‘It’s Actually Something We’re Quite Good At’: Kelly Ripa Talks About Living on the Opposite Coast of Her Husband and Kids

07/31/2016 at 04:30 PM ET

Kelly Ripa is 3,000 miles from her two kids and husband, actor Mark Consuelos, this summer.

“Both my son [Michael, 19] and my daughter [Lola, 15] are with Mark in California,” the Live with Kelly host tells PEOPLE at the 19th Annual NY Super Saturday, a fashion sale benefiting the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance on Saturday in Water Mill, New York.

“They’re all working out there. The two teens are doing internships. They’re working at film houses, and Mark is working on a TV show for Fox called Pitch. It’s going to be the hottest show of the fall.”

Kelly Ripa family

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But Ripa does have one New York partner in crime: her 13-year-old son, Joaquin.

“I’m here in New York with our youngest son,” she says. “And then when I go on vacation, we’ll meet up with them. We’ll go out there, because that is where they are.”

Ripa probably hasn’t had too much vacation time lately. The star has been busy (but tells PEOPLE she’s “loving”) looking for a new co-host after the sudden departure of her former co-host Michael Strahan, but she says her long-distance relationship with her husband is part of the job.

“We’re actors,” she replies when asked whether the bicoastal lifestyle has been difficult. “We’ve done it for years. It’s not hard. It’s actually something we’re quite good at.”

She is, however, very grateful to her son Joaquin, whom she calls her “constant companion.”

“He’s come to work with me every day,” she says. “We’ve been thinking about putting him to work. He’s going to, I think, interview some kids for a ‘back to school’ segment for our show. So, why not? It’s an employment summer for the Consuelos kids.”

— Blake Bakkila and Jeffrey Slonim

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guest on

People unedited story: “parter-in-crime”…Well if it were my son he would be my farter-in-crime so who am I to judge…

Paul on

Too bad she has to work so hard. Big mistake marrying an unemployed gold digger.

nope on

Kelly needs a bra and her daughter, WOW, what a huge chest on a 15 yr old! Guess she won’t need any implants! Looks like she will indeed have a weight issue as she ages.

lol on

Her son looks as old as her husband, and her daughter looks like she needs breast reduction. The youngest looks like a mini me of her.

CC on

They are CHILDREN folks. Please be kind and refrain from body judgements.

Lena on

You are such an arrogant, ungracious witch and you will be lucky to have anyone who wants to sit next to your selfish self.

Belle on

Probably the only way he can stand to be married to the whiney-a$$ no-talent….keep a continent between them.

No Fan on

No wonder the marriage has lasted. He doesn’t see or have to listen to this self indulgent witch! This no talent should have been fired years ago! Give her a mirror and send her on her way!

Belle on

And for Pete’s sake, Kelly, if you don’t want to wear a bra put some pasties on and spare the rest of us the sight of your little boy body trying to play grown up!

Judy on

@Paul, you’re such an idiot!!!
@Nope, seriously, you’re bashing a 15 year old girl with a healthy figure! Idiot!!!!

purpleiris55 on

Paul, Mark Conseulos is not an unemployed gold digger. The man has worked every year since he met Kelly on All My Children. He’s worth $8 on his own.

lol on

Those of you nitpicking at the appearance of CHILDREN like you’re still in middle school….you all must be twig team members of the itty bitty titty committee. Grow up.

Anonymous on

paul: when they were married they were young actors on a soap

Jennifer on

All you people’s posts are so pathetic! Attacking Kelly must make you feel so good. That’s what I called bully. So you all should go back to school and learn something, bully is never a good thing, get it!!!

Sunny on

Wow purpleiris, mark is worth a wophing $8 😂

Susan on

Wow such mean comments towards children. I guess that’s par for the course.

Suzie on

Kelly isn’t intelligent enough to understand how this reads- NEPOTISM! With all of her money, I think she’s trying to sound like a regular person, who’s kids are working. But who did they take jobs away from? Talented and deserving middle class kids without connections?

nope on

Horrible picture of her daughter. Weight problem already and what a chest! Looks completely awful, poor girl. Oldest son looks strange and queer. Both are way unattractive to have 2 good looking parents. Little one looks more like Kelly, so there’s hope for him at least.

Sandal on

Gee, People why pick on Kelly!!! I don’t think she would really care!!! But she has made all by herself and so had Mark! Go pick on Trump’s Wife!!! Or Trump himself!!! There’s alot of stuff you can talk about there ! Lies, pictures, he’s nuts!!!!

Anonymous on

Wow … where did she get those bazingas. Certainly not from her mother.

rubyovertherainbow* on

Wow … where did she get those bazingas. Certainly not from her mother.

Judy on

@noppe, geez, you’re so nasty!!!!

nozona on

Adorable family. Hard to miss tho that Lola did not get that mammary gene from her momma.

Molly on

Mark Conseulos is a great actor, he is not an unemployed gold digger.

Marky on

Some of you posters need to grow up and act like decent human beings! This couple manages to stay together, you never hear anything negative about their children, and whether she’s your favorite actress or not, she has been steadily employed, as has her husband, for many years! Who the h@#$ do any of you think you are to ridicule people’s children?! Were you raised by jack@$$es? For pity’s sale, get a grip; this is an attractive family, who pretty much keeps their act together, and none of them deserve to be treated rudely!

Melynda on

Its really sad that these two make their marriage and family work yet ALL of you can only bash on their marriage…. pretty sad

pona on

Yup their kids are cute.

Zol on

I didn’t know they have 3 kids.

Paula on

Lovely family lol

Addie Eleby on

I am tired of hearing about Kelly Ripa.More than her and her family has a lifestyle.

Sara on

You people talking about Lola’s body are disgusting! She is a child and that is the way she is made. She does not need a reduction and she is not fat. I am absolutely sickened by these comments. I was a very busty person before my reduction when I was 20. People made horrible comments about my breasts all the time. If people hadn’t been so judgmental maybe I wouldn’t have felt that I needed to undergo surgery that almost killed me (complications) in order to fit society’s perception of how a woman should look.

luna on

Both of the parents are very attractive..what happened to the kids? Especially the oldest!

noor on


sally on

I wonder who would ever want t work with her every day! She would be hard to have to listen too on a daily basis!!!

Becky on

Guess Lola got her boobs from Mark.
As for spoiled little brat Kelly, she is so yesterday and I hope the show replaces her. What she did to Michael, she will do to the others if she gets the chance.

Ellie on

Lost respect for this woman when she had her ‘public tantrum. She was so rude and controlling, so I moved on with Michael.

Becky on

Ellie…..I agree!!!

really on

Mom of the Year? She’s pathetic. Her husband is even more so pathetic……I wish this show would get canceled so we don’t have to see her ugly anorexic mug plastered on People anymore….

Brooke on


Well, at least you’re consistent, People readers.

heytheregeorgy on

Some of the vile things you people are saying about the children make me sick to my stomach. They look like a loving, happy family, I can’t imagine how hurt I’d be if I read comments like these about my kids.

Tania on

The oldest is 19 already I remember when he was announced was born. Mark isn’t a gold digger he was on all my children were they met. He did guest starring on things and he did a lifetime movie

Mindy on

They have cute kids.

Anonymous on

I can’t believe how busty her daughter is at 15. I’m 29 years old almost, and I remember when I was a teenager, I was an extremely late bloomer. I don’t know what’s going on with the younger generation, but they are aging rapidly. I’m baffled with how sophisticated young girls are looking nowadays. What’s in the milk?!?

Me on

Kelly Ripa is an entitled twat. She recently demanded everyone leave the yoga room in Hamptons gym so her and her “coach” could work out. This is a fact.

educator on

boobs much for a teenager .wwwwwwwwwwow…i had to promise a boob job for my teen daughter last year…thx got mother nature you helped me

nana on

Not a Kelly fan after her rant on live after she went the spoiled 2 yr.old route and left and then was allowed air time. I think it’s like gotta be about her! I bet Michael and Regis are home saying glad to be rid of that!

Gigi on

Come on–they’re kids. You can think it, but why in the world would you throw it out into the universe? Would you want the same comments posted about your children?

Anonymous on

Wear a bra Kelly

chaching on

Kellys daughter needs a breast reduction and long shirt. The oldest boy is gay. Kelly needs to buy a bra for her cold fried eggs!

Anonymous on

Ya know the kids are probably going to read a lot of this. All of you commenting on there looks should be ashamed of yourselves.

Patti K. on

Can’t believe people actually say these things. What a cruel world. I don’t know Kelly or Mark personally, but I respect what I see, a close knit family. How many of you critics can say that. Why can’t we all just be nice.

Shelley on

Congratulations to Kelly and Mark for your many successes, especially your intact, gorgeous family! I don’t understand the crazies on this page! If any of us ran into your family on the street, your family would stand out as stunning! I’d bet fab-five are better looking, more successful, and wealthier than anyone that added a rude comment!