Keshia Knight Pulliam Gets Candid About Birth Plan: ‘I Do Not Want to Feel a Human Come Through’

08/13/2016 at 12:30 AM ET

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Keshia Knight Pulliam knows who she is, and exactly how that affects her birthing plan.

On Friday’s episode of her podcast Kandidly Keshia, the actress spoke unabashedly about her expectations for welcoming her daughter, making it clear that she’s taking the traditional route of delivering at a hospital and will certainly be depending on pain medication.

“I am very clear: I want all the drugs. I have good insurance. I want every drug you could give me,” Pulliam, 37, said. “I want to be smiling. I do not want to feel a human come through my vagina. I have no judgment for women who want to do [a natural birth] — more power to you — but I’m clear on who I am and that isn’t who I am. I am a punk for pain.”

The expectant mother continued, revealing what she plans to do once the baby is here, and how she’ll juggle work and motherhood.

For the former Cosby Show star, although her daughter will come first, the choice between parenting and career won’t be a problem, as she’s prepared to handle both after she adjusts.

“You’ve got to be flexible,” she added. “I know my first priority is motherhood and everything else follows. I’ve always envisioned myself as very much an active mom, one who’s still working. I’m going to strap this baby on, we’re going to put it in the stroller and we’re going to keep it moving. The first couple months is just about baby and then I feel like you find your balance slowly as you’re in the midst of it.”

While Pulliam, who announced her pregnancy in mid-July, is enjoying prepping for motherhood, and even sharing photos of her pregnancy journey, she’s definitely got some pre-pregnancy pleasure she’s ready to get back to.

“I miss happy hour. I’m just going to be really honest,” she admitted on her show. “I love the food in happy hour so I’ll still go, but the drink special, the summertime patio margaritas. I’ve had some mocktails. Thy just don’t do it the same way. But I’m trying.”

Pulliam hasn’t revealed the due date for her impending bundle of joy.

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Anonymous on

Even with drugs you still feel it idiot …

elegant gypsy on

Gross. Just gross. TMI

Ella on

Nothing wrong with drugs if you really need them, but considering that every drug, every epidural, has an adverse effect on the baby- perhaps she should be a little more open to at least trying to do the best thing for her baby, not the easiest thing for her.

Amy on

No judgement. No shaming. She knows her body and her pain tolerance. It’s her choice and hers alone. That being said, I chose the drugs too…except mine gave up, and I felt EVERYTHING! Be prepared, girl. Sometimes these things don’t go as planned! Good luck!

jeans75 on

What ever happened to her statement just a couple weeks ago that she would NOT be giving any interviews or talking anymore about her pregnancy–AFTER she came out and put out the way too personal information that her husband wanted her to have a paternity test on the baby…ONLY to have him later or the next day state that he had been clear with her that he did NOT want to have a baby right away and something about having left his former girlfriend who was pregnant with is child or had one of his children—ONLY to have it come out that he was now getting back together with his old girlfriend to form a family with her…..?

So social media is a science project on the public and it is showing how anyone who needs to make a bubble for themselves to gain attention or a personal ‘following’ will do so with every way they can–and do–giving a false idea and reality that they hold an importance in the world that truly is only in their minds as well as to those who ‘follow’ them.

It is the end of humanity and all the PERSONAL ideas, places where you don’t take pictures of yourself, and postings so that everyone can say what they will when they want all while thinking it is important to society when it is not—like knowing in detail how this child will be coming into the world in ways that only matter to the mother.

Anonymous on

Oh she is delusional. She will definitely feel pain. You can’t get drugs as soon as a labor pain hits.

Betty Rubble on

I had an epidural, it worked great but I still felt that human come out.

Mrs. B on

She talks too much. She’s saying things that are simply unnecessary and is coming across as being selfish.

Anonymous on

At least somebody knows who she is.

Yowza on

No clue who this is but there’s been a lot of coverage on her lately. She seems annoying and slightly delusional.

Sam on

You may get pain meds and you may not because when my Daughter had her first child her water broke at home and when she got to the hospital she had that sweet baby within an hour and with her 2nd child that baby was coming out in the car, so getting meds all depends on how fast things are moving and I will tell I would rether have that baby fast with no meds than to have a long labor with meds that can ware off, plus the meds are not good for the baby. Best of luck to you and I hope you have a healthy baby girl.

Just saying.. on

Then she shouldn’t have had a d** k come through. Simple.

guest on

Almost everyone criticizing her has given birth before and has some idea of what to expect — although I’m betting that very few of us actually had the birth experience we were expecting/hoping for. This is her first child so she is speaking out of fear of the unknown. The birth of her child will unfold as it will, maybe she won’t end up using drugs at all because she’s one of the lucky few who experience very little pain. No one knows until it’s actually happening.

mary on

@jeans75, I second that. Talk about privacy, she’s flaunting this pregnancy.

jrgard on

She “misses happy hour,” and she’s going to “strap this baby on.”

She is so not ready to be a mother.

lala on

It’s clear that some people come to this page to read every article with a critical eye, so they will have something go complain about. This interview sounds like a conversation with a girlfriend…she is saying what she thinks at the moment and someone wrote it down. She is clearly excited about being pregnant and looking forward to being able to juggle it all and do a good job. At least she has a positive attitude. And whoever said she isnt ready to be a mom because she misses happy hour…any woman who enjoys a couple of drinks with her friends misses happy hour when she is expecting. That’s not a reflection on her maturity.

SoapPoop on

If you don’t want to feel a human coming through …. then you shouldn’t have let a human come IN.

Kellie on

Anyone else here think she is going to have a planned CSec with no labor pains at all?

people reader on

As I recall Ms. Pulliam stated that she would not make any future comments concerning her pending DIVORCE. As a woman, she can talk about her pregnancy as much as she wishes. If you notice, she did not make mention of the father not once. The majority of women have made comments about or expressed thoughts on the pain of childbirth and the future responsibilities of being a mother. Whatever happens, she will have to do it by herself.

Pst on

For someone who wants privacy she sure is talking a lot.

blessedwithboys on

@Kellie Yep, elective csec. So sad.

K on

She seriously needs to bow out. She’s not doing anything worth being in the spotlight, and she’s clearly a cheater. She needs to be laying low.