Blac Chyna Reveals 48-lb. Weight Gain in Quest to Pack on 100 lbs. During Pregnancy

08/19/2016 at 08:57 AM ET

Blac Chyna VIPix/Splash News Online

Blac Chyna is determined to gain 100 pounds during her pregnancy — and she’s well on her way!

The 28-year-old took to her Snapchat early Friday morning to reveal that she has gained 48 lbs, during her pregnancy — and she’s already plotting her post-baby weight loss plan.

“So I weighed in I’m 183lbs, and loving it! So far I gained 48lbs,” she wrote in a Snap with just text and a black background. “My goal weight after the baby will be 130lbs – I was 135lbs b4 the baby.”

She added: “I truly believe I will be 200lbs when I delivery [sic] that’s 17lbs away.”

Chyna made her pregnancy weight goals known shortly after she and fiancé Rob Kardashian announced in May that they are expecting their first child.

“Like, no lie, my goal is to gain 100 lbs. this pregnancy,” she said in a Snapchat video in June. “I’mma tear it up, and then I’mma snap back.”

Blac Chyna Snaps About Weight GainSource: Blac Chyna Snapchat

Blac Chyna Snaps About Weight GainSource: Blac Chyna Snapchat

And just how does the Kardashian-to-be plan to “snap back?”

“Strict diet/ Waist training / Detox Tea / Working out,” she wrote in a recent Snapchat post.

She even Snapchatted an old Instagram photo of herself weighing in at 134.8 pounds on a scale uploaded in September. And took a trip down memory lane, writing, “The day I delivered King I was 185lbs in 2012.”

— Char Adams

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BB on

She is such an idiot!! And a pig!

Melanie on

Words fail me

Robin on

She’s just asking for health troubles for both herself and her baby.

BoFan on

OMG, what an idiot.

Erin on

Couldn’t even be bothered to grammar check the headline.

Brandi on

This is so dumb. I can’t.

So Unhealthy on

She’s already not caring properly for her child. Gaining that much weight is bad for mom and baby. She’s so disgusting–you should gain about 35 pounds at the very most.

susan on

Sorry but there is no way that she was “135 pounds” before getting pregnant. Nope, no.

SarkyMarky on

Isn’t this what all the Frankendashian’s do? Pile on the weight so that they can have it vacuumed to other parts of their body by their vulture doctor. I’m predicting the obligatory post-baby dramatic weight loss story, maybe a workout video, plus an impossibly tiny waist and Ginormica booty, bewbs and anywhere else you can relocate fat.

norosecoloredglspls on

oh, yeah. that’s real intelligent.

Maria on

If I’d done this with either of my pregnancies, my doctor would have had some words of warning for me…putting it mildly. Also she is way underestimating how difficult it can be to lose baby weight. I started out at 135lbs pre-preg both times ( I’m 5’7″) and gained around 28 lbs with both pregnancies. Healthy mom, healthy babies, uneventful deliveries, and it took me several months to get back into shape. I can’t imagine the difficulty of losing 100 lbs.

Anonymous on

Gross. Eeeewe

Jo on

So she says that she will be 200 pounds when she delivers. She says that is 171 pounds away. So she weighed only 29 pounds when she got pregnant? Either she can’t do math or there is a typo in this article.

JT on

She is so stupid, it should be illegal. Nice choice Rob.

norosecoloredglspls on

you know, People (as in the magazine), you are doing your readers a major disservice by publishing this article. the folks that live and breathe all things kardashian are now going to think that this is o.k….that their ob/gyns do not know a thing about healthy baby weight gains. their “fans” are already rabid in their idolatry of this family. shame on you for perpetrating the cycle of empty headed nonsense.

an low on

have anyone noticed fewer stories about kim and the rest? if there are stories you can’t comment on them. they are pushing rob and chyna real hard. if the show fails it will be kim and the rest 24/7

Sarah on

This woman is mentally messed up, and down the road when her health fails she’ll have no one to blame but herself. I’m scared for her children, with the horrible example she’s setting.

erica2 on

Kris may claim that she is happy for Rob but I am willing to bet she is mortified every time this hoodrat opens her mouth Robert Kardashian has to be rolling over in his grave!!! Blac Chyna is just pure TRASH inside and outside especially outside UGH!

Lina on

She’s so stupid. Good choice Rob. When you get out of your slump, you’ll regret your bad decisions.

Mem on


Mom Of Twinz on

She’s crazy!!! Why would you want to gain that much weight during your pregnancy? I gained 35 lbs with twins, and they weighed over 7 lbs each a birth.

Anonymous on

Desperate for the weight loss endorsement hope noone steps up she is a poor role model for woman.

peachy on

Is she crazy? Never mind that she’ll probably find she can’t just “snap back”, but she’s putting the child at risk of gestational diabetes. She must have delusions of being picked up by Jenny Craig or WW.

peachy on

P.S. Pregnancy is not time to do a “fit to fat to fit” experiment. Do it on your own time!

Lil3 on

I think she’s just saying that she wants to gain 100 lbs to steal the tabloids’ thunder. Every magazine harps on how huge pregnant celebrities get. If she says she’s trying to gain a huge amount, it kind of puts a different spin on it.

Julie on

134? Who is she freaking kidding.

Algore on

Some babies get all the luck…

Lisa M. Johnson on

You guys are missing the point! She is gaining the weight for endorsement deals and magazine covers. The “Waist training / Detox Tea /”…will be hawked on Instagram, Snapchat etc. and earn her and Mommy Kardashian lots of money. What a vapid family. Yes, what is she doing is unhealthy for her body but not nearly as unhealthy for her wallet. Lol…It’ the Kardashian way.

cindy on

She is a hot mess but now she and Rob are a perfect pair…She is just so stupid I just do not know what to say…Nasty!

taradoug82 on

Nope. The only way she weighed 135 pre-pregnancy is if she is 4′ tall. Her legs are huge, and let’s not start on that a–.
Or maybe the camera adds 25lbs….

Cathy on

WTF???? I cannot take it…. What is that???

Meg on

Gaining 100 lbs is so unhealthy. I dont understand people.

Greta on

Obviously she has never heard of gestational diabetes or she would think twice about packing on that many ridiculous pounds.

Ainsley on

So Unhealthy – Depends on your BMI before pregnancy. I’m 33 weeks and started underweight so my doctor would like to see a 34-40 lb weight gain during pregnancy. Saying 35 just shows your stupidity.

Liz on

Honestly, why are we subjected to this crap on a daily basis? No one cares. She is a fat tub of lard and that’s about all. How these ridiculous people became famous is beyond me. And, she needs to stop shopping for herself at Baby Gap and find some clothing that actually fits her.

Anonymous on

Absolutely zero chance she was 135 prepregnancy, I’m 130 and 5’3…I consider myself a normal weight for my height, unless her butt and breast implants and thighs are weightless there is no way she was only 5lbs heavier than me. I’m not stick thin but am in no way ‘thick’ either.
Besides that….so extremely unhealthy. She may be surprised that with each baby, and with age, it becomes much harder to lose the baby weight. With my first baby the weight practically came off by itself, second it wasn’t terribly hard but took a little longer (as in longer than my 6 week pp check, which is when it was off with my 1st)…my 3rd and 4th I had to work for it, and no matter what I do can’t get much below 130lbs (and I was 120 when I got pregnant with my 1st)

Criskayl on

Dear heavens! I weighed 130 when I delivered both of my kids. Talk about BC’s disgusting gluttony!

Anonymous on

I had seriously hoped she was joking when she said that the first time. Guess not…..

Patti on

What a PIG! I think we should start a movement of everyone not watching, reading or buying anything these Kardashians are doing. Get them all to just go away. People put them on this pedelstal – now we need to knock them off. Seriously – people you are making all this money for them.

M on

WOW. Good luck with your gestational diabetes and possible preeclampsia.
And way to go People for yet ANOTHER awesome article on trash.

L on

This is not only the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard, but it incredibly unhealthy! Way to put yourself and the baby at risk.

tray on

It’s completely disgusting how fake this girl is. From head to toe. Hair, nails, eyelashes, boobs, and the list goes on…ewww. Actually, she looks like a Kardashian though.

LIN on

Is there anything these disgusting people won’t do for attention. If her OBGYN goes along with this they need to lose their license.

Tiff on

There is NO way she was 135 before and there’s NO way she is only 183 right now. Does she think we are all BLIND??

mel on

In other words, she wants endorsements from waist trainer and detox tea companies for her “weight loss” after baby. Another Kardashian Kash Kow.

Pam on


Anonymous on

In response to the person who said…Words fail me? Ditto.

Anonymous on

In that picture, she looks like a black Kim, all thunder thighs and misshapen body stuffed in a too-small dress like a sausage. Kim needs some tattoos, tho.

Brenda on

Isn’t she under a doctor’s care? No doctor would allow his pregnant patient to arbitrarily gain an amount of weight that SHE desired to, geez!

Katie on

That’s insane and unhealthy. I can’t even imagine gaining that much weight. Then to have to lose all thay weight! No, just no. My 28 and 33 lbs gained were enough for me.

Mon on

Yeah, King will never be picked on in school with a name like that!

Sonia on

And after giving bith … She will see the plastic surgeon of the Kardashian family !!!! that’s why she has nothing to do completely its weight !!! that ‘s all

Joanne on

Sarky Marky? OMG!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA HAHAHA. SOOOO TRUE.

Anonymous on

Does she want diabetes? What about many other complications? Who is thinking about baby’s health? I saw a video clip of her screaming and flipping out. Makes me sad for the baby. Maybe her doctor will give her a clue about having a healthy baby, if he knows of her intentions.

jennhatesyou2 on

Never been pregnant but it seems awfully stupid to want to gain 100 pounds on purpose. It doesn’t serve any purpose but to be as gluttonous as possible just for the sake of being able to without public scrutiny. Furthermore, just because you can get back to 130 pounds doesn’t mean your body will “snap back”. Once skin stretches to an extreme, it doesn’t just go back to normal. Muscles do not just “snap back”. If they did, there would be no need for tummy tucks. It’s called science….but considering she’s made a life for herself using every part of her body but her brain I guess I shouldn’t assume she would know anything about the subject.

What? on

Forgive me…she is not someone I follow on a regular basis. (I know who she is and I knew she was pregnant…and that’s about it) But she wants to gain 100lbs during her pregnancy?? Seriously? This is her goal? Her goal isn’t to have a healthy baby or keep herself healthy, its to eat like a pig and gain 100lbs????

. on

just gross

BeautifullyUnfinished on

I truly believe I will be 200lbs when I delivery [sic] that’s 17lbs away.” Hahaha…when I delivery, intelligent!

Anonymous on

This is not healthy! She is setting up for major problems, one being diabetes.. She looks horrible! I’m her height, been pregnant (high Risk) and was 145 lbs at my highest! It was no joy being prenatal diabetic with my third child! This is so unhealthy!

mo0o on

Can she not add? 135 plus 100 = 235lbs. someone get this cow a calculator!

BBQ on

Aren’t you just the slight bit curious to hear some of her other “goals”? Wonder if they are all this profound??

guest on

Gestational Diabetes is no joke. why tempt fate?

christiana on

why doesnt the article state why she wants to gain the weight? most women try NOT to gain weight while pregnant. Im curious why she thinks this is healthy for her and the baby

Michele on

Infant disrespect & abuse. People magazine is shamed writing this article.

Courtney on

First – I may be the only one who believes 135 and 5’3″. That would be higher end of normal/healthy weight. Maybe between 8-12 based on your proportions.

I’m 5’8″ and under 200 and started in the 170s and about to deliver but your weight fluctuates all the time based on time of day, what you are/drank, etc.

If she is eating when she is hungry and doesn’t have Gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, poor nutritional profile, then she’s ok. If she does – shame on her for doing it and sharing it with the (judgmental) world. Come on mama – you’ve done this before – please welcome another healthy baby! ❤️

crescentframeshop on

maybe her and the baby will get diabetes too, so stupid

J on

What a disgusting woman. She and Rob are so grotesquely unhealthy and Shane on them for bringing an innocent child into this mess!

mollywoowoo on

She is risking her health and the health of her baby so she can have a big post pregnancy weight loss? Her unborn child she be put into protective services now.

Anonymous on

She looks like a gorilla…

Just No! on

Eww. No! There are some SERIOUS issues going on with this bimb0.

BFAdvo on

She evidently has no plans of breastfeeding if she’s going to have a “strict diet” and drink detox teas. Glad to see she’s more worried about “snapping back” than seeing if she can do what’s best (and recommended) for her child.

kesha on

LOVE BLAC! So Beautiful and Confident!

Tha on

You’re an idiot. But wouldn’t expect any thing less. Can’t believe I’m wasting time on this reply.

Just Me on

Clearly, she’s not only doing this for the attention, since websites seem to think it’s worth posting about, but she’s trying to go the way of Jessica Simpson. She gains a bunch of weight because she think she’ll get an endorsement deal with weight watchers or something. Also, it keeps the drama going for this ridiculous reality show she thinks people want to watch. I would say it’s insane how conceited some people are to think that people care enough about them to want to watch everything they do, but look at the Kartrashian’s… this woman is childish and nothing more than a opportunist.

Ceecee on

She is a hot mess, I dont know understand why Rob would get his sister’s ex pregnant more than that why deal with her at all. This woman can do nothing but bring drama to Rob for the rest of his life, ith is not only 18 years it is a lifetime of problems if he stays in the childs life. Jeeezzzzz Rob what did you get yourself into????!

Seriously? on

Can we please get this woman an education before she raises this child. Unbelievable.

Bella on

You go girl! I think she looks great, nothing to hate here. 🙂 I’m happy for them. I hope soon I’ll also get pregnant again. We’re trying out for baby#2, I’m back to taking conceiveeasy now.