Majandra Delfino on Raising Her Children in a Gender-Neutral Environment: We Want Them to ‘Be Well-Rounded’

08/05/2016 at 04:30 PM ET

If there’s one thing Majandra Delfino is nailing as a mom, it’s setting her kids up to grow into who they are without limiting them to gender-traditional ideals.

“We didn’t really allow a lot of princess-y stuff into the house. Not a lot of pink and all that,” the Roswell alum, who is mom to 4-year-old daughter Cecilia Delphine with husband David Walton, shared with PEOPLE Thursday at 4Moms’ Los Angeles launch of their world’s first self-installing car seat.

“I felt like the world was going to do that so much to her [anyway, so] I was like, ‘Let’s try to save this house from too much of it, ’cause she will find it herself,’ ” Delfino, 35 — who also shares 2½-year-old son Louis Augustus with the About a Boy star, 37 — adds of their daughter.

Majandra Delfino 4Moms Carseat Launch
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“I’m realizing that she knows what that is because she legit wants to dress like a boy,” Delfino says. “I always try to buy her clothes that I could give to her brother after, so it’s always gender neutral, and she is offended when I give her a skirt now. I thought that was interesting.”

The hilarious mom of two shares that even though Cecilia has migrated toward tomboyish clothing, she has lately been gravitating toward the more traditionally feminine on her own.

“The milestone that she is hitting that is very on-the-nose girl is that she will see something pink or purple and be like, ‘Yes.’ And you’re like, ‘Whoa,’ ” the actress says. “We’ve done nothing to condition it, and it’s just there. The world did it.”

Tommaso Boddi/Getty

As it turns out, Delfino is seeing the same trend with Louis.

“He’s all about destruction and trucks, and it’s like, ‘What?’ ” she says, explaining, “We tried to do the opposite — we put him in ballet right away. We wanted them to be well rounded.”

Giving an example of just how well-rounded her son already is at such a young age, Delfino adds, “He’s like, ‘Aaaahhh!’ — starts to break things, then he all of a sudden stops and starts [pirouetting].”

Are more children in the future for the Friends with Better Lives actress and fellow actor Walton?

“I don’t know. We had our two children so back to back that there is definitely a part of me that is like, ‘Let’s have two more,’ ” Delfino replies. “And then of course my husband is one of seven children, so he is like, ‘Let’s have eight!’

“And I’m like, ‘With me?’ ” she jokes. ” ”Cause I don’t know, we might have to bring in a ringer.’ ”

Jen Juneau with reporting by Raha Lewis

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Pam on

How dumb. 🙄

Amy on

Because she legit wants to dress like a boy? Who proofreads these articles? Obviously nobody!

Ty on

I guess I don’t understand what “gender” neutral clothing is. I understand wanting the children to be well rounded and not inundating your daughter with princessy clothes but in that same vein is their such a thing as gender neutral once kids are more than just baby blobs and they become walking and talking little people. As a parent aren’t you constantly influencing your children. They can raise their children however they want I just question the point in trying to hard to be gender neutral when no matter what you’re influencing their ideas about gender.

Lee on

Why are people demonizing traditional gender roles? Most of the population embraces their femininity or masculinity and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Women and men bring unique and special traits to the table. So we’ve gone past gender equality into gender neutrality, which seems to be even more “taught” than traditional gender roles are. A lot of these traits are engrained in our DNA, and no matter how much you try to train it out of your kids, it won’t work.

Guest on

Ewwww, just ewwww. Politically correct at its worst.

Amy on


klutzy_girl on

Awesome parenting! Sounds like these two have fantastic parents.

ImALadyToo on

Oh, for God’s sake! What a flake!

lmao on

She says ALL that mumbo about gender neutrality in a DRESS, HEELS, and LIPSTICK holding a PURSE. I would respect her theory more if she backed it up herself, in trousers and button downs her hubby can wear with a unisex backpack ;P

Hea on

I think it’s a very interesting way of parenting. I’m a pre-school teacher and I teach little girls to construct things with their hands and minds and little boys to show care and to , for example, cook and bake. I want to show them that they can do anything and everything they want. It makes me itchy when little girls wear princess dresses and refuse to do anything because they might get dirty. Same goes for boys who refuse to do what they call girly stuff just because “dad says boys don’t play house with dolls”.

wmo46205 on

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Amy on


seabot on

Amy, the “she legit wants to dress like a boy” is a quote. It’s not the proofreader’s fault Majandra talks like a 12-year-old.

seabot on

” It makes me itchy when little girls wear princess dresses and refuse to do anything because they might get dirty.” What if that little girl came by that opinion in her own right? My daughter loves to be a princess , I didn’t push any of it on her, and I encourage her to get her hands in and get dirty. She just doesn’t like it. Any teacher who judged that should choose another profession.

Anonymous on

“The world is doing it.” Oooorrr, your daughter just likes pink and purple because statistically the vast majority of girls do like those colors. Same with her “destructive” son. You can try and deny genetic predispositions related to gender but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.


And yet another stupid article from some flighty celeb! No wonder our society of children are so screwed up….look at the freaking parents! If she is so concerned about being gender neutral, why is she wearing a dress, makeup and carrying a purse? Isn’t she worried about confusing her daughter? Insanely stupid!

Kathleen on

I find it odd that they’re trying to raise their children to be gender-neutral and think that that means clothing in particular colors or certain types of activities. What does the child want to wear/do? If he says ballet, fine. If she says trucks, fine. She’s teaching them to follow a presumed path in her head rather than letting them choose colors and activities. Her kids, her choice but gender-neutral is not running toward the stereotypical opposite.

Taylor on

But by pushing traditionally female things onto her son and traditionally male things onto her daughter, isn’t she still acknowledging traditional gender stereotypes……?

Vamanos on

Biology did it. Not ‘the world.’
There is both nature and nurture.

me on

gender neutral is pure crap… boys are boys and girls are girls!

Kay on

What an idiot. “I can wear a dress and makeup by my children must conform to my idiotic views on gender.” Why is her husband putting up with this? I feel so sorry for children of celebutards.

Tylil on

Dis is nutz. These poor kids.