Backstreet Boys’ Kevin Richardson Says Infertility Issues Made Him Think Another Baby Wasn’t ‘in the Cards’

08/08/2016 at 02:30 PM ET

Kevin Richardson is a household name among Backstreet Boys fans. But what many may not know about the singer is that he and wife of 16 years Kristin went through quite the challenges in conceiving their second child.

“Me and Kristin had our firstborn, Mason, with no issues at all,” Richardson, 44, tells Entertainment Tonight. “Then when we tried for our second, it just wasn’t happening.”

After a few failed attempts at conceiving, Richardson and his wife went to the doctor to see what was going on.

“Kristin had some issues,” adds Richardson, who is promoting If I Could Tell You, a short film the actor and singer stars in that follows a woman who turns to the world of black market conception in a desperate attempt to get pregnant.

“We couldn’t believe it. It was like, ‘Wow. Okay, so this is isn’t going to be easy. Maybe it’s not in the cards for us to have another child,’ ” he continues. “That was a realization that smacked us in the face.”

Kevin Richardson Fertility Struggles
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For Kristin — who touched on her fertility battles in 2015’s Pushing Motherhood — one of the most difficult parts of the journey was hearing that her FSH (a hormone that stimulates follicles, leading to control over egg production) level was decreasing her likelihood of being able to conceive.

“I never thought I’d hear those words,” she says emotionally in the documentary. “It’s tough.”

The couple’s second child, Maxwell Haze, was eventually born in July 2013 and joined big brother Mason, who is now 9. But the road to arrive at that point was a bumpy one for Richardson and his actress and dancer wife, 46.

July Birthday Boys, went to a weddin' down South.

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“We tried IVF, we tried artificial insemination, and none of that worked,” Richardson tells ET candidly. “She was injecting her body with all kinds of hormones to make her ovulate, then on top of that was all the stress.

“She also couldn’t exercise and she’s a dancer, so it was totally unnatural. I just tried to be as supportive as I could, let her lead and be there for her.”

When IVF treatments didn’t seem to be working, the couple turned to something else: acupuncture, from a professional whose success rate for couples trying to get pregnant was extremely high. And for the Richardsons, it turned out to be the answer they were looking for.

“Taking all the pressure off and getting the unnatural things out [helped],” Richardson says. “I’m not saying Western medicine doesn’t have its place because it’s about whatever you need, but it was Eastern medicine, acupuncture, that did it for us.”

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Richardson says that though the couple realize they “have to accept some of that responsibility” since they started trying to conceive a little later in life, they couldn’t be more grateful for the eventual outcome.

“It was amazing,” he admits. “We were jumping for joy. Kristin and I come from big families. She’s the youngest of three, I’m the youngest of three, and we had always envisioned ourselves with more than one child.”

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Rachel on

So she had her first baby at 37? Am I reading that right? I’m kind of laughing that they thought it would be easy to have another child with her approaching 40. I think it’s weird when these older parents claim “infertility”. I would say it’s just biology and nature taking its course.

Kim on

I didn’t realize she was 46. The bio clock ticks loudly once you approach 40. If IVF did not help at her age I am really surprised Accupuncture did. Good for them though.

bb on

Many people are having children later in life. I think that if they conceived their 1st child quickly, its reasonable to expect a 2nd one would be that easy too. I’m glad they shared that acupuncture worked, because it might be something people don’t know about…and I bet its much cheaper than rounds of IVF! Kevin makes a great point that what worked for them may not be what works for someone else. Every family is different. Glad it worked for them 🙂

Sam on

So happy for you and your wife, I never got my 2nd child after trying for years but think the Lord for the one we got and now we have 2 beautiful grandchildren. BSB fan forever!

Trina on

I am still trying for our second child, using free tests from ttc kit. If this does not work after a year of trying, I’d have to see a doctor.

guest on

I can understand the desire for another child. I had to do fertility for my son but wouldn’t put myself through that again for a second. I was just fine with him. Since my infertility was unexplained I went off the pill for two years at 40 and I figured if it happens it was meant to be but it never did. I guess for those who really, really want more than one child it’s worth it to try any procedure. I think the older we get we just have to accept that nature knows what it’s doing.

BlessedwOne on

Acupuncture worked for us after several failed procedures. Save yourselves money and heart break and try acupuncture first!

Dawn on

I’ve been hearing more and more stories like theirs–no problems getting pregnant with first and then need help getting pregnant with 2nd. So glad for them that acupuncture worked! That’s so terrific they’ve been married so long and have created such a wonderful foundation for their family. Glad they shared their story so maybe others can benefit. Just told a friend of mine who’s having fertility struggles to try acupuncture. Will be sending her this article!

Baby mama on

I tried lots of acupuncture. Didn’t work for us. I’m glad it worked for them. IVF was our miracle.

Anonymous on

And this is what happens when we lead people to believe that you can have babies just like that at 40 years old. It isn’t ageism, it’s science. Women are born with the # of eggs they will have in their entire lifetime…and those eggs don’t only disappear at a rate of one a month. Besides the fact that as you age, no matter what you do to look young your body knows it is getting older. Older eggs are more likely to be damaged if you are even still ovulating regularly. If you aren’t ready for kids before 40 either freeze your eggs/sperm or get comfortable with adoption.

foureyes on

Hey Trina, don’t bother with those ttc kit tests. They’re free because they’re garbage.

Tina on

I didn’t actually know she was older than Kevin. I’m glad that they were eventually able to have another child. Max looks just like his father and Mason like his mother. They have a beautiful family.

Marky on

Trina is just advertising on this site…hate these ad posts and the ones about earning huge amounts of money on the internet…where are the moderators?
So happy for this couple that things worked out well and they had their 2nd baby. I had secondary infertility, as well, and it is so frustrating when the years slip by and no baby, when it was so easy the first time. We had ours as well, but it took 3 years, and we had given up, since I didn’t even ovulate with Clomid. It was a real shock to discover I had finally gotten pregnant after being told it would never happen.

Brooke on

Those boys are PRECIOUS!!!

Trisha on

The greatest problem with secondary infertility is that couples don’t know what the problem is since they don’t have any trouble getting pregnant the first time. That’s our fear now because we’re trying to get pregnant with baby#2, I’m back to taking conceiveeasy, so hopefully it’ll boost our chances.

Yowza on

True infertility or just too old…?

barbie on

How ridiculous. They’re both over 40 yrs old and complaining about how hard it was to conceive.when my parents were 40 I was in college. Then they want to know why their kids have autism/disabilities because they have kids when they should be preparing for menopause

Elena on

A 42 year old should certainly not expect to get pregnant easily, or perhaps ever. It’s nature taking its course.

amyinoaktown on

What a beautiful family!

Anonymous on

Sorry have ONE biological child just wasn’t good enough 🙄

Lots of Negative Nellies Out There on

Wow! There are some extremely sanctimonious people on this thread today. An individual’s life and body is their own to do as they please. We all lead different lives, experience varying degrees of both health and illness, and no two people are a like. Who are any of you to tell a healthy woman that she’s “too old” or “selfish” for wanting a child at 43! Do you know her personally…or her treating physicians…or HER body? There are 25 year old women who also have fertility issues, experience rough pregnancies or have children born with chronic or life threatening illnesses. There are also women in their 40’s who have the “perfect” pregnancy. Medically, pregnancy is looked at on a case by case basis. There was a time when people lived only to the age of 35, now the average life expectancy, world wide, is 71. Times have changed, we’ve evolved.

lol on

If their idea of a “big family” is three kids they better never go to Utah!