Molly Sims Expecting Third Child

08/09/2016 at 10:00 AM ET

Surprise: There’s another Stuber baby on the way!

Model and actress Molly Sims is pregnant with her third child, she confirms exclusively to PEOPLE.

“It’s a Hail Mary!” Sims, 43, tells PEOPLE about her pregnancy. “I’m so happy — we’re so blessed. We were so shocked, but we’re thrilled.”

Sims and her movie-producer husband Scott Stuber already have two little ones: 4-year-old son Brooks Alan and 16-month-old daughter Scarlett May. Their new baby will arrive at the end of the year.

Molly Sims pregnant third child
Erica Hampton

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The pregnancy was unplanned, Sims says, and jokes it’s the result of “what happens when I go visit my husband on the movie set.” She adds, “Being 43 is a little worrisome, cause I’m like ‘Okay, you are going to be 90!’ But then Mick Jagger [is having a baby at 72] so we’re like okay, we feel good about ourselves.”

It hasn’t been all smooth sailing so far, though.

“I have never had more morning sickness in my life — I have been sick from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed,” Sims admits. “I have thrown up in the Bristol Farms parking lot and I have thrown up outside of a restaurant. It’s just bad!”

Molly Sims pregnant third child
Allen Daniel

Thankfully, the mom-to-be says it’s getting better — just in time for an exciting new business venture.

Sims is also launching her own lifestyle YouTube channel on Aug. 16, where viewers will be able to follow along on her journey to becoming a family of five.

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“The Molly Sims YouTube channel is a new lifestyle destination from model, actress and New York Times best-selling author, Molly Sims. Sims teamed up with Awestruck to launch her YouTube channel and incorporate it into their popular digital network for millennial moms,” the channel’s description says. “It will feature original lifestyle content on topics like health, fitness, motherhood, DIY projects and recipes that she has worked with Awestruck to develop, film and produce.”

Explains Sims, “It’s just a peek into my life — like what kind of kid food do I eat, family meals, DIY stuff … It’s everything from food and fashion to beauty.”

“Moms still wanna be cool – even at 43 – and because I have the in with stylists, it’s a good way for people to have access to that through my channel,” adds Sims. “I really love it because it’s the life I’m living.”

— Ale Russian with reporting by Mary Green

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exit82 on

she’s taking it better than I would- that’s for sure. Good luck with that

lilly pond on

She is so pretty. Congrats to her and her family.

Sarah on

This makes me feel way better about turning 37 soon and not having started trying yet.

JR Jake on

Congrats Molly and Scott. Number 3 at 43 says more about you taking good care of yourself, a wonderful and thriving family and a passion for even more; just confirmed by your beautiful smile. Scarlett May has grown SO FAST, what are you feeding those children?

Cj on

How is she shocked..married couples don’t use protection that often or at all so the chances of her getting pregnant increase ..I know she’s over 40 but there’s still a chance regardless duh.. Good luck

Kate Wilton on

So even a lifestyle channel headed up by a Gen X mom is geared toward “millennial moms”? Dear advertisers: We moms in our late 30s and early 40s like lifestyle content and buy stuff, too, you know. AND WE HAVE MORE MONEY.

Marissa Miller on

Congrats to be beautiful healthy mommy! Taking care of oneself tends to pay off in the pregnancy department – back off haters! She can afford as many children as she wants, works hard and takes care of her kids. What is there to be nasty about? Swallow your mean comments, just makes you look even more envious

Jules Austeen on

All these celebrities giving women the wrong message- that you can have a child at close to 44 without a problem. The reality is these celebrities use invitro, donor eggs, sperm donors, gender selection, see top specialists and have access to doctors only regular women can dream about. Of course a rich celebrity mom is going to get top treatment then a fastfood employee. Many regular folks don’t know it is possible, but it is. Usually children conceived naturally by women in their early to late forties have down syndrome or other genetic defects. Given this is coming from Hollywood- no I don’t buy it for one second that this was surprise pregnancy or a naturally conceived pregnancy and if it was naturally conceived it can’t be a surprise- because they had unprotected sex. Celebrities have too much money to risk having a downs baby and they are so pro-abortion they would abort it just like they criticized Sarah Palin for having a down’s baby in her early forties. Therefore, most pregnancies in the 40s are not naturally conceived. I certainly wouldn’t want a child at 43/44 because that would mean I would be in the early to mid seventies by the time the child hit my current age. Sorry I honestly think 43 is too old to have a child and I don’t care that it is child number 3 for these 2. People need to realize there is a time and place and rich people should stop playing God when it comes to conception.

gigi on

Hey Jules take a chill pill. It’s not your life. Calm down.

Jess on

Sarah, I got my first child at 40 and the second at 43. They were naturally conceived pregnancies. Everybody thinks I’m younger. Everything went well, no morning sickness and other things.

Rebecca on

Jules Austeen,
You’re doing everyone a disservice by misinforming them.
Simply not true that if you have a child just because you are over the age of 40 they are going to have Downs. Please educate yourself before trying to educate others.