Twins on the Way for Jensen and Danneel Harris Ackles: A Boy and a Girl!

08/10/2016 at 02:00 PM ET

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Phillip Chin/WireImage

Life is about to change in a huge way for CW sweethearts Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris Ackles — they’re expecting twins!

A rep for the couple, who have been married since 2010, confirmed that they will welcome a son and a daughter later this year.

The babies will join 3-year-old big sister Justice “JJ” Jay.

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Courtesy Danneel Harris

Fans of One Tree Hill — whose cast recently reunited for a night of fun — will recognize Harris Ackles, 37, from her role as Rachel Gatina. She is also known for her 2004 role as Shannon McBain on One Life to Live.

Ackles, 38, is easily recognizable as Dean Winchester from Supernatural, on which he has starred since its inception in 2005.

Love dogs… #stopyulin @no_yulin

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In August 2015, the actor took to Twitter to share his reasoning behind joining Instagram shortly after posting an adorable photo of himself and JJ.

“In an effort 2 squash some posers, my daughter is helping me start an Instagram profile,” he wrote. “Chk it out. Hint: it’s just my name.”

Jen Juneau with reporting by Julie Jordan

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klutzy_girl on

Oh my God! I’m so excited for them. Congratulations!

debtdiva on

Ahhh, I’m so happy for them! They’re the sweetest family – congrats to them and new big sister JJ. 💜

Bea on

Maybe they will name them Sami and Eric 😀👍

lara on

congrats to the couple…

kannbrown on

Aww, congrats! They are such sweet family, and we’re all happy for them!

Katie on

I like the names Roman and Rachel…

Melissa on


Maxenzi on

im jealous but really happy for the couple…

Jerry on

Jensen has Healthy Swimmers. Congrats (Was this during the Rio Games)(Jensen making twins Olympics)

Cynthia Perkins on

Twins? Very Hollywood of them.

Elena on

congrats to the couple…

Chelsey on

wait isn’t danneel 37. and what are the odds of a 37 year old woman to have twins without help from an vitro fertilization? I don’t know if the couple had an vitro fertilization or not but I am happy for the news…

pilousette on

I’m so happy oh my goodness! So excited for them! CONGRATS

Gramma2Four on

Just love them and the show! Congratulations!!

Marie on

While I believe that it’s rude to question how they conceived their twins, actually the probability of twins increases with maternal age. So, no, she wouldn’t need in-vitro to conceive twins at 37.

Nice to hear some happy news!

Laf on

I’m irrationally happy for them! So awesome to quote Dean. Names them Dean and Sami maybe?

twelsh42 on

Congrats, don’t know who you are but the name Danneel sounds like something you do after twerking. 🙂

Bea on

I said Sami and Eric as a joke as he played one of these twins on Days of Our Lives.

Anonymous on

Acutally Chelsey, you are at a higher chance of conceiving fraternal twins naturally when you are over the age of 35. So this doesn’t mean she had fertility treatments. She might have, but she might not have.

Jane on

Definitely happened via in vitro. It’s a shame twins are no longer such a magical event.There’s no limit to the number that can be implanted in many jurisdictions hence the huge increase in multiples and not just twins. Shameful really given the risks to the baby increase dramatically.

Congrats. Hopefully his kids don’t grow up to be homophobic like their father. His behavior at comic con was disgusting.

caryl thurber on

Can’t we just be happy for them instead of trying to figure how she got pregnant. It should be enough that they are happy to be pregnant and are great parents with plenty of love.

Court on

Wow never heard of either of these people in my life.

Cleo on

What a sweet little family! Well, soon to be a sweet BIG family. Love the pics.

snazzyo on

Congrats to the happy couple! The “gang” is growing. Time for a minivan!

snazzyo on

Congrats on another member of the Family! So happy for both of them.

Sharon on

I am so excited for Jensen and Dannell twins, can’t wait to hear what they plan to name them. Congratulations.

oh yeah on

I’ve always loved him!!! He is gorgeous!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see those babies…

Kimber on

Jane, I ASSURE you, Jensen is NOT homophobic. You must not know him very well. Secondly, for all of you saying you’ve never heard of them, you’re SERIOUSLY missing out. Lastly, WHO cares how they conceived?! But, I will say that it’s unlikely they used in-vitro. I am so beyond happy for them! He’s talked about growing their family!

gb on

They look like a sweet family. The likelihood to conceive twins is the highest between the ages of 34-38. None of us know how and it really doesn’t matter.

Britney on

i hope danneel doesn’t give the babies superhero names like she did for the first kid. its difficult enough to be different in school even a famous parent wont protect the kids from bullies. if the parents want the kids to stand out, they pretty much putting a kick me sign on the kids back..smh :(.

Fran on

Never heard of these people.

Darkcherrybaby on

Very very happy for them, (I love Sam and Dean),
BTW this is an old picture, because her face doesn’t look like that anymore, she’s had some major cosmetic surgery and looks like a completely different person

fatalreview on

I wonder what fertility doctor all the celebs go to for gender modification of their fetus’ –the ratio of famous couples having boy and girl twins with no history of multiples in their family is outrageously above any average demographic-MeMe, the Pitts, JLo to start-every month some celeb is having them

Guest on

Look at all the armchair fertility specialists! Thanks for the laugh!

PaulaRose on

I think Jensen and Danneel ought to name the boy and girl Law and Order. Because then they will have Justice, Law and Order. Ha!

Nanci on

This is fantastic news!! Congratulations and much love and best wishes to you all!!! Twins….this is just great😆

Shelly on

Congratulations! Such a wonderful family!! So happy to hear the news!!

snu79_snu on

I don’t at all care for his politics but enjoy the show. He’s not the best actor around but everyone can’t be Sean Penn. Congrats on the kids.

Nettie on

No one in Hollywood has had the luck that he and Jared Padalecki have. They have both gotten god-awful reviews for just about every film they’ve ever done and neither of them can act worth a damn. Every time I hear that stupid deep voice Jensen fakes for Dean I cringe. If Supernatural were on any other network it would have been cancelled mid first season for low ratings. Jensen would in Texas somewhere selling life insurance.

slk90 on

HOMOPHOBIC RIGHT WING CHRISTIAN REPUBLICANS!!!! No thanks. I don’t know how Misha stands it. You know that Jensen is voting for Trump.

Holly on

I am a mama to twin boys . And guess what all the twin baby books say ? You are more likely to conceive twins after the age of 35 . Happy news for this very nice family .🌟

Rachel on

Jane — as an individual who cannot have a child at all I would argue that being able to have even one baby is pretty damn magical. Who cares how their twins were conceived? And I personally know individuals who have only had 2 embryos implanted to decrease the risk.

As for the homophobic comment, it sounds to me like you just wanted to make a negative comment and will find anything to pick on.

Marcela on

This wonderful news made my soul dance! I always thought such gorgeous people should have more than one kid, ‘😉I am super happy for them, anyways. Congratulations for this beautiful family 👏❤️❤️❤️

Mrs. B on

Congratulations to them on the pregnancy. I remember him from DOOL.

TW on

Slk90 have several seats. Jensen is not homophobic. And yes there is plenty of proof to back that up.

You don’t know who Jensen is voting for because he has never publicly talked about his political party or politics. And as far as Jensen being a christian. . . okay. The majority of the worlds population is christian.

Slk90 you should definitely spend less time spreading hate on the internet and actually do something productive with your life.

Sharon on

Congrats to Jensen and Danneel! What joyous news for their wonderful family. Such a nice and sweet couple! Best Wishes and much love!

Candace on

What great news for this lovely family! And what an adorable picture. Congratulations to Jensen and Danneel and soon-to-be big sister JJ!

Winter Hodges on

Jensen is a right wing homophobe. He is an Evangelical Christian and has said numerous things that illustrate his real feelings about the LGBT community. He is the prime example of Pink Wash. When the Orlando shooting happened he flew the rainbow flag because it was “fashionable.” Where was his flag when DOMA was overturned or gay marriage became law?

cft.99 on

Another unknown “celebrity” pumps in the drugs for a set of oh-so-chic twins. *Yawn*

Winter Hodges on

Jensen is a right winger. He is an Evangelical Christian and has said numerous things that illustrate his real feelings about the LGBT community. He is the prime example of Pink Wash. When the Orlando shooting happened he flew the rainbow flag because it was “fashionable.” Where was his flag when DOMA was overturned or gay marriage became law?

WH1992 on

Jensen is an evangelical christian right wing republican. He has made some comments that, to me, show his real feeling toward gays and lesbians. He is a prime example of Pink Wash. He flew the Rainbow Flag for Orlando because it was fashionable. But where was his flag when DOMA was overturned or marriage equality became the law of the land?

WH1993 on

He flew the Rainbow Flag for Orlando but where was it when DOMA was overturned and marriage for all became the law of the land? Typical.

No thanks.

WH1993 on

Nothing but Pink Wash. He flew the flag because it was fashionable but he has never uttered a word in support of marriage equality or anything else. And he has a lesbian aunt that he ostensibly loves so much? Why not publicly support her? That speaks volumes. I just don’t support those that don’t support me.

Anonymous on

Congratulations to you both

Sheryl Conerly on

I love reading all these “experts” commenting about how someone gets pregnant with twins. You do not have to have in-vitro to have multiple babies. I have a sister-in-law who had a set of twins in her 20s & was pregnant with another set around the age of 40, but one died in-untero. There was no in-vitro fertilisation involved.

Sheryl Conerly on

I love reading all these “experts” commenting about how someone gets pregnant with twins. You do not have to have in-vitro to have multiple babies. I have a sister-in-law who had a set of twins in her 20s & was pregnant with another set around the age of 40, but one died in-utero. There was no in-vitro fertilisation involved.

And why are there always hateful trolls commenting on shit they supposedly don’t care about. No one here cares what you think.

Sheryl Conerly on

And why are there always hate-filled trolls commenting on things they supposedly don’t care about. Bye Trolls.

go ah ra on

That is a ridiculously good looking couple – good for them.

Though its a bit cliche to have the shoes lined up to announce a birth. EVERYONE does it.

angel64 on

Jensen is NOT a homophobe! He has NEVER said anything against LGBT people! And he has NEVER demonstrated being a right winger or evangelical AT ALL! He is ALWAYS gracious and kind to fans and at cons!
You evil trolls have never met this man, yet say these horrible things about him. As for his acting, I like it but if you don’t, WHY the hell are you even here on this page? Same for those idiots who ‘have never heard of him” why the hell are you even here?

Guest on

This comment section is proof that the internet can be a horrible place. Congratulations to the happy couple and happy family! Now, everyone move on with your lives!!!

Drunk Elephant on

I live in the same town as Danneel’s parents and they are the epitome of Tea Party Republicans. They are racist as anything. They waltz around town like their sh*t doesn’t stink because they think Danneel is a celebrity. If this boy married her then he must be the same way because she was always just like her parents. It makes me sad to think of kids raised like that.

ted1990 on

Jensen is a registered Republican. In Los Angeles County voter records are public. When Jensen’s Brentwood house went on the market the realtor listed the address. Fans used the address plus his date of birth to log into the LA County Voter Registration website. It showed that he was a registered Republican and had updated his status as such every single year. It also showed that he voted by mail in all local and presidential elections. That was when SARA PALIN was running.

Maggie on

Aww congrats! Any chance of naming them Sam(antha) and Dean?? 😀 😀 😀

Sylvia on

I don’t get this people that say they don’t know them and that they don’t like them that take the time to read the news about them and even comment…go live your lives…they are living their lives and they don’t give a damm about you…they are a happy and beatiful family!!!
Congratulations to Jensen and Danneel. I wish the babies have lots of healthy and love!!

Kristian on

That photo of the boots, just made my day! Texas!

Him and his wife are beautiful, glad to see they will create more tiny beautiful humans.

kim on

Are you kidding, “everyone can’t be Sean Penn”. Thank god for that. You know he raped and beat up his ex girlfriend and has been in several abuse cases. Yet he walks around like his sh*t don’t stink. And morons like you like what he does rather than aman with some family values.

Darlene on

Congrats! My husband and I watch SN every day we love Deans character you have a nice looking family can’t wait to see the twins

la hcen dannoun 064305754mar on

je je taime bouk le dannemark je vas ou dannemark mais nes ba des viza

maria on

hi danelle ackles
your a good actress
if you come to new York someday I want to meet you .
your fan maria