North Is Already Stealing Mom Kim Kardashian West’s Style in $1,700 Boots: ‘At Least She Has Good Taste’

08/15/2016 at 07:00 PM ET

Kim Kardashian North West Boots

At 3, North West seems to have already inherited her mom’s proclivity toward daring footwear.

The tiny toddler slipped into Kim Kardashian West‘s thigh-high Balenciagas on Monday, an adorbable fashion-stealing moment caught on camera.

In the picture, shared to the 35-year-old’s Instagram, North smiled while laying on the floor with her feet tucked into the shiny boots. Taking a page from her aunts, North paired her oversized footwear with a tank top and jean shorts.

“Didn’t think it would happen this soon … my baby girl stealing my shoes,” Kardashian West wrote. “At least she has good taste #Balenciaga.”

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Kardashian West previously revealed to PEOPLE that she hopes her daughter will some day sneak some more pieces from her closet.

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She’s saving all of her Met Gala gowns in hopes that “maybe [North will]Β want to wear one to prom.”

North also has a budding sense of her personal style, said the star.

“Someone said to her the other day — she was wearing a little slip dress and a choker — and they said, ‘Oh, you look so cool,’ and she’s like, ‘I’m not cool. I look pretty. This is a pretty dress. It’s not cool,’ ” Kardashian West shared. “So she’s very into things having to be pretty colors or pretty jewelry.”

–– Lindsay Kimble

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huh? on

Does she have good taste tho?!

Jean on

Maybe she’ll make a video like her mom, too.

Lizzie on

God helps this child. And I mean that!!!

Anonymous on

North is starting to look like Kanye. Not a good thing

Anonymous on

I hear she’s a super spoiled brat.

Jamey on

The saddest thing is in a few years we’ll get photos of this kid shoved down our throats as she prances around in tiny bikinis with her lips plumped up with collegen and pouting and preening for attention she can get.

Mrs. B on

She’s a cutie!

Just saying.. on

As if those boots would go up Kim’s thighs.

Tina on

Poor kid. I’d like to see what she’s like in 15 years or so. Having Kim and Kanye as parents = nothing good.

Sarah on

I don’t care for the Kardashians either, but come on you all-do you have to be so snide about a little kid? She’s not to blame for who she was born to anymore than you could help it yourself. She’s just a child. People are so often the worst version of themselves online and say things they would never have the guts to say to someone in real life. It’s ugly and sad when you really see what people are capable of thinking and feeling.

Kathleen on

Screwed up values!

wendyw2407 on

lmao those boots are hideous. Not surprising though because Kim and Kanye have the worst taste and think they have the best.

Anonymous on

What is so cute? Is that Saint? I don’t get why this is on ppl magazine?πŸ™„

Chatlotte on

$1700 boots. Best way to spend money?

Francine on

Nobody that likes Kim or Kanye’s wardrobes can be considered to have good taste.

Mimi on

The picture is cute and for once she looks happy!

For real? on

Those boots were 1700.00? They look like something you could get at a costume shop for 20 bucks. Lol.

Carly on

Mommy, please start sexualizing me and objectifying me now. I am three!!!

Miel on

You fools always read about them. They make money from you ppl that sit there talking about them. Obsessed bunch of weirdos on the Internet. And leave her hair alone, this kid is so gorg. Keep making her money with your nasty comments too.

Tracy on

Those are THE ugliest boots I’ve ever seen. I have $150 boots that are much nicer. Here’s a thought Kim: Buy boots for $100 and donate the other $1,600.

Carly on

I think this child should be under supervision because photos like this are dangerously close to sexual abuse of a minor. If that fails, those boots are butt ugly and should be destroyed, not worn by a baby. Good job, Kim. Great mother. Why not give her some hope to develop her mind, you pathetic excuse for a mother?

Pam on

Teaching her young.

ellwn on

hehehe cutie! Playing dress up is always fun. I have a picture of my two year old in my white go-go boots taken 30 years ago. She is a doctor now, married, no children and living in the big city. It is adorable, just like this picture of little miss North.

nat on

I think she looks cute there and little girls like to play dress-up with mommy’s things , but, who lets their 3 year old go out in a little slip dress ( I can’t even believe adults are wearing them in public) and a choker.

Chris Christie's Belt on

That is just gross

Anonymous on

She is more concerned about Nori’s having good taste in clothes than letting her be a kid, boots are ugly, like mom and dad. Surprised she is a white tank top and not black. She will be a handful when she is a teen, I hear she doesn’t like Saint. At least Kourtney tries to make her kids lives as normal as possible as a single mom.

JJ on

I dont understand why people are so bitter towards anyone? all i can see is pure bitterness and jealousy from all these people that have commented. GET OVER IT. Maybe if you are happy for others, you may be blessed with good things. Hate this negative minded people

knitluver on

I wonder how long until she has the poor kid getting butt implants?!

Anonymous on

Poor kid, she’s not ugly, nor is her hair. She looks like a normal little girl to me. It’s just too bad she will grow up thinking her body is there for the viewing pleasure of everyone around her as I am sure her mom and grandma will ingrain in her head before she even realizes it. Sad

Char on

Soooo adorable πŸ™‚

Dee on

I’ve always wanted a pair of boots made out of aluminum foil.

goldensister on

I’m calling shenanigans. This wasn’t a child stealing her mom’s shoes. This was a contrived photo op orchestrated by Kim. North wasn’t playing dress up; she can’t even walk in those. Her mom posed her in them for the sake of publicity and then played it off as a cute moment by a 3 year old.

Rag Doll on

That’s considered good taste? Just because they’re expensive and belanciaga doesn’t make them great. Especially not in KKW. She’s way too short to carry off those boots–give them to Khloe. And, sorry, North–you should get used to people saying you’re cool because you’re not pretty.

lilly pond on

Gross. Wish this circus of a family would just go away. They are disgusting.

jammy on

It looks like North is going to take after Kanye and / or his mother Donda….and that’s not a good thing.

Hea on

Looks like something they might’ve dug out of Bowies old Ziggy Stardust wardrobe. One of the discarded pairs of hooker boots.