinning, it looks like North might give her Grammy-winning dad a run for his money.

–Blake Bakkila

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Jena on

this is so sweet. lovely to see the family so happy .she is gorgeous.

PoorKid on

Hey North, go ask that lunatic father of yours why he’s not screaming bloody murder over Obama ignoring the people of Louisiana during the worst flooding since Katrina. He had no problem accusing Bush of not caring about black people during Katrina…why isn’t he saying the same thing about Obama now that he has totally ignored Louisiana and can’t be bothered to visit until AFTER his vacation ends.

Poor kid. Your mom is a total waste and your dad is an absolute lunatic. I hope the nannies who are raising you and your brother shower you both with lots of love. You need to get it somewhere, hopefully they’re providing it.

Grossed Out on

All they ever do is go on vacations. The Kardashians ave never done an honest day’s work in their lives.

canna on

No work, all play for these dingbats. Just once wouldn’t you love to see them break a sweat doing something relatively profound and meaningful?

Nancy on

North West is adorable. Mom is old and fish lipped sloppy-daddys a freakin idiot. Good luck Northie-you and Saint are gonna need it.

Anonymous on

Kanye has no talent and neither does she.

Steph on

Oh the untalented trying to claim Kangay has talent lol

Lisa on

North seems to have a lot of fun with her cousins and her friends. We can all say and think what we want of Kim, but Kim had a great childhood filled with fun, family and friends. It seems she and Kourtney are providing their children with the same awesome childhood. I can relate. I look back on my childhood with a huge smile on my face. Happy people are products of happy childhoods.

Deborah on

Boycott everything kartrashin, jenner and west. Please go to Google chrome browser and type in Kardashian filter and never get anything kartrashin again. If you want to block them on your cell go to the filter and block them as well

julie on

just hope the kids are given some boundaries and not grow up thinking that everything they do is adorable or they will have a good chance at being self-centered, egotistical brats too!

purple rose on

You people posting negative comments and some down right rude ones,are IDIOTS!It’s simple….don’t read the stories of people you don’t like,then you won’t sound like a JACK ASS!!

martha wittmann on

I think they are good parents, the kids seem happy and well cared for, Kanye is different, but he is enjoying his children and loves Kim. He speaks his mind and is honest. Living in a fishbowl is not easy, if they chose this life, more power to them. Envy is a sin, be happy with your life, each person has his or hers own destiny to follow.

Lisa on

I agree! People in the entertainment industry, be it actors, musicians, social media mavens etc live very different lives than we do. Their schedules are not 9-5. Unlike others, Kim puts everything out there, the good, the bad and the ugly. Other celebs are more discreet and others like Beyoncé put out calculated sometimes staged photos to maintain her perceived perfection, which leads people to believe she is always with her child which most definitely is not true due to her profession. North, Saint and Kourtney’s kids always seem to be having fun playing, swimming, skiing , laughing…. Kim was raised the same way. If anyone commenting says they wouldn’t take as many vacations as they wanted, they are lying and those saying Kim has never worked sound ridiculous. Does she have a meaningful profession? NO. But how many people have professions that meaningfully impact the world? Kim has created and perfected a new profession via social media and SO many people are out there trying to do the same thing. I don’t agree with everything Kim does, especially the nude and extremely provocative things, but how can anyone begrudge her for creating a lifestyle for herself and her family? She seems kind, she doesn’t hurt anyone and she has a lot of girlfriends many of whom she’s has maintained friendships with since childhood. She can’t be that bad.

IMO on

How sweet.

Brooke on

I may LOATHE Kim & Kanye, but I just love North. She is so freaking adorable.