Courtney Stodden Shaves Head Nearly Bald as ‘Symbolic Gesture’ After Miscarriage: ‘I Want to Give Back to My Angel’

08/08/2016 at 11:55 AM ET

Courtney Stodden is beginning a “new chapter” after losing her baby — and honoring the little one she lost in the process.

The 21-year-old reality star took to Instagram this week to let the world know that she would shave her head nearly bald as a “symbolic gesture” after suffering a miscarriage last month while pregnant with her first child with husband Doug Hutchison.

“I’ve been thinking and I have decided that I want to give back to my angel with a symbolic gesture,” Stodden said in a video clip. “That, to me, is shaving my hair off because I want to step into this new chapter in my life fresh and with a new.”

Courtney Stodden shaved head miscarriage
Source: Courtney Stodden/Instagram

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In a follow-up post, Stodden wore a cheetah-print bikini with a matching headband high-lighting her extremely short hair cut.

“New chapter,” she captioned the photo.

Stodden and Hutchison wed in 2011 and announced in May that they were expecting their first child.

The star sent out a Twitter message about the new ‘do, writing, “Yes my head is shaved and I feel free.”

Courtney Stodden & Doug Hutchison Are Back Together

The star has spoken candidly about the tragedy on social media, even penning a letter to her unborn child.

“I never had a chance to hold your tiny hand. Never will I get to kiss your little warm feet,” she wrote in the letter posted to Instagram. “Never will I have the fortune to look into your precious eyes.”

— Char Adams

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seriously?? on

give back, by posing as a wh@re?????? she’s married to man old enough to be her grampy. that’s just gross. and i really question whether she was pregnant to begin with

guest on

Not a symbolic gesture, just a attention grabbing gesture. Seems to have worked!

Pinky on

Having had more then one miscarriage my heart breaks for anyone who also goes through it. I also appreciate women willing to come forward and talk about this issue as it is often something people don’t know how to react to our discuss and like any death or loss it is one people want to have acknowledged. Shaving one’s head may even echo back to the days when people visibly displayed that they were in mourning by tearing their clothes or wearing black. However, the bikini and kiss faces feel a bit disingenuous.

PCC on

I just feel sorry for her. She needs help.

Guest on

How is shaving her head giving back? I could see if she had donated the hair to a place that makes wigs for children with cancer but I don’t think they take bleached blonde hair.

Guest on

she said her head is shaved and she is free , mmmm free of lice !!!!

Anonymous on

While it’s sad that she had a miscarriage, she needs to stop trying to get so much attention out of it. Is she going to go on like this for another year? Anything for attention. She’s worse the Kim K.

Huh?? on

Is she mentally unstable? Where is her family?

Kristina on

It’s actually a tradition in some Hindu cultures to cut or shave your hair off as a symbolic gesture to your lost loved one. Just because she’s not Indian doesn’t mean she can’t do it. People shave their heads in support of loved ones with cancer even when they don’t have cancer. How is this any different? If it helps her in her grieving, then all the power to her.

Tee on

You know, my heart hurts for anyone that has lost a child, including this young woman. But there are a few things here that really bother me. Not sure if it’s true but I’ve read that she’s had a few abortions. I guess I honestly don’t understand someone’s mindset where they will willingly kill their child(ren) but then appear to be so incredibly overwhelmed and crushed by a miscarriage. And the other thing that astounds me is how wildly she dresses! Why on earth would you degrade yourself by posting pictures such as these?

really on

Symbolic Gesture? Along with a face full of makeup and dressed like a whore……Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She seriously needs psychological help. Fast.

seabot on

This is as fake as everything else in her life. She didn’t shave anything, that scarf is to hide the wig line.

No More Ducklips on

How quickly People magazine fell for this skank’s latest stunt. Her only talent is pulling stunts to get attention. I am sure her “angel” is thrilled to see this woman sitting in front of a mirror with her nasty fake tits, giant red lips, holding a drink, wearing a leopard print scarf on her head to hold in what is left of her stupid mind.

Callie on

He’s a P E R V and she’s an attention H O….period!

stinky on

this lady and her husband have issues….clearly

Liz Woods on

Maybe a symbolic gesture would be to remove those 35 pound silicone bags from her chest, cover herself up a little and stop trying so hard to look like one of Heidi Fleiss’ rejects? This girl needs help but she’ll never get it because she’s the cash cow for her mother and her pervy husband. And honestly, I never thought she was pregnant in the first place.

Ugh. on

First of all, Tee, fvck you. Second, you are mixing her up with someone else

Angela on

I get she wants to honor her unborn child but seriously put some clothes on. Just another way for her to stay in the media.

that's not how this works on

Literally, somebody needs to put this chick on meds.

4phucksake on

This… idk what to call her… is just disgusting. She uses her “miscarriage” as another way to gain her 15 minutes of fame. I doubt she was ever really pregnant and if she was it only makes things worse. she is “grieving” over what? I really wish People would stop publicizing this charade. It is a slap in the face for those who really have to deal or have delt with this kind of thing.

What A Mess on

She would be a trainwreck of a mother! Let’s hope she can never have kids!

Just Me on

Ugh… she’s not doing this for a baby she may or may not have even lost. She’s doing it because marrying an old guy when she was 16 gave her just enough fame to get her name out there, but not enough to keep her star shining. Then, they were getting divorced. It lit up a little. Then, she was pregnant. The star glowed bright for a few weeks, but flickered out fast. Then, she miscarried. Now, she has to do whatever she can to stay in the news. Many sources have said she was never pregnant and planned to fake a miscarriage because the “baby bump” shots would never be there. Who knows if it’s true, but with someone like her, who’s every breath is predicated on who’s watching or taking a picture, I wouldn’t doubt it. It’s sad that our society REWARDS people like her, the housewife, the Kardashians… for doing NOTHING.

Amber on

My heart breaks for her. I always thought she was a bit out there, but I feel she may be having some sort of breakdown and understandably so. I hope she gets some help soon.

NovaLee on

Either she:
1) Needs some serious counseling because she is in a really bad place
2) Needs some seriously counseling because she is grasping at straws to remain relevant to the public
3) Needs some serious counseling because she did something (drugs, alcohol, etc.) while pregnant, and her guilt is eating her alive.

Shaving your head is not giving back. It is a way to do penance for a wrongdoing, or it is a serious cry for help. Britney shaved her head when she was about to be drug tested and was going to lose her boys. It’s a drastic measure of a desperate mind.

J on

It’s terrible she had a miscarriage. However, it seems like she wants attention, especially with the picture in the bikini.

Tay Tannenbaum on

Someone please sterilize this crazy broad already!

DKK on

The people who love this girl need to get her some help. Really quickly. I don’t think I’we ever seen her without a drink in her hand. Whether she was pregnant or not, like her or not, she’s obviously in trouble. What’s wrong with people in Hollywood that they can’t see when a loved one needs an intervention. She’s a young girl in trouble, too bad.

Lorna on

It can take a woman many years to get over a miscarrage. She may need counselling
People should stop being mean out here. She lost a baby. Good bless you and give you strength.

Guest on

When Britney Spears shaved her hear, she was in a custody dispute with her ex husband. This is the only way to avoid submitting hair follicles for a drug test. God knows what this woman is really dealing with, but her handler-husband is surely in complete control of what she does. Where is her real family???

Guest on

Let it be, she’s not causing any harm.