Blac Chyna Shows Off Her Baby Bump in Body-Con Velvet Dress After Breakup Rumors

07/30/2016 at 11:56 AM ET

Blac Chyna is flaunting her growing belly!

The 28-year-old model was spotted in a skin-tight beige velvet dress — and despite rumors of a breakup from fiancé Rob Kardashian, Chyna also sported her massive engagement ring.

Chyna has had a complicated history with the Kardashians, but all seemed well for the couple when they got engaged in April. Shortly after announcing their engagement, the couple also revealed they were expecting a baby together back in May.

Blac Chyna Maternity Velvet Dress
VIPix/Splash News Online

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But on Monday, Kardashian hit the media by storm after purging all of his Instagram photos and briefly unfollowing his bride-to-be. A source told PEOPLE they had an argument while filming, but are not breaking up.

“They filmed over the weekend and had an argument,” the source shared with PEOPLE, adding, “It’s hard to see Rob and Chyna actually splitting. Rob is looking forward to becoming a dad. It would take a lot for him to break up with her.”

And while Rob was absent from his grandma’s 82nd birthday bash in San Diego, Chyna attended with Kim Kardashian West, who captured the moment on Snapchat.

“Hey guys, it’s going down in San Diego tonight,” Kardashian West says before rubbing Chyna’s growing baby bump.

This is the first baby for the couple and Chyna’s second child. She shares son King Cairo, 3, with her ex-fiancé, Tyga, who is now dating Rob’s younger sister Kylie Jenner.

— Blake Bakkila

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hh on

that is just plain disgusting!

erin on


Dina on

Who wears velvet in the summer? This woman has no class whatsoever..

Someone on

I’d say she’s like an oversized pig but I don’t want to offend real pigs. But the worst thing is that she most probably thinks she looks good.

notinourhouse on

She always has her eyes closed, she must think it is a sexy trademark of hers or something. She actually needs to keep her legs and her mouth closed. She’s getting porked in one too many ways. Disgusting.

Anonymous on

I don’t mean this as hateful, I’m just wondering – Blac Chyna’s claim to fame is having famous guys’ babies?

Linda on

Absolutely vile!!!

knitluver on

she is so gross….doesnt she own a mirror???

knitluver on

no wonder Tigger ran to Kylie….

tcvajv on

She really looks horrible. It’s not because of the pregnancy, it’s because she doesn’t have an even reasonable-looking body shape. This is not the dress for her, pregnant or not. And flip flops with velvet…..

Algore on

One wonders how hard Angela Renée White tries to be revolting…

NikkiDee on

Why Chyna? Why? Embrace the fact that’s you are pregnant. Who are you trying to impress. Rob has already put a ring on it. Child be grateful and accept what is, and that outfit isn’t it.

Janie on

First off all, there is no way she is 28! Second, wtf is up with her body?

stinky on

all of the kardashians/jenners make interesting choices on who their mates are …gold diggers… drunks… big mouths…cheaters…addicts… and hangers on.

me on

That’s so gross…

Charlotte on

Wow. Speechless.

Jennifer on

Model?? Model of what, sausage casing??

pcc on

She said she was going to gain a hundred pounds, and I guess she’s keeping her promise. Imagine that poor 82 grandmother having to stare at this freak show and the rest of the family.

Raidergirl926 on

What the hell People magazine. You disgust us with this pig and now your blinding us with this pig!!! This is just sooooo wrong!!! Nasty at its full potential!! There is nothing to flaunt!!!! You can put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig!!! There is NOTHING cute or classy about this gold digging, looking like she smells like piss and cheap perfume, wanna be Kartrashian!!!

LizOrtiz on

Honey, free the tatas and let the baby breathe!!

Mily on

Why did I click on this?! Shame on me!

Gary on

Ol girl looking like a popped can of cinnamon rolls lmao

skigirl25 on

That’s gross.

Larry the Lobster on

Ol girl looks like a popped can of cinnamon rolls lmao

Guest on

She’s just showing off that belly full of dolla dolla bills.

Brooke on

Some of the money they have needs to be spent on a mirror! That also goes for Kim K! I am not one to dog women especially moms to be but a velvet dress ? You can hear the seams screaming!

Annie on

Omg, the smells that must be permeating from those rolls under that dress that are being suffocated by that velvet is enough to have me heaving into the toilet.

Annie on

Omg, the smells that must be permeating from those rolls under that dress that are being suffocated by that velvet is enough to have me heaving into the toiletbowl

Judy on

Oh my…..there just aren’t any words to describe that!!!

jeannie on

Does she really believe she looks good dressed like that ?

BONORON Sarah on

“Model”? For what? Pigs?

Deborah on

Please go to Google chrome browser and type in Kardashian filter and never get anything kartrashin again

Heather on

If these people disgust you so much why take the time to open the article up and read it? Apparently they interest you in some type of way.

fancmranderson on

Have to agree this is one nasty, nasty sight. Was she always this heavy but kept it hidden? Rob Kardashian must have absolutely no self-esteem to lie with this woman. Someone please take care of her children…

Kim on

The dress is a bad choice for pretty much anybody. That said I would love to see what some of you commenters look like. I am sure a lot of you are no treat to look at. Stop the shaming, who cares how other people dress their body’s? If cutting someone else down is the only way you feel good about yourself you are already ugly in my books. And no I am not a fan of the Kardashian’s. I actually rarely watch television I am too busy living life but I do read people on weekends when I have to work. If someone can explain to me why calling someone you do not know a pig seems like a sane, productive thing to do that would be great.

Bahama Pirate on

Pretty obvious Kim has become her pregnancy style advisor, since they’ve become “best buddies”. That’s gotta be some really nasty Kardashian plot. BC CAN’T look in a mirror and really believe she looks good ! This outfit looks like something from Kim’s close, or, maybe, Kanye’s. Looks dam ned uncomfortable too.

Ian on

She still has, what, 5 months to go??? Gonna need a flatbed truck & hoist to move her around……………………..

Anonymous on

My poor eyes.

Shelley on

Oh my. I would not be seen in public looking like this.

Anonymous on

Velvet…in July…in L.A.; are you kidding! Her look would have been so much more flattering if she’d worn some type of loose fitting, possibly flowing dress. I know she’s pregnant, but her hips and legs are just not something she should accentuate and draw attention to.

haveaagoodday on

with those cankles, she must be voting Hillary

Susan on

Does she understand the size of the second person that she is eating for??? I don’t get why women gain 50, 70, or 100 lbs during pregnancy… it’s called self control ladies!

jan on

With all that is going on in this world does any one care about this disgusting person?

Pork Belly on

She looks like she smells of Cheetos and body odor. She is very ashy. And huge. It’s probably her first baby daddy’s baby.

Guest on

Sooo fat

Guest on

Bahama Pirate….YOUR comment was priceless !!
Of course Kim has become Chyna’s Pregnancy advisor….Kim thinks she knows everything as far as pregnancy! Don’t forget Chyna you can use the excuses Kimmode used as far as her big ARSE….although you don’t need an excuse for BIG lips as that cmes natural with your race darlin’

Metoo on



Chyna, you look beautiful, ignore the haters, not all women are built the same. People please stop the body shaming! THE LADY IS PREGNANT!

Kristine Johnson on

Why oh why? Such a wannabee. Who are the people that find this altered figure of a woman attractive? I just don’t get it. She, is “trying” to be sexy, like Kim but it ain’t working. Find your own look! Guess her lottery tickets weren’t winners so she cashed in with hooking up with a Kardashian, eww

AniyA on

Maybe she put on something in her closet that FIT! You nae sayers & thumb thugs with no life are quick to criticize.

Chantal Clarke on

She looks ghetto, plain and simple. Just looks like trash. This is the best that guy could do ??

KL on

First of all isn’t it like 100 degrees outside ?? Why is she wearing a velvet dress ! ? Eww.. And secondly , that dress is all kinds of wrong … Not flattering whatsoever …

Travis Bickle on

Now the Kardashian boys are getting in on all the “I will read this article while waiting in the cash out line at the grocery store” Blac China would have been great in the new Ghost Busters movie. The ghosts would have taken on look at her and would have run for cover. Her and Melissa would have eaten every ghost.

StephenGunn on

Intoxicated and on ecstasy. And pregnant. She seriously is jeopardizing this unborn child’s nervous system.

anonymous on

She needs to lose some pounds