Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox Welcome Son Journey River

08/09/2016 at 06:00 PM ET

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It’s another boy for Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green!

The couple welcomed their third child together, son Journey River Green, on Thursday, Aug. 4, PEOPLE confirms.

Born at 11 p.m. in Los Angeles, Journey joins big brothers Noah Shannon, 3½, and Bodhi Ransom, 2, as well as 14-year-old Kassius, Green’s son from a previous relationship.

Sources close to Fox, 30, and Green, 43, confirmed news of the actress’ pregnancy in April. That same month, she stepped out at CinemaCon in Las Vegas to promote her film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, sporting a visible baby bump.

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Though Fox filed for divorce from Green — whom she has been with for more than 10 years — in August 2015, sources close to Green insist they have called off their split.

“Brian and Megan are living together in Malibu with their boys,” a source told PEOPLE in July. “They have been getting along and seem very happy. They are just waiting for the baby to arrive.”

In April, Fox and Green were photographed holding hands on the beach during a family vacation in Hawaii, where they were married in 2010. They’ve also been spotted out together many times since, from celebrating Fox’s 30th birthday to romantic dinner dates, to lunch outings with their two older sons.

In May, Fox joked to Jimmy Kimmel that she sensed her then-unborn son was a “super genius,” in the same vein as engineers Elon Musk and Wernher von Braun.

“This baby [wants] me to live somewhere else, so we’re moving to a whole different place in Los Angeles because I feel like that’s where this baby wants to be raised,” she said at the time.

E! News was first to report the birth.

Jen Juneau with reporting by Kate Coyne

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Just a Duck on

So only one out of three gets a normal name. Poor kids.

HuH? on

Did the baby tell her to name him that

Betty on

Poor kid what an Awful name 😝.

klutzy_girl on

LOL, I surprisingly love this name and I don’t understand why.

Congratulations to them!

Mary Smith on

The plastic surgery on these two OY VEY.

Guest on

ONE OUT of three ? All the names are crap….poor kids.

KL on

WTF is up with that name???? Good Lord… thats all u could come up with?! Congrats anyway… 3 boys, wow!

dgjkn on

It seems like the parents have been on quite a journey in the past year. Maybe that’s why they named him that? Congrats to them!

Banana Rama on

Why on earth do celebs name their kids such horrible names? Where do they come up with this sh*t?

soph on

There’s an actress named Jurnee Smollett. It’s not such a bad name on its own, but combined with River, it’s ugh.

Nicole on

I’m happy they’re back together. She was only 18 when they started dating they’ve been on and off for so long. Three kids is reason enough to make it work after all that time

Just me on

I am not the type of person that thinks you have to be married to have kids. I think that if you are in a stable relationship, a piece of paper isn’t going to make you better parents. That being said, you should at least be in a stable relationship before you bring kids into it. These two were in the middle of a “slightly nasty” divorce. With her saying he was a bad father and him demanding she pay him alimony. He said she was a neglectful mother and she said he was hiding money to get more. Blah, blah, blah. So while they’re trashing each other in public, they’re hooking up in private? Why? Then, she’s pregnant. Just seems a sad situation to being a child into, married or not. I do hope that they work things out, for the sake of their children, who will one day be old enough to Google them and see how childish they were towards each other.

LynneWebb on

And when the lad is old enough, others will call him Green River Yuck. Why don’t parents think before than hang a title on a kid? And OMG, Bodhi Ransom? Maybe she saw something while giving birth. Maybe she’s given to ‘spells’.

stinky on

horrible name

Sarah on

Congrats on the birth of your water park ride!

kjc on

I’ve just had my third boy as well. While my first is 5 (older than her first) my 2nd and 3rd sons were born within weeks of hers… and we also considered using Bodhi for our 2nd son who is only a week or two older than her 2nd – coincidence. Congrats to them. Hopefully they have worked out their issues and are raising their boys in a healthy happy home.

mic on

hey at least when all these celeb kids grow up their weird names will seem normal to them. i can see why people call it hollyweird. can always get your name legally changed if you want, in this case i would

Marsha on

Soooo…when this kid grows up he’ll apply for a job or try to sell a proposal and say “Hi – I’m Journey Green”. Oh heck – if he’s being raised by a Mom who said they had to move to another house because “this baby is telling her [in utero] where he wants to be raised”, his name is the least of his problems!

ImALadyToo on

I think River Journey would have made so much more sense (eye roll).

Anonymous on

Wow 3 boys under 4 years old. That’s going to be a rowdy household!

Joe on

Wow 3 boys under 4 years old. That’s going to be a rowdy household!

From the far west . Yes California .🌅 on

I grew up with a River . A Green , a Journey , a Leaf , a Dayspring , a Morningstar a Blue and many more nature names . It’s all perspective . To me her name choice is nice . I think it is interesting that all of her sons have an O as the first vowel in their name . In numerology an O is a 6 number and all about family . I think it’s kinda cool . And she is a 9 life path and Brian is a 6 life path and journey is a 3 . It’s all very harmonious.

lol on

Journey River ??? Why do that to your child…..

Tara on

They make the most beautiful babies mankind has ever seen.

Hey You on

I guess BAG only has male swimmers…
And I do love the name!

Rhue on

Their sons are beautiful, so I can imagine baby Journey will be as well. Congrats to then both. Ten years and three sons later….

lola on

Seriously stfu already! She can name her baby WHATEVER SHE WANTS CAUSE IT’S HERS NOT YOURS!! Why do you care what she name her kid?!

Chloe on

I like the name River, but not Journey. But Congrats to them, and good for them for staying together. She needs to stop the plastic surgery, she used to be gorgeous. He looks good though.

lankyjane on

Everyone is getting up in arms about this but didn’t care when Jenna Jameson named her son Journey?

Katie on

At work we look at resumes’ and laugh at the names……this is one name that would stir a chuckle. Journey…..seriously?

Anonymous on

Amazing name, I love unique names.

Anonymous on

wow ur so cool Katie, you and ur fugly ass name. I’d laugh at your name too

Guest on

I think the name is cute but Random? Really? That’s just horrible. And Noah is too biblical, not creative considering she is trying to give her kids unique names. And wtf happened to her face? She used to be so pretty!

Guest on

Ransom* Not Random.

goldenrod on

One gets a dull, standard and overused name. His brothers get something with a little thought involved….

bickus04 on

Journey River Green is a fierce a,e….good job. Mom & Dad. Blessings to your three wee ones and prayers for a long-lasting, happy Family life.

Ohno on

I like weird names myself, but if it reminds you of a serial killer maybe NO.

drbctwerbvyhqrwdbydbewfwegftew on